Lori Pt. 02: Lori in the Woods

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Lori Part II: Lori in the Woods

Lori waits in the woods for her guys.


This can be read as a stand-alone tale but greater understanding will be gained by reading “Lori Out On Loan.” When I wrote the original I did not think I had the imagination to provide her with further adventures, but I found inspiration.

Enjoy and thank you.


This is primarily a work of fiction. Everything that happens to Lori happens only in my imagination. This is a world in which there are no STDs, birth control is universal (and free!) and Lori totally trusts me and enthusiastically welcomes everything that I arrange for her.


As he opened his car door, Paul saw Brandon across the lot, getting out of his car. They walked up to the gate, shook hands and together crossed the street, to go along the sidewalk. They grinned at each other.

“Here we go again, huh?”

“This is Lori, right? After all, it is the last of the month again.”

“Oh, yeah, has to be Lori. God, she is wonderful.”

“Really and truly. That Mike is one lucky bastard.”

“And it’s amazing he’s sharing with us!”

“Here, Mike said to go this way.”

The two walked up the sidewalk, not rushing, but not dawdling either.

Sean looked behind.

“Look, there’s Eric and Ted.”

“They coming along?”

“Remember that Mike told us to not to walk together, that he didn’t want us to be a crowd, he didn’t want us to be noticeable? They see us, they’ll be along in a moment.”

They walked on, looking at the pavement.

“Mike said to look for a purple circle, right? And to look for more after that?”


They had walked for about five minutes. Then…

“Look, there, purple paint, that blotch. What now?”

“I dunno, look around. Hey, over there.”

“Yeah, in the trees, purple on that tree.”

They turned off the sidewalk and, looking to make sure that no one was watching, entered the woods. There was another purple blaze further in, and there was just the faintest trail among the trees and bushes. As they went, other purple blazes guided them and soon they were a couple of hundred feet from the road.

“Where are we?”

Paul was in front: as he rounded a big rock he stopped dead in his tracks. Brandon bumped into him, “What?” and looked over Paul’s shoulder. He saw what Paul was staring at.

“Hot damn! Lori?”


I thought for a while what I wanted next for Lori. This adventure needed to be different somehow. This would be our twelfth month of Lori’s adventures and I wanted it to be memorable (not that any of the previous months had been less than). I wanted her next gangbang to be someplace different, not in a bed or on a pile of blankets. I wanted to increase the exhibitionistic aspect, to make her feel more vulnerable, to put the fear in her that she might be seen in a place over which she had no control.

At last I started to wander around Stone Mountain, looking for private places. Having circled the Mountain hundreds of times over the years, I was quite familiar with the terrain and soon found just the right place. A little more than a mile past the playground parking lot I stepped into the woods, towards the base of the mountain. There was no trail, showing that no one went that way, so I had to bushwhack, walking carefully, stepping over bushes and around trees and soon enough came upon a nice good sized clearing. I stood in the center and looked around: many trees, a couple the right distance apart; a thick layer of pinestraw; lots of bushes for sight and sound control. I walked back and forth a little and then said out loud to myself, “Perfect!”

I contacted Lori’s guys and set a date and a time. This time I arraigned for everyone to be available in the afternoon. I gave them instructions and directions and told them to look for the blazes I would make to guide them to where Lori would be waiting with open arms and open legs and open pussy.


I allowed Lori to sleep late that day. When she woke, we went for a nice lunch and then a little shopping. We found a very pretty dress for her, short, buttons up the front, floral pattern and I had her change in the store, putting on the dress and placing her other clothes, underwear and all, into the store’s bag.

“Hey, sweetie, let’s go for a walk out at the mountain, OK? Commune with Mother Nature a little.”

Of course, Lori, knowing me very well, and knowing that most everything I did with her had an ulterior motive, grinned, and said, “Sure, let’s go! We gonna go where we usually go? Out near the walk-up trail? You gonna strip me again?”

“Well, yeah, but I wanna show you another place I’ve found. Even more private.”

We drove to the park, I pulled into the lot and we got out. I guided her up the sidewalk and we had a nice stroll. Soon, I pointed the ground and said, “Look, a purple mark. And there’s another. Let’s see where they go…”

The corners of Lori’s mouth rose a Ankara escort bit, and she giggled and rolled her eyes and she followed me off the sidewalk and into the trees. I knew that she knew that I was taking her a private place where her dress would come off and who knows what would happen to her. How trusting she was, I thought to myself, as she let me lead her deeper into the forest.

