Giant-Size New Half Ch. 02

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“Ugh! Nothing’s happening.” Wanderlust threw her hands up and walked away from the waist high lip that edged the roof of the brownstone that was serving as she and her partner’s perch. The lush-figured teen shook her head, blond ponytail whipping from side to side. “Let’s just go down there and-“

“Completely tip off Armsman that we’re onto him and cause him to move his operation somewhere else?” On another rooftop at the far northern edge of the area that the New Half had tracked the shipments of advanced weaponry to, the well-muscled Amazonian beauty Achimi shook her head even though she knew the gesture could not be seen. One hand was to her ear, tabbing the communication device that the team used in the field. “We’re doing this stakeout for a reason.” She glanced over at CM, the outrageously buxom psychic just smiling and making a “what can you do” gesture.

Back on her own roof, Wanderlust stiffened and hunched down slightly despite the fact that her leader wasn’t actually chiding her in person. “I know. But nothing’s happening and maybe if we make it happen, you know?”

“Did you not study this at Power Academy?” Henken’s cool voice in her ear made Wanderlust turn back to the edge and cast her gaze down to the streets below. The lovely Japanese metahuman was one of the ground team, walking arm in arm with Pike in the air of a pair out on a date. She wore a snug light blue dress that was taut over her sweet curves and ended just above her knees, a pair of two inch heels giving her hips more than enough sway to draw eyes wherever the two passed.


Pike sighed at the raw sulk in his girlfriend’s voice. The concussive metamorph was getting more looks than he would have thought himself. His brown hair was lightly tossed with a faint wave; he wore a slate button down under a black vest and a pair of light grey slacks that hugged his ass more than he thought appropriate. But Wanderlust had picked out his incognito outfit, so it must be fine.

Henken was silent a moment and a faint smile graced her delicate lips. “Ah. You did not do well.”

“I did fine!”

Pike cleared his throat, looking over at the exquisite beauty on his arm. God, he was really here. Out on a mission with the super team he’d been a fan of since their debut. With one of the most beautiful heroines on his arm, pretending to be on a date with him. It still seemed unreal to him sometimes; especially when he thought about the team’s secrets and what he spent so much of his time doing. He flushed as memories of those “duties” flitted through his mind and then cleared his throat again. “Yes, she did. But that’s beside the point, shouldn’t we be…uh,” he was suddenly aware that there were plenty of people around on the street who might overhear, “you know?”

“Oh!” Henken blinked and looked around, batting her eyes and then giving his shoulder a push, “to suggest such a thing here, you bad boy!” Then she lifted her gaze just enough to look up at the rooftop where she knew Wanderlust and El Tornada were and gave a smirk.

“Don’t lay it on too thick, darling,” CM’s cultured voice said in their ears. “But yes. Armsman will notice if there’s too much background noise or if it’s going to specific points after all. The man’s a criminal, not a fool.”

Achimi nodded, lifting a pair of high tech binoculars to her eyes and sweeping them over the streets before spotting and fixing on Henken and Pike. “Radio silence until someone actually sees something, ladies and gent. You’ve got your standing orders otherwise.” She tapped the earbud again and rolled her eyes, lowering the binoculars. “That girl. I thought Wanderlust was just describing her powers.”

CM shrugged, “I knew she’d tire of it quickly. She’s more one for action.” The fair skinned super hero smirked, “As she’s so well demonstrated.”

Achimi made a growl of agreement. “Her and the boy both. Mmm! I thought they’d be a good fit-“

“Or we’d fit good in them,” CM interrupted.

“But they’ve been better than I’d imagined,” the powerhouse went on, ignoring the interruption. She sighed, “Now you’ve got me thinking about it.” She took a deep breath, licking her lips as she let her mind’s eye fill with the pleasures she wanted to take from the bodies of their junior members. She shifted as she felt a familiar sweet, teasing sensation, grateful even here for the perception filters CM created. She wasn’t getting fully aroused but even a little was very noticeable otherwise. “I hope we find him soon so I can get back and…you did that on purpose, didn’t you?”

CM grinned, “Did you know that I don’t care for stakeouts either?”

“That little-! Oh!” Wanderlust stuck her tongue out at the tiny form of Henken as she and Pike strolled around a corner on the ground far below. “Snarking at me like that, wandering around with her hands all over my man.”

