Hotel Le Marque: A Dual Account

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You’re coming up on your one year anniversary at Le Marque Hotel. It is a high end business with strict rules but you’ve personally helped celebrities, supermodels, and many beautiful people. Anyone looking at you would probably just see a slender man with a kind of pretty face in a sharp uniform (slacks, white shirt, jacket, black shoes). If someone looked very closely, they might see a hint that something else is happening under your uniform… luscious satin bra, matching panties, garter belt to thigh high stockings. You try to avoid panty lines but a girl can’t be sure.

Only one person, Veronica, knows your secret and she’s been very good at keeping it. She teases you when you’re both on duty overnight making you show her your panties or showing you hers but it’s just fun. She’s very loyal to her girlfriend, Marcia, who you’ve met and think she’s cute and very nice.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Le Marque are the *special* parties. They are very hush hush and only a select club know about them. As a hotel worker, you’re more aware as you sometimes deliver food and drinks to the penthouse party rooms. The kind of parties can vary quite a bit. You’ve seen lesbian orgies, gay orgies, dommes and more all of which give you plenty of fantasies to masturbate to when you get home.

Tonight is going to be special for you too. It’s almost midnight when Veronica comes over to you with a “serious trouble” look. You enjoy how she bounces in her tight dress uniform but quickly pay attention.

“We’ve got a special in the 1004 penthouse and we’re having trouble with one of the orders. They’d requested a French maid for their playtime but apparently Joanie isn’t quite what they wanted…” You know Joanie is buxom, very sexy, and very popular at the special parties. “What’s wrong?” Veronica looks you over. “What’s your dress size again?”

“12” I nervously said to Veronica. She smiled and took me down the corridor up one flight of stairs to a storeroom where several outfits were hung on a rack. She ordered me to strip down to my underwear and put one of the maid dresses against my body. “That’ll do honey they’ll love you on this.” I put the outfit on and it fitted ok with a short skirt than showed off my smooth legs. Veronica lifted up the skirt to expose my panties and said “cute weenie… they’ll have fun with that sissy. Now off to the kitchen and wait for their call”.

Veronica came into the hotel kitchen and told me to get ice cream tubs out of the freezer and dishes and cutlery. I put everything on a serving trolley and took it to the lift. Veronica followed carrying juices and smoothies. The lift came down and Veronica looked me up and down and said l looked cute and sweet. But she didn’t follow me into the lift, saying that she had to be on call at the desk for other hotel residents. I asked Veronica what to expect as she’d been in the penthouse party earlier. She laughed “wait and see sissy!”

The lift doors shut and began a quick climb six floors up. I rearranged my dress and lifted up my padded bra, as a bell rang as the lift past each floor. My knees shook and back got sweaty as l got nearer to the sixth floor.

The last bell rang and the doors opened to the penthouse apartment. Music was really loud and in the room were a dozen people dancing half naked. When rolled the trolley into the room two of the guests saw me and came over to inspect the trolley contents. One of them got overexcited saying: ” Wow ice-cream lovely”. The other guy ignored the trolley looking me up and down and asked me where was Veronica. I told him on call. So he said “never mind you’ll do” and burst out laughing as he danced around the room.

You have a moment to look around though your face is flush with embarrassment. Sure you wear slutty lingerie all the time and even show to Veronica but being fully sissy dressed to a bunch of strangers? I mean you’d fantasized about it many nights as you’d masturbated but this was reality. You were standing in a penthouse full of men and women wearing nothing but sissy and slutty clothes and the quick make-up job Veronica had done on you.

Thinking back, you’re starting to wonder if Joanie had even been scheduled on shift tonight. This might have all been a set-up by Veronica. Your relationship with your platonic-so-far girlfriend might be changing seriously and the thought of Veronica domming you gave you a little thrill.

As you look around and see men and women checking you out, your cock is full and throbbing in your satiny panties. It never was very big so your panties still look very girly on you. I come up to you wearing high heels and a tight, short skirt with panties but nothing else. My D-cup breasts are full and perky and my blonde hair brushes the tops of my shoulder blades. I have a drink in one hand. “Now, we have a few bets to settle. Anne Marie says sissies are the best pussy-lickers and I say only another woman can really eat you out properly.”

