Emma’s Pool Party Ch. 09

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Big Tits

Finale, part 1 of 2: Summer’s End

The cool, beaded sweat on the outside of the beer bottle wet my palm as I raised it to my lips, squinting behind my sunglasses. I swallowed a refreshing gulp of the golden suds and let out a satisfied sigh. Summer was beginning to wane, but the late August afternoons remained with a lingering warmth.

I set my beer down on the small table next to my lounger and linked my fingers behind my head. The girls were spread out in front of me engaged in their various activities: Amy lying on a towel on the grass reading what looked like a textbook, wearing a long, white tee, Holly and Aysha floating in the pool supported by foam noodles, their bikini-clad breasts bobbing on the surface of the water, and Emma to my right, flipping through a magazine, her upper arm subtly jiggling her bust with every turn of the page.

It was a typical summer Saturday afternoon. Me and the girls had spent many days like this in the back yard of Carmen’s palatial home: swimming, drinking, relaxing, and of course every manner of sexual activity. Today, however, there was a subtle tension in the air, like the green bikini string pulled taught between Emma’s enormous breasts. In the lead-up to the girls’ imminent departure to college, they had become irritable and catty. The question on everyone’s mind remained unspoken: who would get to spend the last day with me?

There was only one weekend left before the girls were off to pursue their scholastic endeavours (not to mention their sexual endeavours, no doubt), and try as I might, I couldn’t foresee a scenario with which all of the girls would be happy. I knew a decision had to be made which would potentially alienate all but one girl, and ran the risk of causing conflict between them. I had considered so many different options, but ultimately I knew I would have to choose; that or remove myself from the situation completely. And let’s face it: the option of abstaining from possibly my last opportunity to be with one of these beautiful teenage girls was simply not an option. Although I was not above being selfish, at least I wasn’t lying to myself.

While the other girls seemed distracted, Emma looked up from her magazine, took a quick glance at her friends, then spoke to me softly.

“Hey, um… what are you doing next weekend?”

I was opening my mouth to reply when she hastily pushed on.

“‘Cause it’s the last weekend before I go back to college and I’d love to spend it with you,” she finished, lifting her oversize sunglasses to her head and looking at me pleadingly with her big brown eyes.

There it was. Decision time.

The truth was, Emma and I had become quite close over the summer. Since she was staying at Carmen’s and not her mother’s place, she had much more freedom than the other girls, and we had even had a few dates, going to see a film, having the occasional meal out, going for drives in the country, or trips to the beach. There was a silent acknowledgement that we were not exclusive, but we kept our sexual escapades limited to Emma’s group of friends. The fact that the girls’ mothers had also been involved somehow remained a fragile secret, likely due to the perceived backlash one might receive should it be discovered that they had had a threesome with me and their mum, even if-strictly speaking-nothing incestuous had occurred.

I cleared my throat and prepared to bite the bullet.

“Of course, I’d love to, Em,” I said with a warm smile.

Her delighted grin eclipsed mine, then I saw her eyes flick to her friends, unable to conceal a silent gloat.

The decision was made. Now I just had to wait for the fallout. I wouldn’t have to wait long.

I took another long swallow of the cool brew and caught movement from the pool through the amber bottom of the nearly empty bottle. Holly was emerging from the water like a goddess, her hair slicked back and water dripping off her sensuous curves like a Baroque fountain.

Her bikini was navy with white stripes, her round globes jiggling with her every stride. She smiled as she approached my lounger, kneeling between my legs and leaning over me, shaking her body to drip as much water down onto me as she could. Her breasts shook with her, nearly spilling out over her bikini cups. I jumped a little as the cool drops struck my sun-warmed skin.

“You trying to get me wet?” I asked, peering between her swaying tits.

“You’ve already done it to me,” she replied cheekily as she reached to my stomach and pulled my swim trunks down, taking my soft cock in her cool, wet hand and looking at it curiously.

“No matter how many times I look at this thing it still gets me, like, so fuckin’ horny,” she admitted.

Her pretty hazel eyes remained fixed on my flaccid cock as she began to work her small hand up and down its length, giving it vitality with every slow, deliberate pump.

Emma watched me with mild interest, and Aysha had left the pool, tugging the cups of her white bikini to give her perky breasts even more lift, sitting in yalova escort the lounger next to me, her elbows on her knees to get a close view of the action, biting her bottom lip. Amy ignored us, but I suspected her cheeks were aglow behind the textbook she was reading.

