New Start for Her Ch. 08

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Ch8. Carol is in for some new developments as she is changing Jackie´s life. Both will find Terry is up for keeps. Carol had planned to peg Jackie in time but knowing what will come to be she decides to do it sooner than originally thought wanting him to like her more than he could get to like Terry´s pegging the day she does have him.


Carol is happy that Jackie met Terry in a more intimate way, this being into her fetishes. Terry likes Jackie very much and although she did think they´d get along she never thought Terry would be that much into him, which makes her feel even more comfortable with both of them. Carol had thought before them meeting for a first time that Jackie with a not too much enthusiastic Terry would accept maybe occasional play; her own thoughts were a total misconception. It is true that Jackie is learning her ways and up to now having not gone hard on him, which makes him a willing submissive. Jackie is now living permanently with Carol. Everyday day that passes he is becoming voluntary Carol´s total possession. Dutifully as a Mistress to him, she adds more meaning to his new life as a submissive, always tactfully and nevertheless strategically taking the steps in which he will see her as the one and only. Carol is aware that Terry´s outspoken comments of her liking him put her on the defensive with Jackie. She doubts Terry would snatch him off her because she likes women and knows Terry also has a crush on her this is something she will have to look into and think about as it goes from now on.

Carol wakes up and makes breakfast and soon Jackie is in dressed for work, “Love I´m off to work.”

“Have a good day; I have some thoughts to share with you when you get back today.” Carol said knowing it will make him think what´s it about but won´t tell him yet.

“Please my love and Mistress; can you give me a hint, something tangible?” Jackie asked.

“Well, it´s about us, I need more from you as my slave gimp and love.” Carol said taking a sip of coffee and hiding her face with the cup trying to keep hidden a witty smile.

“I know you won´t give me more now, I wish you would and not just that before knowing I´m off to work.” Jackie said.

“We can remedy that by you not working; we are going to see to that.” Carol said with a sweet Mistress face, nevertheless a Mistress one.

Jackie by now knows her when she is changing into the Mistress mode and said, “Yes Mistress, see you this afternoon.”

Carol is happy he is accepting her every way and she has not had to find alternatives or difficult tactics to make him hers. She is aware they match in her way of life, if not by now she would be having handling problems with him including frictions of a submissive who wants to be a top or who is not truly a submissive a dominant woman wants to own. Taking him into this life is work but with him it´s pleasant. The day rolls on and Jackie is back within minutes of his everyday timetable, which Carol knows undoubtedly. Jackie is now in the house and said, “Hello Carol.”

“Hello love, I´ve made some cappuccinos for us, but before sitting undress totally for me excepting the underwear.” Carol said.

“Yes Carol…Mistress.” Jackie answered confused with the warm welcome and an order of his Mistress.

“I´m glad you are confused your face expresses it.” Carol said.

“You did say you wanted to share some ideas with me.” Jackie said.

“Yes, I did and now that I see you obeyed me by using knickers, I´ll be Carol and not Mistress if you behave, sit please.” Carol said.

“Carol what´s this about, it´s the first time you have acted in a strange way that I have noticed.” Jackie said.

“Maybe yes, tell me are you comfortable with the life we are sharing?” Carol asked.

“Yes, I am, we seem to like each other and I accept and like the fetishes we share.” Jackie said then drinking from his cup thoughtful.

“Well, I want our relationship to go deeper and hope you can understand my point of view knowing that you are my slave, gimp and love.” Carol said waiting Jackie´s thoughts on it.

“I love you and you know that. I caught on with the way of life you want easily and feel comfortable. I know as you have said I or we have some more trail until it all fits together. It must be a big issue what you are about to say, because you are being somewhat diplomatic as you tread into it.” Jackie said.

“I like your willingness to hear me out always and I admit that for the odd thing you questioned you have accepted everything from me I also add that I make an effort to find the most convenient way to make you to accept your total devotion to me. I´m aware you accept my manipulation with you as part of this way of life, which I thank and love you for it. Even if new to all of it after you try something, you assimilate it immediately accepting it as part of us. Here is what I want next my love, would you be willing to let go of your job? I know it is jigolo seks hikayeleri not too long until you retire, but I have more than enough. I want to claim you as mine in a total way. I know it might not be your idea, but it is now mine wanting you to accept me taking control, total control over you.” Carol said looking into Jackie´s face.

