Girls’ Night Out Ch. 02

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Chapter 2.

Shouting was the only way to hear each other, as the music blasted out of the speakers. Lisa and Rebecca were obviously more confident moving their bodies to the rhythm of Mariah Carey than Chloe, since their asses were the centerpiece of their dance moves. Chloe tried to follow along, but the more she emulated them, the more awkward she felt.

“Where is Naomi? She’s been talking to Sean for what… 30 minutes now?” Lisa shouted. Chloe lifted her shoulders and raised her hands with the palms turning up, in an ‘I don’t know’ motion.

“Isn’t that Sean over there?” Rebecca loudly asked while she nodded towards the corner of the club.

The three girls looked to where she had indicated, seeing Sean, Neil and Liam sitting at a table obviously having the time of their lives laughing. Lisa grabbed the girls’ hands, and like an army of three they slipped through the crowd to reach the intended table.

“Hey Sean,” Lisa yelled over the music. He looked at her, pointing to his ears and communicating silently using obvious exaggerated lips movement: ‘I can’t hear you’. Lisa sat down next to him and talked loudly into his ear.

“Where is Naomi?”

Sean looked at Liam and Neil, who hadn’t heard Lisa’s question. He realized he was alone in handling this awkward situation.

“She said she had to go home. I’m not sure why, but it seemed urgent.”

Lisa felt bewildered and annoyed all at once. She motioned at Rebecca and Chloe to follow her. They went through the crowd past the wardrobe and found the bathroom stalls. Immediately Rebecca found the only vacant mirror and started adding some extra final touches to her makeup. “What’s up?” she asked.

Lisa leaning against the wall next to the mirror answered, “Sean just told me Naomi has gone home. I mean, it specifically and unmistakably is her turn to be the designated driver, and she just left us her?”

“What?” Chloe was clearly not taking this lightly, “I promised my mom to be home at 1 at the very latest. If I have to take the bus, that means I must leave …” she looked at her watch, “In one hour!”

“Girls!” Lisa said full of energy, “This can only mean one thing. To the bar!” she said almost sounding like a superhero. “So much to drink, but so little time!”

Having reached the bar through the massive crowd, Chloe leaned over the bar, trying to get the bartenders attention holding out her Mastercard. “3 tequilas and 3 rom and cokes please,” she yelled when she finally got eye contact. The bartender soon gave them the tequilas, which they drank while waiting for the rest of the drinks. The crowd was growing, and it seemed like people were either on the dancefloor or trying to reach the bursa escort bar. Feeling a bit time pressured, Chloe was kind of bending over the counter to check if their drinks were ready soon, as she felt someone pushing their body up against hers – more specifically their groin area against her ass. She turned around to see it was a man, maybe in his thirties. A bearded guy, not ugly at all, but she still felt kind of creeped out. After all, she was still a virgin and hadn’t even kissed a guy. Lisa and Rebecca were too busy talking into each other’s ears to notice. She felt it awkward to abandon the position she had, half lying over the counter, and she figured it was just because of the massive crowd that this guy – now for the third time – rubbed up against her ass.

At last, the drinks came, and Chloe passed them around to her girlfriends.

“Hey, what’s your name,” a hoarse voice behind her asked.

Chloe turned around to see the groin-rubber being the questioner. She faked a smile and answered, “Chloe”.

He leaned in and with an intense tobacco breath said, “Nice to meet you, Chloe. I’m Dave.” He held out his hand. She shook it and said, “I’m kind of in a hurry, I have to catch the bus soon”. Her voice revealed her shyness and lack of confidence, even though she was anything but sober at this point.

“Aren’t you going to introduce us to your new friend?” Lisa said with a smile interrupting the scenario. Chloe gave her a dismissing look – a look which said ‘Stop, not now, not him.’

“I’m Dave and you are?” Dave said leaning over Chloe to reach Lisa’s ear, so his body again was rubbing up against Chloe’s.

“Lisa, Chloe’s friend. This is Rebecca.” Rebecca standing the furthest away from Dave, smiled and wave, as an ‘hello’ would have been lost in the wall of music.

“I’m so sorry, but I have to go. That bus is stressing me out”, Chloe yelled through the noise to all of them, as she emptied her drink. She also saw it as an opportunity to get out of this situation – she hated talking to strangers.

“Come on,” Lisa said. “One more drink”.

“Next time, I promise,” Chloe answered, hugged the girls and shook Dave’s hand goodbye. She then went through the crowd to get her coat from the wardrobe, which took at least 15 minutes.

The streets which were lid up by the lamp posts were a relief to Chloe. Although it was still noisy from all the drunk people going in and out of bars, it was nothing compared to the club. She looked forward to listening to Miles Davis and reading in her bed when she got home. She still had 15 minutes to catch the bus and the walk to the bus stop shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes.