After a few minutes walk, we reached the clearing. She looked around, noting the privacy. We were far enough away from the road that we could hear no cars, and the silence was comforting. I hugged her to me, kissing her and she responded, grabbing my ass and pulling me into her belly. She became a little aggressive, kissing me harder as her arousal started to possess her.

“Oh, Mike, I like this place better, it’s more shaded and the pinestraw is softer than the rocks over there.”

I pushed her back and started to unbutton her dress. Opening it completely, exposing her completely, she shrugged it off and she stood in the clearing in just her shoes, her treasures open to my eyes.

The sunlight was dappled over her, shining thru the branches above her. Lovely.

“We gonna do this standing up? You gonna push me up against the tree and fuck me silly?”

“No, first, get on your knees.”


Lori smiled and fell to her knees and I pulled her towards my belly. She took her time releasing my belt and lowering my zipper and she slowly, teasingly allowed my shorts to drop to the ground. I stepped out of the shorts as she looked up at me. I had no underwear to get in her way, so she leaned forward to take my hardness deep in her mouth, where she spent a wonderful few minutes licking and mouthing my cock.

“Oh, baby, you’re amazing, and I want to stay in your mouth but for now, I need you to stand up.”

“What now?”

“Let me get something first.”

Making her stand still for a moment, I stepped behind a bush and retrieved the plastic bin that I had put there the day before. I lifted the lid and pulled out some lengths of rope.

“When did you put that there? You knew you would be getting me out here, didn’t you, you nasty boy?” A lot of giggling from her.

“Of course, sweetie, it’s the Boy Scout in me, always Be Prepared. So, now give me your wrist.”

She held out her right wrist and I wrapped it in a nice knot, one that did not tighten around her wrist. I did the same for her left.

“What are you doing? You gonna tie my hands behind a tree and then fuck me?”

“No, go stand over next to that tree.” I pointed.

I watched her bare cheeks bobble as she stepped across the thick layer of pine straw to stand where I directed her, the ropes attached to her wrists dragging in the straw.

I moved her to face the center of the clearing and positioned her between two pine trees that were about seven feet apart. I threw each rope over a branch, each branch about two feet above her head. I pulled down on the ropes, raising her arms, and brought the ends back to her wrists. I pulled harder and her hands went up and out, until her arms were stretched wide. I tied off the loose ends and she was set, in a standing “Y.” Lori kept pushing her hips towards me.

I went back to the box and got more lengths. These I put around her ankles. I pushed on the insides of her calves, making her spread her feet, which made her spread her thighs, which opened her pussy. I ran each line around the base of each tree, tying them off. Lori was now secured between the trees, stretched out in an “X” and unable to move, other than sway back and forth a little.

Now it was time for me to get to my knees.

My face level with her pussy, I ran my fingers up through her slit and was happy to feel how wet she was. I inhaled deeply to savor the scent of her. She moaned at my touch and again pushed her hips forward. I eased a finger into her cunt, sinking deep and adding another to stretch out her hole. I leaned into her and let my tongue separate her lips, just enough to lightly flick her clit and she gasped at the touch. She tasted wonderful.

Lori was staring down at me as I tongued her. What with her standing like this I could not run my tongue the length of her slit, was not able to insert it into her hole, so I satisfied myself by concentrating on her clit. She shuddered and moaned and she pressed her pussy against my face. I licked and pressed and was quickly rewarded as she squealed and her pussy got even more wet, as it does when she comes.

I pulled back and she let loose a little whimper as I stood and shed the rest of my clothes. I looked at her as the sun shone on her. Her pale body stood out against the background of green. Her raised arms had the effect of lifting her breasts, making them look larger and fuller, her nipples erect and stiff. Her spread legs exposed her slit, and the moisture from my mouth was obvious.

“God, you gotta fuck me now, I need your cock in me now, come over here, please?” Her voice rose in her need.

Ignoring her for the Ankara escort bayan moment, I gathered her dress and put it, along with my shirt and shorts, in the plastic bin. Moving things around, I retrieved another item and turned back to Lori. I reached up and placed her special sunglasses on her, the ones with the blacked out lenses, taking away her sight.

