My Sister-in-Law

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My Sister-in-Law

By DDDDave

“Big Tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking”

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“They can’t help themselves, men are pigs!” she went on from there but I stopped listening. My sister-in-law had a low opinion of men and she was never shy about sharing it. It was too bad too. She was a gorgeous creature. Blonde hair the fell in ripples down to the small of her back. Green eyes, cupid bow lips that would have looked better working on the end of my cock than going on and on about how disgusting men were.

Amelia had show girl legs, not that she showed them off. She usually wore loose fitting pants. She told me several times that she preferred to dress for comfort. Not for fashion.

She had a slender, toned waist and not an ounce of excess weight. Well, except for her extraordinary breasts which were, from what I could see, much larger than average.

I’d moved in with my brother and his wife while I looked for a job. I’d just graduated from The Institute for Technology and Science and was job hunting in Silicone Valley. My brother, Randolph, had offered to put me up. I think it was as much for the company as anything else. He was the object of Amelia’s scorn on a daily basis just because he was a man. I didn’t understand why he put up with it. I mean, yeah, she was really attractive and sexy (I thought) but enough is enough! I just pretty much kept my head down and focused on finding a job so I could move out!

Even though I tried to ignore Amelia as much as possible she had made it a point to describe to me her opinion of men. And, just to really piss me off, she treated Randolph like dirt! He was my brother. AND he was a really great guy. He didn’t deserve to be treated the way Amelia treated him. So in the few weeks I had spent living under the same roof as them my opinion of my brothers wife had reached a really low level.

Then Randolph came home with some bad news.

“i have to spend a few days in San Diego. The plant manager has been hospitalized and it’s my job to go in and run things until we can get a new manager in place. I’ll be back soon!” And with that my brother was out the door.

That night at dinner Amelia had more wine than usual. In fact, she got a little tipsy. Alright, fine. She got drunk! She had never over-indulged before as far as I knew.

I cleaned up after dinner, filled the dishwasher and cleaned off the counters. Then I went back to trying to find a job.

As I settled into the den with my laptop to scour the jog sites for an opportunity she joined me with a new bottle of wine. I had hoped that she would retire early for the night. But that was not about to happen apparently.

I did my best to tune her out. Her constant griping about the male of the species was boring.

“There are just so few men worthy of a woman. Particularly a woman like myself!” That caught my attention.

“What do you mean, “A woman like myself”? I asked.

“I learned at a young age that someone like myself can draw unwanted attention just by walking around! It’s not fair! It’s not my fault that I was born with more of what men want than most women can offer. Your brother was one of the few that could ignore that aspect and try to engage me on an intellectual level. It’s the main reason I agreed to marry him.”

She sat up straight, drew her shoulders back and looked down at her self complacently. Her pose forced her breasts into massive prominence. As I mentioned before I had known that she was busty. I had not, until now, been aware of just how busty she was. Her breasts as she now displayed them for me were HUGE! Far larger than I would have estimated. Her blouse now had stress lines everywhere and gaps between her buttons.

Her boobs seemed to reach out at least a foot beyond her sternum. They occupied all of her chest from her navel almost to her shoulders! HUGE!

As I watched she smoothed her hands over herself. Her nipples sprang to attention, poking out thru the fabric. She paused to pinch them before continuing to run her hands over herself.

I shifted in my seat. Watching her caress herself was arousing!

She proceeded to lift both tits in her hands and let them drop to bounce in front of her. One of the buttons in the middle gave up and came undone.

Amelia then alternated lifting one and then the other breast. She did this several times before again lifting both at the same time and dropping them together. By now I was almost at full length in my trousers. I was uncomfortable. I used my right hand to Lefkoşa Escort adjust myself while we both watched her chest wiggle and shimmy before coming to a halt.

She looked at me as I continued to watch her chest. Her eyes were wide as she gazed at my groin.

“Most men are pigs! You are a horse!” she exclaimed. “Look at the size of that thing! I’ve never seen the like! I’ve never even imagined a cock like this!” She was running her tongue over her lips while she spoke.

She had both hands in my lap. She stroked and pulled on my hard on. I tried to block her hands but she was determined. One hand was squeezing my dick while the other was stroking over my ball sack.

She was purring with excitement as she caressed me.

“Thicker than my wrist and longer than a ruler I bet! Jesus, what a massive male monument! I can’t reach around it with one hand!” Amelia was all but drooling as she continued to caress my genitals. She had both hands wrapped around me as she slowly stroked from root to tip. Some how she had managed to free my organ from my pants while she had been struggling with me!

“I’ve heard the expression, but this is the first time I’ve seen it! You are a horse-hung stallion! What a big dick!” She was licking her lips and leaning closer to me as she worked.

“I want to see what this amazing dick will feel like in my hungry pussy. Your brother has nothing like this to offer! So fucking big and hard! I adore it!”

“What about men being pigs, unworthy of your interest or involvement?” I asked her.

“That was before I found out what you are packing in your pants! You’re hung like a race horse! Truly a horse-hung stud! I’m going to enjoy getting you to cum and cum and cum! While your brother is out of town I’m going to make it my mission to drain you balls of every drop of sperm you have! Every. Single. Drop!” Again she was licking her lips while staring at my erection.

