Finishing School for Shemales

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Mistress K looked at the school report and smiled. She wouldn’t describe herself as an evil bitch, but plenty had.

She was proud of her position. Headmistress of the Finishing School for TGirls.

So many beautiful shemale girls had left her careful administration and gone on to happy lives, or sometimes porn careers. Sometimes they had been bought outright to be used as sex slaves, but always they had gone in the best possible way.

She smiled as she looked down at the latest batch. The youngest were 18 and they were often brought in by rich families that didn’t know what to do with their very effeminate boys who had painted nails and lips.

The school was there to bring the best out in transgender boys, to make them the perfect girly sluts for any man who wanted them. And Mistress k took that duty seriously.

At 18 the boys that came in were all given female clothes, they were given a lesson timetable that included make-up, dressing, personal hygiene, and how to deal with boys. That was just the start. From the moment they started the school they were given female hormones to make them blossom.

David lay on the couch and stared at the screen. Just another boring sitcom about some guys… he was partly interested when a sexy blonde girl walked on screen, but it was all the same shit. He groaned into his pillow. He was just about to fall asleep when his step father knocked and walked straight in.

“Bitch, you’re moving out.” Said his step father

David sat up. “Wha…”

“Truck’s here in 5 minutes. You don’t need to pack.” The evil, sharp face of his step father sneered at him. “Finishing school, since you fucked up your exams. Your mom wants to you to make something of yourself. This is your chance. Don’t disappoint her again.”

David trembled whenever his stepfather was in the room. That guy had beaten David til he was black and blue, and he didn’t want to upset him.

“What about my stuff.. do I need to pack or…?” Asked David.

“Just yourself, bitch.” Said his stepfather, and pushed out of the doorway and off down the hall.

David sat for a while. He’d rebel, but he was too scared of his step father. He’d run away once before and his step father had taught him not to disobey. He still remembered the harsh crack of the leather belt on his ass.

David slowly got off his bed and turned off his tv. He slowly walked out of his bedroom, down the corridor and to the door. His Mom was nowhere to be seen. The front door was open and a tall black guy waited just outside.

“You David?” He asked.

David stood there dumbly and then nodded.

The black guy smiled. “Then you belong to Mistress K now, bitch.”

He reached out and grabbed David’s mouth. David felt a cloth touch his lips and the heavy scent of chemicals, and then… nothing….

David woke up in a daze… slowly he opened his eyes and saw a tall, beautiful woman looking down at him. She smiled cruelly as she saw his eyes open.


David tried to say something but there was something stuck in his mouth. It stretched his jaw wide and pushed down on his tongue. Drool was seeping down his cheek. Panicking, David tried to get up, but his arms, hands, thighs and feet were strapped down to the bed.

Shivering, he realised that he was naked… what the hell was happening?

The woman smiled again. “David, my name is Mistress K.”

She gently ran a leather gloved finger across his face, and gradually let it run lower.

“For the next three years, you are my property. You belong to me. Do you understand?”

David struggled against his bonds, muffled groans escaping from his gagged lips.

Mistress K fingers ran down his straining chest and found his nipple. Then, with a swift, brutal motion, she twisted. David screamed against his gag.

“Your stepfather has told us all about you. How useless you are, how directionless… How unhappy…”

David starred at her, his green eyes large.

“But he didn’t tell me how pretty you were. Slim, girlish body…,” her gloved fingers carried on down across his stomach, sending involuntary shudders through his body, “And that angelic little face, and those juicy pink lips…”

She smiled again as her hand stroked the very tip of his slowly hardening penis. David gasped in pain as she grabbed a handful of his pubic hair.

“And it’s nice to see that you’re a natural red head.” She let him go and his body gradually stopped straining against the bonds.

Mistress K turned and nodded. Two thickset men in white orderly outfits walked forward.

Mistress K smiled once more and ran her fingers over David’s face a final time. “And from now on, you shall be called Davina. David is dead. This is the first day of your new life. Be good, Davina. Or be punished.”

With that she turned on her heel and walked from the room. The two orderlies reached down and roughly unbuckled the straps. David tried to fight against them, but they were strong and he was still woozy after being drugged.