Jackie taken aback as if hit strike out in the first try. Waiting and not wanting to raise a worthless discussion, but a constructive one said, “I know you want more, never seeing this side to it even suspecting it. As you have mentioned I voluntarily let you manipulate me, accepting you all the way I must say you´ve done it expertly congratulations for that Mistress.” Carol smiles to his words he remains silent a moment and then carries on, “You certainly have me and pushing for more. I like the idea of being with you and that is why I moved in permanently. My job has its up´s and downs I have settled easy with you and your ways. Not having my job now would be a new experience, which I would be open to try. The job acts more as an external scenery than anything else if I drop it now what happens if it´s too much for me being round the clock with you?” Jackie asked.

“Love it will happen eventually I do agree I´m asking a lot from you but at the same time your reasonable comment tells me that you could do it freely without feeling totally forced. I know I have chosen the right moment to ask you and yes, of course I manipulate you and know that at moments it thrills you and that is part of it all. I might understand your need for external activity with a mind like yours. We can share a lot of things here and know we will enjoy them intellectually so if you do get some external activity you would be willing to drop your job and that activity can be fixed for you.” Carol said already knowing what will be her next step.

“Putting it that way I could get to accept it Carol and by now know you have something in mind.” Jackie said.

“You don´t read my mind, but clearly catch my way of thinking and that is wonderful love. Yes, I have something in mind, let me see and once I have if it´s possible then you´ll have to quit.” Carol said thinking of Terry who mentioned she needed someone giving her a hand.

Carol having in mind getting Jackie to quit his job has now some difficulty getting in touch with Terry who has her phone turned off. Finally, a couple days after having had the conversation with Jackie about quitting she is able to get hold of Terry and both decide to meet up for lunch. Terry dressed business like and Carol discreetly sexy. Carol always tries to find an angle with Terry and see if she can make her submissive as she is to her. Terry is always entertained at Carol´s futile moves she does not fully understand that Terry has a lot of experience with women. She learnt most of the attitudes when they want to top her and it´s been a long time since that happened only once it took place. Carol is no match for her mostly because she possesses a vast experience with women in and out of bed. With men, she cuts them short unless of course they are willing to play a submissive role. Nevertheless, Terry lets Carol advance in the cat and mouse game until she decides to put her claw out and claim what is hers. Today the game is short and sweet as they sensually look at each other and Terry kisses her saying, “Carol, ready to be mine?”

“I´m here because you mentioned that you could or need somebody helping you in your business.” Carol said not answering her offer knowing she lost.

“Yes, I did mention it to Jackie are you the one interested?” Terry asked somewhat confused.

“Oh, no it´s not for me I do have a possible candidate but want to check it out with you and know what is it you need and expect.” Carol said.

“Well, I expect whoever is my assistant to be available mostly for a half a day job, sometimes more and others times the job can have a couple of free days depending on business which seems to be growing somewhat. It is not a job to think of making a future of in any sense please be advised of that.” Terry said.

“So, it´s job to make some money. Is it to deliver materials to the clinics?” Carol asked.

“Yes, it is and sometimes take some supply orders including administration of paper work. Now I´m intrigued do I know this person?” Terry asked.

“Yes, you do it´s someone you want to turn into your girlfriend if you have the chance.” Carol said with a grin.

“Oh god is it true would you want her working with me and would you let me make her?” Terry asked excited.

“No, I will not let you make her and yes it´s for the job; I want better control of Jackie. Let me ask you since when are you into men?” Carol asked now knowing Jackie has picked up an interest she never saw with other males around her.

