Customer Appreciation Day

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I was in heaven. The soft comforting sound of piano notes blended with the lavender scent emitting from the yellow candle burning in the corner to create a harmonious mixture. The outside world had been-at least for the next hour-successfully evaded. Instead of traffic noise, am talk radio, cell phone chatter, and air pollution, it was time for soft music, pleasant aromas, & Monica’s strong yet tender touch.

Ugh!! I groaned as Monica’s fingers made their way up and down my spine, boring into the pressure points. Ugh ugh! I groaned louder as I felt her elbow sliding down my back, clearing out the tension blocking the blood flow. For the past 18 months I’d turn up here once every 3 weeks so I could feel Monica’s strong yet tender fingers work the tension release points up and down my body. I’d lie there naked under the sheet with my eyes closed luxuriating in feeling the tension melt away, peeling off in layers as if I were descending into a dark tunnel while Monica’s fingers poked, prodded, and pushed. Sometimes she’d push with such strength it sent the breath whistling out of me. Other times she’d push just so and the resulting sensation would hurt so good I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Monica definitely had that god given intuitive sense of where to press and how much pressure to use.

Besides great hands, god had blessed Monica with pretty good looks. Monica was blond, with shoulder length hair, about 5’4, with a open friendly face that generated a big white smile. She’d been a gymnast and her body was more athletic than elegant. Her breast were probably around 34 or 36 C-just right not too big or too small. Once Monica was wearing a peasant blouse and when she leaned over in front of me, I got to enjoy the splendid view of the tops of her creamy globes nestled in her red bra. Her legs were more than the long distance runner-more short and stocky than long and lean. If you had those of the sprinter to guess where her ancestors came from, you’d almost certainly pick northern Europe.

When I’d arrived for this afternoon’s massage Monica looked awesome. Her skin was all tan and shiny against her white peasant blouse. Her blond hair seemed more vibrant and radiant—as if replenished by the sun. Monica looked totally relaxed and delicious–no sign of the bags I’d occasionally see under her eyes. By now, I’d gotten to know Monica a bit since she’d given me around 20 massages. Sometimes we’d talk a lot and sometimes we’d talk a little but we’d always talk some. I now knew that Monica was married to a cop, was raised a Catholic, was an avid reader, was a very curious, an enthusiastic person, had a degree in kinesiology, and had started her own little massage practice about 5 years ago. I also learned fairly early on that the marriage wasn’t going so good.

As her hands made their first of many journeys down my spinal column I asked about Monica’s trip to Baja. It was great she replied, her elbow now sliding under my scapula causing my toes to tingle. Soon Monica let out the fact that while Baja was great — snorkeling, hiking –there had been something missing. What was missing she went türbanlı escort on was that sense of intimacy between a husband and a wife—”you know that emotional bond” she said. She had not felt it on the trip and it bothered her.

As her knuckles worked my spine I heard Monica say “Ok, frankly it was the sex. My ears perked up and I’m sure my semi-hard dick must’ve twitched a bit too. Or lack of sex as it turned out. Monica was upset because her husband had only fucked her a measly three times in 9 days she painfully confessed. She felt hurt and confused and it all came pouring out. Monica told me her husband said he “doesn’t need it as much as I do.” He told her “men peak at 18” and he’s “not that interested in sex but that her prime is still now.” And, her husband wasn’t really interested in getting her off. He didn’t like to eat her pussy and wasn’t into fun stuff like her dressing up in his police uniform and roughing him up a bit.

I was flabbergasted. Her husband was an idiot. Monica was a fox and any guy who didn’t want to eat her pussy needed to have his head examined. More than once I’d fantasized Monica would “accidentally” brush her fingers across my cock or my fingers against her beautiful breasts. And, I’d jerked off thinking about her a few times too, imagining her standing there leaning her pink nipples over my face while she massaged my swollen dick as my fingers probed her wet spot. And, what Monica was saying really struck a chord in me because my wife has little interest in sex. I’d been feeling the same awfully frustrated hurt feelings as Monica.

I felt so bad for Monica. Her feelings had been really hurt. The Baja trip was sort of a test of the marriage and her husband had flunked it big time. Luckily I was in one those good -and all too rare–positions where you could make someone feel better by simply telling them the truth. So over the next few minutes I told Monica the truth. I told her I thought she was a total hottie, that I’d fantasized about fucking her, that I would love to eat her pussy which, I was certain, would taste delicious, and that it was her husband and not her who had the problem.

Monica said “really, thanks I appreciate that” as by now she was onto my legs, her hands traveling up my thigh only inches from my dick that was achingly hard under the blanket. We kept talking, discussing vibrators, lubricants, (Monica told me she was a natural lubricator & although she did not require them, liked astroglide) the feeling of a man’s weight upon a woman ,and the joy of a good you start on the bed wind up on the floor and don’t remember how you got there fuck.

By now we were both maybe feeling a little naughty flirting in a friendly way & I was totally turned on. As I lie there I seriously wondered what it would be like to kiss Monica. Would her tongue would hold back tentatively or plunge into my mouth? I wondered what she smelled like when she was aroused. Did she have one of those strong sexy smells that rolled out of her hot spot like the San Francisco fog until it filled the room with the essence tüyap escort of her sex. I wondered if she shaved or trimmed her blonde bush. I wondered what her nipples looked like–were they big and round or soft and nubby? Did they have little blond hairs around the aureole? I wondered if she liked to talk dirty when she fucked. Did words like fuck and pussy and cock turn her on. I wondered what kind of noises she would make, what the texture of her breasts would feel like and whether she would have a screaming orgasm if I put my dick deep up her inside her and a vibrator on her clit.

