How the Other Half Live

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The rich in britain can be a bit debauched. Because of my line of work I sometimes get an insight into how the rich and powerful of this land operate and see the sleazy and sordid things they get up to. I have witnessed secretaries screwed on desks in view of all and rentboys visit in the lunch hour.

My wife Lou and I were invited to a ‘ball’ by a contact I work with. From what he has told me over the years his family own most of the south east of England.

We got dolled up in keeping with the dress code on the invite and headed to the venue. It was at a large estate and was all very swanky and glamorous. After the usual meet and greet, we were treated to lovely dinner, great conversation and more alcohol then the rolling stones on tour. The guests were a broad mix of the upper end of the social scale and Lou and I felt a bit out of place. Our backgrounds are not the same as these people, we are where we are in the world through hard work not surnames.

Lou looked stunning and elegant as ever and some of the gentlemen were giving her lusting looks. She wore an elegant red dress, open at the shoulders giving a hint to her large bust. The dress hugged her perfect frame and flowed to the floor. A simple pearl drop necklace was her only jewelry save a simple matching pair of earrings.

When the after party was announced some guests took their leave. We asked our host what after party meant and he coolly suggested there might be naughtiness involved at some stage. Lou and I were enjoying ourselves, open minded and so decided to stay on.

An nişantaşı escort hour or so passed before a hunting trumpet blew.

We were all brought to the dance room were the local hunt master announced a game that would be played. The name of the game was ‘leashes’ and a lot of people giggled and cheered. One rule. By being in the room we were complicit with anything that happened. Legal of course.

A lady came around and gave every woman a raffle ticket. 8 numbers were called and Lous number came up. Drinks were poured and the 8 ladies ushered to a side room.

10 minutes later they returned. And my god.

All of them were nude save a belt with a tail, hold ups, a mask and collar and lead around their necks. The women stood in a line while the guests wooped. Lou looked amazing. The picture of a sub slut.

A tombola began. Each ball had a guests name on it.

A name was called and the guest would take his/her slave away for whatever they wanted.

Lou was picked. A man in his late 60s took her lead and walked away. I didnt win.

Another draw would be announced in 1 hour the caller shouted.

I went off to find Lou. I moved down a corridor and could hear laughing and groans from the 2 rooms I passed. I put my head in one room to see a lady on her back with a man thrusting in and out of her. Now and again he’d slap her boobs and twist her nipples. Another man laughed and poured champagne over the womans face. I continued my search for Lou.

And i found her.

They were in a study type room. The old kağıthane escort man was stripped to the waist. He had a tight pull on her lead and was fucking her arse. There was no lube insight. Another man was wiping his cock over her face. It appeared he had already cum.

Lou yelped in pleasure.

The old man saw me and laughed.

“Your hubbys here slut. What shall i do next?” He smacked her arse and his friend bit her nipples.

“I think I’ll cum inside you. How about that”

And he did. I could see him unloading up her arse.

The 2 men laughed. Lou panted with a smile on her face. She loves anal.

“Enjoy that?” The old man said to me.

“Very much.”

“Fuck her so I can watch and get hard again.” Happily i thought. I fucked Lou for about 20 minutes. The gents stood up for another go and again dumped loads in her arse and face.

A bell rang. Next draw. Lou was led back to the hall quivering from her fucking. The other ladies seemed very similar. One had huge red marks on her arse. Her lip had been bitten and clearly had had a rough time.

Lous number came up again. Another overweight older statesman led her to a room. I won this time. I chose a stunning mature lady. She was in her 50s but her body was amazing. I saw Lou led upstairs so I followed but found a separate room.

I fucked my prize but didn’t cum. I was waiting for later. Her oral skills were amazing and her arse was equally incredible. She definitely enjoyed my younger cock.

I had to see what was happening to Lou in the other osmanbey escort room. I went to see and found a truly debauched spectacle.

She was tied to a table. 5 men taking it in turns. Her face and breasts splattered with cum already. I heard her whimpering and saw why. Her nipple had been pierced and a huge buttplug was vibrating away. The guy fucking her currently wasn’t a guest. He looked like a farmer to be honest and his dick was mighty. I watched his balls tighten and cum flooded her pussy. Another man positioned himself infront of her face held her head and fucked her mouth. Her mascara was running as he came, she gagged and snorted. The bell went.

Last draw everyone.

Lou was exhausted. Who ever won her next would need to perk her up. She stood

She was drawn by the huntmaster himself and he led her outside. A group including myself went with him to join and watch. We entered an annex. He convinced Lou to take coke for the first time in years and sure enough she was alert again. Feverishy sucking on cocks. She was still covered in cum from her last session. Her necklace was practically glued to her skin.

“Bitch is all sticky” the huntsmaster said.

And with that pissed all over Lou. 3 more joined in. She was totally degraded. He spat on her face and pushed her onto his table. He entered her as she grabbed put for more cock in her drug fueled state. Lou did things she never knew she could do. Took 2 cocks in her pussy and then 2 cocks up her ass. Let guys fist her and piss on her. Finally she was led back to the hall. Where most of the male guests wanked over her and the other slaves. We left exhausted at 7 am. Lou was destroyed. We couldnt have sex until the following week. But her nipple piercing is hot. And we’ve already been invited to next years ball.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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