Hove Housewife’s Awakening Ch. 03

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There’s no place like home:

Today I’m recovering from a big day yesterday, I certainly managed to be a good Hostess! I’m currently wearing comfy joggers, soon I’ll have to get ready. I’m off out to a restaurant on Hove Street for lunch with the girls for our monthly catch up as we do. There will be some gossip obviously, if only they knew yesterday I had been gang banged and taken multiple loads down my throat. Mmmm, yum! There was no need for breakfast today! Whilst I rest I’ll continue to recount my journey and pet my sore pussy.

After Paula had left the cafe I headed in to town, as she had said to dress up I felt the need to impress and had recently walked past a very interesting little boutique by a wine bar on Duke Street, opposite Ship Street in Brighton so headed there. The garments were amazing and after a short amount of time I bought two beautiful outfits along with some new toys to try. I managed not to play with myself, just, whilst changing, quite an achievement considering I was still quite turned on and the woman working in the shop was so sexy, however unsure how to chat up another woman I left with my new purchases, more than a little frustrated with myself.

Once I got home I rushed upstairs and tried my new outfits on. I checked myself in the mirror, wow I thought, looking good, though I do say so myself. I spent the next half hour toying my pussy whilst I relived my recent experiences and lost myself in the thought of what was to follow, I had an amazing orgasm and after a little rest I changed back into some comfy clothes and stashed my new things in a box I had cleared in the bottom of my wardrobe with a cheeky grin to myself.

Oh god how was I supposed to sleep tonight!

That night I got dinner ready for Bill and I as he was off for a big meeting the following day we had an early night.

In bed Bill and I made love, after a few minutes of missionary I asked if I could go on top. I rode him hard slamming my pussy down on him, I wanted his cock, he had hold if my breasts, I asked him to pinch my nipples and as he did I came. As I recovered I looked in his eyes, he seemed surprised, I lent down and kissed him, I slid off him turned around straddled him and took him in my mouth, despite everything I was still very much in love with him and I wanted to please him. I worked up and down slowly, I cupped his balls and began to increase the intensity, soon I was at full pace, trying to take all of it into my mouth. He didn’t last long and soon was Cumming in my mouth. We cuddled after for a few minutes but he seemed a little thoughtful, kind of distant.

After half an hour or so he fell asleep, but my mind was racing with thoughts of the following day. With a mix of wild excitement, fear and guilt my thoughts were turning over and over. I got up and was going to get a drink from the kitchen when I saw his mobile flash with a message. I leaned over out of curiosity and was shocked, even though his phone was locked I could see enough for a few seconds before if faded away, it was a picture from his assistant Ellie, it appeared to be a nude pic of her with the word tomorrow across the middle! The image may have gone from the phone but was stuck in my mind. She was a pretty brunette about twenty-five years old and very perky! My head spinning, unsure what to do, I went down to the kitchen. I got a drink, and soon reasoned as I was happy with the things developing for myself I could hardly criticise. I’d let him have his fun for now though we would need to work out what was going to happen. I also noted that I’d quite like a piece of her myself! My god what was happening to me?

I sent him off with a hug in the morning having emptied his balls into my mouth. I thought I wouldn’t make it easy to forget me today. My language was getting dirtier too it seemed, I’d asked if he wanted to come on my face, it exited him so much he shot his load there and then! Hehe, although I didn’t get my face cream! Once alone, I readied myself for the events ahead, I had hours but was so excited I needed to fill time, I cleaned up and rearranged furniture in the living room to be a bit closer together, more intimate. I put some Champagne in the cooler.

I went upstairs to prepare myself at about 10:30. I checked myself over, nice and smooth hairless pussy – check. Nicely done hair – check. Stockings and sexy basque -check. More make up than I’d ever normally wear -check again! Giddy as a school girl I slipped on a nice light robe and near skipped downstairs at 11:30. Just a final check around when I got a text from Paula. It said she was at the door and said to let her in. My heart started to pound a little, my breath was short as I made my way to the door.

In near heart failure with excitement I opened it and in walked Paula, she told me to put on a long coat and get in the car! I looked a little surprised.

“Do you really want a bunch of strangers to come to your home?” She said.