“No, please, I wanna see you, I wanna watch as you fuck me, please…”

Her hips were twitching, as she was starting to loose control. She was moaning and groaning, her voice starting to whine. “C’mon, do me, baby, pleeease…”

I looked at my watch. I figured we had about fifteen, maybe twenty minutes until the first of her guys showed up. I took in her naked, spread body: why not just go ahead and fuck her now, just to get her started on her afternoon in the woods. Besides, my cock was insisting on some attention right now.

As I’m sure you have by now surmised, I had not told Lori that we would be having company. I wanted her to be surprised at the arrival of her guys, as it dawned on her that she was in for a nice gangbang out in the woods on a nice spring day.

So, I bellied up to her and took hold of her hips, pulling her close. This caused her to rise on the balls of her feet, which also had the effect of causing her to spread her legs. I pressed my cock between her thighs. The angle was perfect and I had no problem easing into her. She sighed as her sopping wet cunt became occupied. I moved my hands to grip her ass cheeks and pulled her closer as we got into the rhythm of fucking.

I attacked her neck, nuzzling and nipping her skin, and she pushed back as best she could, what with her leverage being only the ropes supporting her. Her head fell back and her mouth came open and I squeezed her cheeks tighter. It was glorious sliding in and out of her, my cock was so happy to be inside of her, and in just minutes her second orgasm hit and I felt her cunt tighten around my cock. She squealed and then I joined her, pushing into her as much as I could, filling her.

Lori’s pussy received its first load of the day.

I eased out of her and the sensitivity of my cock was such that it almost hurt to drop out of her. Her head fell forward as she recovered her balance, standing up again, her breath slowly returning to normal. My wet cock slipped out of her and she moaned.

“Oh, I hate it when you leave me, I feel so empty.”

“Don’t worry, sweetie, that’s not going to be a problem today,” as I held her face and kissed her again.

Her face rose, eyes hidden behind her glasses and a look of confusion crossed her face.

“What, what do you mean? Are you going to have me fuck someone else? Is that what you’ve planned? Is that why we’re out here?”

I could see a shiver run through her as she realized my intentions.

“Yeah, baby, I’ve got the guys coming out here, they’ll be here soon, and you’re gonna have another gangbang right here in the woods. In fact, I think I hear someone right now…”

I did hear footsteps crunching thru the pinestraw and over the twigs and then Sean, followed by David, came onto the clearing. At first they saw only me, naked, and look of surprise crossed David’s face. Then I stepped back to reveal Lori hanging naked by her ropes and they both let loose a nervous laugh, followed by an, “Oh, my god,” from Sean.

Hearing their voices, Lori moaned and her body writhed in her ropes. “Mike, you’re doing this to me again, oh jeez, aren’t you? You’re giving away my pussy again?”

“Yes, my love, everyone’s gonna be here for you, all of your guys, and you, my sweet, are going to have so much fun.”

“Oh, god, you make me feel like such a slut. Is it six again, six cocks that I have to take for you?”

“Six, sweetie, the same guys who’ve had you before, you’ll know them all.”

“Is the first guy ready? I need to come again, I mean you were great but I need more. I need someone in me now.”

I kissed her as I signaled the two to get undressed. David was first and I stood back to let him move to stand in front of Lori, his hardness poking into her belly.

“I’ve already had her so you’ll have an easy time getting into her pussy.”

A shuddering moan came from Lori at those words.

“Yeah,’ he whispered to himself.

He leaned down and sucked her left nipple as he reached around to squeeze her ass. She gasped and moaned and pulled on her ropes as she pushed her breasts closer to his mouth. Then straightening up he pulled her hips forward, pushed his hips closer and slowly pressed his cock between her thighs.

Standing to the side, I watched as his cock pressed further and while I could not see the actual penetration, I could tell he entered by her loud groan. David started moving back and forth, sliding in and out of Lori’s cunt. Even though she had just come from me, she was still on the edge, as she said, for suddenly her head went back, her mouth formed a grimace, her neck muscles tightening, and with a loud scream her third orgasm Escort Ankara overcame her.