They gaziantep escort half walked, half carried him through into another chamber. Inside, a strict looking woman in a white coat waited .

She nodded and the two men lay him on a gurney, strapping him back in.

“My name is Matron. And I’m here to make sure that you’re physically right for what we have in mind, Davina. Do you understand?”

David shook his head. Why were they calling him Davina? Who were these people.

“Then let me explain it for you.”

She pressed a button and the lights went down, a large screen lit up on the other side of the room.

A beautiful girl, about 20, stood in a bedroom. She smiled sensuously and started stripping.

David watched and felt himself respond to the sexy image.

Matron pressed another button and David felt his strapped down legs spreading and angling upwards. She walked in front of him and then knelt down between his legs.

He had never felt so vulnerable, his cock, balls and anus on display as his legs rose up in the stirrups.

“Mmm,” said Matron, “not much body hair. The hips are already slightly effeminate.”

David blushed, but his attention was still riveted to the sexy girl doing the striptease on screen.

“Now, let’s see how accommodating you can be.”

David felt something rest at the entrance of his anus. Slowly the pressure increased and he felt a finger, lubed up, start to slide into his rear entrance. He shivered and to his embarrassment felt his penis getting harder.

On screen the sexy girl was down to a pair of tiny briefs, she turned, wiggling her sexy little ass in the camera.

The finger pushed up and David felt a knuckle breach his most secret place, followed by another. His ass tensed up and it hurt a lot, but the finger just kept pushing. He tried to wriggle out of the way as the finger started to pull out.

“Nice little pussy you have there, Davina. But you’re going to need some stretching if you’re going to be of any use.”

David thought it was all over when he felt another finger pushing at his ring. She couldn’t be serious. David gasped against his gag as a second finger slid into place next to the first stretching him so painfully he wanted to cry.

His slim body was tensed against his bonds, back arching, pale skin glistening with sweat, legs spread out. He felt his little rear hole spasming against the intruders. The fingers stopped moving in and out and he felt them curl up and almost start to beckon inside him.

He groaned, and closed his eyes. When he opened them again the girl on screen had stripped off totally. She turned to the camera and David froze.

The girl had a penis! It was only small, about the size of Davids. The girl.. boy… girl? on screen smiled and started rubbing her little cock when a huge guy appeared on the screen next to her.

The guy was naked and had a long, thick, veined cock hanging between his thighs. It was the largest thing that David had ever seen. The man kissed the girl and reached his hands between her legs. His fingers soon found her little rosebud and easily slipped inside as the girl writhed on his hand, groaning and panting. Her own delicate hand reached down and her fingers grasped his prick, barely reaching around it.

In seconds she was on her knees, her bright little tongue licking the shaft of his cock as it started to grow and grow.

David groaned again as Matron massaged his prostate faster and faster.

“You’re going to be just like her, Davina.”

David groaned, but he started trying to buck his hips towards matron’s fingers.

“You’re going to be just like that little slut. Your going to beg for cock. For the taste of cum. To be fucked hard, to want to please any guy that wants you. You’re going to become the perfect little whore. I promise you.”

Matron’s fingers rubbed harder as David looked at the screen – the man pulled his enormous cock out of the girls mouth, laid her on her back, spread her legs, and, aiming his cock, plunged it into her smooth, tanned ass as she screamed in pleasure.

At the same time the girl was entered, David began to cum. It was the first time he’d ever done anything sexual with another person – he’d always been too shy to approach girls, but now, his balls spasmed and longs threads of cum spattered out of his penis, washing over his stomach and chest.

He felt utterly drained as the fingers were gently removed from inside him. He saw matron pulling a rubber glove off her hand and throw it in a bin as the lights went up and the porno on the tv disappeared.

“Over the next three years, you will become a slave for cock, you will become a woman in every respect, except for this.” She patted his softening cock.

David looked at her, still stunned from his orgasm. She scooped up some if his cum and though he struggled she anointed his spread lips with it.

“Get used to the taste, hun. You’ll be swallowing a lot konya escort of this, very soon.”

