His First Time with Mom Ch. 02

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Mother and Son, our First Anniversary

Our first year as a couple seemed to fly by. As our anniversary approached, I wanted to do something special for Mom. But what, what could I do? What could show her how much I deeply loved her? She had told me that she didn’t want anything other than my devotion, and my love. I felt that I owed her so much more. The woman that had given birth to me, and shown me love, tenderness, and care all my life. Then over the last year, showing what it’s like to be her lover. We had the true love between a man and a woman.

I had taken a new job, allowing me to be able to save quite a bit of money, since I didn’t have a girlfriend to spend it on. About the only thing I would spend it on was, gas for my car, and a single red rose for Mom every week. A couple months before our anniversary, I began fishing, trying to figure out what her perfect romantic get away would be. As luck would it, we had the ideal place for her already. She thought about the most romantic get away, would be a weekend at my parents’ lake cabin. With that thought in mind I began making my plans.

The weekend before, I secretly made a trip to the cabin with a friend. Telling Mom we were going fishing for the day. We cleaned it up, since it had been sitting unused for a few months. Then I stocked food in the cabinets, and fridge. Then cut up some fresh wood, and placed it in the natural stone fireplace, that warmed the whole place. After I got home, Mom had left a note saying she was at the grand parents house, and would be home later. I ran to her room, and found a black silk scarf that she had, and hid it away in my car.

Finally Friday arrived, and we did the usual thing of taking my sisters to the grandparents’ house. Grandma had arthritis in her hips, and was delighted that the girls would come help her on the weekends. After we dropped them off, I told Mom I had a surprise for her. Then open my glove box, pulled out the scarf. Then told her if she wanted to know what it was, she had to be blindfolded to find out. She turned her back to me, and puller her hair up so I could tie it securely over her eyes. I opened her a wine cooler, which we had just picked up. She snuggled over next to me, as I began to drive.

After an hour of driving, and a couple of wine coolers, she began wondering what was taking so long, and how much longer it would be. She had been waiting for this weekend, for a while, and wanted to spend it with me, making love the entire time. I told her, “Just another hour.”

She sighed deeply, then laid down with her head on my lap. It wasn’t long before it had the desired effect that she hoped for. My cock growing against the side of her head, as it had a year ago, the night our adventure began. Only this time, she didn’t wait for it to cum in her hand.

She turned onto her tummy, blindly fishing for my belt in the dark, and unbuttoning my jeans. Finally pulling my cock out, cooing, “I can’t wait honey.” as she enveloped it in her warm wet mouth. Slowly sucking my cock, the miles began to tick by rapidly. Her fondling, and licking my balls, was pushing me closer to the edge. Finally my balls released a torrent of cum into her mouth, and down her throat. She moaned, and slurped it all up, just as we were turning onto the road to the cabin. I nearly missed the turn, I was so caught up in the pleasure she was giving me.

She sat up snuggling back to me, saying in a low sexy voice. “I sure hope we get there soon DJ. Your dear Mother needs that inside her, and soon.”

As I slowed the car, turning into the gravel drive, she got a puzzled look on her face and started to reach for the blindfold, saying “Did you…”

I cut her off saying, “Not yet, leave it on…” As I turned the car off, the peaceful sounds of the night surrounded us, Crickets chirping, and an old Owl whooting close by. I got out, and went to her side. Opened the door and helped her out of the car. Then said, “Okay you can take it off now. By the way, Happy Anniversary Mom.”

She practically leapt into my arms, kissing me passionately, saying, “Oh baby, this is the most wonderful surprise, I have ever gotten. How did you know?”

I told her, “You mentioned it a couple months ago, when I was asking what your ideal romantic get away would be.”

“Oh it’s wonderful son.” We began kissing, and fondling each other, as we slowly made our way to the door. Only pausing long enough to unlock and open the door. Turning to her, I picked her up and carried her through the open door, as if we were on our honeymoon, then kicking it shut with my foot. I put her down, as we kissed passionately.

Finally she pushed me away. “Honey it’s chilly in here. Why don’t you start a fire, while I go freshen up a bit.” She rubbed the front of my pants and I patted her butt as we went our separate ways. I went out the back door, grabbed an armload of kindeling, and the dozen red roses I had stashed there a few days before.

Back inside, I set the roses on the mersin escort coffee table we had and got to starting a fire in the fireplace. Mom came out of the bedroom wearing a long red terrycloth robe, loosely tied at her waist. God she was beautiful. I was still kneeling by the fire, she walked over behind me, rubbed my shoulders and ran her fingers through my hair.