Pursing her full lips, Holly let a string of spit drool from her mouth onto the head of my cock, distributing it along my shaft with both her hands as if polishing the rung of a bannister. She admired her own handiwork, her nipples hardening under her bikini and poking out like pebbles. I reached down to ease the itch in my palms by filling them with Holly’s generous bosom, but she released my cock and gripped my wrists, pushing them down to my sides against the lounger.

“Uh-uh, baby. Only one thing’s gonna touch these titties,” she chided huskily.

She moved her body closer to mine, her breasts just grazing my chest, then slid them down my firm abs, my cock dipping between them and under the string of her bikini, my glossy tip emerging from her cavernous cleavage.

“Oh! Peek-a-boo, Mr. Big!” she giggled.

Holly began moving her body up and down mine, stroking my cock between her melons, her head tipped back to watch me, her round ass in the air, her hands still on my wrists.

“Damn… I wish I could do that…” said Aysha sadly, pulling her bikini cups down and pushing her tits together, her head tipped down to examine her modest but not insignificant cleavage.

“You don’t have to, like, lose his cock in your tits to make him feel good, Aysh. You know how much he loves it when you tease his tip with your hard nipples, or smack his big dick against them. I mean, even Amy’s little tits can get him off,” explained Holly in her infinite sexual wisdom.

I shrugged. “Size definitely isn’t everything. I’m a tit man, what can I say?”

Amy huffed at Holly, dropping her book down, frowning, but Holly was too busy with me to notice her. Aysha began playing with her nipples as she watched, seeming pacified by Holly’s and my assurances. My hard cock continued its return journey back and forth between the plush mountains of Holly’s cleavage, the bikini string dragging under my shaft and tugging at her cups. On one particularly deep thrust, the string pulled up and over her round breasts, spilling them out onto my stomach.

“Oops! How did that happen?” she giggled again, bringing her hands up to toss her bikini top away and push her tits together, sandwiching my dick between them.

I raised my hands and put them behind my head as she moved her boobs up and down my column, firmly masturbating my phallus within their cushioned embrace. Aysha watched with great interest, but Emma still hardly paid attention, still lazily flipping the pages of her magazine. Eventually, Holly noticed this surprising lack of interest.

“Ok what’s up, Em? Usually when we’re playing with your boyfriend you get all like, jealous.”

Emma’s eyes flashed for a moment before she managed to subdue some internal spark of rage. She flipped another page of her magazine, a tiny smirk at the corner of her lips.

“It’s fine. Go ahead. Fuck his brains out for all I care.” Her voice was even, but had an underlying current of venom.

Stunned, Holly stared at her, her mouth slightly open, then sat up, my cock slipping free of her cleavage. Without breaking her line of sight at Emma, she held my cock pointing straight up and lowered her mouth onto it, sucking the tip, then bobbing her head quickly, allowing my knob to bump the back of her throat as her hand twisted around my shaft.

Once again, Emma’s face betrayed a flash of anger, soon quashed. She turned the page without having read a word.

Holly’s brow furrowed, and I noticed the other two girls pay closer attention, sensing a tension in the air.

Holly pulled back, stroking my cock rapidly, then looked at me.

“What happened? Did you guys, like, break up or something?”

Before anyone had a chance to reply, she continued.

“Oh well. More cock for me then. Come on baby, fuck my tight little throat with that juicy cock.”

She took a deep breath and descended on my pole, taking my entire length into her throat in one bob, her eyes tearing up, her gag response kicking in. The whole time, her goading eyes were locked on her best friend.

Emma turned the page, so hard this time that it ripped out of the magazine.

“Go ahead, but he’s spending all of next weekend with me, so enjoy it while you can, slut!” she blurted out, her cheeks red, her eyes blazing.

Holly pulled back again gasping, spit swinging from her chin as she dribbled down onto her tits. She wiped her chin with the back of her hand as if in slow motion, my cock forgotten.

“What?! What the fuck are you talking about?” said Holly.

Aysha and Amy were now also staring at Emma, waiting for her response.

“He’s spending the last weekend before we go back to college with me,” Emma said simply, defiantly.

“Um, edirne escort have you even asked him?” Holly looked back at me, her hands on my stomach, her tits bulging between her arms. “Are you going to spend it with her, like, alone?” she asked turning to me, almost sarcastically, as if there were no chance.

Time for the fallout.

