Master Mike Ch. 05

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“Woohoo!” I rejoiced out loud once I was in my car with the door shut. I felt incredible. The exhilaration of an awesome job change and the promise of freedom for total sexual exploration by day coursed through me. I liked my new employer and his cock felt magnificent in my mouth and ass. “I am now officially a slut-in-training,” I said out loud again, “and I’m rock hard with man cum dripping out of my freshly fucked ass hole. Yeah! Hell yeah!” I exclaimed over and over.

I smiled and remained hard all the way home. Life was good.

After I got home, I fed my dogs and took a shower. Sweat and man cum clung to my body and I wanted to be clean for Master to soil me all over again. As I finished up in the shower, the phone rang.

Dripping wet, I raced to press the speaker button and said “hello?”

“Hi honey!” said my wife.

“How are you Donna?”

“Honey, I’m fine. We’re doing really well. We have sold more than anticipated and more buyers are expected so the company is extending our trip.”

I pause as the water dripping off my legs forms a puddle at my feet.

“Are you mad?” she asks.

“I miss you Donna,” I say.

“I miss you too. It will only be a few more days. Do you mind?”

“I guess not.” In reality the elation of my extended freedom is sinking in and I’m finding it incredibly difficult to maintain my façade.

“Thank you Bob; how are the dogs?”

“They’re fine. They follow me everywhere.” I said.

I could hear a man’s commanding voice in the background and Donna giggled slightly before saying “Honey I have to go, my boss is hungry and cranky.”

After the call ended I wondered if Donna was having an affair with her boss. This extended trip was so out of the blue and yet if true, if she was having an affair then the extension was good for both of us. I let go of my towel and called my Master with the good news.

“Well in that case boy, I think you should tell the sitter to take care of your dogs through the week and then plan on staying with me.”

The elation I felt inside came bursting out with my response. “Hell yeah, thank you sir!”

“Who is your pet sitter?

“Forever Green” I say with uncertainty in my voice.

“That sounds like a landscape company.”

“Yeah, his moniker is ‘we walk your dogs so your lawn stays forever green.”

I feel stupid for saying that and Master Mike says “I know the owner. Kevin Sojo. He’s a queen, did you know that?”

“I figured. He acts fem, but my dogs like him and he’s trust worthy.”

“Yes he is. I know him intimately. He used to be a prominent banker, married and with children. He’s a very nice bottom boy, an excellent cock sucker. His butt is cherry for fucking.”

I pause and wonder why I’m hearing this about my pet sitter. I know him as dependable and not sure I want to know anything more than that.

“Is he doing the overnight service?”

“Yes. I like it that way. Someone is here watching the dogs and my house.”

“Very well then, pack your tooth brush and wear your rain coat. Once you’re here you’re to strip and be nude your entire stay.”

“Sir, I’m nude right now and my cock is rock hard.”

“Keep your hands off that cock boy. In time you will be rewarded.” Then he hung up.

“So Kevin Sojo really is gay.” I say to myself. I laugh at the thought. I feel like calling Donna and telling her. We’ve had so many talks about whether he is or isn’t. But then, how would I be able to explain how I found out? I can’t. So instead I wipe up the water pooled on the floor and then head off to the bathroom.

About 20 minutes later I’m wearing shorts, my deck shoes and a light beige tee shirt with a trout image over the left breast. It’s one of my favorite shirts because I think I look good in it and it just feels soft against my skin.

There are two cars in my driveway. I recognize both but am dumbfounded over why my Master is here. I feel panic rise in my throat and flash about my forehead while trying to figure out how to handle this.

The backdoor unlocks. It’s Kevin and Mike follows him inside. “Hello Bob” they say practically in unison although it’s my Master’s voice that captivates me. I can feel his effect most significantly in my cock. I walk into the breakfast room and greet them both by extending Ankara escort my right hand for a shake.

“I’m sorry Mr. Wilson, I don’t normally bring guests to client’s homes; but Mike is a very dear friend who says he knows you.”

I see the uncertainty on his face and feel compelled to assure him I’m not mad. I’m not panicky either. It’s my house and I’m simply greeting them. My dogs bark in the background. They are in their kennels but know someone has entered the house.

“Oh, my babies are calling,” says Kevin.

I look at Mike and his eyes are rolling up into his head.

“Excuse me,” says Kevin. “Let me go tend to them. Have they eaten dinner?”

“Yeah, I fed them already. Would you take them for a walk?”

“How long ago did they eat?”

“About 30 minutes.”

“I’ll let them out into the backyard but I think they should rest at least an hour before we walk.”


After watching Kevin depart I say to Master “Now knowing what you told me I feel like I want to have sex with him. Is that bad?”

Master Mike chuckled and put his hand on my shoulder. I looked into his eyes and felt him looking back with an intensity that stirred only my desire.

“Kevin is one of my subs. I have many and he has been with me for a number of years. You are going to have sex with him before we return to my home. It’s just a matter of selecting how to play it out.”

“Huh?” I’m so confused all of a sudden.

“Let’s go to the window in front of your sink and watch him.” His smile was disarming and I felt safe with him.

