Cum On Me

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I wrote this for a friend of mine and I who speak frequently about the possibility of meeting in real life. I hope you enjoy.


Strolling back from the coffee house, holding hands, we pause at the door to the room. I grab your other hand and pull your arms around my waist, so I can kiss you. It’s chaste, at first. Small, quiet kisses in the hallway of the hotel, no one around but us. I can feel my arousal building and pull back.

“Let’s go in?”

You smile at me and produce a key. We step across the threshold and I walk to the small bathroom, needing a moment to myself. When I step out, I see you sitting on the bed, propped against the headboard. I cross to you and lay down, my head on your lap. I look up at you as you brush the hair from my face. I close my eyes for a moment as I focus on how close we are, the feel of your hands in my hair. I smile and lean up on my elbows, my face tilted back, inviting you to kiss me. The kiss is sweet and quiet. You pull back as I lean in for more and I grin. I twist around so that I’m on my knees and I brace my hands on the wall behind your head as I slip one leg across your lap and straddle you. My skirt rides up my thighs slightly and your hands rub up and down my legs. My hands shift from the wall to your head, lightly running my fingers through your hair as I kiss your cheeks, the tip of your nose, your jaw, the corners of your mouth. I lick your lips as you continue to rub my legs and ass – I feel your hand move to my inner thighs. I bite your ear then slide my mouth down your neck, sucking, kissing, and biting you. My hands slide to your shoulders then down your chest and my thumbs rub your nipples through your shirt as I finally lean in for a kiss, my tongue reaching for yours, craving your taste.

I reach down and free your shirt. You lean forward and raise your arms so that I may remove it entirely. I reach for your belt and you lift your hips slightly to help me remove it – I run my fingers across your stomach as I throw the belt to the side. I suck on each of my thumbs as I gaze at you and then rest them, again, on your nipples, rubbing in slow small circles. I lean in and whisper in your ear how excited I am, and that it took us far too long to meet. I rub my nose taksim escort against yours as I feel your hands slide up my waist to my breasts, which feel heavy as you squeeze them. I lean back and raise my arms so that you can remove my shirt. We kiss as you play with my breasts, I feel one finger reaching into my bra to slide across my nipple, which is already hard and aching. My head falls back as you lift my breasts out over my bra and camisole.

My skirt has ridden up and my panties are exposed. I slide a little closer to you so I can feel your cock against my damp panties. I gasp as you lift my breasts to your face, rubbing against them before taking my nipple into your mouth. My hand slides between us and into your pants. I squeeze your cock and run my fingers over your balls lightly. I pull my hand out of your pants but grasp the waistband and pull down, sliding off of your for a moment so that you may kick free of them. I straddle you again and slide close to you until I can hold your cock to my wet panties and I move my hips against you. I grasp the back of your head and lean in to kiss you, pulling your hand up to my breasts. Your hands are hot and feel so good against my cool skin.

You lean over to open the nightstand drawer and pull out my vibrator. You turn it on low and hold it against my nipple – I jump and laugh. I fall back to the bed and reach under my skirt to remove my panties. I hold my hand out and you give me to toy. I run the tip over my pussy before sucking on the toy, wetting it with my tongue. I slide it down my chest, between my breasts, over my belly. The vibrations are low but they cause goosebumps to pop up on my skin. I reach down with my other hand and spread my lips, ready to feel it inside me. I push ti tip in and out several times as I let my knees fall to the sides so you can see. I’m panting slightly as I push the toy fully inside so slowly. With both hands at my pussy, my arms push my breasts together and they stand up, moving slightly as I shift my hips to get the toy in fully. Once the toy is inside me I hold out my hand for yours and pull it to the toy, showing you what I want you to do.

