Cousins Celebrate Nude Day Ch. 03

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This is part 3 of the story of two cousins in their 30’s. It includes the first pay off scene. Oh and Part 4 is almost ready also.

As we left Ben and Jill, the two cousins had just spent a day nude at the beach, masturbating, and enjoying some voyeurism as they watched another couple fuck. They then turned toward sex themselves, with Ben having just finished eating out Jill. So back to our story.

Having just had a wonderful orgasm, Jill wanted to return the favor. Looking out the window she noticed the other couple who they had just watched were no longer visible, making her wonder where they were. Still wondering, she turned her attention to Ben. She smiled and lowered herself onto him, sliding up his body til her lips met his. She began with a short kiss and then raised her mouth to his forehead, kissing it. She blew in his ears and kissed them which really turned him on. Soon she was kissing his lips again, stopping intermittently to kiss his neck. One kiss begat another and soon led to open mouths frenching.

As she did this she felt her breasts, with nipples hard as rocks rubbing against his chest and her closely shaved pussy hair was meshed into his penis rubbing against her matte of hair. As she kissed him, taking her time, she reached down and placed his penis between her legs so it rubbed against her now hard clit and her ever moistening lips. Slowly as she kissed him she moved her hips, allowing his penis to turn her on more and more. Unbelievable, she thought. She had not had multiple orgasms with a guy in years and was now well on her way to a second, without even fucking her cousin yet. How many more orgasms would Jill have this night? The answer would amaze her.

Jill enjoyed her own feelings and the ability to make out like a teenager in heat, but wanted to move on. She moved down his body, somewhat relieving the ever-building pressure on her pussy. Down his chest kissing away to his innie belly-button. Then she sat up and looked down at her target. It looked like he had about 7 inches of penis sticking up from his brown hair, his balls were nice and big with short hair on them. Jill wondered if he cut his hair. A question for later she thought.

Jill took one more look and reached down with her right hand, touching the head lightly, causing Ben’s penis to jump. Slowly she caressed it using her right hand and then her left and then the two together, pumping up and down slowly while she softly squeezed his balls. izmit rus escort Moaning, Ben kept thinking of baseball and the stock market to overcome his excitement. But his mind kept returning to the idea that his sexy cousin was sitting on his lap, wet as a lake, and giving him the hand job of a life time. He reached up and squeezed her nipples, causing her to moan and quicken her pace on his penis.

She then looked down and said to herself “Its time,” as she lowered her mouth toward the tip of his penis. She loved giving blow jobs, having learned how at a delicate age and become the unofficial blow job queen of her college. The taste of sperm, just the thought of the taste of sperm turned her on. The contradictory problem was that she equally enjoyed having a guy come all over her and then making him lick it off her boobs and stomach and out of her pussy hair. She could not have both at the same time and had to hope the guy could come twice in a session so she could have both thrills. In fact then she had to hope for a third time from an often spent guy, so she could feel his come in her pussy also.

Turning back to matters at hand or mouth, Jill, bent over and began to kiss Ben’s penis. Licking it from top to bottom before turning to his balls. As she kissed his balls and slowly put them in her mouth she was thankful that his hair was short. He just laid there, head propped up on the pillow and moaned enjoying the feeling and the view. Soon he felt the come moving up through his balls and toward ejaculation. He looked down and warned his cousin, not knowing her love of sperm. She just smiled and sucked harder trying to decide whether to swallow or let him shoot all over her. Finally she decided to swallow, not sure how he would feel about licking his sperm off her. Her decision was in the knick of time since at that moment he came. Ben filled her mouth with his white magic juice and looked down at her smile.

Quickly after he came she moved back up and began to kiss him, close mouthed at first and then opening her mouth and frenching him so he could taste his own sperm. He giggled and said “You just want me to taste my sperm, don’t you?”

“Yes, she replied, it’s a turn-on.”

“Do you like the taste of your own cum Jill?” he asked not knowing that she liked her own taste as well as that of other women.

“Yep” she said, reaching down and sticking her finger in her pussy and bringing it back izmit escort to her mouth where her flavor mixed with his. “This is my favorite cock tail.” she said.

