Dare Me Ch. 05

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I had wallowed for nearly 3 days. Took a sick day at work and on Sunday feared going back into the office. After cleaning up the messed I had made in my apartment I tried to convince myself that everything would be fine but there was no way to trick myself into that.

I blew off Dylan’s texts and calls on the first day but when he came over Saturday in fear something had happened I was sad to say his fears were realized. I walked him through the events with Bud. Although Bud had dared me not to tell the police or the apartment company, I was able to tell Dylan through some tears. I could tell he felt bad for me but what could he do.

He offered to have me stay with him and I considered it but wasn’t ready to give up. I didn’t have a plan nor did he but he helped me feel normal for a day if nothing else.

Sunday though, I formulated a plan. It was incredibly risky but what else could I do? This bitch knew where I lived and who knows what she was planning next.

I went over to the Verizon store in the afternoon. It was tricky to explain without sounding entirely insane but I had one of the clerks backup my contacts. I wouldn’t include any old messages but she explained that I’d have all the numbers from people I’ve called or messaged. I thanked her and drove back home for my research.

I had a decent chunk of unknown numbers in the history but knew that there was a 99 in the number from the bitch. Ankara escort There were 4 in total but no real way to narrow them down. I tried searching them on google and was able to remove one as it was listed to a chinese place I ordered out from occasionally.

That left 3 potential numbers, one of them was her.

My plan had been pretty simple but the other two numbers may be collateral damage. Would I be so shitty as to put some people at risk for the sake of my future?

I want to say I was a better person, but I wasn’t.

I typed a message out to each of them, “OMG (laughing emoji)! Have you seen this yet! You’re going to laugh so hard by the end!” I then sent a bit.ly url to the hypnosis page that originally cursed me. Then I just waited.

I confirmed the link worked on mobile, at least for my phone, so now it was a matter of seeing if they’d take the bait. The number ending in 2238 responded back first. “Who is this?”

I responded back, “deleted my number already? Rude. Did you watch that funny video yet?”

Dots. “Alright, spammer. Nice try.”

Shit, this wasn’t going well.

I could tell the number ending in 4128 had read the message and that the message to 5998 had been delivered. They must have had an android phone. Feeling brave and scared shitless at the same time, I typed out a message to both of them.

“I dare you to stop sending me dares and to read all my messages.”

4128 Ankara escort bayan read the message. 5998 wrote back, “Who R U?”

No dares came through though, so that was a good sign, right? I sent one more message to both phones, “I dare you to tell me the truth: are you the one who has been daring me?”

5998 got back to me first, “No. What the hell R U talking about?”

“Sorry, must be wrong number.” I said back.

That’s when 4128’s message came through. “Yes. Fuck. I’m so sorry! I promise I won’t ever message you again.”

Sweet. Baby. Jesus.

“You know where I live?”

“Really! I’m so sorry! I got carried away! I didn’t know that guy would do that to you!”

How the fuck does she know what he did? Unless she talked to him afterward. What a fucking bitch! She was probably planning her next assault.

“I don’t fucking want to hear it. I dare you to tell me if you know where I live!”

“Yes. Brandon, please!”

“I’m sorry.”

“Really, I’ll leave you alone. I’ll never contact you again.”

“I promise.”


“I dare you to get over here now. I don’t care what you’re doing.”

“Oh, and I dare you to come here naked. Since you enjoy embarrassing me so much, let’s see how you like it you cunt.”

“Fuck, Escort Ankara Brandon. Please know I didn’t mean for it to go this far. I’m so fucking sorry.”

“I can’t wait to meet you,” was all I typed back. I put my phone down and ignored the other beeps.

Now I waited.

I tried to get comfortable on the couch but couldn’t sit still. The thoughts of revenge ran through my mind. Instead I decided to just pull up a chair in front of the door and wait. Stew. Think hard about the pain and humiliation I endured for the last month or so. She was going to get everything back times ten. Times twenty!

After 15 minutes I realized that what if she lived out-of-state. I mean she was here for a Bachelorette party so she may have been college friends from another city. Maybe I should find out more details.

I went back to grab my phone when I heard the knock. The grin spread over my entire face. I was ready to finally face her. To face the cause of my fear and make her pay.

I opened the door triumphantly to see the naked figure in front of me. My smile instantly washed away into shock and horror as the vagina I should have seen was replaced with a cock, boobs were hairy pecs, and the face of that bachelorette whore was the anguished face of Dylan.

“I dare you not to talk…. And.. to hear me out,” Dylan said before I could register what was happening. The shock and the confusion and the gut-retching realization of what this meant made me dizzy. I reached for the door to slam it in his face, or to ground the swirling world, but neither attempts were successful. I fell backwards into my apartment as I passed out.

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