“Actually, uh… yeah. Look, I don’t want to cause any-“

“You ARE?!” she said incredulously, then hopped off my lounger so quickly that her tits did a wild dance on her chest. “Well fuck this. I’m not going to suck your cock if you’re going to exclude us from your little lovers’ weekend.”

Holly picked up her bikini top and her towel, then stormed toward the house.

“Come on girls. If he wants just one pussy instead of four, he can have just one pussy!” she said as she strode into the house, not looking back.

Amy had already clapped her textbook shut, and quickly followed behind Holly, scowling at me. Aysha seemed less sure, still sitting in her lounger cupping her tits in her small hands. She looked at Emma, then to me.

“Aysha!” Holly’s angry voice called out from inside the house.

Aysha jumped, her tits jiggling, then stood up and dashed inside, not even covering her bouncing breasts with her bikini.

“That went well,” I said, breaking the awkward silence.

Emma looked at me apologetically. “Oh my god, I’m so sorry! But… we had to tell them. I mean…”

“It’s ok,” I assured her, chuckling. “It was going to come out eventually. Better sooner than later.”

Emma put her magazine down and knelt next to my lounger, putting her hands on my chest and looking at me with her big, puppy dog eyes. She must have noticed my slightly crestfallen expression through my casual smile.

“Babe… really, I’m sorry. I know how much you love fucking my friends. You’ve had your own private teenage harem all summer and now I’m taking that away from you.”

Her hand caressed my cheek and I couldn’t help but feel my heart warm. I took her wrist and kissed the back of her hand.

“Honestly, it’s fine. I’ll enjoy some alone time with you before you go away. Don’t worry about it, Emma. Besides, they’ll forget all about it when they have all that college cock to enjoy.”

“Hmmm… I wonder how I can make it up to you…” she cooed.

Her fingers were wrapped around my spit-soaked cock before I could say a word. It was still semi-hard, and she had it to its full throbbing size in 20 seconds. She knelt between my legs as Holly had, running her fingers along the insides of her bikini cups to casually pull them under her massive tits, letting them fall free in a glorious cascade of round, pink, jiggling breast meat.

She tossed her hair to one side and picked up where her best friend had left off, taking me into her warm, wet mouth and slurping loudly as she bobbed her head, her hand working in concert with her lips, sucking my proud cock in an earnest, enthusiastic, oral apology.

I reached down to fondle her heavy, swaying breasts, kneading them in my palms as she rolled my balls on her tongue, jerking me off firmly. She licked a long swath up the underside of my shaft, then looked me in the eyes as she bobbed, taking me deep as I felt my tip bump the back of her throat. After a minute, she raised her head again, jerking me with two hands.

“So you really don’t mind if it’s just me and you next weekend? I’ll make it worth your while,” she said innocently, kissing my cock head.

I wanted to tell her I was looking forward to it, that I couldn’t wait to spend some alone time with her, but I could see she wanted to play the game a bit.

“Hmm, I’m giving up the chance to be with your three sexy friends, Em. You will have to be extra special for me,” I murmured, stroking her hair.

“I will sir, I promise!” she squeaked, then added, “I promise I’ll be your perfect little slut girlfriend. I’ll do anything you want me to do, sir.”

“Mmm, I’ll hold you to that, baby. I’m looking forward to using my sexy teen girlfriend until you can’t walk straight.”

She giggled and doubled her efforts on my cock, sucking me hard and fast, letting me move my hips to fuck her throat as I approached my climax. As she felt my cock swell, she sat up and put her hands on her thighs.

“Cum on my face, baby. Cum all over your girlfriend’s face!” she cried.

I pushed myself up, standing astride the lounger and taking hold of my bobbing member, stroking it quickly and firmly as I positioned Emma’s face underneath me. She looked up expectantly, putting one hand on her full breast, the other fondling my balls in her fingers.

“Here it comes,” I grunted, and Emma obligingly opened her mouth and extended her tongue, her eyes wide and excited.

I pumped my cock and unleashed a thick rope of semen high into the air. It splashed down on Emma’s forehead and hair, falling behind her head as she flinched. I tipped my cock down and blasted several spurts directly into her erzurum escort pretty face, criss-crossing her nose, cheeks, and lips, including a few volleys into her open mouth. She moaned and rolled her tongue, licking her lips as my spunk dripped down her visage, over her chin and down onto her tits.