“Our boy,” El Tornada’s vibrant voice corrected. She was wearing her full mask since they were “on” and was gaziantep escort leaning against a brick chimney, her muscular arms crossed under her large breasts. “He’s your boyfriend, I suppose, chica, but we’ve all had him enough times I don’t think you can lay sole claim.”

Wanderlust glanced over at the lucha libre hero, “That’s not the point! Gah! Why isn’t she stuck up here? It suits her better, doesn’t it?”

El Tornada shrugged, “I think they thought you and I would get into trouble if we were the ground team. I don’t like this waiting around either…but that Armsman IS sneaky for all that he will give us a good fight if we catch him.” She sighed and spoke as if trying to convince herself, “It is better to do it this way so he doesn’t escape and we have to start over.”

The eighteen year old sighed dramatically and bent forward to lean on the roof ledge, her face resting on one hand as she watched the ground team through her binoculars. “I get it, I really do. I just hate doing nothing!”

The Mexican elementalist’s eyes rested on the girl’s ass as she leaned over; her heart shaped butt up in the air and perfectly displayed by the tight costume she wore. “…I can think of a few things to do.”

Pike hoped they’d get lucky and spot the buy going down soon. Not just so his girlfriend would be happy but because he felt very exposed strolling around the streets. There was only so long you could do that and not stand out, or so he thought. He certainly felt conspicuous even as he and Henken made nonsensical small talk about the movie they hadn’t seen earlier and where they weren’t going to go for dinner. That was what was making him most nervous of all; out of any of the team, she was the one least suited for this task in his mind.

Henken was the least friendly out of their teammates; cool, distant, often just this side of disdainful. She also would just come up to him or Wanderlust and take what she wanted without any preamble. More than once he’d woken up in the morning as she entered their room, slid into their bed, and entered Wanderlust, all without saying a word. Until she started fucking; then it was hissed insults and proud boasting. It was sexy in its own way but also more than a little disturbing. Achimi was probably the most physically intimidating, but Henken was the one that, if he was honest, he was afraid of.

And yet here she was, giggling and chatting like she was a bubbly girl out of some shoujo anime. “And don’t think I didn’t notice where you tried to put your hands while the movie was going,” her voice sweetly teasing. “I couldn’t believe you! Even with all those people around!”

And apparently she was making him out to be a total pervert. His expression was annoyed for a few moments before he made himself smirk; he should stay in character, after all. “Hey, I didn’t take it too far. Besides, having more people around just makes it hotter for me, you know?”

She was silent for just enough beats for it to be noticeable and though her eyes were cool as she looked at him, he almost thought he could see a sudden fire in their depths. “I bet it does,” she said; her voice her own and not that of the character she’d been playing. Henken looked around and then moved forward aggressively, pulling him for a few moments before he fell into step with her. “This way, quick.”

Pike nodded. Had she seen something? She must have to drop their whole act so thoroughly. “Right.”

Though they kept walking arm in arm, she took the lead and they moved with purpose to the next corner and then took a left, walking a bit down a smaller and slightly darker street. Henken looked to the south and a thin smile ghosted onto her lips for just long enough to blink. “Here.” She make no effort to hide it as she pulled him after her, stepping directly right into a tight alley and heading down it.

Pike looked past her and saw nothing but the brick walls of the buildings on either side, boxes, a few trash cans with bulging bags of trash set beside them as well, and plenty of litter. Ahead of them perhaps thirty feet the alley was cut off by a tall mortared wall covered with graffiti. “Did you see someone come down here?” He didn’t see a door or anything. Maybe it was covered by a hologram; Armsman wasn’t known for that but he could certainly get access to that kind of tech.


He blinked. “What? Did you say-“

“I saw the perfect place.” They kept walking and were coming up to the wall at the end of the alley.

“For Armsman to-“

“No,” she said again, with a throaty growl in her voice. Henken suddenly pushed him away from her as hard as she could, sending him stumbling to slam with his back against the west wall of the alley. He was far stronger than her, normally she wouldn’t have been able to move him, but the action took him completely by surprise. His face showed his surprise and it brought that thin smile back to her face konya escort but there was an edge of hunger to it now. “The perfect place. Where any passerby who looks will see what a bitch slut you are. And right where your whore girlfriend will be able to see you servicing me.” Her cock was visible below the hem of her short dress now; the engorged head and an inch or two of thick flesh rising to lift the material. “You dressed to show off; flaunting your body, that tight ass, all the while thinking I wouldn’t do anything about it.”

