Fulfilling Sam

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My wife and I had had a baby only 4 months ago, and were now at a friend’s house during their baby shower, with a bunch of other friends as well. It was during the time during the shower when most people were just mingling and socializing that I heard a familiar voice near by mourning the fact that she has yet to get pregnant, while all her friends had been having babies. I looked over at Samantha, and could almost see the tears coming to her eyes at the thought of being without child for much longer.

Her husband just wasn’t getting the job done, who knows why, all I know is that he didn’t really seem that upset that they hadn’t gotten pregnant. I couldn’t understand his stubborn, cold, unfeeling attitude toward his wife, she was attractive, and I could see from my vantage point would make a great mother.

I couldn’t take it anymore. Samantha was a good friend of the family that my wife introduced us too. She was extremely attractive, and in no danger of losing her ability of bearing children as she was only 24. She wasn’t stick thin, but she wasn’t large either, she had the perfect curves in her body. They would make any man want to take her to bed. Vince obviously didn’t know what he was losing. Heck I couldn’t even see the guy anywhere around. I walked over to her and began offering my comfort in the matter.

She seemed almost inconsolable, and I asked her if she wanted to go somewhere more private and talk about her feelings. She protested at what my wife might think, but I assured her that my wife trusted me, and I guided her to a guest room off of the main hallway.

Looking her straight in the eyes, as I sat her on the bed, and took a seat across from her, I began trying to comfort her again.

“Sam, I know you are upset, you feel left out, and you want rise of empires ottoman izle to get pregnant, but I assure you it will happen.”

“You don’t understand,” she said, “Vince doesn’t want to have a child with me, he has been avoiding sex when I insist upon trying. If he really wants it he just uses protection. I can’t seem to get through to him how much this means to me.”

“It must be hard, I understand, trust me I do. I have always wanted to have lots of children, and believe it or not it took me years to finally convince my wife to have a baby. She was dead set on waiting. Who knows if I will even get to have more, I fear after the birth that my wife has decided to not have any more.

Tears started trickling down her cheeks, and I felt compelled to walk over to her and brush away the sadness I saw. I truly understood how she felt. As I took a seat next to her on the bed, I felt electricity on my skin. My body started sending chemical responses all over my body, and as I looked over at her beautiful face, into those crystal blue eyes, and brushed her hair back behind her ears, I could see that she had felt it too.

Only a few seconds later my lips were on hers kissing her like I had never dreamed that I could. There was a passion there that I had never felt before, perhaps from our shared distress. We sat there sharing our passion for what seemed like an eternity, two people just letting their fears and upset drift away in the arms of each other.

She backed away from me just a bit, biting her lower lip, looking nervous at what had just happened between us.

“I am not sure if this is right,” she stated, after a long pause, “What would Vince think if he found us?”

“Vince is not giving you romantic getaway izle what you need to feel fulfilled.” I replied, “What does it matter about Vince, if he doesn’t care enough to indulge you, why should you feel obligated to stand by a man who doesn’t love you?”

“What about your wife, this could be dangerous, I am ovulating, and I could get become fulfilled. How would she feel if she knew what was going on in here.”

“I am sure she would understand.” I stated surely, and it was the truth, I met her in a similar manner, though under different circumstances.

She still looked a bit unsure, but she didn’t resist as I lowered her back to the bed. I began to undress her one piece of clothing at a time, and I was surprised to find she had no undergarments on at all, either underwear or a bra, not that it was disappointing. I drew my hand up to her supple 32C breasts and began softly caressing them with one hand, while I kissed her softly upon the neck.

Slowly and sure that I was doing the right thing, I knelt down between her smooth creamy legs, and began teasing her by gliding my finger along her labia. I could feel from her movement that she hadn’t been given ample fulfillment in a long time. Spreading freshly shaven lips apart, I began gently nibbling on her clit, flicking my tongue across it and driving her wild as she bucked under my stimulation. I inserted my fingers deep into her, pulling them up for great g-spot stimulation. She seemed to approve because she started moaning loudly, and moving in rhythm with me. I didn’t take long, not that I was surprised, for her to cum, and I don’t mean that she just orgasmed, but rather she squirted all over me.

I continued slowly fingering her as I sat up and moved up toward rüyanda görürsün izle her so that I may take up position next to her, I turned her face toward me and kissed her deeply, making it last as long as I could. Without a cue from me, get grabbed my pants, which I was still wearing, and began to unbutton them. She slid them off of me, along with my boxer briefs, exposing my uncircumcised cock to her. She had some experience pleasing men, which she showed by slowly stroking my foreskin up and down my shaft.

I had just sat back and relaxed when she started gently biting, and pinching the foreskin, rolling it around, and stimulating every pleasurable nerve in it. She grabbed my 7 inch dick firmly in her hand, and started stroking me, and lowered her head to my sensitive head. I had never received a blow job this intense. Nor did she seem to have any problems giving it, it was so good in fact I felt as if I could blow my load at any minuet, but that isn’t what I was here for, I was here to fulfill her dreams, to drive her destiny. She allowed me to lay her back on the bed, and I got up just above her. She lifted her legs, and rested them on my shoulders as I drove my erection deep within her.

It was a moment of passion that I will never forget. She lowered her legs and wrapped them around me as if to hold me in that position for eternity. She moaned even louder, as the whole seen took on an even more animalistic appearance. It seemed as if she actually craved, hungered for my deep trusting, and I continued while kissing her neck.

I could feel the sensation that I was about to cum, but I also felt as if she was almost there for the second time that night. It was like a harmonious uproar as I unleashed shot after shot of my extremely fertile cum into her waiting womb, and she spasmed with her orgasm. We laid grasping each other for a very long time, I cannot remember how long, but by the time we had gotten dressed, and re-entered the party, I found my wife coming toward me with my baby in her arms, telling me it was time to go. She asked where I had gotten to, and I truthfully told her I was consoling a friend.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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