David kept thrusting in her as her come lessened. Sean was now naked and behind him I could see Paul and Brandon enter the clearing. Their reaction was to be just as surprised as the first two; great big smiles took over their faces as they saw Lori between the trees and David moving against her belly. They saw Sean and me and they stripped rather quickly. Soon three very eager cocks surrounded David and Lori as they fucked.

They reached to touch Lori, rubbing her back, her shoulders, her breasts, her nipples, her ass. That she could not see only heightened her sensitivity and she moaned louder from all the touching. David was lasting a while but all too soon he pulled her hips against his and shouted and filled her cunt. After catching his breath he eased out, his cock shining in the soft sunlight from all the moisture. A slow trickle of white cream moved down her leg and then Sean bellied up to her; he knelt slightly to get the angle better. He pushed his cock down and his hips moved forward and he was in. Lori gasped at the intrusion as if she was not expecting it.

By now Eric arrived and then Ted a minute later. They wasted no time getting ready for their turn with Lori, and they stood close to her and everybody did what they could to caress and stroke her. So many hands, so much touching: Lori had to be in sensory overload what with all of the attention she was getting and in the midst of it all that she had a cock moving in her sloppy wet cunt and she knew there were more waiting their turn.

I stood back a bit, to take in the view. I marveled at what I was seeing: my wife, naked, tied, extremely vulnerable, surrounded by a bunch of just-as-naked guys, hard-ons everywhere, all waiting to get inside her, waiting their turn to fuck.

I was glad to see that David and Sean did not seem to be in a rush, that they were taking their time with Lori. I hoped that attitude lasted the afternoon, as I wanted Lori to be totally exhausted.

So, in a few minutes we could tell that Sean was approaching his climax and then his hips moved frantically to get deeper in her and he grunted as he came, adding more fluids to Lori’s cunt. He backed out, breathing heavily; his steps unsteady as he stepped away. By this time Lori was not able to speak anymore: all that came out of her mouth was moans and groans and gasps and monosyllabic sounds.

I noted that everyone was quite polite; Paul was motioning Brandon forward to have his turn. They all knew there was no rush, that we had the afternoon and Lori was fully capable of satisfying everyone. It was obvious that I was enjoying Lori getting fucked like this: I was hard again.

Every few minutes I reached up to touch her hands to make sure they were still warm. I had to be careful that they did not turn cool as that would mean she was loosing circulation. I knew she could not stay standing for her entire session, so while her guys continued to pay her attention I started to prepare the clearing for Act II of Lori’s Outdoor Gangbang.

With Lori’s sounds and the guy’s voices as background I went to the plastic bin and rummaged a bit. I removed two sleeping pads, the blue closed-cell mats that are used underneath a sleeping bag when camping. I placed the pads one on top of the other in the center of the clearing. Then I pulled out four stakes and a wooden mallet. I measured a rough distance from the corners of the pads and pounded the stakes though the pinestraw and into the ground. Simple enough and I was done. As I tossed the mallet back in the bin I realized that the sounds coming from Lori had changed and, still kneeling, I turned.

I found myself facing Lori’s cunt from about four feet away. Brandon had finished in her and Paul was now fucking my wife, but going about it differently. He had moved behind her and thrust into her cunt from the rear. So, I was looking straight into her cunt as he entered and moved in her. It was a wondrous sight.

Paul was holding onto Lori by gripping her breasts, squeezing tight. As his hips pushed against her ass, her thighs spread, exposing her swollen sex, and his rigid cock was slicing into her cunt, his hardness easy to see. As he shoved into her, her inner lips followed, disappearing and her outer lips compressed around his hardness. As he withdrew (but only slightly) her outer lips expanded, became full, and her inner lips appeared, sliding back down his cock. At the same time, her clit, that tiny little button, came into view just for a moment and I longed to reach out and touch.

And overall, the accumulated cum in her cunt, from me and the others, was thinning out over her lips, coating his cock, spreading on her thighs and dripping from his balls. I looked down at the pinestraw, at the little puddle forming.

I stayed there, kneeling in front of my wife, watching her take her fifth cock, totally fascinated. And in a bit Paul announced his orgasm, squeezing her hips and pushing as far as he could into her. I could see his balls tighten and his cock throb as the cum rose through his length and then more white liquid was dripping from her. Slowly, he calmed and his cock slipped out of her, with more cum falling, gravity never sleeping.

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