We move in single file and I get there first and put my hands on the counter. Master surrounds me with his body from behind. His warm breath kisses my neck and with one hand he unbuttons my shorts and with the other he unzips them and then he reaches inside and grasps onto my cock. It’s semi hard and it grows to full arousal within seconds. “Look at Kevin,” begins Master as he lightly strokes my cock in his hand. “He doesn’t know what you are yet but he must be wondering how you know me…don’t you think.”

“You could be my trainer at the gym,” I offer.

“Maybe, tell me how you are feeling while you watch him.”

“I’m aroused by your attention to me sir. I don’t understand what you mean by watching him.”

“Can you look at him like he’s someone to fuck? Does his small framed butt interest you in that way?” he whispered. He pressed himself into me so I could feel his own erection.

I moaned when I felt his cock press between my own cheeks. And then I moaned again as he gripped my cock more firmly. Then I looked at Kevin’s butt and said “yes Master I see him sexually now.”

“And how would you like for him to learn of your intentions?”

“I don’t know, what are my options?”

“He could walk in on you being naked on your knees and sucking my cock.” He stroked me hard.

“OMG, that’s hot.”

“Or, you could tell him you he’s attractive and you were wondering what it takes to get in his pants.” Master stroked me lightly again.


“He’s coming back to the house. Should I zip my pants?”

“I think you should leave them open. Tell him the truth. Tell him we watched him out the window and you let me stroke you while you confessed you wanted to have sex with him.”

The door opened and Kevin said “Mr. Wilson? As he walked inside and shut the door.

I turned to face him and said “call me Bob.”

When he saw me, Kevin froze and just stared. His eyes darted between mine and my crotch several times.

“Come here Kevin. I want to tell you something.”

He stared at my crotch and said “okay,” as he approached me.

“Mike is my Master. I am a pleasure slave in training and my Master is helping me get in touch with my true sexuality.”

The shock of finding his straight married client unzipped in front of a known Gay dominant was a lot to take in, but he still wanted confirmation and so he turned to Mike and said “is he for real?”

Master nodded and then turned his gaze on me. I watched Kevin. The contorted look on his face was softening, yet he was unsure of what to say to me.

“I want to have sex with you Kevin.” I said to him about as straight and unenthusiastically as ever.

His jaw dropped.

“I’m going to take Ankara escort bayan my clothes off so you can see what I’m offering you. Okay?”

He nodded while his mouth remained open.

I turned to Master as though I were fully trained and asked “May I please take off my clothes Master. And may I please have sex with Kevin if he agrees to have sex with me?”

“You may take off your clothes, but tell us why you want to have sex with Kevin.”

I take off my shirt and Kevin sighs as he sees my bare chest. “He has a cute butt and the thought of taking him here in my own home is exciting.”

“Are you prepared? Where is your condom?”

“I have some upstairs,” I offer quickly and look to the floor as I realize I’m unprepared.

“I have one right here.” He held out his hand. “A top should always be prepared with condoms,” he said.

I reached for the condom in his hand and he lifted it away. “Not yet my boy; first, please finish undressing. Kevin has not accepted your offer.”

“Oh yes I am. He’s hot. He can fuck me anytime,” said Kevin enthusiastically.

“Kevin is so eager,” said Master. “He’s a total slut, aren’t you Kevin?”

Kevin nodded at Master.

“He prefers to be ridden bareback isn’t that right Kevin?”

Kevin nodded. “It’s the best way.”

“Yes, it feels wonderful I’ll admit. However, we can’t always trust the bareback slut and so we must protect ourselves.”

I’m glad Mike is my Master. He thinks of everything. Quickly I finish undressing and then toss my clothes to the floor behind Kevin.

“Boy,” began Master and I swear Kevin and I looked at him at the same time. “Boys, I should say,” and he laughed. “Kevin you will be boy 2 and Bob will be boy 1. Boy 1 is a top in training and boy 2 is a nice bottom boy. Isn’t that right boy 2?”

“Oh yes sir,” said Kevin gleefully. He applauded at Master’s suggestion.

This time it was my turn to roll my eyes back.

“I’m losing my hard on.” I say to Master Mike.

“I can fix that,” says Kevin.

“Boy 1, you need to learn a few things about topping a bottom boy.”

“Like what?”

“Like making sure he’s lubed.”


“And if he isn’t then you use your mouth to lube him up.”

I stood in silence. I’m unprepared. “I don’t want to lick his ass. I want to lick your’s Master.”

“That’s understandable. Well then boy 2 is your ass lubed?”

“No sir.”

Master reaches into his jeans pocket and extracts a small tube. “Here’s some anal-eze, go to the bathroom and fix yourself up. Then put your pants back on and meet us in the garage.”

Kevin took the lube tube and headed for the bathroom.

“Let’s go boy, I haven’t got all day.”

“Can I put my clothes on?”

“No. A stud top is not ashamed to go naked in his backyard. Besides the garage is only a few paces from your back door.”

We made it out to the garage in record time and I was fairly certain the neighbors had not seen anything.

By the time Kevin made it to the garage I was on my knees with Master’s cock buried in my throat. My cock was fully aroused again.