“That wasn’t-“

“Shut up, slut,” Henken hissed. Her hands pulled up her dress and his eyes locked onto her hard dick as it bounced from the sudden release, pointing at him. “That mouth is for sucking my futa dick. On your knees, boy.”

Pike felt a number of things all at once. Alarm, embarrassment, frustration, but above them all he felt aroused. He liked this. He liked this? He’d learned a lot about himself since joining the New Half but he hadn’t thought he’d get turned on being treated like this. In a dirty alleyway, no less! But even if he was, this wasn’t the time. “Henken, the others are counting on us to do our part. We need to get back out there.”

The Japanese beauty scoffed, “We were never going to see anything walking around on the streets. You know that as well as I do. I don’t know why we bothered. But it lets me take you like this, so maybe it’s not so bad.” She ran the fingertips of one hand up her rod as she took a few steps towards him. “And you want this.”

“Yes, but we’ve got a responsibility to-ack!” He cut off as she reached up and grabbed his hair, twisting and pulling him down while she kicked out with one leg and knocked his feet out from under him. Pike fell onto his hands and knees, head held up by her hand in his hair as she then hauled him forward and twisted her hips to smack his face with her cock. The smell of her filled his nose; the meaty, strong scent of her cock and heavy balls and beneath it the musky hint of her hidden pussy. God, he shouldn’t. He really shouldn’t. Here of all places and of all times, but she smelled so good, so strong, and he felt his own cock hardening in had pants.

She slapped him again with her dick, “Suck me, bitch boy. This is why you’re here, isn’t it? Do it. Now.”

Pike opened his mouth; not sure if it was to say yes or no, only to have it stuffed with her knob. “Ahh, yes,” she sighed. The youth’s eyes went wide as he felt the spongy flesh push past his lips, the teen automatically opening wider to make sure his teeth didn’t scrape her. He shivered as he tasted her on his tongue and let out a soft moan around her crown. He felt ashamed, dirty, but fuck, he couldn’t resist now. He looked up at her and let out a groan as he pressed his lips tightly against her shaft and his cheeks bent in as he started to suck on her thickness, sliding his head down to take in more of her pulsing meat.

“Still more nothing,” Wanderlust sighed. God, this sucked! Why couldn’t the bad guys start shooting or something and they could get off this roof! She was still leaning on the rooftop’s ledge, surveying through her binoculars though she wasn’t really paying attention to what she saw. “Do you see anything?”

“Mm. Not sure. Keep looking, chica.” El Tornada had moved to stand about five feet behind the blond girl and was watching her ass as it wiggled slightly back and forth. The small skirt of her costume was hanging off of her rock hard cock; the foreskin pulled back as she slowly stroked herself watching the white girl.

“Fine. Hey…where’d Pike and Henken go? I saw them just a few minutes ago.” Wanderlust frowned and lifted herself up onto her elbows, both hands on the high tech eyepiece now. She almost went past them, spotting the two in an alley some distance away. Then she realized what she was seeing. “…What the fuck…that bitch!”

Behind her, the muscled futanari tilted her head, “What is it?”

The blond pointed, “Look there! You see what she’s doing? They’re supposed to be on patrol, not…not that in an alley!”

El Tornada lifted her own binoculars and followed a line from the pointing finger. “No, they’re not.” She shook her head slowly and licked her lips, “Mm, fucking looks good though.”

“That’s not the point!” Yeah, it was hot and all, but seriously? She was surprised Pike was going for it, actually, he was always so reliable. But maybe he was an even bigger slut than she thought. “We’re all supposed to be just watching and being bored and she’s out there hav-, um, not doing what she’s supposed to!”

El Tornada grinned. Fuck it. And fuck this little white girl while she was at it. “She’s starting to pick it up. Ohh, fucking that white boy’s face. Your boy does suck a mean cock.”

Wanderlust bristled, “Well, yeah, but that’s not the point either! Aren’t you pissed off? I mean,” she lifted her head from the binoculars, “they should be-” She kayseri escort caught sight of the Latina superhero’s exposed dick and blinked, “uh, they should be helping out and not, um, fucking around.”

El Tornada gave her member a few more long lazy strokes as she stepped up closer and then grabbed Wanderlust’s hips and smacked her dick against that pretty little ass, making the girl squeak and jump a bit. “I just wish I’d had the balls to do it first,” she answered. “Fucking around sounds like a pretty good way to pass the time. You wanted something to do, right?”