“Onto men it´s only occasional and have only been with one who eagerly wanted to be turned, which is not quite the same with Jackie. I admit I cannot get quite around if it´s because he is with you or it´s him altogether, but it would be the first time I openly want a guy although you know my purpose, which is not receiving but giving he has something. If he works with me I´ll play mind games until you allow me to go forward I promise unless something changes with us. I know once you make him or even before that you´ll both be submissive to me and you love it.” Terry said already putting it clear what her intentions are.

Carol looked at Terry in silence thinking that her words are not just a lame intention. She might truly want her as a submissive. Can Terry be so interested? She shortly stopped the thought then said, “Fine if work is available I´ll get back to you as soon I can get Jackie ready for this change.” Carol picks up the thought again would she become a switch with her can it happen, maybe.

“Is it him who wants the job or you?” Terry asked.

“I want him to quit and he wants at least something to do other than being my slave at least now later on will see.” Carol said.

“Well then the door is open when you want it do please let me know.” Terry said as they finish their meal.

“Will you want dessert?” Carol asked.

“Yes I would are you available?” Terry asked with a smile.

“I was not speaking about that type and I feel I have to keep my relationship honest do you mind if I ask him?” Carol asked.

“No don´t let´s leave it for another time that is another reason I like you so much you respect who is with you even if you own him.” Terry said.

“You make me aware I´ve never had the guts to openly date a woman but if I ever did I now know it be you.

“Then I´ll have to get Jackie another Mistress you tell me when.” Terry said half smiling.

“Oh Terry sorry I never thought you had such a crush on me. I should have never brought the subject up.” Carol said.

“On the contrary you have let me get a load off my chest thank you. Don’t worry by you having Jackie we are together again and we can share a lot the three of us and I mean it when I say the three of us just don´t ask me why but I feel for him.” Terry said only knowing that at moments, she even wants him by her side and the feeling seems to be growing.

“That is good to hear. You know that the other couple who helped me meet Jackie also want a piece of him but he is not interested and I now notice that he did not mention any of that about you to me.” Carol said.

“Well Carol it´s time to leave; I have an appointment let me know how it develops.” Terry said as they leave in their own vehicles.

Carol is feeling and digesting Terry´s words about loving her and it makes her feel different it is not just the sex any longer it has another ingredient, which gives her mixed feelings. She is back at her house still with lingering thoughts. The woman that comes over to clean the house looks at her knowing she has something in her mind and as soon as she is finished she collects her money and is off. An hour later Jackie is coming into the house Carol hears him as he closes the main door, “Jackie?” Carol calls.

“Yes give me a second.” Jackie said as he drops on a table some papers, keys and then goes to where she is.

“Hello love how did your day go?” Carol asked.

“Believe me when I tell you I love my work but they´ve appointed a buffoon at the head of the branch everybody was expecting our immediate boss to take over.” Jackie said upset.

“I´m sorry for that Jackie and your boss must be miserable.” Carol said understanding the situation.

“Thank you Carol for your words. A team of us checked with headquarters and guessing the amount of calls they received they are suspecting at least that the new head is not liked or wanted.” Jackie said.

“So what are you planning to do love?” Carol asked thinking at the same time this new person is helping her out with her own agenda.

“Two of my colleagues have interviews tomorrow at the rival company which happens to be expanding they are going to let me know and if it´s worth it they´ll put a word in for me.” Jackie said.

That is not going to favour Carol´s plan and said, “Jackie I know you are upset and are a team player. We have not gone much into conversation about your job but I see you look up to your boss.” Carol said.

“Yes, I appreciate him very much he´s a heck of good guy even if being a boss.” Jackie said.

“I know you are upset but slightly changing subject and although you do not have a desk here I think you also have a boss here but I prefer being called Mistress.” Carol said calmly.

Jackie´s face suddenly lost it´s frustration and anger to become that of an unintended mistaken one, “I… I´m so ringed up with what happened today. You my Mistress kindly lending your ear to me that I just carried on. Yes, I know who you are to me love sorry this awkward situation did get me carried away. Yes my love you are my Mistress always.” Jackie said looking into her beautiful eyes.

“Independent of being my slave you are a sweet man Jackie. Once you feel you have cooled down from this awful office day I´d like to pick up the conversation about you leaving your job and as it happens to be my asking for it seems to have fallen into the right moment.” Carol said.