Too soon my time was up. Monica was cradling my head in her hands running her hands through my hair, the usual ending to the massage. My hands were behind me off the table touching very lightly up against her breasts. My dick was still hard. “Thank you-that was wonderful” Monica said before as she quietly left the room.

I lay there a minute and reached down and stroked my dick a time or two. I wanted to go out there grab Monica by the hair bend her over the massage table and sink my dick in her as far as it would go. Instead I dressed and met her in the small waiting room with water cooler outside the massage room. We hugged, both maybe a bit embarrassed,and she gave me her red business card with my next appointment written on it.

I was really horny when I left. In my bed that night my wife, as usual, wasn’t interested in sex. I got up and went to the bathroom. I took my dick out and started thinking about Monica. I saw her in that police suit with the blouse open, her breasts bare, as she patted me down. When she reached my dick she said “I have to check to see if this is a dangerous weapon” and unzipped my fly. My dick was as hard as its ever been when she fished it out and said I can help with this and started sucking it. My legs went weak and I started to cum, in my fantasy shooting it all over Monica’s breasts rather than the colored hand towel. Satisfied, I went to bed thinking about our next appointment.


Three weeks later I was back sitting on the orange sofa in Monica’s waiting room. My dick was hard thinking about last session. Today I had a little surprise. I’d been thinking of getting a vibrator to massage my back with in between sessions. So I bought two of them and brought them with me figuring I could ask Monica to try them on me & maybe if I got up the nerve I’d ask to try them on her.

Monica came out to get me looking hot in tan clam diggers and a white t-shirt. I was a bit embarrassed and nervous and maybe she was too. I went into the room with the soft music and the good smells, stripped and got under the sheet face down on the massage table. Monica came in & as she massaged my back we started talking but not about the things we’d talked about the last time. I figured now or never so after a few minutes I told her I’d brought a few vibrators because I wanted one for my back, didn’t know which was best, and thought maybe she could help me decide. Ok she said, taking out of my bag one that had a long handle and one tuzla escort rotating head and another one that had a shorter handle and a two rotating heads.

“Which one first” she asked. ‘How about the two headed one” I said. Monica took the two headed vibrator, stuck the other one in my hand, and began running it up and down my back for a few minutes. “Feels pretty good–but of course not as good as your wonderful hands,” I said. “How about on the legs” I asked and she started running it up and down my leg. I switched on the single headed vibrator in my hand and touched it against Monica’s leg—”Um that feels good” she said. “I’m glad” I replied, “it didn’t seem fair since we have two of them.’ So as I kept running the vibrator lightly up and down Monica’s leg as she massaged my back and legs.

“Wait a second” she said and put down her vibrator. A minute later she was back. “Turn over “she said. When I did my eyes almost popped out of head. Monica had removed her shirt and pants and was wearing only a red bra and red thong panties. “You look fabulous” I said. “I needed to get comfortable” she answered. Then she came over and began massing my head raising it up and cupping it beneath her breasts. I could feel the soft buoyancy of the breasts against my ears. “OOH that feels so good” I said. She rubbed my head against her breasts and then began working her way down my chest towards my dick that by now was poking up big time from under the sheet. As she did this I slowly ran the single headed vibrator up her legs a few times stopping just short of her crotch. We were both flushed and it was getting very warm in the room.

I looked at Monica & asked “what happens in Vegas says in Vegas?” “Yes” she replied so I took the vibrator, moved it up to her pussy and held it against her sex. Now it was her turn to groan uggh! She slid her hand under the sheet and grabbed my dick I moved her red thong aside and put the vibrator right on her clit, turned up the speed and slid a finger up her well lubricated vagina. As soon as the vibrator touched her clit she was done for. After no more than 10 seconds she had a quaking orgasm that drenched my hand with her sweet nectar. I threw off the sheet and gave her a big hug my swollen dick nestling between her thighs. I looked into her eyes and kissed her hungrily. I dropped to my knees and ate her trimmed blonde pussy slowly and softly for a few minutes. I got up my lips glistening with her juice, kissed her, and said “I need to fuck you. Now! Yes, now! she mouthed.

I turned her around, put her elbows on the massage table and leaned her over admiring the sight of her beautiful wet pussy lips. although I want to do it slowly and languidly I was too hot—I plunged my dick into her wetness while wrapping my arms around her, a hand on each breast pulling and pinching her erect pink nipples. “You’re so hot “I said—admiring the sight of my rock hard cock glistening with her juice as I plunged it in and out of her. I was so worked up it didn’t take long before I felt the cum ready to burst out of me. “Monica I’m going to come —can I come on your tits?” “Yes, yes” she said, “give me your cum.” I pulled my dick out and Monica turned around and grabbed it pointing it at her breasts as I sent an extra large spray of cum shooting all over her beautiful tan skin.

“Wow” I said not quite believing what had just happened. “Customer appreciation day.” said Monica with a satisfied smile”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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