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She was my mother in law. Or she had been. After I divorced her daughter I had not heard from her for almost two months then she suddenly came to see me on my birthday. She brought me cake and a framed photo that she did not want me to unwrap until she left.

We talked for over an hour and I learned that her daughter moved away with her lover and had not called her mother since.

“I may have bitched to her too much about her cheating on you. Have you been dating?”

“Once. The woman and I just wanted company and sex. We may do that again.”

“Anybody I know?”

“Yes, you do. Since high school I believe.”

“You fucked Ariel? You fucked your Boss?”

“I did not tell you who I went out with.”

“Wow, she is months older than me. Tell me, was she good? Is she a screamer?”

I did not answer and asked her how she and her boyfriend were getting along.

“My ex-boyfriend and I had enough of each other. I fired him the day your ex left town.

I apparently embarrassed him. He embarrassed me. I was too flirty and he was too much of a dead fish.”

“I agree with both of those assessments.”

She gave me one of those smiles that mean trouble.

Marlena? You are squeezing my dick.”

“Yes, I know. I am just being a little flirtatious.”

She gave me a wild kiss then cackled as she stood to leave. At the doorway she again wished me a happy birthday and gave me a long loving kiss.

“It’s OK to visit me now. Day of night,” she said with a giggle.

I walked her to her car and opened and closed the door for her. Before she drove off I leaned to her window and told her, “I am very glad you came. I have missed you.”

I kissed her cheek.

Before she drove away she looked at my crotch. My cock had awakened. She smiled and left at a sane rate of speed.

I had been lecturing on her driving for years. She drove as if she assumed everyone would be out of her way by the time she got there.

She had also checked out the condition of my cock often but today had been the first time she had grabbed it.

I was sure she felt it on our kiss by my door.

That had not been the first time, or the tenth.

Her name was Marlena. She was second generation Greek and very much a woman. She colored her hair on a whim and changed colors dramatically, today she was a blonde. The last time I had seen her it was red.

She was a woman with curves, very pretty, great smile, she cackled like a witch when she laughed which was often.

She was the middle of three sisters, the insane one according to her siblings. It was obvious they adored her. She made sure that once a week they got together to gossip. Often in her swimming pool, often naked.

I had gone to her house once to see my then girlfriend and had found all three naked in the kitchen. They said hello and that my girlfriend would be back in a minute. None seemed ashamed of being naked for me.

They went back to the pool before my girlfriend got back and we quickly left.

Three years had passed since then but I could still see all three naked in my mind whenever I wanted to.

Minerva, Mini, was the oldest and tallest. She ran the family restaurant she inherited from their father.

Marlena was a CPA and she handled the money. Their little sister Alana was a mousy housewife except when around her sisters.

All three seemed to adore me and were upset when they learned I was leaving the family.

I unwrapped my present and found a print of the picture I carried in my mind; the sisters were by the pool, naked and smiling for the camera.

There was a birthday card inside that said, “Rejoin us in the family please. The three had signed it.

My ex had left the family. I could go back in.

I sent six roses to Alana and six to Mini. I sent a dozen to Marlena. Ankara escort My card read, “Yes. Thank you. I love you.”

Alana was just three years older than me, Marlena was nine years older and Mini was sixteen years older.

I was eight years older than my ex.

I had been the gentleman my exe’s family had

urged her to marry when she “came of age.”

I did my best to get her to love me but she never did. The marriage lasted two years.

The guy she cheated on me with was her age and a punk. Her mother and aunts counseled her but eventually told me it was a lost cause and to divorce her.

I gave her enough money to leave town. The last anyone knew from her they were in Los Angeles.

Her mother was briefly angry with me for giving her money but understood and let it go.

I got three phone calls later that day.

Mini invited me to celebrate my birthday at her place. “Anything and as much as you like to eat and drink,” she said.

I of course accepted.

Alisa called and thanked me for the flowers but asked that I admit I sent it to the wrong sister when I saw her husband. She apologized that she would not be able to make it to my party that night.

I apologized saying I did not realize things had not changed.

Marlena called me and told me she would pick me up at seven.

She came to pick me up at six fifteen, just as I was about to get in the shower.

Go ahead, I will wait, she said.