“Ooh, you two look so hot together. Can I have some cock too?”

Master withdrew his cock and snapped his fingers at Kevin. Kevin swallowed hard. He knelt and then he slowly knee-walked across my garage and stopped before my Master and opened his mouth.

Master pushed his cock into Kevin’s mouth and shoved his entire length down the little guy’s throat. There was no gag, simply a tunnel to be filled and Master filled it with ferocity. He sawed his cock in and out of Kevin’s gullet several times and then withdrew and turned to me.

“Take him boy; take this slut’s mouth until I provide you further instruction.” The look Master gave me was occupied with lust and it was his lust that fed my own. I snapped my fingers and Kevin and he knee-walked toward me with is mouth open. When he was well within my reach I grasped the back of his head and guided his open mouth to my hard jutting cock. Once inside his lips, I pulled hard on his head and thrust my cock into his throat. The power exchange was intoxicating and the feel of his mouth and throat on my tool was nothing short of spectacular.

Kevin moaned loudly as I sawed my cock in and out of his throat. The whole Escort Ankara scene really turned me on. I’m rock hard and having supervised man sex. I’m actually topping a man’s mouth and I love it. I look to Master and thank him and he kisses me on the mouth. His tongue rapes the inside of my mouth and I slow my pace on the slut’s mouth. I moan and suddenly feel the desire to disengage from Kevin and be my Master’s pleasure slave.

Master has no intention of changing our course. He withdraws and says “slam his throat and hold yourself inside him. Show me how you want to be topped too.”

That does it for me. Suddenly the purpose is clear and I slam my cock into Kevin’s throat and hold his head in place with both hands. He doesn’t struggle at first but ultimately he needs air and he tries to pull off with just his neck muscles and then he taps my thighs. After his taps grow frantic, I look over at Master and tell him I’m nearly ready to cum.

Master strokes his cock and Kevin’s face is turning blue. I’m sweating profusely and my cock is throbbing hard. Finally Master says “Okay, pull out and let go of him.”

I pull out and let go as instructed. Kevin falls to the floor like a rag doll and chokes on the fresh air. “Are you okay?” I lean down and ask him. He looks up at me and nods even though he is still having breath issues. “I want you now. Will you rollover and rise to your hands and knees please?” I ask him.

“That’s it Bob, you’re a natural.”

The fact that Master called me by my real name is not lost on me. And even though he is still breathing roughly, Kevin acquiesces to me.

I stick my hand out palm side up to Master and he gives me the condom package. I tear it open and roll it over my hardened cock. “Peel your cheeks back slut,” says Master.

I squat down behind Kevin with my feet firmly planted on the floor. My cock is aimed at his open asshole. “You can be as rough with him as you want to Bob. He likes it that way.” With ease I push the tip just inside his hole and then grab on to his hips with both hands. Master’s permission to rape Kevin is all I can think about and then I start. Just as I used his mouth and throat, I slam him in the ass as hard as I can. The sinking goes in the full six inches and I feel his fiery warmth envelop my thinly sheathed cock. He was open yet tight in all the right places; much tighter than a pussy and much more satisfying too.

Sodomizing Kevin in my garage is a workout. The air is thick was homosexuality and I’m rapidly consuming as much as I can while I piston in and out of Kevin’s ass. My body sweats profusely. Drips of perspiration trail down all sides of me and I am getting off on that realization as much as the physical feeling of his ass clamped down on my cock. I withdraw almost to the outer ring and then slam it home. Kevin seems to be enjoying himself immensely. His groans are all sexual. Master walks over to face Kevin and offers his cock. Kevin opens up and soon after Master is roughly engaged with Kevin’s mouth.

After a few more minutes of this dual rough fuck on Kevin, Master says “Bob, when you’re ready feel free to pull out of Kevin’s ass and let him remove your rubber and then suck you off to completion.”

“Yes sir. Thank you sir,” I say to him.

I hold out only a couple more minutes and then I withdrew. There is a loud popping noise and Kevin immediately turns to face me. He removes the rubber and then grabs the base of my cock and goes to work on the tip with his mouth. He purses his lips and sucks in as he drags them over the crown. The feeling is incredible and I am going to cum in no time soon.

Master tears off another package and rolls a condom onto his cock. I watch as Kevin continues sucking my cock with purpose. I’m close to cumming when Master mounts Kevin. Although in my mind I was roughly fucking Kevin just moments before, what I witness Master Mike do to Kevin is unmerciful fury. Kevin moans with my cock in his mouth as Master increases his pace on Kevin’s ass. I stay hard and manage to not cum for another five minutes while Master pounds Kevin’ ass. Then without warning Master cums. His shouts are guttural and he thrusts deep into Kevin to finish his spurting. When the energy subsides, Kevin’s licking improves and soon I am ready to pop.

I cum in Kevin’s mouth while Master pulls out of Kevin’s ass. I watch Master remove his soiled condom and toss it onto Kevin’s back. I laugh as I consider Kevin’s position in life: Dog sitter, garage slut and garbage can; what a combination.

[to be continued.]

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