Wanderlust shuddred as the taller, stronger woman began to run her rod up and down her ass; the hard, hot strength of it felt even through her costume’s trousers. “Oh, God. Yeah, I did, but…ohhh, you’re so hard,” she cooed, not even sure what she’d meant to say when she started speaking.

“Mm-hmm. Watching you bent over, sweet ass in the air got me all excited.” She moved her hands from the blond’s hips to her ass itself, squeezing the plush cheeks before pushing them together around her dick so she could hotdog the teen’s juicy butt. “I’m gonna fuck you, white girl. Up here on this roof, make you cream and scream, and anybody looking up will see you. I bet you like that, don’t you? White sluts love being watched.”

“Oh my fucking God,” she gasped. Heat and want had throbbed through her at the words and the wetness she’d felt growing between her legs when she saw her teammate’s proud prick spiked at the idea. She wanted to say no, to refute but, fuck, the idea of being seen, being watched, of strangers looking up and seeing her being reamed out was just too fucking hot! “Yes, fuck, I…I never thought about it before, but oh, God, would I love that.”

“Heh. Maybe you’ll get the chance, chica,” El Tornada chuckled. “Going to fuck you one way or the other. Maybe someone’ll see, maybe not.” She wasn’t sure what they’d see even if someone did look. CM’s perception filters were set on them all and set to be strongest regarding their sexual organs and acts. But it was fucking hot to think the whole city might see her giving this hot bitch a deep dicking. She leaned over the girl, pressing her tits against the back of her head, “Take another look. Tell me what she’s doing to your man. I want you to watch him get used while I fuck you, you cock hungry gringa.”

She shivered and brought the binoculars back up, nibbling her lower lip. This was so fucked up! But it was so fucking hot at the same time! “He’s, he’s on his knees, sucking her dick. Sliding up and down, he’s got it all shiny and wet with his spit.” Her breath hitched softly as El Tornada ran the tip of her tongue along her right ear then nipped to send a ripple of sensation through her. “Henken’s smirking, saying something, I can’t tell what.”

El Tornada’s whispered in her ear, “Telling him he’s a dirty bitch. Down on his knees in a filthy alley swallowing dickgirl meat like a cheap whore and he’s not even being paid.”

Wanderlust nodded, “Such a fucking slut.” She felt the strong hands on her ass let go and licked her lips, wondering what was next. “Oh, she’s taking hold of his head with the other hand now. Her head’s going back, she’s starting to pump her hips, oh, she’s fucking his face! And-ah!” She yelped as the masked wrestler’s hands grabbed her full tits suddenly, squeezing and mauling them. The blond groaned as her teammate grabbed the edge of her corset-like top and tugged it down; her full breasts bouncing free and hanging, hard nipples almost grazing the stone she leaned on. “Fuck! Give me a little warning, won’t yo-ooooh,” the protest turned into a groan as her bare jugs were seized in the Latina’s strong gloved hands.

“Got a little carried away,” she answered without much apology in her voice. It was the closest she’d come to saying sorry. “So fucking turned on to take you here like this, you watching your man being used. What’s happening now?”

Pike groaned around the thickness that was making his jaw ache, the boy refusing to use his powers for this. It would make it easier. It would make it less messy, less dirty. But fuck, he wanted it that way. His lips were stretched around her girth as the Japanese heroine thrust roughly into his throat again and again and again. Her hands were tangled in his hair and gripped tightly as she jerked his face forward to meet her as she pistoned deeper into him.

“You filthy fucking boy bitch,” she growled. Her eyes were hard but there was a heat now that was only in her eyes when she was fucking one of the teens. “Taking it like you spent your whole life sucking cock.” She was spattering his lower face, shirt, her own legs and balls with spit as she forced him into giving her the kind of wet, messy head she loved. “Might as well. All you’re good for! Even your powers just make you a better fucktoy!”

His neck bulged visibly as she drove as deep as she could; her hairless balls slapping his chin. He’d cheated that time; using just enough to his powers to avoid harm or pain; just a sweet discomfort as she made him deep throat her. Henken paused there, breathing heavily, staring down at him. “Can’t believe they put you with me. As if we are on the same level. As if you could offer anything other than a set of holes for dick and jizz,” she spat.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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