Lori, Karen, and Ryan

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Lori knew her brother, Ryan, had female friends before she had decided to move in with him. Their relationship was a strong and tender one, with each respecting the needs of the other. She had not thought about what would happen when one of them came to visit. She soon found out, and discovered things about herself that she had never guessed would happen.

Ryan was out shopping, or something, when the back door opened. A girl’s voice called out for him, and Lori went out to see who it was. A tall, dark haired girl with a slender body stood in the hallway at the back of the house. She immediately asked “Who are you?”

Lori replied, “I’m Ryan’s sister. And who are you?” She was a little testy, as the girl hadn’t even knocked.

“My name is Karen. I ride with Ryan, sometimes. His bike has been gone for a while, and I stopped to see if he was back, yet.”

“Um.. Okay. We just got back, yesterday.” Lori began. “He should be home pretty soon. Do you want to wait?”

Karen accepted the invitation, and Lori led her to the den. They settled in, and didn’t say much at first. Lori studied the girl, taking in her tight leather pants and jacket. Lori asked Karen if she wanted to take off the heavy jacket. Karen hesitated for a moment, stood up, and slowly unzipped the garment. The absence of any cloth under the jacket intrigued Lori. She felt the butterflies way deep in her belly, like when she was near Ryan. She had never thought about the possibility of being attracted to another girl. At five foot eight, Karen was much taller than Lori, but seemed to weigh about the same. Her belly proved to be hard and flat when the jacket fell from her shoulders.

Lori was surprised, at first, but said nothing. Karen wore nothing under the jacket. Karen stood silently, to see what Lori’s reaction would be. When none was forthcoming, Karen sat down again. Her breasts were small, probably A-cup, Lori guessed. Small, dark areola, tipped with rather large nipples stood out straight and firm. She looked comfortable with her nakedness.

“Do you always dress like that?” Lori asked. She saw a slight blush come over Karen’s face.

“Sometimes, when I like to feel free.” Karen answered quietly. “I like being naked.”

“I feel overdressed.” Lori said, looking at her thin sundress. She didn’t know what had come over her, but something about Karen struck her, “that way”.

“I’ll .. Um . put the coat back on, if you’re uncomfortable?”

“Nnnn . No, it’s not that. I .. uh ..well ..” Lori started.

“Have you ever been with a girl?’ Karen asked, softly.

Lori hesitated before answering. “No ..not really.” And quickly added, “but it has crossed my mind.” Not saying that it was in the past five minutes. She wasn’t sure if she said the right thing, in the right way.

Karen changed the subject, and commented on the soft music that Lori had playing. They chatted about music and painting, all the while, Lori felt her kitty getting wet, and a flush creeping through her little body. Absentmindedly, her fingers toyed with the buttons of her light dress, as the two girls talked.

Karen told Lori how she had met Ryan at a bike rally, a while back, and how they had become friends. She also told Lori that she lived with another girl, who was very special to her. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Karen was into bi-sexual activities. They talked a bit more, and Lori made a gesture, by loosening the lower buttons of her dress. Her tiny feet and gently tapered legs were gradually being exposed. She shifted around, so that she was giving Karen bursa escort a chance to evaluate her body while they talked.

Karen did notice, and soon asked if Lori would care to dance with her. Soft jazz had filled the room, and it seemed like a natural thing to do. Lori accepted, and stood next to Karen’s half-naked body. Karen gently took the `lead’, and wrapped her long arms around Lori’s small frame. Lori was so short, that her face was resting just below Karen’s tiny breasts. Karen pulled back, and removed her heavy riding boots. Now, her stiff nipples were right in front of Lori’s mouth.

Karen swayed gently to the soft music, holding Lori’s head close to her chest. The aroma of Lori’s hair was as delicate as the small girl’s body. The sundress seemed to open by itself, allowing Lori’s swollen nipples to rub lightly on Karen’s belly. The arousal in Lori’s own belly was growing. Her kitty was dripping her sweet nectar down her inner thighs.

Lori could smell herself, combined with the fragrance of the leather pants Karen wore. The effect was taking its toll on her senses. She looked up into Karen’s eyes and saw tenderness reflecting back. Her tiny mouth moved to one side, finding the sensitive nipple on her friend’s breast. A soft moan escaped Karen’s lips as Lori took the swollen nub into her mouth. `Mmmmm, this is so nice’ she thought.

