Hot Voodoo Ch. 04

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Big Dicks

Anyway, one Sunday after our usual dinner Jaz announced that she wanted to try a little experiment. Sure, I was game for just about anything as long as it was her and me doing it together. Strip? No problemo. Stretch out on the bed? I’m there. Hold still while she uses silk scarves to tie my arms and legs to the bedposts? Wait – what?

“Jaz, you don’t need to do that, do you? I mean, it’s not like I’m going anywhere.”

“Sorry honey, but you have to be strapped in for this ride. You are about to board the roller coaster of your life.”

As a rule, I don’t like roller coasters. Not a fan. I mean, you stand in line for an hour plus to take a flash ride to nowhere. But then I looked at Jaz. She had taken off her dress and stood there in just her bra and panties, showing off all her dazzling curves. All I wanted to do was ride those rails until the end of the line.

“O.K., you win. Strap me in.”

Jaz had me spread-eagled and helpless in no time, expertly tying the scarves so that I wasn’t going anywhere but my circulation still was. Had she been practicing? All the while she worked, she kept talking to me.

“Don’t they feel nice, sweetie? Soft but strong, just like a woman’s love. And I do care about you, Larry. You have to believe that. That’s why I want our special bond to get deeper and stronger. You want that too, don’t you? I know you do. It wouldn’t work if you didn’t, deep down anyway. But we have to go deeper, dearest, and to do that you have to let me take you there. You have to let go and trust me. Can you do that, cherie?”

I promised I would try. Didn’t have much choice at that point anyway.

Having finished her work, Jaz climbed up on the bed and squatted on my chest, kneeling so that my shoulders were pinned back with my face between her legs. I was already starting to make pussy lips for her so she could saddle up and get this ride rolling, when she interrupted. “Tell me what you see, Larry.”

“You know what I see, Jaz. Your pussy.”

“You can do better than that, lover. Talk about it, tell me about it. Use your words.”

I sighed. Words are not exactly my strong suit. But if that’s what she wanted, I had to play along. This time I took a harder look, searching for inspiration. It was true that I was not repulsed like I used to be. Au contraire.

“I see lips, Jaz. Pink, luscious lips.”

“And what do you want to do with the pink, luscious lips, Larry?”

“I want to kiss them, Jaz. Please let me.”

“OK, but very lightly. Just a first date kiss. That’s right. Soft and gentle. Hold it a little longer now. Again. Moan a little bit. Ah, the vibration feels good. You feel it too, I know. Now a flick of the tongue. Just a taste. Good, yes? Taste it again. That’s right, she’s opening her lips for you. Press in. Make her feel your hunger. Deeper . . . deeper! Suck it now. Suck my clit!”

Now I was on familiar territory. The magic that bound my mouth to her pussy was stronger Gaziantep Mutlu Son Escort than ever. I could feel everything she was feeling and knew that we were both close to climaxing.

Suddenly she pulled back and looked down with an almost pitying expression as my mouth helplessly worked the air, begging for relief. Putting her finger over my lips with a “Shhh” she shimmied her way down my body. Her shushing finger then pushed past my lips. “Suck on it, baby. It will help.”

Help what? The I started to feel it. She was working her pussy over my erect cock. Shit, I had totally forgotten about that. Since I had been getting all my orgasms through my mouth after Jaz put me on her special diet of voodoo pie, it hadn’t occurred to me that there was a normal way to do this.

Trouble was, it wasn’t normal anymore. The link between my mouth and her pussy made me feel whatever sexually stimulated her. And so, as my cock pressed up against the lips of her vagina, which I had so enthusiastically lubricated, I could also feel it pushing up against my own mouth. She was using my dick to rape my own mouth!

The look in her eyes told me that she knew exactly what she was doing – and that she was enjoying it like hell. As her vagina swallowed me, she began moving her finger in and out of my mouth in the same rhythm as the rocking of her hips. That’s what she meant by “help.” In our mutual frenzy, the link was working both ways. She was diddling my mouth pussy, which she could also feel, while simultaneously reinforcing my sensation of giving myself a blow job. This evil witch was creating an erotic feedback loop that was threatening to blow both our circuits.

Yeah, I got pissed off at her. I’m a man, dammit, and this is not what I signed up for. So I was pissed, but also getting scared. It wasn’t just the spookiness of her weird voodoo sex magic. It was the fact that her desires were overwhelming my own. At least, they used to be mine. I wasn’t too sure what was mine at this point.

Jaz put a second finger in my mouth and I suddenly found myself wrapping my lips around them, pounding my head back and forth in the rhythm she rode into me. I sucked her finger cock as deeply into my mouth as I could, pressing my clitongue against it. Her pumping fingers drove my gushing saliva over my lips and down my cheeks. I started to choke. Was it on her fingers or the magical projection of my own cock buried deep in her pussy? Didn’t know and didn’t care. All I wanted was to have her swallow and fill me. Finally, I/she could hold it no longer and we exploded into each other. The last thing I remember was a salty ocean flowing down my throat and washing me into oblivion.

When I awoke, Jaz was lying next to me, surveying my prone body like a lioness over a carcass. She had removed the restraints, but it didn’t really matter. I barely had the strength to turn my head towards her.