“DJ, you didn’t have to do this. I’m happy just having you. Knowing that if anything ever happened to your father, I would still have you.”

“You always will Mom. You will always be my mother, and my lover. I don’t want anything else, and if I have to share you with Dad, I can live with that.”

“Awww, you’re so sweet honey. I wonder if certain romantic young man has anything to drink in here?” I told her to go check the fridge, they’re would be a bottle of her favorite wine in it. I had stocked it for the weekend last week. She hugged me back into her, leaned down, kissed my forehead, ran her hands down over my chest, “I wondered why you didn’t bring any fish home last weekend.” she giggled. Then stood up and headed for the kitchen.

By the time she opened and poured us a couple of glasses, I was sitting on the small love seat sofa we had by the fireplace. She sat down beside me, handing me a glass, she picked up the roses, smelled them. “Oh baby, I’ll never get tired of getting roses from you, they are so beautiful.”

“Not as beautiful as you Mom.”

She sat back and, cuddled up to my side, cooing as she said, “DJ I can’t believe it’s been a whole year already. It seems like only yesterday that we became lovers.”

I completed her sentence. “but I’m glad we did.” Turning toward me, her robe parted as she slid a leg over mine, wrapping her arms around me. Passionately kissing, as my hand slipped inside her robe, and began rubbing and caressing her breasts. Teasing her nipples, as they got hard in my hands.

She moaned as she lightly humped against my leg. My hand found it’s way down between her legs. I began fingering her already soaking wet pussy, being sure to rub her hard nub of a clit. She began moaning, panting and grinding my hand into her, riding my fingers, as she cried out. “Oh god baby!! I’m cummmmmingggg!!” I felt her flood of warm juices on my hand, as she bucked, on my fingers. Her hand groping and squeezing my cock, that was still trapped inside my jeans.

I reached behind the sofa, grabbing a couple of big fluffy homemade quilts we always kept there for warmth in the winter. She took them from me, spreading them on the floor in front of the fireplace. While I was taking my shirt and pants off. Her robe nearly falling off by now. She reached out to my hand, “Come make love to me, my big handsome man.”

Pulling me down on top of her, We began kissing. Our tongues dancing together, moaning into each other’s mouth. I began kissing my way down, over her ear, and then neck. Kissing and licking a trail down to her breasts. Licking, sucking, and lightly nibbling each hard nipple. Her back arched and she hissed with each one. Lifting her ass and pussy up to me, as she held my head, slowly pushing me down. Aching for the loving release my mouth and tongue could give, and had given countless times over the last year.

Licking my way around her pussy, but holding back from touching her swollen clit. I knew from experience with her, that this would make her orgasm more intense. I could see her clit twitch each time I got close to it, knowing how this was driving her crazy. Bringing her closer and closer to the edge, before finally thrusting my tongue as deep into her soaking wet pussy as I could.

She screamed in delight, cumming instantly as I sucked on her clit, which was twitching in my mouth. Flooding my mouth with the first of many cums of her delicious nectar, that I would receive this weekend. She grabbed my hair as she bucked and thrashed against my well-trained tongue.

Squealing and saying, “Oh fuck yes DJ. Oh my god, eat mommy’s pussy. FUCKKKKKKK!!” Riding my face through wave, after wave. As she approached the pinnacle of a major cum, I began thrusting two fingers into her now soaked snatch. Smashing them against her G-spot. As she was about to go over the edge, I took one of my soaked fingers and shoved it deep in her ass.

She screamed, “OHHHH FUCKKK, I’m CUMMINGGG!!” She pulled fistfuls of my hair as she forced me tight to her clit grinding it into my face, forcing my finger to fuck her ass deep and fast. Finally she let go of my head and collapsed back onto the floor. Panting and trembling from the intensity of the orgasms I had just given her. She sighed as my fingers sipped out of her and I moved up beside her. Cuddling her tight to me, as I held her trembling in my arms, allowing her time to recover. “Oh god baby, Mommy has needed that all week, and it was well worth the wait.”

Laying there, she softly hummed, as we listened to the crackling fire, her hand caressing the kocaeli escort hair on my chest. I said, “Oh Mom this is so perfect, laying here with your head on my shoulder.”

“Yes it is my love. I’m so glad we have made the choices that we did, a year ago.”

“I am too Mom, I wouldn’t want it any other way between us.”

