Nick Helps Val with a Problem

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NOTE: All characters in this story are fictional and of legal age for all of the various activities (over 18 years of age) that may occur. I am the sole owner to the copyright of this submission


My name is Nick and this is the story of how I finally lost my virginity.

I was a Senior in High School at the time, and the only one of my friends that still had their virginity, a subject that was brought up much more often than I would have liked. If you’re reading this story, I’m sure you aren’t interested in my social activities near as much as my sexual exploit that is yet to be described.

The best place to begin would be to introduce the girl who finally relieved my of my, er, condition. Her name was Valerie, but all of her friends simply called her Val. Fortunately for me, I was included in this select circle due to the fact that she was my neighbor. While she was not the hottest girl in my class by any means, she wasn’t anything to laugh at either. Carrying herself at around 5 feet 6 inches with 34B size breasts. She is a slightly chubby brunette, but it works really well for her, displaying in the right areas.

I returned home from school one afternoon to find Val and her mother sitting in the living room talking with my mother. I had noticed that she was not in class today, but hadn’t given it much thought. Apparently she had just decided to take the day off to go shopping with her mother, and my mom had tagged along. They had just returned and were dropping off my mother’s buys before returning home. I said my greetings and excused myself to the kitchen for a drink, and to surprise and delight Val elected to join me.

Not that we never spoke to each other, but it had been years since we’d ever really been alone together. Usually it was with a group of friends or with our parents at some sort of event. I poured us each a drink and we said the usual “How are you?” type comments that are to be expected. She caught me off guard by telling me that she had a favor to ask of me, but that she felt uncomfortable doing it right now, and asked if I could come over her house tomorrow evening after school. This was no problem for me as I didn’t get to spend time alone with girls that were attractive all that often, so we made plans to meet around 4:30 the following day.

Sleep never came easy to me, and I was curious as to what favor Val would want from me that she couldn’t ask me earlier. Of course my mind went through an entire array of fantasies, which made my cock nice and hard, so I slipped into my bathroom and stroked out a quick one before returning to bed.

School dragged on worse than usual as it was the time when nobody assigns any work but we still have to attend. When the day finally ended, around 3pm, I drove home and had time to make a snack and watch some t.v. before heading over to Val’s house. I walked as it was only a few houses down, and she opened the door as I was walking up the Gaziantep Elden Ödeme Alan Escort sidewalk.

Once inside she informed me that she was home alone, which was why she had asked me to come at this time. Her parents had just gone out to visit her grandparents and wouldn’t be back til this evening. She led me up to her bedroom, a fact that I considered odd but was in no state of mind to question, where I sat down in the computer chair and she sat on her bed.

Without wasting anytime, she said, “I asked you over here to help me with a problem I’ve been having. I’m going off to college this fall, and am quite nervous at what I will find there. Everybody is excited at the chance to start fresh, however I feel that I’ve never really started in High School, and don’t want to make the same mistake twice. I wanted to have your, um…, input on something quite personal. You see…I’m still a virgin and don’t want to go to college without any experience, so I was hoping that you may be able to help me with it?”

I simply sat stunned, realizing that all of my fantasies from last night were close to coming true. “What exactly did you have in mind?”, I replied. “You are aware that I’m still a virgin as well, right?”

“Well, that was part of the reason I wanted to ask you, Nick, since we’ve been friends for pretty much our entire lives, and I know that you aren’t much more experienced than me. I don’t want to be taken advantage of, I just want to experiment.”

This was fine by me, however I was still a bit shocked so could only nod my head and issue a “Sure.” Frankly, I don’t even think it could be understood, it was more of just a squeak. She seemed to understand my shyness on the matter, so she came over and took my hand, and guided me to the bed to sit next to her.

She kissed me then, and this wasn’t the kiss of two young teens experimenting, this was a kiss of lust. Carnal instinct took over, and I reached my hand behind her and gently pulled her closer to me, kissing her passionately. Aware that we were both new to this, I slowly took the initiative and ran my hand up her side and gently caressed her breast. At this she let out a slight moan and set her hand on my leg. This sent shivers up my spine and made my already hard cock twitch in my pants.

She broke the kiss then, and separated herself from me. She stood up and began to undress in front of me, there was no music and we were both amateurs, so it was nothing like a dance, but it turned me on nonetheless. She stopped when she was down to her bra and panties, and stood staring at me. I guess that was my cue, so I quickly took off my shirt and pants leaving me in my boxers.

She joined me on the bed and kissed me again as we scooted back to lay down. I started to rub my hands all over her body, eventually leading myself to the clasp of her bra and unfastened it. She broke the kiss just long enough to let it slip off of her arms revealing her perfect (in my eyes) breasts. The nipples were not to big, but were nice and hard as my eyes took in my first pair of breasts. Without even thinking about it my hands found them and began to fondle, tweaking her nipples which made Val moan with pleasure.