As she sat on his lap, kissing again, rubbing her pussy against his cock, he slowly hardened again. Gradually at first the blood returned to his penis bringing it half way up. As Jill felt this she squirmed a little and reached down to touch herself and him. She whispered in his ear “I can’t wait to have that thing of yours in my holes, one down, two to go.” This took him the rest of the way. Jill felt his penis stir and lifted up a bit, reached down and placed the head of Ben’s penis at her opening. Then she slowly came back down until all of it was in her.

They both looked down at that moment, smiled and kissed enjoying the feeling as well as the thought that they were finally fucking.

Jill and Ben looked at each other, smiled and said in unison “At last. We are fucking.” With that Jill began to move up and down, bringing herself closer and closer to orgasm. At first she went slowly, then faster, then mixed speeds bringing herself to the brink and backing off. Finally she had enough. She had to come. She raised herself one more time as he moved in response, using the head of his penis to go in and out of her opening, hitting her most sensitive spots. She then reached down with her finger to play with her clitoris while Ben started pinching her nipples. This multiple action did it. Within a minute Jill was having one of the biggest orgasms she could remember. Fortunately Ben had just cum and was still some way from doing so again.

Jill took Ben’s penis out and laid back, slowly recuperating from the orgasm. As she laid there her hand moved back to her clitoris as Ben watched.

“Feel good dear? He asked.”

“Hell yeah. That was amazing.” She said as she looked up seeing his smile and then his still hard cock, both beaming at her. As she did this she played with her lips enjoying the extra sensitivity she felt immediately after orgasm.

“Great, lets give you another” he said as he brought his mouth down to her pussy to get her worked up again. As he did this he looked up at the window and noticed the other couple in their window, this time watching them. They were standing as close together as two people can be. He noticed there were two hands on the asian girl’s breasts, one of hers and one of his. He wondered where the other hands were as they smiled at kocaeli escort him. What he did not know was that her hand was on her boyfriend’s dick and his in her pussy. Still wondering he turned his attention back to his lover, his cousin.

Jill had also noticed the reappearance of the other couple. It turned her on. She had been a voyeur many times, but rarely the exhibition. But now her attention was focused on her pussy and the feelings Ben’s tongue was about to giver her. She layed back on her back and slowly played with her nipples as he began another assault on her. As she began to buck and moan his hands moved underneath her and kneaded her nice ass. She then reached behind and moved his hands to her butthole. Slowly moving his finger toward where she wanted it, in her ass.

“Put it in” she whispered. “Put it in.” He complied, slowly at first and then rapidly moving his finger in and out as she approached yet another orgasm. Suddenly she sat up, smiled and said “enough!” He stared blankly wondering what she meant. He did not have to wait for long. She laid back down, pushing him on top and said “Do me again, fast.” Once again he complied bringing his dick to her hole and slowly pushing it in, inch by inch until their hair once again meshed together. Slowly he continued for five minutes then ten, bringing her to the brink and then letting her calm down a little before speeding up again.

Then a new idea entered Ben’s head. He withdrew his Penis, turned her over, ass sticking up and said “Ready?”

She simply responded “Which hole?”

Faced with the choice Ben was in a bit of a quandary. Then he opted to go where he was, leaving her ass for a little later. He entered her rapidly from behind, fucking her faster and faster encouraged by her moans. As he thought both were about to come, he heard a small knock on the window. Both Jill and Ben looked up and saw the other couple standing there, naked smiling. This time they did not have to wonder where the other two hands were. He had his hand in his girl friends pussy and she was rapidly stroking her boyfriend as they watched Ben and Jill fuck.

“Shit.” Jill yelled “This is so hot. “We have an audience.”

“I know” Ben grunted as he approached another orgasm. The audience brought them both over the top as she came, squeezing his cock as she did so forcing his juice out of his penis and into her vagina.

Now done, they turned over and smiled at the couple in the window, and looking at each other.

“Should we invite them in?”she asked.

“Hell yeah,” he responded not wanting to sound too eager to touch the big beautiful tits of the Asian girl.

Jill got up, walked to the door and opened it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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