She moaned, “Me neither DJ.” We began to kiss, caressing each other all over, our breath becoming quicker. Finally she broke our kiss and said, “It’s your turn now big guy, just lay back and enjoy.”

She had already rubbed her hand down, finding my hard cock. She kissed her way down over my tummy. Then beginning a long slow worshipping of my cock with her tongue, licking and teasing the head, then licking my full balls. Before taking them into her mouth sucking on them. Holding my cock in her hand, she licked the tip of it, sucking up the precum flowing out of it.

I moaned, running my fingers through her hair. “Oh god Mom I love you so much.” In the firelight I saw her nodding her head and moan as she sucked the other nut. “Oh please Mom.” I moaned, pushing my cock up at her. Finally taking my cock into her warm mouth, I groaned, “Ohhh yes, Mmmm, Oh god…”

Her expert mouth, and tongue working their magic on my shaft, slowly taking it deeper and deeper, till she was fucking her throat with my cock. Licking my balls with each down thrust, moaning in delight, knowing the effect she was having on me. “OHHH god I’m gonna cummm!! OHH Fuck Mom!!” She raised up keeping the head in her mouth. Sucking it like a shake through a straw. Pumping her hand on my shaft, milking me over the edge.

I groaned as my cock began flooding her mouth with my cum. She sucked, slurped, and swallowed every drop. Knowing I would stay hard, she kept sucking, making sure she got all of it.

Then climbing up on top of me and kissing me. Our tongues dancing around each other. I tasted myself in her mouth, and moaned at the familiar taste. She arched her back, just enough to set my cock at the entrance to her loving vagina. Slowly she settled herself down on it, taking it inch by inch deeper into her warm depths. Moaning into each other’s mouths, with the sensations running through our bodies, like electricity. Slowly she sat up, taking the full 8 inches, until it was wedged against her cervix. I moaned in delight.

She then began a slow back and forth motion, grinding my cock in deep, rubbing her clit against my pubic mound with each thrust. I reached up squeezing her tits, rubbing her nipples between my fingers as they got hard as rocks. “MMMM yes baby, harder, squeeze mommy’s nipples. MMMM god yes!!” Her pace began to quicken, as she ground herself harder, and faster. “Ohhhh god yessss I’m cummming baby!!” Her pussy began to spasm around my cock as I felt her juices flow between us and down over my balls onto the blankets under us. Out of breath she collapsed on top of me, my hard cock still deep in her.

Letting her catch her breath for a few seconds. Finally I rolled out from under her, pulling her up onto her knees. Taking my place behind her, she reached between her legs guiding me into her wet opening. With one stroke I pushed all the way in, bottoming out deep inside her. Reaching under us she moaned loudly, caressing, and squeezed my balls like she was milking them. I had been close to cumming when she was riding me, so I knew I wouldn’t last long. Her constantly spasming vagina rippling around my cock was milking a load out of me.

Then she moaned, “Fuck me harder baby. Fuck my pussy good DJ… Oh god yes, pound my pussy with that beautiful cock!! YESSSS. FUCK YESSS BABY!! Ohhh my god, don’t stop.”

Her pussy went into over drive, literally sucking my cock like it was her mouth. Trembling she moaned loudly, as I pounded her pussy without mercy, my own cum nearing. Finally she squealed, “Fuckkkkk I’m cumming again!! OHHHHH my goddddd DJ!!” With one last thrust I buried it solidly against her cervix, as my cock exploded inside. Her cervix, sucking up every drop, as I pumped her pussy full of my creamy sperm.

Finally both of us spent, we both collapsed onto the floor. Me spooned up to her, my diminishing cock still twitching inside her. She moaned softly, her pussy still softly milking my cock. We laid there in silence, only the sound of our breathing, and the crackle of the fire. Blissfully she drifted off to sleep on my arm. I laid there for a little while longer. Then finally I picked her up and carried her into bed. I went to the bathroom and came back, joining her in bed, cuddled over to her softly snoring body. Pulling the big soft blanket up over us, I joined her in sleep.

I woke the next morning, light coming through the window, and birds chirping outside. The sound of Mom humming to a song on the radio in the kitchen. The smell of fresh coffee, and bacon cooking. I stumbled to the kitchen, wiping the sleep from my eyes, still naked, like we always were when by samsun escort ourselves. Mom wearing her red robe lose over her shoulders as she cooked. I came up behind her, wrapping my arms around her sides, as I nuzzled her neck. My morning wood pressing against her ass. “Well good morning to you son.”

