Day at the Spa Ch. 02

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Big Dicks

Chapter 2: The Continuing Treatments

Note: Sorry it has taken so long to continue this story, but it’s been a hectic time! And thanks to a certain lady who emailed me with glowing praise about the story! This is definitely for you!


Erica is still half-asleep, and horny as hell, when Robert turns the chair into

her private room and helps her to the bed. She quickly and easily sheds the robe and slips into the surprisingly warm covers.

“Um…Miss…?” Robert begins.

Erica grudgingly opens her eyes to find something in Robert’s hand. At first she thinks that it is a vibrator. This thought quickly jumpstart her hormones. As her eyes focus she realizes, a little disappointed, that it is merely battery powered clippers.

“You are a hairstylist as well?” she asks quizzically.

Robert smiles as he pulls a chair up to the edge of the bed and slowly rolls the covers from her body. Erica is still wondering what is going on when Robert lightly grasps her ankle and slowly yet firmly pulls it towards him.

“This is your Cleansing treatment, where I remove any…unwanted hair,” he explains with a sly look.

Erica quickly helps Robert get her into position now that she knows where this is going. It has been a long time since she has had her pubes shaved. In fact, it used to be one of her boyfriend’s favorite thing to do to her. And every time he had shaved her, the bastard had immediately gone down on her exposed pussy, driving her crazy by nibbling on her swollen clit.

As this memory goes through her head she suddenly clamps her previously open legs shut.

“Is something wrong?” Robert asks, concerned.

Erica shakes her head, embarrassed. She slowly lets her legs fall open, her eyes locked on his. She watches his reaction as he places a small clip lamp on the headboard of the bed and studies her pussy. As expected, his eyes grow noticeably. Erica has always had a large clit. Now that she is pregnant, though, it has grown even larger. IT easily slides from the hood and comes to notice, glistening with her juices.

To his credit, Robert quickly recovers, becoming professional once again. He lifts her hips and slides a warm towel underneath her to catch any stray hairs. As he bends forward the man catches Erica’s heated scent that sends urgent messages to his already half-hard muscle.

Erica, meanwhile, is loving the attention, the handling, she is getting beneath her waist. It has been a long time since anyone had touched her thighs, her ankles, her knees, anything(!), in a long time. Every touch sends a spark to her neglected pussy, whose lips are opening and plumping up like the petals of a flower.

Once she american jigolo izle is in position Robert clicks on the clippers, which emit a deep-throated hum. He begins cutting just underneath the bulge of her stomach, the balding clippers easily and quickly gliding over her skin leaving a smooth stubble-free surface of tanned latina skin.

Erica is enjoying this immensely, the slight vibrations making it hard to breath and her hands to unconsciously clench the bed covers. It feels as though every hair is connected to her clit, and that every snip of the clippers is a electric spark to her quickly moistening latin flower. Her nipples, hard as diamonds anyway, were starting to hurt with the delicious throbbing pain.

Suddenly, the pleasure skyrockets as Robert’s fingers touch the outer folds of her hyper-sensitive cunt to cut the hairs there. The vibrations from the clippers seem to fly through the air straight to her sexual center.

Robert can see, and smell, the effect he is having on the beauty. Her strong spicy aroma is having the same effect on him as the clippers are on her quickly shorn puss.

When the clippers are turned off and Robert briefly moves away Erica is at once relieved and disappointed. That is, until he returns and begins to clean her up with a hot, wet towel. She can’t help but to moan as the wet heat hits every exposed nerve-ending on her pubis mons. This ends far too soon for Erica, only to be replaced by Robert’s hands massaging body lotion into her now hair-free skin. He pays special attention to the small area around her engorged clit, causing the helpless beauty to shiver and arch her back in abstract pleasure. In her pleasure she fails to notice that he is slowly positioning her onto her hands and knees until her ass is in the air.

On one hand she desperately wants him to fuck her. Now! On the other, she wonders if this is wise or even professional. As Robert continues to massage the lotion onto her mound he squirts some on her butt. With that he begins to work her plump ass cheeks in slow firm circles. He works from the top of her ass to just above her knees, sometimes stopping to tickle the back of them. By now Erica is totally given to his amazing skill with his hands. When he pulls her up into a sitting/kneeling position she complies with no hesitation. He lifts her arms above her head and begins to massage her sides with a firm stroke and finger roll massage. She lets her head loll back and her eyes roll into her head and his hands come over the front of her body. He rubs her sternum, circles around her full breasts to meet up underneath them, to smoothly glide over her taut tummy and back again. The third andropoz izle pass over her body, he changes tactics by going between her breast on the way down, gently cupping them at the bottom.