Lori felt Karen pull her face closer, tighter to the tiny breast. She saw the flush rise across Karen’s bosom. Her small fingers slipped down to cradle the soft, leather clad butt that moved so sensually. Her mind was set, she wanted to experience this girl, and share love with her.

Karen felt Lori grasp her backside and pull it to her. The waves of pleasure were coursing through her veins. It had not been her intention to seduce this girl, or was it she who was being seduced? No matter, that. She lowered her face and kissed Lori’s hair. Lori lifted her face, and their lips met for the first time. A tender, exploratory kiss, with partly open mouths. Lightly, their tongues extended and touched. The electricity between them sent sparks through both bodies, straight into the pits of their stomachs.

Dancing forgotten, they kissed hot. Tongues lashing one another, exploring each other’s mouth. The sundress fell, leaving Lori completely naked in Karen’s arms. The cool leather of Karen’s pants on her naked flesh sent Lori’s body into overdrive. She wrapped her thighs around one of Karen’s strong legs, squeezing the limb firmly. Her clitoris rubbed across the fabric, and she had a cum, right then. Her little body shuddered and she moaned.

Karen felt it, and broke the kiss. “Ohhhh, did I make you cum?”

Breathless for a moment, Lori gasped, “Ohmigod! .. Yes! .. Ohhh ..It was so quick!”

She leaned into Karen’s body and held her tightly. Her hands moved to the front of the taller girl’s pants and touched the belt. A question in her eyes was met with a gentle smile. Slowly unbuckling Karen’s leather `skin’, the aroma of her arousal wafted up to greet her. I seemed heavier than her own scent, thicker, yet still sweet. Karen stayed motionless and let Lori peel off the fabric over her trim thighs.

Lori was pleased, surprised and delighted with the smooth shaven vulva behind the heavy leather flaps. Much like her own slick mound, the puffy outer lips glistened with nectar. Karen stepped out of the legs with Lori kneeling at her feet. Lori placed her face near the swollen cleft, and inhaled deeply. She understood why it appealed so much to her brother. Just the aroma was enticing, but to add the sight bursa escort bayan of the smooth fleshy lobes increased the effect measurably.

Karen felt Lori’s small hands palming her lower belly as Lori came closer to her wet, hungry vulva. She resisted the urge to pull the smaller girl’s face into her crotch, letting Lori take her time to examine the soft flower. Kissing on the outer labia caused them to part, exposing the deeper rose colored petals beneath. The touch of Lori’s tongue to the inner folds sent a shudder through Karen’s whole being. Bending her knees, Karen spread her thighs for Lori.

A hunger built in Lori’s mind, echoed by the relish with which her tongue slipped into Karen’s vagina. She wasn’t sure that she was doing”right”, but did what she thought felt good in her own mind. The thick nectar coated her tongue as it delved into the sweet flesh hole. Her heart was pounding as she felt Karen’s legs begin to shake and tremble. A quick lick of her friend’s swollen clitoris caused Karen to grab Lori’s head for support, the orgasm ripping through her body.

“OHHHHH, .LLLLORRRIIIIII!!!!!” She cried out. Her nectar flowed like a river into Lori’s open mouth. Karen’s knees buckled, and she fell to the floor. “My god! That was fast!” she gasped.

“I ..uh ..guess we were both pretty hot?” Lori asked.

“Must be! . I haven’t cum that fast in ages!” Karen replied. They both giggled like schoolgirls.

They sat on the floor, gently touching one another’s breasts and bellies. Looking into each other’s eyes, with an understanding only two girls could have. They felt good with each other and wanted more.

Karen took the initiative, and gently lowered Lori’s body to the soft carpet. Lori watched as Karen turned and placed her legs on either side of her head. Karen’s long legs went way up her body, from this view. The wet mound between her thighs came closer as Karen brought her kitty near Lori’s mouth. The shaven flesh was slick and shiny with dew, inner petals distended with blood, the clitoral hood pulled back and cradling the swollen bud that descended towards her.

Just as Karen’s vulva settled on her lips, Lori felt the hot breath on her own vulva. Karen studied the tiny slit and bent her head for her first taste of the little body that had just pleasured her so well. Lori’s nectar gave off a light musk of scent. Different from her own, but pleasing and erotic, too. Karen was no newcomer to kissing on kitty, as she really did prefer the gentle tenderness of another woman to some of the men she had been with. This kitty held something special, she didn’t know what. Maybe it was the aroma, or the small size of it. Whatever it was, she had to taste it, Now!

