Jacko and Me

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Big Tits

“Are you up for spanking?” Jacko asked the moment I arrived for our weekly rendezvous in his mobile home.

“Give me a chance to get in the door!” I returned with a smile.

“Well Alex. I just wondered; with you wearing those very evocative tight brush jeans which, as you know, work wonders on my libido.”

“Is that what they call it now” I teased – deliberately not answering his spanking question.

But of course that is why I wore the extra tight jeans because I knew Jacko would give me of his very best. It was plainly evident he already had a real hard-on beneath his shorts which looked mighty good to me.

I always felt so free with Jacko. There were no inhibitions and his thinking was much the same as mine.

“I might be!” I said in a very provocative tone, he loved me to tease him.

“If I am not mistaken, that’s why you are wearing those jeans, because you are in spanking mode huh Alex?”

I touched him. I couldn’t resist. He looks so right in those blue shorts. His body was lean and supple and as I felt his warmth I also felt a jerk and knew what he was after. Well, that’s what I was hoping; I was all primed up for it and no mistake. I missed seeing him last week; we usually see each other on Sundays – that is the only time I can get down from my place 200 miles away. But it was well worth it having quality time with Jacko, He made it worthwhile for me every time.

I felt him some more as he eased his hand over and around my rear. It was nice and soothing. I felt I belonged with Jacko. He was so nice and we were so very compatible.

At last I said it would be fine for him to spank me and I would like that. It was such a cold winters day it would well and truly warm and prime me up for what would come afterwards, that was always a cert, I knew that, I had gotten to know Jacko that well. Although that is not to say he is always predicable, I wouldn’t like that, I love the element of surprise; but ten to one, he would fuck me eventually. And, always with gusto.

“You are my heaven, Alex you really are. And afterwards, when I have spanked you, you will be fine with the face sitting huh?”

“That goes without saying, you know that Jacko” I retuned.

“Are you wearing red ones today? You know how I adore you in red a red thong when you face sit me”

“For you, yes Jacko, and by the time escort kocaeli you have spanked me they will be well soiled as you like them to


He looked so happy. He asked me to bend over his knee and took some time to prepare me. I love that, feeling his strong hands stretching up my jeans as tight as could be, ‘to pronounce my ass in its best profile’ he said.

So tight that I felt he was splitting me in half and I told him so!

“Well Alex, you wouldn’t like it any other way would you? I know you by now and you look so good and ready, I adore your ass so warm and so supple to feel.”

“Better than Angela’s then, Jacko?”

“Why did you bring her up?, I told you I have found my true leaning with you. Girl were fun but now I have got you.”

“You liked looking under their skirts though Jacko, you told me so. You said there was nothing quite like sniffing beneath a girl’s skirt and sucking her cherry.”

“Okay, so I like both, I guess I am bi but you now come first in my life.”

“Don’t worry there is no problem,” I assured. Maybe I am bi too, I have never been with a girl but that is not to say I have never fancied one.”

“What are you inferring Alex? Jacko asked as he placed his hand between my thighs to spread them.

“Just to let you know the score that’s all Jacko, I mean if you still fancied having fun with a girl we could maybe share, I am not adverse to is okay?”

“Fine Alex. You are full of surprises but for now let’s concentrate on the job in hand shall we?”

Really I was trying to say in so many words that if he ever got tired of me and went back to being with a girl; I would be willing to make it more interesting if we shared. I could see myself doing that. I have thought about it many times, it is Jacko that spurred me on in that direction when he told me how it was with Angela and the things they did together. I had images in my mind during the time I was away from him and succumbed to the urge to masturbate, so I know I would be up for it. Maybe in the future..

Imaging a nice warm wet quinny to face sit me. Heaven!

But Jacko was firmly delivering his first set of spanks, he would have me count them up to ten, and when we got to ten he would massage me with coconut oil and start all over. But next – if I agreed- he’d beat me with the back of his hair brush kocaeli anal yapan escort which stung like hell but was good for his libido. Although bent steeply across his lap for a good sound spanking I could feel that was very much alive and well.