Matron winked and turned to the two orderlies. “Take her to the baths. You know the procedure. And when you’re finished, take her to the subs block. This one cums more easily from a finger than any bitch I’ve known. Born slut if ever I saw one.”

The orderlies unstrapped David and walked him slowly down corridor’s, still butt naked.

He would have run, but he had no idea where the hell he was, and besides, he was genuinely scared.

The orderlies led him to a shower room where another woman waited. She didn’t say a word as she put the stunned David under the shower – she started to wash him with funny smelling oils and gels.

It took a few seconds for him to realise that his body hair was coming off with the water! He looked down and saw his pale white skin was now smooth and absolutely hairless.

His long red hair was washed and then dried before being tied back in a ponytail with a little pink scrunchy.

And finally, the gag was removed.

“Please,” He blurted, “my name’s David, there’s been a mist…”

The woman struck him hard with the back of her hand, dropping him to the floor.

“Your name is Davina. If you ever call yourself David again, these two men,” she nodded to the orderlies, “will punish you. And they won’t just use their fists.”

David looked up at the two men who were smiling down at him, wet, smooth and naked on the tiled floor. One of them rubbed his hand over his trousered crotch and winked. David baulked.

The woman looked down at him. “What is your name?”

David swallowed hard. His voice came out as a croak. “My name… My name is Dav… Davina.”

The woman nodded and smiled. “There’s a good girl. Help her to her feet and we’ll get her ready for bed.”

The orderlies reached down and the one who had leered slid his hand down Davina’s back to cup a firm, round ass cheek. David scampered over to the woman who just smiled.

The woman opened a case and took out a bulbous object in red rubber.

“This is your plug. Keep it in when you go to bed. If you’re searched, and it’s not inside you, these guys will put something else in that tight little hole. Understood?”

David… Davina nodded slowly. The woman lubed the plug and turned him around, bending him over. David looked over his shoulder into the woman’s eyes and said in a small voice.

“But… but they’re watching…”

The two orderlies certainly were enjoying the show, the tight, slim body of the new student, wet and smooth was certainly making them hope she’d disobey enough for them to get involved.

The women shrugged. “Even they get job perks.” And with that she started to press the tip of the plug into David’s tight, hairless little flower.

David grunted as the he felt his anus expand around the rubber intruder, wider and wider. His breath came in harsh gasps and he felt as though he may split in half when suddenly the plug went past it’s widest part and slid smoothly all the way in.

David felt a breathless as the woman stood him up, absolutely full. But the feeling of having his ass filled with an alien object wasn’t as unpleasant as he had expected. Instead he almost felt… complete.

The woman then held up a pair of white silk panties. And motioned for David to pull them on. The feeling of the silk sliding up over his smooth calves and thighs was electric. They were very snug and his little, soft penis was pressed against his skin.

The woman then reached over and picked up a silky nightdress which she slid over David’s head. Again, the feeling of the cool material sliding over his smooth flesh raised goosebumps.

The woman was watching him and she smiled. “Looks like you’re enjoying yourself, Davina.”

David blushed and lowered his head.

“Take her to bed.”

David looked up in shock.

The woman smiled again. “Don’t worry, they won’t take your cherry, honey. Not if they know what’s good for them.”

The men nodded grumpily. The new student, this Davina, had only just started the course, but there was an innocence about her that made them want to ravage her tight little body.

The men indicated a doorway and David walked through. The butt plug stretching his insides forced him to walk strangely, swinging his hips. The men’s eyes were glued to his round ass, swaying in front of them.

They lead him up beautifully decorated corridors – the place looked like a sprawling manor house or something. Wood panelling, rich carpets and portraits everywhere. But there was something strange about the place – the paintings showed beautiful women, all with penis’, in embraces with well hung men. The statues were the same, beautiful nymphs, some with tiny penis’, even smaller than David’s some with large veined erections, all playfully tumbling around one another.

The silent orderlies led him to a heavy wood door and opened it wide. David walked cautiously between kayseri escort them, and one of the men pressed himself against David’s silk clad body. David squealed and hurried through.

