Enjoyable Flight

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I traveled to the East coast to meet you. We made an online appointment almost a month in advance. On the plane my clit was starting to tingle thinking about all the fantasies that we shared since we started chatting and were planning to make a reality. I was getting so horny that I had to take my panties and bra off.

It was easy to notice that I had nothing underneath my halter top shirt: its loose neck showed almost all of my cleavage and the air conditioner maintained my nipples poking through the thin material. I raised my already short skirt up my mid-thighs and opened my legs so my hairless pussy could refresh a bit and feel the comfy cold air.

I was in the First Class section, surrounded by passengers dressed on business suits. The rows are composed by two seats on each side of the plane. I was in the isle seat at the right side of the plane. My window-seat neighbor was a man that looked in his late forties, early fifties, tanned, blue eyes and very short hair. He was wearing a silk black suit, very stylish and elegant, with a colorful blue/black/red tie and white shirt. He looked like a high management exec. of a very profitable company.

He looked at me carefully up and down after I got back from the toilet where I removed my undergarment and I guess he noticed my sexual tease cause he smiled at me with an accomplice smile. We started a conversation talking about nothing in particular, but his voice, his gaze to my eyes, my breasts and my legs kept me aroused and wandering for your touch.

As we were chatting, he posed an arm up in my seat, then moved and rested it around my shoulders, his other hand was touching my arm then my knees, then my thighs; at this point with my initial arousal and his blunt flirt I was craving for his touch and I opened up my legs and carefully raised my skirt a bit more, you know that my inner pussy lips are large and thick, very easy to discern, so when he returned his gaze to my lap he could distinguish very clearly that I had no panties on.

I noticed the surprised and aroused reaction in his pants and face, but he kept talking with me so-matter-of-fact, he left the arm-seat and kept caressing my thigh looking me straight in the eyes, like nothing was happening. He scooted closer to me while sliding his hand up under the skirt, and when I felt his fingers touching my pussy in an almost unnoticeable rub it sent shivers all over my body and I eagerly, instinctively, opened my legs wider and got wetter.

He touched my pussy just once, a very very soft touch, but I was so wet that my inner pussy lips got glued to his fingers and when he moved his hand back to my thigh, he involuntarily stretched open my pussy. That slight move of my legs and pussy lips made a noticeable sopping noise and we both could smell the sweetness of my sex. I blushed out of surprise and he moaned aroused, staring at my now very noticeable hard clit.

He looked at me with eyes full of lust and softly shift his hand back to my pussy and started caressing my soaked labia. I was starting to breath heavily but besides his gaze and the tent in his pants he seemed almost immutable.

I am so attracted to man who takes control, man, who follows his inner strength, who does not get distracted by outer elements and seduces you to his desires. I somehow felt safe with him and definitively wanted him bad. He approached his face to my ear and in a soft whisper told me that he wanted to see me touching myself. Without hesitation I oblige and followed his command which made my head spin with confusion and surprise, after all he was a stranger.

I could not avoid a guttural moan. He stopped his touch, got the airline blanket, pushed the seats slightly backwards and covered us from bellow the neck down to our feet.

I accommodated myself in the seat, and while touching my clit and pussy I lift my skirt to my waist and opened my legs completely, he winked at me on approval and slide my right leg over his lap to spread my pussy wider, got closer to my body and returned his hand to my thighs.

He whispered that he loved having such a sexy thing offering her body so unashamedly to him, obeying his orders interior design masters izle without vacillation and allowing herself to play with her clit in public; he said he loved seeing my pussy because a hairless sloppy pussy was a sign of a wild sexual girl and its smell was the invitation to fuck he loved the most.

While speaking to me he was looking for my reaction, but his words were not insulting rather aroused me much more.

When he was sure I heard him and accepted his words, he placed one hand on my pussy, sighted in delight when he hit my drenched lips and stroked them slightly; following the rhythm of my own hand, then he slide his fingers along my slit, from under my clit to a flick above my hole, separating my labia. I raised my hips trying to slip his fingers inside me but he immediately moved his hand up my mound over my shirt up to my breasts.

He felt and pinched a nipple through the fabric and scooped his hand under the loose neck, firmly cupping one of my breasts. I was so much into the sensations my fingers were producing in my clit, his words and touch that it surprised me when I felt both of his hands freely grabbing my breast like if I had no top, and I had none: he untied my shirt from my neck with his other hand.

So there I was, in a commercial airplane with my skirt around my waist and my shirt down to my lap, naked under the covers, my legs spread open, working on my clit. My pussy soaking and a stranger stroking my hard nipples and caressing my whole body at his will.