“Yes in a way it all seems to be fitting in as puzzle pieces.” Jackie said knowing his Mistress will not look at it well if he moves to another company. He looks away at a painting he enjoys watching still with his own thoughts understanding that his is into crossroads now.

Carol has seen him many a time staring at the painting yet today she wants his answer and the quicker she can force it out of him the better, “Do tell me what is in your mind. Please consider Jackie that I´m kind with you now and have bent my arm listening to you accepting certain liberties I´ve given you. At the same time we have agreed that I own you, you are mine, my property. I want you to understand that your attention and devotion is with me your owner, Mistress Carol and not your pal from the office.” Carol said claiming back her rightful place.

“Yes, Mistress Carol, I appreciate your kindness with me which I understand you do out of love making it even bigger for me. I love you Carol, Mistress Carol, it seems as you said your suggestion only came in a little earlier. Tomorrow is Friday and the end of the month as well so I´ll be coming back with a box containing my things.” Jackie said.

“Thank you love you are very kind accepting my ways.” Carol said knowing it is the perfect moment for him to quit because the main reason is she is and will be the new boss of his life.

On Friday, Jackie goes over to his office in weekend clothes and an empty box when the co-workers see him they know his decision and don´t question him they know. He has a short chat with who was until then his boss and they wish each other well. He takes it easy and joins the rest for a short coffee break knowing he is not the only one leaving but waits until he knows the news from the others. Anyway, it will become an anecdote soon enough since his new life is making him take a turn, which he does not mention at least for the time being if they happen to join up on a weekend he´ll find the adequate way to mention how his life is from now on. Jackie is back at Carol´s house. Carol is so happy taking over his life that she puts him into confining bondage and phones Terry up far enough from him so he cannot hear what she has to say. They fix to meet up tomorrow as if by chance they´ll bump into each other making it look just coincidence playing a little with Jackie. Carol notices that Terry is calling Jackie her submissive also. When ending the conversation Terry points out that they both will be submissive and belong to her Carol does not answer but knows if Terry decides to push her, she will submit not having found a way to change her status yet. Maybe Terry likes to have a challenge from her and once she nearly did get Terry to flip to the submissive side but it was only nearly. After that Carol, untied Jackie and they spent the rest of the day between conversation and films.

Saturday morning they have breakfast not too early and share some time gardening. Carol suggests they go out Jackie agrees. Carol dresses sensual somewhere between weekend and formal not telling Jackie anything about meeting Terry so he is in plain weekend clothes. They are on the street with Carol doing some window shopping when he sees a pair of nice well fitted leather pants from the back just a couple of feet from them as she turns Jackie sees it´s Terry and she caught his eyes glued to her leathered arse. She smiles and goes towards them only then Carol notices her presence, which added to the scene. It just worked out perfectly the way they meet and Jackie will never know they had fixed it previously, ¨Hello there to both of you. ¨ Terry said kissing them both.

¨Hi Terry nice to see you and looking sexy too. ¨ Carol said.

¨You do too, I do now understand why you use a cage on your boy his eyes glued on me, and I know he was not aware it was I; you are naughty Jackie. ¨ Terry said laughing.

“That is the problem I have by keeping him horny nevertheless it does pay off.” Carol said looking at both of them.

“Hm, I guess I will then follow suit when you let me play with Jackie.” Terry said.

“How about we have a bite together?” Carol said.

“Yes, that would be nice.” Terry added.

“Shall we go to our usual place?” Carol asked.

“Yes so that Jackie gets to know it and since it has boxes would you let him sit by my side?” Terry asked and Carol looked at her and then suddenly knew why.

“I see you do not lose a minute when something catches your eye and mind.” Carol said laughing and adding, “What have you to say Jackie?”

“Sorry I missed on that one you both have a language of your own.” Jackie said.

“No, we don´t but we do have some understanding of each other, which in time has led to these sorts of situations.” Terry said and led the way letting Jackie see a little more of her knowingly.

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