The room was small but comfortable. A simple bed dominated the room and a little en suite was in the corner. On the walls were posters – it looked as though it had been decorated by some perverted teenage girl. Everywhere there were pictures of buff, naked guys with erect cocks, posing for the camera. David had never felt anything sexual for guys, but he felt something odd as he looked at those hard, strong bodies, so different from his own.

David took it all in with frightened eyes. He turned to the orderlies.

“Please… can’t I go home?” He was almost crying.

The orderly who had pressed against David stepped forward. “My name’s Tom. Trust me when I say that you’re not going anywhere. And the more you fight Mistress K, the more you’ll be punished. Do what she says, become what they want, and you might just be okay.”

David began to sob. Tom reached out and handed David a glass of amber liquid.

“Drink this and go straight to bed.”

David took the glass with a shaking hand and drank the bitter liquid. He moved to the bed and felt incredibly drowsy. As soon as he hit the bed the lights went out and he began to lose consciousness. He heard the men leaving the room. One of them, Tom, muttered as he left. “I hope she’s bad. I want to see that little tease choking on my cock as soon as possible.”

The other man laughed and David felt incredibly afraid as consciousness left him.

The next few days were a blur for David. Every day a large screen came on at 8 am and issued instructions.

He was told to go to the bathroom, remove his plug and use a tube device to clean himself out. At first David resisted, but as soon as he uttered the word “No” the door crashed open and two burly orderlies, men he didn’t recognise, burst into the room, dragged him to the bathroom and forcibly thrust the tube into his anus, flooding him with warm water.

He almost collapsed on the bathroom floor as he began to cramp, crying in pain. The men held him down, then ordered him to evacuate his bowels. They did it again and again and again until the only thing gushing out of him was clear water.

The men walked out of the room and screen addressed him again in a strict tone. “Do what you’re told. You do not have a choice. And if you continue to disobey, I’ll have those two men come in here and they’ll have permission to do whatever they want with that pretty little body. They won’t be dumping loads of water into you, if you understand my meaning.

David dumbly nodded. He took a shower as instructed and rubbed in more of the hair removal cream, then moisturised his whole body, the first time he’d ever done anything like that. His own body felt odd. Like how he imagined a girls body to feel – it was the first time he’d felt like he wasn’t himself.

The voice from the screen then instructed him to pick up the pot of lube and apply a generous amount to the inside of what the voice referred to as his “pussy”. David hesitated, but was so afraid that the orderlies would come back, that he crouched down and slowly got a blob of the cold gel on his finger. He pressed gingerly against his hairless anus and felt his finger slip a little way inside. Gradually he worked more of the gel in, feeling shamed and disgusted that he was invading his own body. Finally the voice told him to stop and wash his hands, which he gratefully did.

He then dried off and was told to put on the outfit that was left out for him. A new pair of white panties. A white training bra. A figure hugging white shirt and tartan skirt that finished mid-thigh.

He slowly put the clothes on, and couldn’t hide his embarrassment. He was dressing like a girl for Christ sake, and yet his little cock just wouldn’t go soft! It wasn’t like he was getting turned on by this stuff… was it?

David sat on the bed and slid on white knee high socks and some black patent shoes with a slight heel. He wobbled in the heels and nearly fell on the bed.

The door opened and David cowered, as the orderlies marched in. But they didn’t hurt him, they stood either side of the door as a pretty woman in her 30s walked in holding a bag.

“Hi, hun!” Said the woman. “I’m Charity. I’m going to show you how to do your hair and make-up. Pay attention. You’ll be doing this on your own soon.”

David was led to a stool in the corner facing a mirror. Charity began applying foundation, explaining what she was doing as she went, applying blusher, mascara and eye liner.

Finally she applied some pale pink lipstick and leant back.

“Oh baby. You’re going to be a heartbreaker.”

Charity turned David away from the mirror before he could see anything then did his hair, straightening it, styling and snipping. Finally she applied pink varnish to David’s fingernails.

Finally, Charity seemed happy. Slowly she turned David around.

David looked in the mirror and his breath caught in his throat. He had always looked feminine, being described as elfin. Now, with make-up and his hair styled into a cute bob, he looked like a hot girl student. The make-up wasn’t over the top, and nothing screamed sex, but he suddenly felt his cock get almost frighteningly hard.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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