Realizing this was a good thing and how silly I was to think of them using my house, I found Bill’s old raincoat, it was Gaziantep Otele Gelen Escort a beige mac and covered me although seeing the sun shine outside I felt a bit silly! I hurried to the car and got into the open rear door to be greeted by Hilary. We shortly arrived at some flats on the seafront in Brighton, (gotta love Airbnb) after leaving the car we headed for the lift followed by Hilary carrying a large hold-all she had retrieved from the car boot. The flat was on the second floor. On arrival we had a little walk around to familiarize ourselves. Paula walked over to me and put her arm around me pulling me in tight and kissed me hard,

“you feel ready” she asked.

I nodded suddenly realizing this was going to happen! She smiled and kissed me again. Paula put on some music, (she seemed to know where everything was strangely) nodded to Hilary who took the holdall over to the sofa. She started to empty an amazing range of things out of the bag. I stared, unsure what you could possibly do with some of the items! Paula removed my coat, she ran her hands over my body, it felt electric, I could barely breath. I looked over at Hilary, she was now only wearing a pair of stockings, reclined on a chaise-lounge near the window slowly rubbing a small vibrator up and down her herself.

“Do you trust me?” Paula asked, standing behind me kissing my neck.

I said yes, though I was feeling incredibly nervous. She softly smacked my bum and then stepped over to the array of items on the sofa and picked up a blindfold, she moved back over to me, with a cheeky grin she slipped the blindfold over my head. Not yet covering my eyes, more of a headband currently she then moved me over to the middle of the room. A large blanket was laying on the carpet and we stood in its centre. She moved over to the sofa, removed her coat and my jaw dropped.

She was wearing what looked to be a black rubber cat suit with a cut out piece from where her shaved pussy was glistening at me. Hilary joined her at the sofa. They kissed and then turned away, both then picked up something from the sofa. Hilary donned the strap on keeping her eye’s firmly on me, Paula had something small and shiny in her hand but I couldn’t make it out as she walked back over to me.

“Tell me, have you ever had anything up your bum?” she asked.

I blushed (surprisingly given the circumstances) and replied “Yes, but not often” trying to not sound too slutty. Paula moved beside me and held the item out. It was silver with a jewel on one end, the other was thin, then flared out to a swollen bullet shape. I was looking at my first butt plug! (bet that’s not available in early learning!)

“Chloe, I’m going to pop this up your bum for two reasons. One, well, I want to put something up your bum! But two, when it’s in no one else will try to put anything else up there, I’m saving that for me” Paula whispered into my ear.

Then I felt wet on by bum as she applied some lube, followed by the cold of the metal. She let it just rest for a minute then I felt a little pressure followed by some pain. Though not long it was wide and as she pushed it did feel like it popped inside when the it was all in. Ouch it was a bit painful but I felt so rude I soon didn’t care. I wanted to be a naughty girl.

Paula said to get on my hands and knees and once there the thought of the jewel on the plug shining in the sunlight coming through the window almost made me laugh. Paula stood back and admired her handiwork.

She said “Hilary, warm her up, they’ll begin arriving in a minute or two.”

Quickly I felt her get behind me, she started to slide her strap on up and down my slippery lips and then slowly into me. With the dildo and plug both in me I was getting close to climax almost immediately, it felt so naughty. She then reached up and gripped my shoulders increasing her pace really powering into me, my head jerked back as she gripped my hair and pulled.

Paula appeared in front of me, she leaned down and kissed, then pulled back, winked and slid the blindfold down covering my eyes. In the darkness I felt every feeling intensify. All my thoughts were focused on Hilary slamming away! Every feeling was intensified. God it was good.

After another minute or two, off to the side somewhere I became aware of other voices. There were greetings and laughs from both men and women and the unmistakable sound of a champagne bottle pop! My god, I though there all just sitting drinking watching me getting fucked!

Soon Hilary pulled out of me and with a smack on my bum cheek moved away.

“She’s up for anything except anal” I heard Paula announce.

I was about to say something when instead a very hard cock was pushed into my mouth. As I started to get used to it (it was a nice size!) another was sliding between my thighs behind me. I felt the tip against my dripping pussy and then it pushed in to me. I believe the term is spit roasted! Something or someone gripped my nipples hard and started to maul my tits. The fucking intensified with both getting into a rhythm pumping me from both ends. The Feeling was incredible, not being able to see my senses were in overdrive and my imagination was going crazy as to what was happening in the room!