As she was walking, bursa escort bayan she couldn’t help getting the feeling that someone was following her – or taking the same route as she was at least. She pretended to tie her shoelaces, and as she stood up, she took a quick look over her shoulder. There he was! Dave from the club was actually following her. “How should I approach this?”, she thought. She wasn’t super scared, since there were a lot of people around – and there would be all the way to the bus stop. But she was creeped out. What does he want?!

As the bus stop came in her line of sight, she saw that there were maybe 20-30 people standing there waiting for the bus. All other nights this would be annoying to her, but tonight it was a relief.

“You’re also taking this bus home?”, she heard Dave’s hoarse voice ask behind her.

She turned around and acted surprised to see him. “Yes,” she answered with a forced smile.

“I doubt we’ll get a seat with all these people taking the bus tonight. Are you in for a long ride home, or?” he asked while lighting a cigarette.

“Usually takes about 15 to 20 minutes,” Chloe answered while impatiently looking for the bus’s arrival.

“That’s not too bad,” Dave said, while he didn’t even try to hide the fact that he was checking out her body from top to bottom.

Finally Chloe saw the bus coming further ahead and turned to Dave with a smile, “Well, it was nice meeting you. Hope you have a good night”. As the bus arrived, the people waiting formed a line, and when Chloe finally got on, people were cramped up in there. She had no choice but to stand all the way home.

As the bus started moving, it made everybody bump into each other, and she felt the same rubbing motion she had felt in the club against her ass. She even noticed the tobacco smell as well. She turned and of course, there stood Dave. He gave her a smile, “We meet again”.

“Ha-ha, yeah apparently we do,” Chloe said awkwardly. Was the ride really going to be like this all the way home? Him grinding up against her ass each time the bus moved? Suddenly she felt something that made her body twitch. A hand on her ass. Squeezing. She tried to just ignore it at first – she felt it hard to tell him to stop, especially since she was so shy. Slowly she felt the hand become firmer, to the point where she could make out the fingers. One of Dave’s fingers was slowly going up and down between her as cheeks. He was basically rubbing against her asshole – with her clothes in the way after all. She was mortified, but she also felt this tickling sensation in her stomach. A feeling of intense excitement. Was this really making her horny? “Am escort bursa I that drunk that I enjoy letting a stranger do this to me?” she thought to herself.

Apparently, because now she felt her pussy get moist. Dave’s finger definitely had a horny effect on her.

After a while Dave’s hand started to rest on her ass cheek again, without the finger touching her asshole area. Without even giving it much of a though, this made her push her ass backwards, in towards his groin area. He took this as a sign that he should keep going on – maybe even take it a bit further. She felt his hand going in under her skirt, and then up to her panties – removing one layer of clothing barrier between her genitalia and his hand. She felt him focusing on using one finger again, now going from her pussy to her asshole in a back and forward motion. It made her whole body tickle, although she wasn’t sure if it was from the finger or the situation. She looked around at the other people in the bus – most of them drunk. If they had seen what was going on, they at least didn’t make it obvious.

“I can feel your pussy is definitely into this,” he whispered in her ear behind her. “Should I keep going?”

Chloe didn’t want to say yes – but at the same time she didn’t want him to stop. She just kind of ignored his question, letting him touch her. “Just a little while longer,” she thought, although she wondered if this sexual act in public had gone on too long for her to be offended or worse afterwards. Suddenly she felt him pulling her panties a bit to the side. Then his finger started doing the same motion, skin against skin, finger against pussy and asshole. “God, somebody has to have noticed what’s going on,” she thought to herself, feeling a mixture of extreme excitement and panic. She felt her asshole being dripping wet now – it felt weird, like she was having diarrhea right there in the bus. But she soon realized that he had used the moisture from her pussy to basically lube up her asshole. Then slowly a finger, maybe only a nails length went up her ass. This made her wake up and kind of get a hold of herself. As if she had had 5 coffees in 2 seconds, she became super aware and focused on where she was, what was happening and that she had to get off the bus now – even though her destination was still a couple of stops away. She discretely removed his hand – he didn’t resist at all – pressed the stop button and got of the bus.

“Fuck, what have I done,” she asked herself out loud feeling weirdly guilty, as she watched the bus drive off. She had been groped, fingered and willfully basically molested in a cramped-up bus by a stranger.

“One thing is for sure,” she thought to herself, “This will never get out. I’m not even going to tell Naomi, Rebecca and Lisa about this.” She started walking towards her house, occupied with thinking about if Dave would keep this a secret as well. She felt used and abused – so why did she feel so damn horny as well?

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