By now, Robert’s chin is resting lightly on her shoulders and she has circled her arms around his neck in total luxury and pleasure. They are almost like lovers now, each reveling in the other’s pleasure.


Erica is slow to realize that the massage has stopped and that Robert is gently laying her down. She looks up as he covers her with the electric blanket (that’s why its always warm!) And says,”I will be back in two hours for your next treatment. Please use the time to rest.”

With that he backs out of the room and blows a playful kiss to Erica, who is already halfway asleep. And through a combination of still being worked up and the electric blanket making it too warm to sleep, Erica is awake and lounging in the overstuffed massage lounger and watching TV. Or, more precisely, she is looking in the basic direction of the TV. Her mind is still adrift from the massage she received and her right hand is absently stroking her smooth pussy.

Suddenly inspired, she moves to the bathroom and sits in front of the full length mirror with her legs open. Next, she does something that had never crossed her mind to ever do before: she begins to check out her puss. She had never done anything like this before, yet she is immediately turned on by the contrast between her tan caramel outer lips and her glistening pink inner sanctum. She clenches her muscles, watching how her pussy responds in the mirror. Next, she extends a finger and lightly strokes her clit, causing it to extend from her hood as if it were actively seeking her attention. Not a problem, as she rocks lightly back and forth from the waves of pleasure her finger is causing. In her mind she is watching as Robert demonstrates his oral technique on her wet slit, his tongue diving in and turning up on the roof of her vagina, hitting that spongy spot that soon has her seeing stars and leaving a wet spot on the tiles. He continues, dropping a couple of centimeters to lightly lick at her anal ring. Her brown hole spasms from the sensation as she suddenly begins to press her finger in, imagining that its Robert’s tongue instead. Though she had never had anal sex before, Erica is going nuts from the newfound pleasure this is giving her. She adds another finger, then another until she is moaning loudly with three fingers opening her ass like never before. She can feel a climax of hurricane strength begin from her spine and suddenly begins to shoot waves of pleasure from her ass and pussy combined. She drops anne rices mayfair witches izle onto her back, the cold tile shocking her back to normal. She just lies there, recovering from the mind-blowing orgasm she just had, when she hears the door unlock and open.

“Ms. Erica?”

Shit!, she thinks as she tries to get to her feet.

Robert finds her in the bathroom washing her hands. As he leads her to the mobile chair again he can’t help but notice the scent of sex in the bathroom and grins. Apparently, things were right on track.

“So,” Erica asks as they exit her room again. “What’s next on the menu?”

“A little group thing that I’m sure you’ll enjoy.”

With that they get onto the elevator and ride down to the basement. As soon as the doors open the humidity hits them.

“This whole floor is a sauna,” Robert explains. “Probably most of our clients are here today. Now because of your condition, you are limited to 90 minutes here. And if you feel faint or bad there is a cool room with ice water or tea through that door. Any questions?”

Robert takes her robe and leaves for the elevator. Erica looks around, trying to find anyone in the almost blanket thick steam. As she goes deeper into the room Erica begins to make out other women. The first woman she makes out clearly is definitely not on the Maternity Ward floor. Only 5-feet or something, this woman is like a doll or something. Just perfect. Curly red hair, a scattering of freckles around her cute B-cup strawberry-tipped boobs, flat tummy, shapely hips, and thin legs that end in little dainty feet. The woman seems to be checking Erica out as well. Or at least her breasts.

“Your knockers are awesome!” she says in this tiny voice. “Can I touch them?”

“Uh…” Erica begins, but its already unnecessary. The young woman, probably only 19 or so, is already gliding her hands over Erica’s sweaty breasts. She is paying close attention to Erica’s nipples. She lightly squeeze them until the pregnant woman can barely stand it anymore. Then, she pops one into her mouth.

Erica’s breath shivers from the feeling of the red-head’s soft wet tongue whips over her hard flesh nubs. And when she begins to lightly bite them with her small teeth its all Erica can do to stop her knees from knocking. She is really getting into this when a familiar voice pipes in.

“Oh, Love, you are finally here!”

Erica opens her eyes to find her friend from earlier, Nicky. And to her delight, the black British woman is just as devestatingly lovely standing up as she is sitting down. In fact, she looks even more like a model with her long onyx legs and perfect features which seems heightened by her pregnancy.

The red-head looks over at Nicky and gives her a playful boob squeeze.

“I see you’ve met Brenda,” Nicky coos as Brenda continues to give both women some attention.

“Lets go over to the couches,” Brenda suggests, as she grabs both women’s hands and leads them away.

Continued Very Soon…

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