I felt a hand on the back of my head and then the man in my mouth came, and boy did he cum a lot! I couldn’t keep it in my mouth or swallow fast enough, as he pushed in one last time cum overflowed from my mouth. I desperately tried to gulp it down but as I failed and it dribbled down my chin I heard some laughing. Feeling embarrassed I wanted to clean up but I was unable to wipe myself or do anything as the man behind me had roughly grabbed my arms by the elbow and pulled them back lifting me nearly upright.

I heard a female voice say “fuck that slut baby!” He started to pound me quickly, each thrust tapping the plug in my bum just to remind me it was still there! I was shaking back and forth with the force of his fucking. Then I was pushed back to my hands and knees so the spit roasting could resume, for the next while several people took turns. I took multiple loads of hot spunk, some in my mouth but several over my face, god what must I have looked like! There was a time when two women had me, I was licking a pussy whilst an unknown female voice was talking to me about how she was using my cunt whilst pounding me with a strap on. I started to feel a bit sore in my fanny. Though I was very wet the constant attention of cock and dildo’s fucking me was taking its toll.

When they were finished a single male replaced them, he again mounted me on my hands and knees but soon stopped and pulled me to my feet, then walked me round to the front of the sofa. Feeling dizzy being up right and walking I was pushed down on my back and he put something cold and wet on my pussy lips. It made them tingle like tea tree oil I guess it was another type of lube, then he put his cock back in me. It was a nice sized cock not too big, not too small (gotta love Goldilocks Huh!), he was sliding in and out quite fast, it felt like he was almost all the way out then straight in up to the hilt. I started to orgasm, panting in the darkness. I felt a hand grip the back of my head and pull it forward, a soft, wet and fragrant pussy covered my mouth.

“Now eat me bitch while my man fucks your used cunt!” a female voice said quite aggressively. I could tell she was clearly very turned on by the wetness covering my mouth. I used my tongue as quickly as I could as she grinded up and down my face. She gripped my nipples twisting them and mauling my tits. “Spunk all over her baby, spunk on those old tits!” she suddenly said. He pulled out and I felt hot splashes on my boobs “now make me cum” she shouted at me. I worked as fast as I could and eventually she said “that’s it, FUCK, I’m coming, taste my cum bitch” and pushed deeply down onto me.

As she got off me the blindfold had ridden up. I got a glimpse of the room, there seemed to be three couples along with Paula, Steve, Hillary and Carl. Obviously most if not all had had a go on me so far, I wasn’t sure what was to happen next but I was so turned on I didn’t care.

The woman who had now let go of my head was a tall slim elegant woman with jet black hair styled immaculately and dressed in a black leather basque, probably mid-20s. She looked stunning and laughed at the state of me as she moved off. Humiliatingly under her breath I heard her call me a filthy cunt.

Paula walked over, I was a sticky mess, spunk on my tits and pussy juice on my face! She smiled and pulled the blindfold off. The was a sense of relief- at least I’d be aware now. Paula handed me a glass of champagne, I sipped whilst taking in the debauched scene around me!

Several couples were engaged in various dirty acts. Hilary was getting fucked on another sofa by a woman who was passionately kissing her. They were moving slow and sensual. I watched still feeling incredibly turned on, I wanted more, more cock, more pussy, more everything. This I now knew was what I desired totally!

“Well, no rest for the wicked, whose next?” I said louder than intended, suddenly confident and feeling in total control, Paula nearly spat out her drink! A younger couple dressed nicely across the room moved slowly toward Paula and myself. They introduced themselves as Andrew and Jude.

Then stutteringly said “My wife has never, well you know tasted a woman”.

She was a pretty thing, blushing and clearly exited. “well, how about she gets down and eats her now then” Paula replied having recovered from my outburst.

Pretty little Jude with cheeks flushing slowly lowered to her knees. Decadently I sat on the sofa arm, spread my legs a bit, and started to sip my champagne whilst Jude started to lick me out. GOD it felt good. I felt powerful. I ran my fingers through her hair, I looked at her husband, he was staring mouth open.

“Andrew, I think she likes it” I could see the obvious bulge in his pants! “Why don’t you fuck her while she eats me out?”