“You like, pussy boy?”

“Pussy boy like. It was amazing, Jaz.” Amazing was the best I could do, but it really wasn’t the right word. Maybe there were no right words. Best sex ever? That’s for sure, but it was more. I was shattered, and not just sexually. And she was there to pick up the pieces – and would decide how to fit them back together.

“Make pussy lips for me, boy!”

I did as I was told, pushing out my lips in the familiar vertical pucker. Was she coming back for seconds? Instead of mounting my upturned face, however, Jaz reached over to the nightstand and picked up a lipstick.

“What are you doing, Jaz?”

“Marking my territory. Now hold still.”

Once she finished her work, she made me sit up and look at myself in a mirror. It was a subdued shade of pink, but still, visibly, lipstick. Didn’t think she was into these sort of dress up games, but by this time I had learned to go with the flow.

“Very nice, Jaz. You are an artiste. But you know, I have to get going soon. It’s a work day tomorrow.”

“I know that, Larry. You’ll be wearing this when you leave. And you will be freshening it up in the morning before you go to work. In fact, you had better get to the drug store and lay in a supply of Maybelline Perpetual Peony because I never want to see your face without my mark.”

“But Jaz, I can’t show up at the loading dock looking like this! The guys will just murder me!”

“Oh, you’re not going back to the loading dock. There hasn’t been an official announcement yet, but Brooke is taking over the presidency of the company tomorrow. You are being reassigned to the office as a general administrative assistant. You know, a gofer. Brooke, Kimberley, Summer and I have lots of things for you to do. And Nurse Yi has some ideas for further tests.”

“Jaz, there are guys in the office too. It’s just going to be, well, embarrassing.”

“Why should it be embarrassing for a man to get in touch with his inner femme? If anyone hassles you about it, you just let Kimberley know. She is developing a Sensitivity Adjustment Program guaranteed to seriously modify some attitudes. Oh yes, there are some big changes in the works and you are going to be our poster boy.”

“I dunno, Jaz. It just doesn’t feel right.”

“It doesn’t? Well how does this feel?”

Jaz had slipped her hand between her legs and I could already sense her fingers massaging her/my lips. I shook my head in a futile gesture of defiance. The tingle soon had my lips extending out, sucking it all in and begging for more.

“That’s right, boy. Touch your tongue to your upper lip. Can you taste my mark? It makes me hot just looking at you.” Jaz’s hand worked faster and faster until she plunged down into another climax. I just followed the leader. Meet the new boss.

The next days at work were pretty bad, at least when I had to deal with the guys. I tried to keep with the girls whenever I could, you know, for protection. Now that I was actually in the office, that was easy enough. All my new bosses were women and, after Brooke took over, there seemed to be fewer and fewer men in any position of authority.

Brooke’s other big change was to open up a free company cafeteria. That was unpleasant at first since I became the “lunch lady” dishing out the food. I probably don’t have to tell you that Jaz was put in charge of menu planning. And no, it wasn’t just quiche. As she once explained to me, her grandma was no one trick pony.

“Ah yes, my grand-mère had many recipes in her cookbook. This is because men have so many different appetites. A good cookbook is not just about food or feeding the diner you know. That would be too simple for such a clever woman. Don’t be naive, cherie. No, it is really about making your man hunger for more. Hungers are hooks, dear. You know, when you make pussy lips for me, you look just like a fish being reeled in. Just like a fish.”

Good to know. Whether it was the menu or the price, the cafeteria certainly was popular and lunch hour became the busiest part of my day. At first, the guys were pretty mean to me, but after a few weeks things settled down. The rowdiest ones who gave me the most shit got put into Kimberley’s sensitivity classes, which included a special weekend “retreat” that also somehow involved Nurse Yi. Amazing what people will put up with just to keep the jobs they hate. Anyway, the retreaters always came back much more polite and far less mouthy. The other guys just seemed to take the hint.

In fact, it got almost too quiet in the lunch room. Guys I had known forever barely said a word to me. Sometimes though I would catch a look from them, pleadingly curious, like they wanted to ask what the hell was going on. But I wasn’t saying nothing. Just shut up and serve.

The company picnic was a lot different this year. There was no more splitting up into boy and girl groups, like opposite sides of the gym at a middle school dance. Instead, the boys spent a lot more time setting up, cooking, fetching food and drink, and cleaning up, all under the supervision of the girls of course. And when they weren’t being useful, the guys usually stood around waiting to be useful as the women chattered away about the usual stuff.

Of course, sometimes couples would break off from the main group. There goes Lou following Summer into to the woods. For the past month she had been having me set aside plates made up “specially for Lou.” I just serve them without a word. Bon appétit, Lou. That’s French, you know. If you don’t, you soon will.

Me, I just stay close as possible to Jaz. It’s really the only place I want to be. In fact, I even dropped a couple of delicate hints about me moving in, maybe possibly getting hitched. She just gave me one of her pirate smiles. “I’m flattered, Larry, I really am. You are sweet and I am so glad I chose you. But you have to understand, like the old song says, it’s different for girls. I’m not sure I am ready to settle on just one man just yet. One thing I can promise you. If I do decide to take another man into my bed, you will be the first to know.”

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