You start to move the toy and I lift my hips in response, my hands gripping my thighs. topkapı escort You slide down onto your belly so you can get your face close to my pussy. Leaning in and licking my clit, you startle me. My body shakes and my breathing gets slow and heavy. My hands shift to your head and I try to run my fingers through your hair but can only hold on while you taste me and play with the toy. You remove the toy entirely and I whimper, my hips still rocking slightly. You slide your tongue deep into my pussy and when you surface, I see your face is wet. I sit up and my hand comes to your face, holding you still while I lick your lips and kiss you – loving my taste on your mouth. You give me the toy and slowly roll me to my stomach.

I press my face into the comforter and I can feel you watching me as I spread my legs, my hand holding my pussy lips wide and I insert the toy again. I moan into the mattress – my pussy is now extremely sensitive. I feel you shift and settle as your shoulders push my thighs wider. I feel your tongue at the place where the toy disappears inside me, caressing gently. Your hands spread my ass cheeks and I feel your breath rush over me. I imagine you can feel the vibration of the toy on your tongue as you slowly lick up to my asshole, sliding around and across it until you press in slightly. I gasp – it feels so good. My fingers work my clit as I feel your tongue all around my ass. The toy slides out slightly as I bear down on it, but you push it back inside slowly. My back arches at this and, totally overwhelmed, I slide my hand to the toy and start to pump it in and out, my fingers working my clit. I moan your dame as you continue to rim me until you push your tongue inside in rhythm with the toy and I am pushed over the edge.

My hands lie still beneath my body, the toy still buzzing inside me and I moan as you rub your hands over my ass and hips. I roll over, a little dazed but smiling. One arm rests over my head, the other on my belly. You slide up the bed as I reach down and pull the toy out. I lay on my back, head on your arm as you lean over me, laying on your side. I rub the toy over my nipples again, leaving cum on them and watch you lean in to suck them clean. My blood starts to run hot tesettürlü escort again and I reach down to play with my clit but you grab my hand and guide it to your cock. It is heavy, hot, and very hard. I bite my lip as your hand covers my pussy and strokes me gently. I grip your cock and stroke you, pulling on you just the way you love. You stop kissing my breasts and chest and close your eyes, focusing your body on my hand as it grips you again and again.

After a few minutes, you pull away and roll me to my side so that you can spoon me and pull my leg up over your thigh. You rest your cock in the wet crevice of my pussy. I reach for the toy, still wet, and lean back slightly so that I can run it across your lips. You try to take it into you mouth but I tease you, pulling it away. I rest the tip on your lips, and, knowing what I want, I feel your arm slide under my breasts, holding me as you pull your hips back slightly and position your cock at the entrance of my pussy. You tweak my nipple hard as we simultaneously push inside each other – you, eagerly tasting me on the vibrator, me, holding my hand to your cock, guiding you inside. We begin to fuck each other as we pull away and back again and again. We’re both breathing heavily.

Eventually the toy is clean and I set it aside, but you grab my hand and bring my fingers back to your mouth, sucking on them gently. I adjust my hips slightly and moan – your cock is sliding inside me in just the right way now. I press my face into the mattress and moan softly, pushing my ass into your hips. You pull out and sit up , bringing me with you. I climb on top of you and straddle your cock, squeezing it once with my hand before sliding down over you. I rest my forehead on yours for a moment, luxuriating in the feel of you inside me. I brace my hands on your shoulders and begin to move, up and down, quickly pushing us both to the edge. You hold one of my breasts to your face and clasp my nipple between your teeth.

I lean forward slightly and my clit gets the pressure I need and I say your name softly. I move faster, fucking you hard until I cum, my pussy clenching over your cock. I slide off you and you lean over me, grasping your balls as I grasp your cock. As I grip you tightly, I lean up and whisper in your ear, “Cum on my pussy, baby.” I stroke you hard and fast and let the tip of your cock brush the lips of my pussy and clit. You gasp and cum hard, shuddering slightly. I slide my fingers across my pussy, gathering cum and bring it to your mouth. I smear it on your lips as you try to lick it up and I lean up and kiss you, laughing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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