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The drive was taking longer than they had anticipated. Two hours had stretched to two and half, and now it was bordering on three. Mark had a headache. His girlfriend, Stacey, had to use the bathroom.

It started as a mild urge when they were still back in the city. Stacey had dismissed the Starbucks, the McDonald’s, and the Dunkin. She thought they were dirty, and she really didn’t want to waste any time. Her sister was getting married at noon sharp, and she had made it clear to Stacey she wouldn’t wait for anyone. Her sister had all these weird ideas like no bridesmaids in her wedding. She said it would feel like “picking favorites”. Stacey just shook her head.

“Mark, we got to find somewhere I can go,” she said, clenching her teeth.

Mark shook his head, eyes on the road. The conditions were icy, bordering on dangerous. Who the fuck got married in the middle of January?

“There is nowhere. And shit, there’s an accident up ahead. I’m sorry, baby, but we are going to be here for a while,” He was frustrated, but mostly for Stacey’s sake. He could yalova seks hikayeleri barely tolerate her sister and could care less who she married. Privately, he suspected Stacey might have felt the same way but he wasn’t going to point that out.

“This is a designer dress. And I’m about to-,” Stacey bit her lip and looked out the window. Mark peered at her closely. She was all tensed up, every muscle tight, trying to contain the three energy drinks she had chugged earlier that morning. Mark was praying she wouldn’t look over and notice his obvious erection.

“Stacey, I don’t think we are going to make it in time so you might not need the dress anyway,” He was trying to help but this was the wrong thing to say. He quailed under her murderous glance. Then her face crumbled, and she buried it in her hands.

“Stacey,” Mark tried to make his voice gentle. He also tried to shieled his bulge from his girlfriend. “I won’t think any less of you no matter what happens. You’re beautiful and sexy and nothing will change that”.

Stacey looked up, tears sticking to her eyelashes, mascara slightly smudged.

“You’re just saying that!” she accused, “If I pissed myself in front of you, you would definitely think of me differently” Mark almost moaned out loud. Oh God, he was out of control.

“I promise you I wouldn’t,” he said, his voice low and husky. Then he leaned over and kissed her. He kissed her urgently and forcefully. He forced his tongue into her mouth and explored it earnestly. She let out something like a squeak. He invaded further, grabbing at her breasts. They were completely stalled in a traffic jam and hadn’t moved for the last fifteen minutes.

“Mark” she gasped, panting for breath but also because her pussy was starting to saturate her lace panties. “Mark, don’t. I can’t hold it,”

Mark didn’t need to hear more than that. He shoved his hand up her dress, pleasantly surprised to find her soaked from his attentions. He began to finger her, filling the car with the sound of her delicious wetness. Stacey moaned and twitched, protesting feebly. Eventually, her keens became more and more high pitched.

“Mark, I’m going to-” And she came. Exactly at the same time as she wet herself and the entire passenger seat. She laid back in her seat, defeated and soaked. Mark could barely control himself.

“I’m so embarrassed. Mark, I’m so sorry. Your car! I’ll pay to have it cleaned,”

Feeling guilty, Mark said (his voice still husky and slightly strangled) “Stacey, it was okay. That was the hottest thing ever. I almost came just from watching that,” He stared down at his erection which was leaking precum into his pants.

“Really?” Stacey said doubtfully.

“Yeah,” He still sounded husky.

Almost impishly, Stacey reached over and unzipped his pants. His cock popped out, dripping precum and ready for her mouth. She leaned over and put it in her mouth, slurping and gagging on his large dick. It didn’t take long. He shot his load in her mouth and she swallowed it eagerly, pleased that even in her condition she could have that effect on him.

A car honked. Mark turned his attention back to the road and they were moving again. It was ten past twelve. Mark turned to Stacey with an impish grin.

“Want to go straight to the hotel?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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