Lori gasped at the sensation of Karen’s tongue covering her whole kitty. She knew it was small, but Karen’s long tongue seemed to cover the whole thing! Lori’s little vulva wasn’t much longer than two and a half inches, from the clitoral hood to the opening of her vagina. The outer labia were slightly thick and puffy, and the inner petals of flesh were relatively long and thin. Under Karen’s talented tongue, that small area of herself controlled Lori’s entire body.

As Karen kissed on Lori, Lori mirrored the motions. Where Karen licked, so did Lori. When Lori thrust her tongue into Karen’s vagina, Karen did the same. Back and forth, the two girls explored each other through several mini-cums. Then Karen slipped two long fingers into Lori’s wet channel and massaged the almond shaped bulge just inside the opening. Lori lost it, and came with a bucking of her hips, and cries escort bursa of release, followed by her whole body stiffening up and shaking uncontrollably. Her tiny vulva gushed girl-cum all over Karen’s face, which was devoured quickly.

Raising her head and looking back, Karen licked her lips and told Lori, “You sure do taste good, girl!”

Lori couldn’t answer, yet. She was still gasping from the intense orgasm. When she finally did, she said, “That was fantastic! . Doing it and being done! .. ohhh god! .. So different than when Ryan..” She caught herself before she finished. The look of terror on her face told Karen that Lori had just slipped a very special secret.

Karen had known that Lori was special to her friend, Ryan. Now she guessed just how special. Lori was almost in tears. She was so afraid that Ryan would get mad at her for letting out the secret they had kept so well, for all of these years. Karen took the worried girl into her arms and held her gently to her breasts, caressing her soft hair and talking softly.

“It’s okay, Lori. SSHHHH. It’s okay.”

“No..No it’s not okay!” she cried. We shouldn’t .I mean, .I shouldn’t have ..OH what am I going to do?”

Just then, the sound of a Harley-Davidson shook the windows. It went into the garage and stopped quickly. Karen and Lori didn’t have time to move before Ryan strode into the den.

A broad smile on his face accompanied his greeting, “Well, I see you two have met!”

Lori scrambled to her feet and rushed to embrace her big brother. “Oh, Ryan! I’msosorryIdidn’tmeanit!!”

“Wait! Hold it, slow down, Lori!” Ryan finally got out.

“I think I can explain.” Said Karen from her spot on the floor. “Lori and I were sharing, and she accidentally let slip that you two..” Her eyes went from Ryan to Lori and back.

“Is that all?” Ryan asked.

Lori stepped back, puzzled. “What! `Is that all?’ That’s what you have to say?” A hurt look on her face told Ryan he better explain, fast.

“Okay, Lori. Sit down. You, too, Karen.” He got them seated and began, “I figured that we would run into this problem, sooner or later, Lori. I had already primed Karen for the possibility of your being here for a while. I hadn’t yet explained that we were lovers as well as brother and sister, but she already knew we were very close. Since Karen lives with her girlfriend, she doesn’t have many men to deal with.” He paused, and Lori gave them each a strange look.

“Yes, Lori. Your brother and I have shared our bodies. Sometimes, I like the feel of a man in me, but without the bullshit that usually comes with it. Face it, Lori, your brother does feel good! Ryan is cool with that, and so am I.” Karen interjected. “But, really we are mostly just riding friends, no more, no less.”

“That. Lori, is why she’s perfect for my request.” Ryan turned to Karen and straight out asked, “Would it be good with you, Karen, if when we had `company’, like the rest of our family, if I got you to come over and act out as my `steady girl’?”

Silence filled the room. Ryan looked from Lori to Karen. Karen, looked from Ryan to Lori. Lori just sat amazed at what she was hearing, unsure what to do.

Karen broke loose with a big grin, “Hell, Yeah!” she pondered for a minute, then added, looking right at Lori, “As long as I can still come over to “play” with you.”

Lori leaned over and kissed Karen hot. “You can `cum’ over any time you want!”

Everybody relaxed and sighs went all around. Lori still couldn’t grasp what Ryan had done, until later, when he explained further. He had intended to introduce the two girls, and see how they got along, only they had taken care of that part, themselves. The rest just fell into place. Now, they had a “cover” for when anyone else was hanging around to visit.

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