I instinctively wanted to touch his cock, but he prevented me from doing it telling me to stop while sliding his fingers inside my pussy. I jumped out of pleasure and surprise and felt my juices running down my crack drenching the leather of my seat. I started milking his fingers with my cunt muscles and he voiced his approval encouraging me to fuck his fingers the way I would like to fuck his cock.

He was telling me that I definitively had the body and attitude of a woman he would like to fuck mercilessly, that he would love to feel my hot cunt wanting to please his hard cock tightening my walls every time he would pump deep inside of me.

He said that fucking a slut like me would be a treat. He loved the fact that I willingly followed his desires even without him voicing them at all, like if I was reading his mind.

I was breathing heavily, trying to silence my moans, to gain as much composure as possible, but he told me not to worry, that what was happening under de covers, inside of my body, could be taken as an innocent lovers’ cuddle, nothing suspicious for a stranger’s eye which for him demonstrated how much of a refined slut I was.

He said that he was fucking my cunt with four fingers, that I was so sloppy that it was easy to slide them in and out, but that I was so hot and tight that he could not fit them inside completely, which made him imagine how his cock would stretch me and how great it would be feeling and looking his glistening cock widening my bald sultry cunt and spreading open my lips.

He was whispering close to my ear; and then started to push me towards him, spooning me so he could grab my breast, pinch my nipples and feel my ass and body more easily with one hand, and finger fuck me harder and deeper with the other. He had me glued to him with my back to his chest, my ass in his lap and my knees towards my breasts so my pussy was totally available to him without needing to make an obvious bulge in the blanket with my legs stretched backwards.

He started sliding his fingers inside my cunt with up and down movements instead of in and out and suddenly I felt it: a big, warm and hard object held by his fingers, sliding up and down my opening, making space for his entrance. I knew it was his cock and I moaned deeply and shiver, he felt me shiver and moaned in response, pinched my nipple hard and pinned the hood of my clit so the tip of his cock will tap on it while feeling up and down my slit.

He murmured that now he would prove how much of a high-class slut I was when he would start fucking my needy cunt iyi adamin 10 günü izle with his fat cock for real, from behind, and he wanted me to do the job: milk his cock with my cunt walls and move my hips to ride his cock, making it slide inside and out of me but without moving too much or moaning too hard, keeping the image of a playful cuddle when the truth was that I was fucking hard his pole.

He drove his cock inside of me with one slow continuous stroke, and touched my lips with his cunt-juices-covered fingers; I instinctively push myself down his balls and started to lick and suck his fingers furiously, with that he pinned me deeper with his cock trying to get further inside and groaned softly saying that it aroused his cock and balls much more when his slut knew how to move her pussy down his shaft for a good fuck, that a slut should love her own taste like I was showing that I do, that a sex whore should love his cum as much as she liked her juices, that she should want his cum in and on her preferring it filling up her cunt or sliding down her throat after swallowing him dry, that’s how he liked his sluts to behave and he could feel without any doubt that I was one of his type.

It was so hard to avoid screaming every time I felt him stroking his hips forward so his cock would enter me further, deeper, harder. I would engulf him hard with my cunt muscles so he would not move and empty my hole not even for a second, and I wanted to whine in protest every time I felt the void of his cock and the shock of the tempered air inside my steamy box. He held one of my kneeled legs on one hand, moving it up and down, side to side directing the tightness of my cunt and direction of my thrusts like a steering wheel.

With his other hand he pinched hard my nipples and my clit trying to provoke an involuntary growl or movement from my part that could drive the attention of anyone to what we really were doing.

I could not believe that I was being fucked by a stranger, in my airplane seat, on my way to meet you. I could not believe that we were having hot sex while it seemed that nobody around us noticed my naked body, the sound of our juices, of his balls slapping my ass and the spicy smell of our sex-making.

He then whispered that I was the best whore he ever had, I felt his cock jerking of excitement inside of me while he talked, he added that he could not believe that he was fucking me for free because it was obvious from my appearance, behavior and reactions that I was a very expensive slut, he felt so good fucking me, thinking that I was going to meet my millionaire client but he had tried me first and he had not paid me a penny.

He said that sluts like me have the best cunts and can satisfy his cock better than any other, they are any rich guy dream: expensive, classy and beautiful while surrounded by people, cock whores and vicious nymphs ready to fuck at his will even in public.