With that I grab istanbul travesti and fondle your ass through your panties before guiding you into one of the ‘fuck pits’ surrounded by couches and chairs with people ready to watch. A woman in a red dress downs her drink and joins us. There are some pillows on the floor.

“Now are you an eager slut or do we have to force you?” I ask playfully. You can see some people are starting to play with bondage.

So many thoughts came into my head l was dizzy with anticipation of all the things l had seen a sissy perform online in the safety of my laptop. Now I was in the BDSM world l had fantasized about but too shy to do in this situation. My knees trembled as l was lead onto the cushions and pillows. You had your hand between my legs and two fingers in my pussy hole. The woman in red stood over me and held my wrists together so to cuff me. You told me to get on all fours while you pulled down my panties to expose my ass.

Several people jeered and applauded at the sight of my pink bubble bum. You took hold of my hanging balls and squeezed tight making me yelp. The woman in red stood in front of my face with her pussy exposed in crotchless panties. She took my head and planted it between her thighs and ordered me to eat her out. You in the meantime were busy lubricating my pussy and preparing it for the gang bang.

I could only hear the excited voices of the party goers putting down their bets as l had my tongue deep in her pussy. The betting suddenly stopped and so did your lubricating my pussy ass. You took a metal butt plug and inserted it deep in my pussy and slapped my ass cheeks hard several times.

I heard more shouting from the party goers who crowded around in a circle in the widest area of the penthouse. The lady in red took my head and turned me to watch two naked guys wrestling in the circle. The lady told me they were fighting for a prize and the prize was my pussy! I was on all fours propped up on cushions so my ass was in the air. I watched sideways at the wrestling match between a fat guy against a tall thin guy. The thin guy was too quick for the fat guy who’s cock was bouncing between his legs. The fight was over in minutes when fatty smothered skinny by rolling into him and getting him to submit.

I assumed then fatty would fuck me first but he didn’t but instead made me suck his fat cock while a second match began. This went on for until there was a winner who was a black guy was a very long cock. He took over from fatty, as l had to suck him off. Fatty got behind my butt and worked his fat stubby member in my hole. The third wresting match began as l was being fucked hard by fatty and my throat full of a black cock.

Your mouth was full of musky black cock as he held your head and fucked you. You gasped air between thrusts when his cock would slither into your throat. The sensation of deep-throating a cock is thrilling you, your little pee-pee hard and aching. Add to that the hands of the guy behind you, gripping your hips and controlling you as he smacks into your ass, his fat cock pumping in and out of your slick pussy. You never thought you’d actually be double-fucked, actually have two delicious cocks inside you at once. The crowd howls as your pee-pee streams out cum as you orgasm, your balls getting so tight, the pleasure so intense you almost pass out.

The room starts to swim. Any time you can look away from the black man’s body right in your face, you see people getting naked and coupling in all kinds of ways. Women with strap ons are fucking men, women are 69ing with other women, men are sucking each others cocks. You are a bit of a centre show but plenty of side action is happening.

The man behind you grunts and holds his cock deep in your pussy where you feel it throb and pump out cum. His cock wasn’t that remarkable but his sperm load was immense, giving you a distinct feeling of being filled even when he pulls out, the cum oozing down your thighs. You can’t see behind you but a woman’s hands attach cuffs to your ankles, spread your legs and affix a spreader bar between your ankles. Someone kneels behind your bottom and you feel their mouth on you, tonguing and sucking cum from you.

“I knew you were a little slut,” laughs Veronica. You jerk and look up to see her standing next to you as the black man continues to fuck your slutty mouth. She’s wearing a dominatrix outfit of a tight satin corset that reveals her gorgeous breasts, satin panties, thigh high stockings, knee high leather 5″ heel boots. “What more can I do with you, I wonder… Is there anything you won’t do?” she asks herself rhetorically.

The man making you gobble his black cock stiffens and howls as his balls jump and cum blasts up his cock and down your throat. Half-way through he partly pulls out, filling your mouth with pungent sperm and finishing with some ropes over your face. Veronica, looking especially cruel, is delighted with your performance.

