Penny and Jilly

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Jilly sighed as she slipped her naked body into the steaming hot tub. There must be something wrong with me, she thought, as she was feeling extremely horny, and she had only just had a good long fuck with her lover Penny. Ah Penny. The delicious curves of her body, the soft tan of her skin, fading to milky coloured up between the tops of her thighs, the sweet taste of her pussy on Jilly’s tongue as it was working inside her, the building tension of pleasure at feeling Penny doing the same to her… Jilly’s mind showed her all these images, and slowly, her hand started to move of its own accord. Her fingers left her chin, where they’d been resting, and softly traced down her neck and along the slope of one breast, pausing to gently squeeze and caress one hardened nipple, before continuing down across her stomach, then stroking through the neat heart shape of pubic hair further down, and finally reaching their destination. Jilly felt a shiver pleasure shoot up her spine as she massaged her desire-swollen clit gently in a circular motion, slowly increasing the pressure of her fingers until she let out a quiet moan.

Shifting position slightly, so one of the Jacuzzi jets was hitting her in just the right spot, she leaned back again the cushioned headrest, and swapped her fingers, so that it was now her thumb circling her clit, sending spasms of pure bliss through her body. Slowly, and gently, Jilly slid a finger inside herself, stroking down the inner walls of her pussy. At this she let out a slightly loader moan and quickly slid a second finger in, and then a third, and worked them around with practised ease. She could feel the orgasm beginning to build inside her, and opened her mouth with anticipation Beylikdüzü escort and bliss. Suddenly there was a hand cupping one of her breasts, rubbing the erect nipple, and a soft weight over the tops of her thighs, enticing another moan from deep inside Jilly. She opened her eyes to see that in her haze of pleasure she’d failed to notice Penny arrive, strip off, climb in the tub, and straddle her.

Penny reached down under the water and lightly stroked Jilly’s wrist, sliding her finger along the hand and in to join Jilly’s now still ones. She leaned forward until her lips were brushing Jilly’s earlobe and breathed:

“I hope it was me you were thinking about.”

Jilly reached up with her free hand, brushing it across Penny’s nipples, which tightened at the faint touch, and laying it on her lovers cheek. The look she gave Penny said it all really, but she still whispered “why would I need to think of anyone else, when just one thought of you can get me this wound up.” with that she wound her fingers into penny’s short blonde hair and pulled her into a deep, passionate kiss. As their tongues caressed each other, and each slid deep into the others mouth, Jilly slid her fingers out of herself, knowing that now she wouldn’t be the one to finish what she started, and let Penny thrust her fingers deep inside her. She wound her arms around Penny’s neck, and then slowly dragged her nails down Penny’s exposed back, causing her to moan into Jilly’s mouth and press the full length of her body hard against Jilly, moving her hips so that her clit ground into her arm, which was trapped between them.

Jilly traced her nails across Penny’s buttocks, and played her fingers lightly Beylikdüzü escort over her hips and upper thighs, moving slowly upwards to rub Penny’s clit with her thumb, knowing that the feeling building inside her couldn’t hold for long, and that she would repay Penny very soon.

Breaking the kiss finally, Penny bent her head to take one of Jilly’s nipples in her mouth, sucking and nibbling it, and forcefully flicking her tongue across it, backwards and forwards. Penny was putting her whole body into it, thrusting herself along with her fingers, grinding Jilly’s thumb into her clit, pushing her own thumb into Jilly’s, and reaching inside with her fingertips, searching out the spot that she knew would make Jilly come…

As her fingers brushed Jilly’s G-spot, Jilly’s breath caught in her throat, and her heart beat very rapidly, seemingly in anticipation. Penny went back to the magic spot and pushed her fingertip onto it, rubbing in little circles. Jilly was letting out small cries, gaining in volume as her body reached the edge. Penny gave one final stroke and a dam burst inside Jilly. She screamed in pure pleasure as her heart raced and her muscles tightened in great spasms around Penny’s fingers, she gripped Penny’s thighs hard enough to bruise as she rode her orgasm back to the real world. Finally she was done, and she leant back, breathing heavily, and smiling slyly at Penny.

“I think its your turn now, don’t you?” she said as she pushed Penny backwards to the other side of the tub. Her hands were still on Penny’s thighs, and she now slid them in between Penny’s legs and spread them apart as far as she could. She massaged Penny’s clit with the ball of her hand and kissed down Escort Beylikdüzü her chest. As she reached the level of the water, she took a deep breath and plunged under. Jilly pushed her head towards Penny’s crotch, and grabbing her buttocks, Jilly buried her face in the folds at the entrance to Penny’s vagina. Knowing she couldn’t hold her breath for too long, she flicked her tongue across Penny’s clit, the moved closer, sucking on it, then gently biting her. She felt the muscles in Penny’s abdomen convulse as her actions sent almost unbearable waves of pleasure through Penny’s body. Jilly pushed herself to the surface for a deep breath of air, then went down again, to lick down Penny’s crotch; over her clit, down the skin below, and the around the entrance to her pussy. Then she plunged her tongue as deep inside Penny as she could, licking down the walls in long, sure strokes, drinking the wetness that was flowing freely now inside Penny. She sped up her movements so that her tongue was thrashing powerfully in and out of penny, and moving her head too so that the tip of her nose ticked Penny’s clit. On her tongue she knew Penny was close by the increase in wetness, and the great heat inside her. She was just realising that she needed air, and soon, when suddenly there was a great wash of wetness and all the muscles in Penny’s pussy clenched tightly and rhythmically. Jilly surfaced in time to hear the screams that Penny was giving.

As Penny recovered from her wild orgasm, the two girls laid their heads on one another’s shoulders and sighed contentedly. They were just getting out, still dazed from their powerful orgasms, when they noticed that their next door neighbour, Rob, was standing looking over the garden fence in awe.

“I… um… thought I heard screaming… so… I, er… came to see if everything was ok… um…” his voice trailed off. Penny took half a step forward and said seductively “what time is your wife working ’til?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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