He said he will cum hard inside my cunt cause he wanted to see His juices running down my thighs staining my skirt while walking in the airport, and would love to imaging me playing with my fucked -cum-filled cunt in the cab or at my hotel room where my client will pick up or fuck what he rented: a hot-already-fucked pussy.

He said he definitively loved how my cunt engulfed his thick shaft and that he wanted to play with my body again, that I was a hot piece of ass that knew the role of a slut: worshiping cocks and satisfying men, therefore I showed how intelligent I was cause I had wit, culture and good taste and had a trained cunt that he wanted to have over and over again.

He said he will pay me double than my special fee for a night to have me, that he would not want any other whore but me while in town cause he wanted to try me in my professional environment to see if there was any difference from the cunt he publicly fucked in the airplane.

He then pinned me to his chest and told me that I obviously loved to be called a slut, he wanted me to say that I was his fucking cunt, an easy cock slut that loved to have her cunt filled with fucking juicy cocks. I jungle izle told him that I was a slut, a cock whore who loved to be used by strong men like him, and that I don’t fuck for money.

He grunted with pleasure, grabbed my hips with one hand and pumped into me harder than ever keeping the pace we had, that was driving me crazy.

He responded that now he wanted to fuck me more than before cause I was a natural and he wanted to fill all my holes with his cock and make me feel like a paid cunt for real, he said he enjoyed treating women as a gentleman, but he thought sluts like me deserved that delicacy even more, cause we appreciated it and never took it for granted.

He said he knew I loved to have him so aroused and engaged in my body, but the fact that I was not for hire got him hard, he repeated he will cum inside my slutty cunt because he wanted me to remember his cock every time I would fuck someone else until the next time he would play with me as his rented pussy.

I moaned from the excitement of knowing that a man like him actually wanted to have me again, and even pay to fuck me.

My reaction got him over the top and he softly said: Now feel all what you had built in my balls, take all my cum up your pussy like the good slut you are; and then he started cumming, moaning and grunting how good my pussy felt filled with his cum, he grabbed my breast with one hand while the other grabbed my hips not letting me move, then he got his head under the covers and started sucking and nibbling my nipples hard, he kept cumming and was pushing his hips upwards pushing his cock deeper and jerking every spur he pumped into my cunt.

I loved it and came hard, trying not to make too much noise but wanting to move like a bitch in heat. He kept sucking and biting my nipple while I was cumming, until my orgasm subsided.

He lift his head out of the covers grabbed my head and kissed me hard in my lips, he caressed all my body and kept his cock inside until it popped out all drained and wet, then without leaving my mouth, he spun me around and hugged me hard. I was feeling like if I was butter in his arms.

He stopped kissing me and whispered: I mean it, I will pay you for a whole night, I want to have you again and it is not only for sex. Believe me when I say that I can be the whole night without touching you, I just want you.

He was putting my top back to place and tugged my skirt back to my things hugging me hard the whole time. I just answered that I wanted to lick his cock clean, and he said that I would have more than enough opportunities to do that if I wanted to. He kissed me again and asked me to rest in his arms until we landed.

I was feeling our mixed cum sliding down my drenched cunt and wetting my thighs, my clit was pounding hard and my hole was tingling constantly but I followed his request and fall asleep in his arms.

He woke me up when the captain was announcing the last 30 minutes flight. I was about to go to the toilet to ‘clean-up’ my appearance, but he asked me to stay, he wanted to see me doing it there, and so I did.

He asked me how our mixed cum was feeling and I opened my legs inviting him to touch me, he did and sighted in approval giving me his fingers for me to lick them clean. He repeated his offer and put his business card inside my open purse. We behave like long time lovers all the while until we got our bags. I did feel cum sliding down my thighs while walking and he loved seeing it. We kissed deeply before he took the limousine that was waiting for him and I took my cab.

I could not help it but touch myself all the way to the hotel and later on my way to your place remembering what happened, and when I gave the driver the money I found his business card, his name is Tim.

I believe you liked my story because your cock feels so hard inside of me. He was right, and you know it: I am a cock whore, and to know that someone else just fucked my pussy less than half a day ago and now you are fucking me turns me on for real and excites you too.

If Tim calls me I will spend the night with him as his paid whore, you know that so does he.

Oh my gosh you are cumming so hard, I can feel it hitting inside my belly, flooding out my pussy while you keep pumping, drenching my labia. That made me cum. Please let me suck your cock clean, I love to swallow what is left in your cock and lick your balls clean, while you eat my pussy non-stop. Your tongue feels much better than what I fantasized.

I am ready to fuck again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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