“I knew istanbul travestileri she was a little sissy slut,” she calls out to the group. “But I never guessed she’d be such an eager cock-sucker and cum dump!” The crowd is appreciative of your performance and as degraded as you feel, you also feel a glow being a little porn star. “I think she needs a 5-way!!”

Two men come up to you, their cocks waving in your face but they pick your trussed body up, cum dripping down on your slut maid uniform. Veronica’s quick makeup on you has gotten smudged with cum, drool, and sweat. You are placed on your back on a nice padded table with your bottom at one edge and your head leaning back over the other edge. Your legs are hiked up and attached by the spreader bar to hooks from the ceiling. A strap is place around your throat, securing you to the table, along with a strap around your stomach over your dress. Your wrists are no longer cuffed together. I walk over and secure your clit in a tiny cock cage making you groan as its unable to recover from your orgasm and grow.

“Gentlemen!” calls out Veronica standing on the opposite side of the table than I am. “Give me one!”

A stud with ripped abs pulls down his boxers to release his big cock. He strides over, teases your mouth with the tip of his cock before pushing it inside. He starts a slow fucking rhythm as you lick, suck, and gobble as much as you can.

“Give me two!”

Two other men pass through your limited view to stand on either side of your table. They each take one of your free hands and places it on their cock. You’re surprised at how different all these cocks are but they feel so erotic. Without prompting, you start fondling and stroking them.

“One more!”

You are moaning and writhing in bondage on the table when you feel very firm hands grab your ass from an odd direction but then the tip of a cock pushes at your pussy. In the soup of cum it slides it easily, though it isn’t as fat as the first one. Four cocks and you are in heaven, your clit aching in your cage as you suck, stroke, and get fucked.

“Now for number five!”

‘Five?!?’ you think quickly. ‘Where the hell…’

Your question is answered when a second cock head begins to explore the opening of your pussy. He seems to coordinate with the guy thrusting from under you. It takes more than a minute before you yell around the cock in your mouth and your ass opens enough to let them both inside you. Your body is shuddering from the overload of erotic pleasure and being used as a total cock slut! The two guys standing over me with both my hands stroking their bone hard cocks kiss one another and the guy thrusting himself down my throat.

I’m no longer fully conscious but in some weird cosmic fuck zone!

Veronica realises my state and leans over to pinch my nipples hard to get me to attention. She leans over whispers in my ear that this is just the beginning of her plans so sissy better stay awake. The guy thrusting himself in my mouth shot his load making me gag as a dozen cum shots ejected down my throat. My mouth ached as he pulled out and slapped his limp wet cock across my face.

The two guys next to him were ready to shoot their loads. Veronica told them to save it as she wiped the cum off my face. My pussy hole was being stretched to the limit by the two studs riding together in unison. I’d stopped feeling their thrusts as my ass had gone numb with so much pounding. After a further period of being fucked they both pulled out and walked around to place their cocks across my face.

Veronica laughed as the two cocks slide over my mouth and nose. They seemed huge compared to my tiny clitty locked up in a cage.

Veronica shouted “see everyone the difference between real men and a weedy sissy girl with a clit of a dick!” The two guys moved away from my face and took the other two guys l had been stroking and proceeded to fuck them instead! I watched them from my upside down position riding alongside me. Veronica in the meantime loosened the straps and took down the spreader bar from the ceiling hooks releasing my aching limbs. She gave me a box of tissues to wipe my face and all the cum and sweat from my ass. She then took me off the table and sat me in a reclining chair.

“Sit there sissy, rest up for awhile. Here’s a large glass of vodka mix as you’re going to need it for the next few hours.” You drink the strong drink and feel calmer but more heady. Watching the orgy around you, you are amazed. You knew these *special* parties got up to some sexy stuff but your eyes are glued to two handsome guys, one bent over and the other fucking him with… sensual thrusts while a woman sucks the receiving guys rock hard cock. Another guy is in some elaborate bondage including a mouth gag that also has a big protruding cock from it and a woman is fucking herself silly on the protruding dildo, much to the bound guy’s frustration. The men are drinking a special cocktail and when travesti istanbul you ask me, I explain that it ramps up their cum production and recovery time. As you watch you can see the results. These guys are almost never getting soft and the amount of cum in people’s mouths, pussies, asses, and over their body is amazing.