“Mmmm good morning Mom.”

“I thought we would have something to eat, since all we had for dinner last night was each other.” she giggled.

“MMMM smells delicious Mom.”

She removed the last of the bacon, turned the skillet off. Reached behind her and began rubbing my morning wood. “But first Mommy needs some cream to wash down her coffee.”

She turned, lowered herself to her knees, taking my cock slowly into her mouth. Her saliva drooling onto my sack, as she massaged my balls with one hand and twisted and stroked my shaft with the other. I moaned as I grabbed her head starting to thrust my cock deeper into her mouth. She craned her neck to allow me access to her throat, as I began fucking her mouth, and into her throat, I could feel my nuts beginning to tingle, as she sucked the precum out of my shaft. Preparing for the creamy cum she so craved this morning.

She took her soaking wet hand, reached farther back as she sucked me in all the way. Sensing I was about to cum, she shoved a finger into my ass, milking my prostate.

My cock exploded its warm creamy cum deep into her throat. I groaned loudly, as I pumped shot after shot into her loving mouth. Barely able to stay on my feet, I braced myself against the sink cabinet. My knees shaking, as her finger continued fucking my ass. Her expert mouth continued sucking my cock, until she had consumed all my balls had to offer. Then standing up, she kissed me and shared some of the cum she had still in her mouth. Finally breaking the kiss. “MMM thank you baby, mommy needed that. Now how would you like your eggs?”

I jokingly said “Fertilized.” as I patted her on the bottom.

“There is time for that later DJ, now we need to feed our bodies.”

“Okay, I’ll take scrambled then.”

After breakfast we got dressed and spent most of the day goofing around in town. We had heard about an antique swap meet going on, so went to check it out. Being a small town where nobody knew who we were, other than a few stares from old lady’s. Allowed us to walk around like a couple instead of Mother and Son. We walked around, holding hands, kissing from time to time, like lovers do. Finally we shared a romantic dinner, at a small restaurant, before heading back to the cabin for the night.

The twenty minute ride was intense, groping kissing and fondling each other as I drove. Just before we got there, Mom leaned back against the door, lifted her dress, she wasn’t wearing any panties, and began fingering herself. Telling me all the naughty thoughts that had been going through her mind all day. She started to orgasm as I turned into the drive. I pulled around to the backside of the cabin, and as I shut the car off she moaned out, “Oh god DJ, take me right here. NOW. PLEASE!”

I had a more wicked idea, it was just turning dark outside. “I have a better idea Mom, this car is too cramped for us.”

“Oh baby Please…”

I went around to her door, pulled her into my arms, nearly shoving my tongue down her throat as we made out. She pulled my shorts off as we stood by the car, rubbing my hard cock as we made out.

I ran my hand up her dress finding her soaking wet from the combination of making out, and her playing on the way home. I shoved 3 fingers inside her pussy, and began fucking her with them. As she buckled from the joy of another orgasm.

She turned and bent over the car fender, lifted her dress saying, “Oh god yes DJ fuck me right here. NOW!!” I got behind her, and began rutting her like a prize bull. Making the car rock with each thrust. The whole time she was saying, “Oh fuck yess baby. Oh fuck, pound mommy. Pound my naughty pussy DJ.. Oh fuck I’m… OH GOD… YESSSS…” Her pussy went into spasms around my driving cock. Trembling and shaking, her sucking pussy drawing me closer to a cum of my own. I pounded into her again, and again.

With one last hard thrust, I buried my cock deep against her cervix. “OHH GOD here it comes Mom!!” My cum exploded into her sucking pussy.

She squealed, her pussy sucking it all up into her like my cock was a straw. I stood there, listening to us breath and the sounds of crickets all around us, my still hard cock buried to the hilt inside her.

She said, “I’m not done with this yet.” as she reached down, pulling it out. Then positioning it a little higher, at the opening to her tight little rosebud shaped asshole. “If we are going to fuck like animals outside baby, mommy wants this in her ass.” I almost came at the thought. We had only done it a couple times, but it was so tight.

“Go slow baby, till I’m stretched out enough.”

I began slowly pushing into her tightly puckered hole. She hissed as the head popped inside. Then moaned, arching her ass up at me. I used short small strokes till finally my balls were resting against her pussy and clit. Then began long slow in and out strokes. She trembled with each one. Her fingers were dancing around on her clit. “Fuck DJ, I’m cumming…” Her ass contracting around my cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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