She bent over me and licked my dick head. She sucked up the juices that had been seeping out while she had been talking. She looked back up at me while swallowing the mouthful that she had collected. Again I watched her tongue venture out to pick up anything that she had missed. She ran her tongue around her lips and then stuck it out further and ran it around my dick head! She took a moment to nurse on my dick head before she went back to running her hands up and down my cock.

“This is amazing! I love big dicks! It’s too bad Randy doesn’t even come close to this marvel! I’d be letting him pound my pussy more often if he could give me even half of what you have to offer, stud!”

Kneeling in front of me she pulled off my loafers and grabbed my pant cuffs to yank my pants down past my knees. She was on her knees staring at my dick. I was still trying to hide myself from her. But it was getting harder to hide as I was getting harder, and larger! She loved it!

She stood up and unbuttoned her blouse. With a sexy dip and turn she dropped the blouse to the floor. She posed in front of me. Exposed was an extremely large bra that was almost capable of holding her boobs. Almost but not quite. She was overflowing the top and side panels! Her boobs were quivering in response to her movements. Sexy!

With a smirk on her lips she unbuttoned her skirt and let it join her blouse on the floor. She was wearing a pair of bikini panties. I would have expected ‘Granny’ panties given that was how she spoke and acted. So I was surprised by the skimpy underwear.

Amelia swept the panties down her legs to show me her neatly trimmed pussy! I could see a trace of moisture on her nether lips as she stood in front of me.

“Do you like big tits, honey? Do you like how large my tits are? Wait until you see them out of this bra! I have big boobs! Really big boobs!” she bragged.

She reached behind her to undo the bra’s closure. Then she slowly, erotically, let the straps fall down her arms. She turned her back to me and tossed the bra to one side. Before she turned around I could see her boobs to either side of her torso.

She cupped her hands over her boobs as she turned to face me. Her boobs were much bigger than her hands could contain! Her nipples and aureola were covered but there was a lot of breast flesh still on display. And an epic cleavage that looked like it could encompass the New York City Telephone book. (Remember those? Huge books!) She squeezed herself together, deepening her cleavage and forcing her tits outward in all directions.

She laughed at the expression on my face as she leaned forward a little and pulled her Kıbrıs Escort hands away dramatically. Those epic knockers swung and shook as she stepped closer to me. Without warning I was engulfed in her boobs. She was slapping me, motor-boating me, making my head bounce left and right as her epic melons pounded me!

“C’mon, grab hold honey! Play with my big, fat titties! I know you want to. All men want to play with my huge knockers! And I want you to play with my tits! Squeeze my nipples! Pull on them! Make me feel your hands on my boobs!

She may have been a bitch but she was right! I wanted to play with her tits. I liked tits and hers were the biggest I’d ever seen let along be able to grab hold, squeeze and play with!

I put my hands to the outside of those melons and pressed inward. My head was engulfed in the deepest cleavage I’d ever imagined. Both my ears were covered with tit flesh while I shook my head left and right. Amelia was giggling as I worked. She was enjoying what I was doing as much as I was!

I moved to pinch her nipple with one hand while I sucked on the other stiff nubbin. She groaned in response and used both hands to pull me to her even harder!

She took one hand and continued to pull on my dick. I was at full strength as she worked. She was moaning and groaning, purring with pleasure.

She pulled back just enough to smile into my eyes.

“I have amazing tits, don’t I stud? In fact I have an amazing body! Good genetics! 48-22-34 and I’m 5’10” tall! I’m a lot of woman! And you are a LOT of man! So thick! So hard and so wonderfully long! I can’t wait to…”

She never finished the sentence. Instead she swung her leg over me and settled above my lap. While I kept on playing with her boobs she slotted my dick head between her pussy lips. There was moisture aplenty and she had no trouble pressing herself down on my cock. In moments she had started to work her way down my shaft.

“Ohh, fuck! You are so big! So much bigger than anyone I’ve ever slept with! What a man! What a stud! So much better than anyone else! Don’t stop! Keep on fucking my horny cunt! But don’t cum in me! I’m not on the pill or anything! Pull out before you cum!”

She didn’t slow down. She kept up a steady rhythm! Slowly she was able to take more and more of my big hard-on. She was yelping with pleasure and pushing herself harder and harder.

She froze in place as the first orgasm roared thru her. I could feel her pussy walls clamping and shivering on my dick. After she recovered a little bit she started up again. In the next fifteen or twenty minutes Amelia had at least three more orgasms. She was really loving my big, hard dick! She fell back onto the chair and pulled me up over her. She pulled my dick into her and started beating her heels on my ass to get me to fuck her at least as hard as she had been doing. She had another two orgasms with me on top!

“I’m going to cum!” I announced. “You’ve got me right on the edge you fucking slut!”

“No! Don’t cum in me! I’m not on the pill! Pull it out! Don’t cum in me!”

I yanked myself back and once I had pulled myself from her clasping cunt I jacked myself off over her twitching body! Streams of cum landed in her hair and between her tits as she gasped and laughed!

