It’s Hump Time! Ch. 02

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What a night this had been. I had been fucked hard, I had sucked cocks, I was pissed on. Basically, I was treated like a whore. Something I had always dreamed of!

When men were done using me, I was taken to another room by Master Rick. He kissed me on the forehead. He handed me an envelope.

“You did very good tonight, sweetie. Open it.” Inside, I found hundred dollar bills. And an access card.

“There’s $1,000 in there. I’d say that’s a good start, my love. And that’s your access card. You work here now. You now come in from the back door. I expect you to be here tomorrow night, at 8 pm sharp. Go take a shower now, baby.” He then guided me to the staff room, where I found a nice shower. My clothes were waiting for me on a white leather chair, in that same room.

I was a wreck, to be honest. I was proud to have pleased all those guys. Heck, I had made money to do it! But my body hurt real bad. And I was more confused than ever.

I took my shower, got my clothes on, and started Gaziantep Elden Para Alan Escort walking towards the back door. It led to a dark alley. I looked at my watch. It was almost 3 AM. I was beat. I started walking towards the end of the alley, when I heard someone whistling. I turned around. It was one of the guys that had just fucked me. He was about 6’3, and was fit. He was Black. Basically, he was handsome – my kind of guy!

“Hey, what’s up? I hope you enjoyed your evening”, I said, smiling.

“Yeah. I did. But I’m not done with you. He isn’t either.” As I saw the other guy approach me, the first one pushed me hard against the brick wall. The second guy was also a man who had fucked me earlier. He was White. Shorter (maybe 5’10), nice built, smaller cock.

“You’re going to call me Daddy, bitch”, said the first guy as he pressed his hard cock against my ass. I couldn’t believe I was going to get fucked again. My body was so fucking sore. I had a headache. I needed my bed, and a few ice packs!

“I paid a good price to get in tonight, sweetie, and only got to fuck you once.” I heard him unzip his pants. The first guy unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down. That’s when the Black guy pushed his cock deep in me, in one big thrust. I could see the other guy stroking his cock while he was watching us.

“Hmm you fucking whore. You like Black Meat in that tight ass, sweetie? Answer me!”

“Yes, I do Daddy. I love to have your cock buried deep in my ass.” I was crying. It hurt so much. I had no more energy. I felt like a ragdoll.

“Hmm you fucking whore, beg me to go deeper. Beg me to be rough with you.”

“Please Daddy, please go deeper. Please use me like a good little slut.” He started going at it violently. At one point, I felt his hands around my neck. I felt so vulnerable. But I wanted him to cum. I wanted him to be happy.

“I’m gonna fill you for a second time tonight, slut!” And he did. He started cumming so hard. I could feel his load deep in me.

“Hmmmm I’m breading you, you fucking whore.”

He then pulled out. But as soon as he was out, the other guy got behind me. Like I said before, he was smaller. The first guy had stretched me good. The pain wasn’t as bad. It didn’t take him long to shoot his load deep in me.

I took a glance at the Black guy, on my right. He was recording everything on his phone. I was so embarrassed.

“I’m gonna enjoy watching this again later, bitch. Tell me where you live. Give me your address, slut.” I was confused. I was trembling. I was vulnerable. I don’t know why, but I gave him my real address. They started laughing and walked away.

It was now 4 AM. I started walking again, hoping to finally get home and get some rest. There was no doubt anymore: I had become a true slut. I had tears in my eyes, but I was also smiling. 8 PM couldn’t come fast enough.

About the author: I have a girlfriend – who lives with me. But my stories represent things that I desire, for real! As you may have guessed, important changes might be in store for this submissive male from the Great White North! 😉

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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