Natural Progression

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She broke the kiss, not me. We were both panting, and she was covered in a light sheen of sweat that made her skin glimmer. It fascinated me…I could have stared at her for hours. Just holding her in my arms was more than I could ever have hoped for. She was so beautiful. She reached up and stroked my hair with one soft hand, and I closed my eyes, revelling in her touch, drinking it up.

And then, I lost control..

It was my first time, but instinct took over. I looked into her eyes as I laid a hand to her shoulder and gently pushed her onto her back. Her eyebrows twitched and her eyes widened slightly in surprise, but she let me take the lead.

I started at her neck, kissing and nipping…making my way slowly downward. Her breath caught several times, and the sound drove me wild. I wanted to go faster, but my instincts warned me that it would be a mistake. I worked my hands underneath her shirt and slid them upwards, taking her shirt with it. She arched her back to make it easier to take her shirt off, but the sight was too inviting, and I abandoned the shirt to focus my attentions on her stomach. I kissed my way from her chest to her navel….slow, wet, hungry kisses. When I looked up from beyoğlu escort her belt buckle, i saw that she had finished removing her shirt…there was nothing standing between me and her heart. Except for two perfect, lovely breasts, which I wasted no time in showering with attention. Every touch of my lips to her skin brought about a response….a sound or motion that made me feel nearly feral with love and desire. I brought myself up to kiss her lips as my hands slid downward to deal with the belt buckle.

With her belt undone, I could have a bit of fun removing her jeans. I grasped her button in my teeth and, with a shake of my head, it came unsnapped. With my hands on her hips, I nipped her zipper in the same fashion and pulled downward, unfastening her fly as I went and pulling her pants down with me. She pushed up against my face to lift her hips and let me get her jeans past them, and suddenly I realized what I was about to do. My heart began to pound in my ears and I paused for a moment, trying to assess my situation. But as soon as I caught sight of her little black thong, all thoughts abandoned me and my instincts focused on removing all obstacles.

I tossed her jeans aside and began to work sarıyer escort my way up the insides of her thighs…..licking a wet trail up to her bikini line, then blowing cold air on it to arouse her senses. I could feel her hands on my shoulders and back, grasping my shirt now and then in response to a particular action she liked. I decided to experiment with a thought that popped into my head. I placed my mouth directly on the crotch of her panties, and let go a soft flow of hot air. She clawed a handful of my hair and pushed me down harder, and that was all the approval I needed.

Slowly I slid the black thong down…..I had achieved my goal, and I wanted to enjoy seeing my prize. And suddenly, there she was……naked, beautiful….and MINE. Her breasts rose and fell with her breathing….her cheeks were flushed…..her eyes locked onto mine, and she mouthed one word… word that i had longed for her to say…one word that made all my doubts dissolve like smoke in the wind.


With that word, suddenly, she was in the lead. And I obeyed. Looking into her eyes, I lowered my face down until she closed her eyes in expectation…and I was running on pure instinct. Nipping…. sucking…licking…..moving maslak escort in circles..side to side…flickering….harder, softer…..moving slower, quicker, losing all hope of control, moaning, writhing, grasping, clawing, scratching, faster, faster, faster, blurring in my mind and screaming in my ears……

And then it all went silent. Her back arched as she exploded with a gutteral grunt that sounded almost painful….like the wind had been knocked out of her. Her body was tensed, and her fingers were knotted in my hair, clutching my face to her. I slowed my pace and softened my touch….not stopping, but not tormenting her. She trembled as she began to relax….still riding the waves that flowed through her body. Both of us were breathing heavily, and my jaw began to ache with the effort, but not enough to make me want to stop pleasing her. Finally, she ran her fingers through my hair, and I lifted my head to look her in the eyes.We were both panting from the night’s activities, and for a moment, we just stared at each other. Then she smiled at me, and I smiled back. God, she was so beautiful.

After a time, I slid into place beside her, holding her against me, and buried my face in her hair. We lay there for a while, in silence, just content in the feel of each other. The heat from her body burned the night into my memory forever.

I could feel her heartbeat as she fell asleep in my arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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