Soon I was empty, my head buzzing and my cock dripping. Emma put her lips over my tip and began cleaning me off, sucking the last few drops from my dick before opening wide again and showing me the milky load on her tongue.

“Em! If you’re quite finished out there I’d like to have a quick word,” called a voice from behind me.

I twisted almost painfully to seek the source, catching only a swish of black hair as the screen door closed. Carmen. Emma shut her mouth and swallowed the whole mouthful in one loud gulp.

“Fuck! I was supposed to clean the kitchen,” she recalled, her cheeks rosy from being caught.

She looked up at me, blinking cum from her eye. “How do I look?” she giggled.

“Gorgeous as always.”

I turned and picked up my towel, handing it to Emma so she could clean my cum from her face and tits, then pulled up my swim trunks and put my t-shirt back on. Emma did what she could, pulling her bikini back up over her beautiful breasts and adjusting them, then getting me to check her over. I walked in and she followed me, meeting Carmen in the kitchen. She was wearing a tight white tank top and short jean shorts, looking hot-which seemed to match her mood.

“What did I ask you to do, Emma?” she said, gesturing angrily to the mess of dishes, food, and empty bottles on the counter tops.

“I’m so sorry, Carmen, I was going to do it but I lost track of time.”

“I don’t ask much of you, Em. I would appreciate a contribution around here once in a while.”

“I’m sorry, I’ll do it now. Just let me get changed.”

Em turned to me, standing on her toes to kiss me briefly on the lips before turning and making her way out of the kitchen. As she walked away from us, I could clearly see a long, white streak of semen down the back of her head, sticking to her long hair. I brought my finger to my mouth, biting the nail and wincing. Carmen watched Emma go and saw it too.

“And clean that cum out of your hair!” she called after her, shaking her head.

Emma practically sprinted out of the room as if pushed by Carmen’s words, not looking back.

When Carmen directed her gaze accusingly back at me, all I could do was shrug, my cheeks burning.

“I’m glad you’re having fun, at least,” she said sarcastically.

I read more than anger in her expression though. I saw a hint of jealousy. What I couldn’t decide was whether that jealousy was directed at me, or Emma. She stepped closer to me.

“You’ve fucked Emma, you’ve fucked her friends, and you’ve fucked their mothers. I bet it burns you up inside that you haven’t fucked me yet, doesn’t it?” she said quietly, her eyes contemptuous.

“I’m not greedy, Carmen. Besides, you’re my boss. We have a professional relationship, and I don’t want to make things awkward in the office.”

“Don’t be ridiculous. We’re way past that. I’ve watched you fuck, I’ve even jerked you off onto my friends’ naked bodies, but you haven’t had me. You’ve had teen pussy, and MILF pussy, but you haven’t had my pussy.”

She reached down and squeezed my cock through my swim trunks, and despite having recently cum, I felt a tingle and a swelling there. She was right, of course. Carmen was the forbidden fruit, and I wanted a taste. It was pointless arguing with her, but I had to try to save some face.

“You’re right, I haven’t. And if I know you, you’ll dangle it like a carrot until I’m half-mad with desire. But I’ve come to accept it, so that carrot isn’t quite as juicy as it once was-especially since I’ve got plenty of alternatives available to me.”

It was bold of me to throw it back in her face like that, especially with her hand gripping my cock through my swim trunks like a ski pole, but my hubris had got the better of me. Carmen stepped closer, her breasts grazing my chest as her fingers closed, squeezing me until I was unable to suppress a wince… though I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel a throb in my loins.

“You arrogant prick,” she hissed.

Yet as I looked into her burning, auburn eyes, I felt a sense of respect. Carmen seemed glad to see that I knew how to play the game. It encouraged me, and before I knew it more words began to spill from my lips.

“I think you want something too, Carmen. I can see the way you look at Emma. At her friends. I’m not the only one who enjoys the fairer sex-especially nubile, young college girls. How many times have you pleasured yourself watching that video of me and those teen girls in the bathroom, hmm? How many of those vibrators and dildos have you creamed on while you fantasised about them?”

My mind flinched at itself. What the fuck was I saying?! She’s literally holding my junk in the palm of her hand.

The ensuing silence stretched out for what felt like an eternity, yet Carmen didn’t so much as blink.

Finally, her aggravatingly neutral expression phased into an equally aggravating smug knowingness.

“That’s your problem, sweetheart,” she spoke huskily. “You’re too focused on rattling my cage instead of finding ways to get what you want.”

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