“I’ve got a job for you, sissy,” says Veronica, drawing your attention away from me. She hands you an ice bucket. “We need ice for the drinks. If the machine isn’t working on this floor, go to the next floor down. Use the elevator.”

You stand up, try to smooth out your sissy maid’s dress and stockings and take the bucket from her.

“A couple more things…” she says before letting you leave. She pulls your panties down to your ankles (and you know you must keep them there around your high heels) and then inserts a cock-shaped vibe with a wide end into your ass. It fills you deliciously, making your clitty ache in your cage to be released. She slips a hot pink ball gag in your mouth and locks the straps in place behind your head. And finally, in a moment of kindness? she puts a little mask on you. You can see through the eye holes and it doesn’t cover your gagged mouth but it might keep others from recognizing you immediately. There was a lot of the hotel staff who did NOT know what the *specials* were all about or come to the penthouse floor and certainly no one besides Veronica knew you were a submissive panty boy.

With that, she opens the door, grinning at the burning blush in your face.

Being seen as a total, cock-gobbling sissy slut in front of a sex orgy was one thing… being seen like this potentially by hotel guests? The hall outside is empty but still terrifying. You step out, your walk hobbled by your panties around your ankles, and the door shuts and locks behind you. At least the ice machine at the end of the hall wasn’t too far away and few people came to the penthouse floor. You simper and hobble your way to the ice room but your heart sinks as you see and “out of order” sign on it. Blushing deeper and your heart racing, you know you have to go down a floor.

Waddling to the elevator, you touch the button and are relieved when it opens right away, staying at penthouse level when not in use. The car is empty so you hit the button for the 11th floor and ride the elevator down, heart still racing. Stepping out, you realize the ice room is at the far end of the floor. With no choice, you start mincing your way there. Halfway to the ice room, a guest room door opens up just in front of you. Two women step out, pretty, in their 40s, dressed to go somewhere nice for dinner. Their faces at first are just shocked at the sight of you but then they burst out laughing!

“What are you supposed to be?” asks one. With the gag in your mouth, you can’t reply more than grunts and moans which isn’t helping.

“Are you exposing yourself to women, little boy?” asks the other, lifting the skirt of your maid’s dress and seeing your caged clitty. At that moment, the cock in your ass starts to vibrate making you moan in pleasure.

“What a pansy sissy slut!” concluded the first. She takes a picture of you with her phone and then they head to the elevator laughing.

The embarrassment and the hum of the vibe in your ass make walking to the ice room much harder and its hard to keep your panties from slipping off your high heels. Twice you have to stop, bend over and get them back around your ankles. When you reach the ice room, the now familiar out of order sign is there and you realize what Veronica is doing. You also realize you have no choice. You remember something that didn’t seem like much at the time but now secures Veronica’s hold over you. There was that one night that she convinced you to let her take pictures of you in your lingerie and trying on the women’s hotel uniforms. Plenty to get you fired and you’d never even imagined Veronica would use the pictures that way but now, you think she just might. You have no choice but to obey her. You feel in your gut that you couldn’t do anything but submit to her even without the blackmail material. This is who you are and you’ve been waiting for someone to take your leash.

Back down the hall, into the (thank heavens empty) elevator and down to the 10th floor. The vibe has turned off and must be controlled by remote. You head down the hallway, mincing in your sissy dress, panties around your ankles. The next Out of Order sign awaits you and you wonder how far Veronica was going to push this. The lower floors are much busier at this time of night and you’d be seen by dozens of guests and several other employees.

On the 9th floor, there is a guest room with its door propped open and club music coming from inside. You risk a glance and see some guys dancing with hot girls and drinking. With no choice, you mince fast past the door and hurry as best you can to the ice room. out of order. Turning back, you see the guys and girls loitering in the hall, waiting for you. The vibe restarts and goes strong. You feel it massaging your prostate and think that even in the cock cage, this might actually make you cum.

“Hey slut!” Calls one of the guys, shirtless, 20s, blonde, handsome. “Come here!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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