Ten minutes later she came into my bathroom and said, “I have to pee.”

I was a bit mortified because I had a transparent shower curtain.

“Marlena!” You know very well there is another bathroom.”

“It was too far,” she said then raised her dress facing me so I could see the panty-less pussy. She had shaved.

My cock immediately began to harden and I decided to let her watch it. I put soap on a washcloth and soaped my body and giving extra attention to my thighs but then turned away from her to do my cock and balls.

“You are no fun at all,” she said, stood and left the bathroom. She did not need to flush.

As expected she was on my bed when I went in. Her pussy was in plain view. I got dressed without looking at her directly but saw in the mirror that she was looking at me intently.

I got dressed and urged her up. I had an arm around her waist as we walked to my door. Just before opening it I wrapped her in my arms and gave her a sensuous kiss then opened the door.

We both knew we were going to fuck by then. The question was when. I felt there would be backlash so soon after I divorced her daughter. She apparently did not.

On our way to Mini’s restaurant she put her hand over my crotch and caressed it.

“Marlena, your hand is on my dick again.”

“Yes it is,” she said while making no sign she was going to move it.

When she parked at the restaurant my hard cock was obvious.

“Let me help you with that,” she said and unzipped my fly, reached into my shorts and pointed my cock upwards.

It did help but if you looked you could still see a bulge.

“Thank you” I said.

“My pleasure” she said.

The smaller banquet area was reserved for me. I expected perhaps five people but there were ten including my boss Ariel. She gave me a full body embrace and a full tongue kiss.

“Everyone here knows the story so there is no sense holding back.”

Marlena swatted her butt.

Mina came to me and gave me a similar kiss and Marlena and Ariel swatted her ass. My sister and my Mom then kissed me with a bit more reserve. I got the tongues but neither pressed themselves to my cock.

The rest of the people there were co-workers. All women. All pressed themselves to my cock.

A rum and coke with a twist of lemon was handed to me and everyone else and Mina asked me, “Appetizers?”

“Fried Ankara escort bayan calamari.”

Some people cheered some moaned. Mina told me everyone else would be getting what I ordered.

“Calamari and cheese mushrooms.”

The ones that had groaned cheered.


“Greek salad, lots of olive oil.”

“Salad and appetizers will be here soon.”

I sat between Mom and Sis keeping the predatory women at bay. I did understand that Mini was in a relationship with someone and that Ariel was only messing with Marlena but I also knew that their games would go on.

Our salad and appetizers cut short the malevolent stares the ladies were giving each other.

The appetizers were as usual the best.

There was a pause after the table was cleared and everyone got an apple margarita. There was loud conversation and laughter until Mini asked me. “Firsts?”

Greek noodles and meat balls.”

“I am glad you said that. That was our guess.”

Servers came to us immediately and served us. I tried not to overeat and did not eat anyone else’s food. Well, I ate a little of Mom’s.

After the tables were cleared we all got a small glass of Ouzo.

The volume and the laughter increased.

“And for dinner?”


The lamb was served within three minutes. I began to worry about who knew me that well. I did notice that the three women that did were sitting with me.

The lamb was perfect and the vegetables delicious. After we were done we were served a glass of chocolate liqueur that was followed by my birthday cake, a three layer chocolate cake.

All sang happy birthday to me and I blew out the candles. That was quickly followed by a line of ladies for me to kiss. Mom, Sis and Ariel gave me loving kisses. Mini gave me a kiss and a deep hug. She whispered, “Welcome back to us.”

Marlena gave me a chaste kiss and whispered, “The real kiss comes later.”

We were served cake with a glass of strawberry tea that had strawberry liqueur in it. We loitered for a while but soon everyone began to go home. Most of the women grabbed my ass with their kiss. A few women squeezed my cock. Two of those were complete surprises.

But my biggest surprise was the kiss Mini and Mom shared. When they broke the kiss both looked at me and smiled.

Until them I had no Idea they were lovers.

I kissed both again,

Marlena took me home, undressed me and put me in bed. She undressed, slurped my cock into her mouth to make sure it was as hard as it could be then straddled it. As soon as she was filled with it she said, “And now your birthday kiss.”

