Met Their Match?

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Disclaimer: This story is based on some true events, however, has been fictionalized and all persons appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Julia and Paul were neighbours. She lived in Plum Street and he in Peach Street. A local official had come up with naming the streets on the new development after fruit trees. They often met in passing or in the newsagents on Nectarine Drive. They always smiled and exchanged a few words and, it must be said, a little flirting went on.

On the day it things changed up to a new level Paul was having a rare coffee break. He didn’t get the chance to do this often. He was kept busy as the Political Agent for the local MP. It was not a 9 to 5 job especially as his MP was destined for higher office if gossip in Paul’s favourite newspaper was to believed. He read it avidly as he sipped his Skinny Latte. In fact he was so engrossed in the newspaper that he didn’t notice the familiar face enter the top floor room of the coffee shop. Paul first sensed her presence, then noticed her legs below his paper. He had looked at those legs many times and fantasised about running his hand up between them. He had also made sure he got a peek at her magnificent breasts any time he could without appearing to letch. He knew Julia would not approve of his improper thoughts. She was well spoken and very prim and proper. She was a member of the WI for God’s sake. As these thoughts shot through Paul’s head Julia reached down and pushed the top of his newspaper down greeting him with a big smile.

“Reading that rubbish will rot your brain you know” , she said with a grin.

Before he could answer his eyes had clocked a look at the deep cleavage before him. His cock twitched to a semi-erect state instantly.

“Sorry if it offends you. Wrong political leaning?”

“We better keep off politics or I’m going to win the argument”, she said with an even cheekier küçükçekmece escort grin and sat down next to him with her own tiny, very strong, espresso.

She sat close to him and her body heat burned through Paul. All he could think about was taking her across the table, hoping it didn’t show it on his face. Instead he asked Julia about how she was getting on with the website he had asked her to design for the local party member. At first she had been reluctant to work for the “That scum” as she put it. He had been persistent though as he knew she would come uo with something spectacular. when she had xhown him yhe rough sketches of her ideas he had been impressed and not just with her fantastic body. So after many phone calls she finally agreed to do the job but said she was donating the payment to charity.

After what has seemed like a few minutes but according to Julia’s i-phone had been over an hour of light-hearted banter Julia said she had to get back and de-bug some mark-up script; whatever that was, Paul thought. As she stood to leave she bent to air-kiss his cheek. As she did he smelled her heady scent and glimpsed another eye-full of her wonderful cleavage. Then as she stepped back she somehow knocked the table and spilled the dregs of a coffee cup onto Paul’s light chinos. He jumped up to brush it off and Julia grabbed napkins so mop up the mess before it stained. Later Paul would wonder if he imagined that as she dabbed him down her hand deliberately strayed to his obviously stiff cock. Surely not he would tell himself. A respectable businesswoman like Julia would not be up for rubbing a guys cock in public, it must have been pure accident.

Julia apologised and insisted he come home to her place to allow her to get the stain out. He was enjoying her company and had the rest of the day off so why not he thought. That was how Paul came to be standing in Julia’s kitchen in just küçükyalı escort his Calvin Klein’s watching his trousers go round and round in her washing machine.

“Sorry to put you to all this trouble”, Paul said, “There really was no need”

“I’m not going to let you walk around with brown stains down your trousers. What would the Party say. You might be mistaken for one of the kinky old pervs they keep hidden in the party. You read the papers.” Julia teased.

“Whatbare you getting at?” Paul said, trying to steer her away from some of the more shady aspects of the peopld he worked for.

“You know, like the one found tied up in ladies underwear with an orange in his mouth and a dildo up his bum”, she continued to tease.

Paul was a little shocked that she knew the details of those stories and that she had used the word dildo. He thought she would be appalled to even admit such things existed. He was even more shocked and aroused too when she went on..

“Not that I have anything against someone getting themselves off in any way that floats their boat. We singles all have our guilty secrets don’t we Paul?” she winked as she said the last phrase and continued with a devilish look, “I don’t know how I would get by without my 8″ bigboy and a bottle of lube”

The thought of her using a rubber sex toy and then talking to him about it was making Paul very aroused. He was finding it very difficult to hide the fact as his boxers tented outwards. Trying to hide his hard-on was made even more impossible when he saw that Julia’s eyes were fixed on his crotch. This served to make him harden more.

“I see you have the same problem you had in the coffee shop” she said, eyes still locked on his growing bulge, “what made it grow so much back there? I couldnt help notice as I helped you clean up, hope you didn’t mind”

Well it was too late to deny it best for honesty he thought. maltepe escort

“It was looking at your breasts and the sight of your thighs as your skirt rode up while we talked, that and your smell and just, well just something about you. Some kind of electricity. Do you not feel it?”

“Oh I feel it alright. The crotch of my knickers are soaked right now.” As she said the words she stepped close to him and they locked in a kiss.

What had been building for months was finally out of the bag. He had wanked at the thought of touching her, of shooting his sperm into her imaginary face and over her full breasts over and over. Little did he know, apart for her frank admission of owning a sex toy, that she too had masturbated to fantasies of his body penetrating her as she simulated the act with a thick rubber cock. She had stretched herself as she rubbed her clit and massaged oil into her aching breasts, aching for his touch. A couple of times she had even gone so far as to do it sat at her computer workstation.

Those sessions had begun when she thought about a chance meeting they had had at the local pool. He had looked hot cutting through the water in his swimming trunks and she had gone home unable to focus on work that evening. That evening and others, when the memory came back to her, got her so worked up that she quickly located a porn site and watched a few video clips of women being fucked like she wanted Paul to fuck her. Legs spread she had finger fucked herself to climax. Then, still not satisfied by the cock she so longed for she had gone further and fetched her dildo and lube. Switching on her webcam she had gone to a site for voyeurs and teased the men on-line by inserting the full length of the 8″ black cock first down her throat – teasing them with her deep- throating abilities – then plunging it hard up her dripping pussy till she came on camera for them. In her mind it was Paul she was performing for but the thought of the 20 or so men she could tell were watching shooting their spunk as she came too made her orgasm so much more intense.

Paul knew none of his as he held her and kissed her. Her hand had gripped his cock through the fabric of his pants. His had slipped beneath her skirt and was finding out that her assertion that she was dripping wet was no exageration.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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