I closed my eyes, gritted my teeth and took the brush punishment as well; my ass must have been ripe red when he finished another ten. He said did I mind if he continues with five strokes of the cane, I would normally have said yes but I had not quite got over the lashing he gave me last Sunday and asked if we could forego that.

He was always considerate, perhaps a bit too much sometimes because often I feel the desire for him to take me agai8nst my will, but one thing at a time, Was having a lot of fun as things were and we had all the time in the world to experiment with each other and try new things.

Now, asking me to relax o all fours on the settee he set to work with the post spanking treatment.

“I so love to suck you up when you are freshly spanked Alex. You look so very appealing and wonderful, I want to do everything with you and finish off giving you my deep rough fuck.”

Jacko said it as it was and how he felt. No half measures with him, he would have my ass the way he wanted and how! Now stripped and naked, for the next half hour I would enjoy all the licking, sucking he could muster and that would end up with me sitting on his face and letting him sniff me up and do all the things he enjoys, as much as did I, his head squeezed tightly between my thighs. He would lick my balls, suck out my asshole and suck my cock in turn. That was so divine but the best when after that; I changed position so I could suck him up too and that was perfection, the two of us simply loving and enjoying the wonderful surge and taste of hard throbbing cock in our mouths. Until we both came with force, each of us spunking the other and then indulging in very deep passionate French kiss which ended the first session perfectly.

We would chill and cherish each other’s taste and I would feel the pain in my ass change to numbness, which was a lovely feeling to be hold, having been well spanked and nourished with hard hot cock and it was all so beautiful.

“Let’s fuck when you are ready” I said seeing his cock rising once more, It was so alluring izmit yabancı escort and already I felt that certain jibe in my rectum that spurred me on for the feel of thrusting cock inside..

I gave him a few steady but firm jerks and balled him a little too, to get him up to the full-size. He sniffed my thong and said he would keep it under his pillow when I had gone.. It seemed instinctive that I should give him a little more oral as he sniffed my thong and that was divine too, I loved to feel him grow in my mouth and experimented taking him deep throat which I was gradually getting the hang of, which was truly sensual for us both.

But during the sucking I somehow got into me head the story Jacko told me about how he put a banana down his pants to lure girls. But he came unstuck taking on a request to strip for a hen party, when they discovered his true caliber. Okay so it was big but not as big as the large banana!

I just chuckled some still with cock in mouth and made Jacko jerk back, taking his cock out of my mouth with a popping sound and then putting it back again, telling me to do that again – meaning to chuckle whilst sucking him, apparently it gave him an entirely new experience which was all great stuff.

That’s how it was with Jacko and I. We got on perfectly and were both willing to experiment.

Cock well primed he went for it, clambered over me from the back as he had me on all fours and jerked it into me, stretching my pre-primed hole to a withstanding aperture and all at once I was full of him, lock, stock and barrel.

He gave me the fucking I craved for and he was hungry for, good and deep and penetrating to the absolute length which was a good seven inches, he had me measure it. I teased him about that saying it was not so long as the banana!

“You will have to suffer for that” he yelled and gave me an extra stroke of the hair brush.

As he fucked me I felt my ass stretching and jumping to his heaving as he gripped my thighs and let me have it. He must have been there for a whole ten minutes as he fucked me raw, my ass was well spanked and fucked and not only that, he wanted more, loots more sucking and licking afterwards, he was predominantly a bum man and no mistake and by the time he had really done with me, I was walking somewhat bandy and it was his turn to have a laugh.

Next time wear your blue man thong” he said. “I’d like that.”

Although I was well and done I looked forward to the next time, It could not some quick enough. I shall just have to try and get a job close to him and then maybe I can live with him so we can fuck to our heart’s content, nice thought!

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