“So much! So very much! I’ve never seen so much cum in one place before,” she exclaimed.

“Here,” I told her, “clean me up!” I had moved around to where I could drop my dickhead on her lips.

“OH, yes, let me suck it up! I want it all!” Her lips were locked behind the head of my cock as she slurped and sucked to pick up all that there was left. She never stopped. She didn’t even slow down. Using both hands she stroked and pulled. She was taking the head and several inches of my cock. She rolled toward me and while she was sucking on my dick she was using one hand to fondle my ball sack while the other stroked the eight or so inches that she wasn’t forcing down her throat.

My man-hating sister-in-law was giving me the best blow-job I’d ever gotten! Amazing!

As she kept on cleaning me up and encouraging me to reach full strength she made clear to me that she didn’t hate me. She was just very disappointed that so few men were able to give her the kind of treatment that she longed for. And what she longed for was pretty straight-forward. She longed for a massively thick, horrendously long cock that could spew cum for her time and time again!

Living room



Upstairs Hallway


Spare Room

Master Bathroom

Shower in Master Lefkoşa Escort Bath

Downstairs Bathroom

Dining room


That is the list of places where Amelia and I fucked over the next day and a half. Most of them were used more than once.

When she got started she didn’t give up! I had never had so much sex in such a short time. And Amelia didn’t want to stop! At some point she stopped dressing for comfort and started dressing to tease! Tight and low-cut. Short skirts with out panties! Not that she was dressed that much! Most of the time she was naked. Either riding my erection or kneeling in front of me encouraging me to go faster, harder, deeper! Some times she would pull me on top of her and wrap herself around me with her hands and legs while her amazingly agile pussy would wrap itself around my very appreciative dick!

This is a typical interaction:

I walked into the dining room to find Amelia bent over the side table sorting knives and forks. Her skin tight skirt was so short that half of her buttocks could be seen! And again she had no panties on. Her neatly trimmed pussy was clearly visible. And damp with excitement!

She knew I was there but she ignored me. As she worked her butt swung back and forth, back and forth.

I unzipped my fly and extracted my hard-on. She never turned around.

As I slid behind her I used one hand to jiggle my dick head against her pussy lips. With my other hand I grabbed her hair and pulled her back so that her spine arched and her butt was forced against me! She gasped with pleasure as my dick started to force its way deeper and deeper into her pussy. To add a little spice I started to slap her ass with my free hand. I spanked her harder and harder. She loved it! She was crying my name and begging for more as I fucked hell out of her spasming cunt!

As I worked her big, fat titties bounced out from the low-cut top she was wearing. She grabbed onto her one nipple and pulled and twisted it while she drove herself against me. The other boob bounced and slapped against the table top while she gasped with excitement.

I think she came at least three times before her knees gave way and she ended up crouched on the floor, panting with excitement. I gave her a moment to recover and then I stepped up and slapped my dick against her lips. She licked up everything she could get and then she drew my dick head between her lips.

“This has been a lot of fun,” I told her. She looked up at me while still sucking on my prick. “But Randolph will be home tomorrow and we can’t keep going on like this!” I could see her thinking over what I had said. She seemed upset.

“But I don’t want to stop!” she told me. “Your prick is the biggest and the best I’ve ever had! You can’y expect me to give up the best sex of my life! You just can’t!” She continued to run her tongue around my dick head, seeking the last of the cum I had spewed out.

“Well, I’ve been thinking about it. Here’s my idea. You need to distract Randolph from the chance that you might be getting the hell fucked out of you every day. And the way to do that is to fuck hell out of HIM every day! If he’s getting a lot of sex he’s not going to worry too much about what else might be going on!”

“So if you want to keep on getting fucked with my big hard dick, you need to keep his dick limp with exhaustion! So, if you want to ride me, you need to get Randolph to ride you! It won’t be difficult.”

“So if I keep Randy satisfied, you will keep ME satisfied. Is that it?”

“Thats it. Deal?”

“Yeah, I can do that! It’s a deal!

So the next day when Randolph walked in he was greeted by his wife wearing a sexy combination of short skirt and tight blouse bulging with breasts. She held him close and gave him a hot kiss before she whispered something in his ear and dragged him to their bedroom.

Almost and hour and a half later she emerged from the bedroom wearing only a skimpy negligee and stiletto heels.

“Randy is asleep. He’ll be out for hours!” she told me as she climbed into my lap and onto my cock. She had me hard in no time, swinging her tits in my face. Then she spent the next forty-five minutes riding from one orgasm to another. I ejaculated twice without her getting off of me but when she did dismount she cleaned me up with her cupid bow lips.

Amelia kept our deal. She would take Randolph to the bedroom and drain his balls before she would ambush me and get me to give her the deep-dicking that she craved.

“This is great,” she enthused at one point. “It turns out that Randy loves to eat my pussy! And he is so good at it! I can cum almost as much on his face as I can on your immense cock! When I wear my teasing little outfits he grabs my ass and treats me so well! And I do enjoy teasing him with my big titties and tight booty! Now come over here and get to work you stud bull!”

The Endddd

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