Like an excited boy he dropped his trousers (he was in such a hurry he nearly fell over!) and my oh my, what a whopper! He lined up behind her and entered her slowly, she made a grunting noise as he started stroking that massive cock into her, taking some time to work it in to her obviously stretchy fanny! It was the biggest cock I’d ever seen! Taking pity on Jude’s rear assault I, again ran my free hand through her hair. Softly caressing her head, she was now working her tongue right up inside me. She looked up, our eyes met, I held her gaze for a minute then realized – I wanted that monster cock stretching me!

I pulled her head away and said “lay down Jude, lay down on the sofa” she did as instructed, her face looking flushed, wet and shiny (so that’s what it looks like) and I got on top in the sixty-nine position “time for you to fuck me now big boy”

A grin crossed his face and he moved round behind and started to fill me with that beast of a cock whilst she sucked on my clit. It was divine, having already been well fucked I was able to accommodate him without too much effort but only just! After only a minute I came. Oh my, he stretched me and filled me. Carl had been watching, he now sidled over and with a grin held his cock in front of my face slowly stroking it back and forth. Then he moved forward and I eagerly took it in my mouth, he matched the pace of Andrew behind me and I was in heaven! Stretched pussy, full mouth and a tongue licking my clit.

Carl pulled out of my mouth disappointingly and lowered himself to the sofa, he spread Jude’s legs and eased into her soaking wet pussy. I felt her pause momentarily but then continued. I now had a ringside view of his cock sliding in and out of her puffy swollen pussy. I started to rub her clit as he fucked her. Mmmm, what a view. I felt my next orgasm building and steadied myself for it. As I came I tensed and that must have squeezed Andrew’s monster pole! He pulled out and announced he was coming. I span around and put my head with Jude’s, he came over both our faces, I looked into her eyes and smiled. I was unaware that Carl had moved beside me, we stayed together while Carl added to Andrews spunky mess. I kissed her passionately whilst we took our second load on our faces.

We all moved and sat on the Sofa, As I sat I was again aware of the plug in my bum! Both Jude and I still covered in cum. I rested my hand on her pussy and slowly circling her clit we again took in the action around the room. The other couples were in the middle now, both women on their hands and knees being fucked doggy style Paula was in the middle turning occasionally so the ladies could each have a lick of her pussy. I knew the outcome of that sexy version of Russian roulette- a massive face full of lady cum! God I hoped it would be the arrogant black haired bitch!

To the left Hilary was riding Steve on a wing back chair with a look of absolute pleasure on her face. Just as I was beginning to feel high on the sexual vibe in the room Paula stiffened and let out a yell.

YES!! She sprayed her fabulous hot pussy juice straight into the face of black basque bitch! Her perfectly coiffured hair was soon a bedraggled wet mess and her face all wet and glossy with lady cum. I couldn’t resist laughing. She stared at me going a crimson colour.

I got up and walked over. I kissed Paula, and I looked down at the mess Paula had made of the once elegant young lady. I moved toward her, her husband was still fucking her from behind but now in a near frenzy he hammered into her. I rubbed my hand over my chest collecting some of the cum that was still covering me and leaned down pushing my fingers into her mouth. A little surprised, after a few seconds she sucked them clean.

The other couple finished with a grunt as he came in his wife’s pussy, she looked spent, about my age and quite pretty in a plain way, I helped her up. Seeing what I had just done this woman, obviously had felt inferior to the other now pushed her own fingers into her spunky pussy, withdrew them and then pushed them into the other woman’s mouth, again she started to suck them clean. At the same time her husband pulled out of her and came over her bum cheeks.

Clearly not used to being the subject of others entertainment she got up quickly having turned crimson and moved off to the side grabbing a glass of champagne trying to re compose herself.

The other woman and I laughed! She said her name was Jane, she kissed me lightly and then walked back over to her husband. But I wasn’t finished with the raven haired bitch yet. I wanted a little revenge for what she called me.

I moved over to the other sofa where the toys were, I picked up the biggest strap on I could see and after a quick look realized how it worked. Once I got it on I walked toward the black haired woman who was talking to her husband, he could see me moving in behind her. I moved close behind, put my arms around and cupped her dam near perfect tits. I kissed her neck and then leaned her forward. I had already put some lube on the shaft so the tip slipped in quite easily. I started to fuck her in a steady rhythm working more and more into her. It took a while, my, it was big and she was mewling and grunting with the force I was using.

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