While I’m no expert on the art of sex, I have watched a lot of porn so I knew what I was supposed to do. I lowered my head and began to lick around her exposed nipples, sending rods of pleasure through her body. She held my head against her breasts with one hand, while her other hand found its way down between our bodies and began to caress my cock through my boxers. She hesitantly slid her hand inside, not quite sure what she would find. Not to toot my own horn, but I have a great cock compared to some of the guys I’ve seen in the locker rooms at school. It isn’t huge like you see in porn, but it is a nice thick 6.5 or 7 inches, slightly curved.

Her hand wrapped around my cock and began to slowly stroke it. After a few minutes of this we broke apart and she slid down the bed and started to remove my boxers. As my cock stood to attention, she grabbed it in her hand and licked it for the first time. It took all of my willpower not to come right there. I let her know just how close I was, so as not to surprise her. She thought it would be a good idea to let me cum once so that I could last longer later, so she took my cock into her mouth and slowly licked around the head. I was going wild at this point, and told her that I was going to cum any second now, which only made her lick faster. It was at that moment that I exploded into her mouth, causing her to gag slightly as my cum hit the back of her mouth. She kept my cock in her mouth, though, as I continued to shoot blast after blast of hot cum.

I was amazed when she showed me it in her mouth, closed it and then swallowed. Looking at my now semi-hard penis she asked, “When will it be ready again?”

“Well…I would love to return the favor, and that should get me going quite quickly.” I then proceeded to lay her back down and crawled between her legs, running my hands up her legs. I gently lifted her up and slid her panties off, gaining my first glimpse of the promised land. I was caught off guard once again when I realized that she was shaven completely, although I suppose she had been planning on this occasion.

I placed my hands on her breasts and began to squeeze them as I gently licked her pussy from bottom to top. I felt her shiver underneath me, so I knew she liked it. Thinking about what I’ve read on the art of pussy-eating, I spread her lips apart and began to suck on her exposed clit. I was amazed at how aroused she was, she was basically gushing her delicious juices. It wasn’t long after I had began to suck her clit that her hands were pushing my head into her pussy and she was climaxing, giving me a nice fresh stream of juice in my mouth.

Knowing she was more than ready, I slowly rose up and kissed her, placing my cock on top of her pussy. She moaned and placed one of her hands on top of my cock, slowly pushing it down. When I felt the opening around the head of my cock, I gently eased forward. She flinched under me, but confirmed she was okay by placing her legs around me and pulling me slowly into her. When I reached her barrier, I kissed her hard before pushing hard enough to smash through any resistance.

Gasping, she arched her back, pressing her body into mine. I couldn’t believe that I was actually inside of her right now, a soaking wet velvety feel surrounding my cock. We stayed locked in this position for a few minutes, allowing both of us to catch our breath, her from the pain and me to let my excitement relax slightly.

After our breathing settled, I slowly pulled myself until I felt the head was ready to pop out, and then I slid back in. I continued doing this slowly at first, but began to pick up speed as I realized she was enjoying it more and more.

This being my first time, I was quickly ready to cum, however she wasn’t done with me yet. Wanting to try another position, she pushed me off of her and onto my back, climbing on top of me. She gave me a minutes respite by putting her breasts in my face, giving me something to suck on. When I finally settled down some she positioned herself above my cock. She began teasing me by sliding the head of my cock around her pussy lips. I felt like I was going to go insane, but she eventually slid herself deeper onto my cock.

It didn’t take long until she was hopping up and down on my cock, driving me quickly to the edge again. She bent over and kissed me deeply then and whispered in my ear, “Cum inside me, I want the first time to be special.”

While years of hearing about the risks of sex should have been screaming inside my head, I chose to ignore them and began to lift my hips in succession with her. A few pumps later I exploded, planting my seed deep inside her pussy. After the first eruption of cum inside her, Val reached her orgasm at the same time, slamming down on top of me and moaning loudly. I was so turned on by this beautiful woman on top of me, with my cock spurting cum into her pussy.

After riding out our respective waves of ecstasy, she climbed off of me and collapsed next to me on the bed. We lay like this for some time, her hand gently running up and down my chest, before she realized that she was leaking cum all over her bed. In fact, her sheets were pretty much soaked, so she hurriedly cleaned herself up and commenced to change her sheets.

I went into the bathroom to relieve myself after a satisfying evening. Walking back out, I was surprised to see her laying on top of a towel on her bed. Apparently her parents had just called letting her know that they had decided to spend the night at their grandparents and just head back tomorrow morning.

I quickly called home to let my mom know that I was staying at a friends, and what followed was yet another sleepless night, only this time for a reason I was quite happy with.

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