It was a long delicious kiss that got better as she began to fuck me. Her strokes were long and slow but she had orgasms from them. When she noticed my increased anxiety she increased her speed until I filled her pussy. She slowed her pace until my cock passed out and slid out of her. She then ended her kiss.

She whispered, “Happy Birthday.”

“You have just given me my best birthday present ever. Thanks.”

“Anytime” she said and went to the bathroom.

When she returned to the bedroom she picked up her dress and came to give me a kiss. I took her dress from her hand and flung it into the general direction of a chair and pulled her back to bed.

I turned her to her back, crawled over her and kissed her lips. Then I adored her tits giving each nipple several nips.

As soon as I saw she was very hot I kissed my way to her pussy and tried to cool her down with my tongue. That made things much worse but after a very impressive orgasm she suddenly calmed.

I crawled up to her side and kissed her, covered us up and went to sleep with a tit in my hand.

When I woke up I was alone in bed. I heard the shower so I got up and went to the bathroom. She watched Escort Ankara me pee and brush my teeth. I joined her in the shower and we embraced and kissed. My cock was rising against her body. She turned away from me and leaned against the wall, my cock slid into her pussy. I fucked her hard and fast until she growled and trembled.

I turned her around to face me, pressed her against the wall and lifted a leg at the knee and slammed my cock back into her. I was not breathing when she screamed and I felt fluids washing out of her. I temporarily reversed their flow when I released mine.

Even in the shower we had made a mess on each other.

She was sobbing and trembling as I kissed her. We allowed the water to rinse us off then stepped out of the shower.

We went into the kitchen wrapped in towels and I was very grateful she had started the coffee.

We sipped coffee in silence until she asked, “Did you ever fuck your wife like that?”

“No, she just lay there and took it like a dutiful wife. I tried to get her involved in the lovemaking but the best I got was a smile and a thank you. I decided that was all she was capable of. By the time she took on a lover we were not fucking.

I take it you enjoyed our fucks.”

“My best ever by a large Margin.”

“Same here.”

“What are we now, fuck buddies?”

“I already have a fuck buddy. We must be lovers.”

She gave me a big smile and a small kiss.

“You are likely to get two more fuck buddies on occasion. Where are we going to live?”

“Your house. It is bigger and has a pool. My sister will love living here.

We however will need to wait a bit, have people gossip about the extent of our relationship, and have a few spot us holding hands. Have a selected person catch us fucking. Three weeks should do it.”

“You had all this planned didn’t you?”

“Yes I did. I was waiting for a sign from you and you spent my birthday giving them to me. Then my birthday kiss last night convinced me you were in love with me as much I have been in l love with you.”

“Why did you marry my daughter?”

“To please you. I was in love with you as soon as we met.”

“Well fuck. At your wedding I was wishing you were marrying me.”

“Tradition sucks sometimes.”

She nodded her head and kissed me. The marriage had been her father’s wish.

“What are we doing today?”

“Well, coffee then breakfast then I eat your pussy for a while, then lunch somewhere, then fucking, maybe a nap, back to your pussy, dinner, fuck, TV, pussy. That about covers it.”

“Can one of those fucks be in my pool?”


“Do you have Greek sausage?”

“You are holding it.”

She smiled, kissed my cock then me, and went to the refrigerator.

“Italian sausage will do. Make us some toast.”

I ate her pussy at the table then we packed some of my items and went to her house. I ate her pussy in the pool then we went to a Greek diner in which we were both recognized by many and ate lunch.

We went back to her house and fucked then went back to the pool. I ate her pussy again. We returned to my house and I packed more stuff.

She packed all my toiletries and left.

Apparently I was moving in tonight. I got two work suits, two formal shirts and shoes. Added them to my pile and took it to her house.

She helped me put my stuff away and we went back to Mini’s for dinner.

We were led to the small room and were greeted by my family and hers. In place of the Happy Birthday banner there was a “Congratulations” banner. Everyone knew.

We ate and partied all night. Everyone kissed us often. Ariel and Mini were allowed to caress my cock.

My sister asked me what I was going to do with my house.

“You already have a key,” I said.

She jumped into my arms and gave me the most pornographic kiss I got all night.

As the restaurant was closing Mom and Mini gave us a toast.

“To re-writing history as it should have been,” they said.

And so we did, and lived happily ever after.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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