Nights of Alsitor: Hades and Persephone Ch. 01

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Hades gritted his teeth, fingers twitching at his side. He was panting, drips of sweat running down his bare back, his shoulders, his forehead, soaking the blindfold. It annoyed him, though it was fine silk, he fought the impulse to take it off. He had been preparing for this night, deep in the caves that span the foundations of the Alsitor mountain range, and his role as [prisoner/guest/slave/student] was not one he had volunteered for without heavy consideration. He didn’t blame his beloved motherland for losing a war long ago, but were taught to be grateful that an everlasting truce could be formed for the low price of a dozen young men every year. Those sent to the Ephaemeryl nation were always returned a month later, alive, but never speaking about the strange Ephaemeryl race- oddly twisted bodies, piping voices with the power to rob weak men of their sanity, eyes that can warp a man’s willpower- but would often be summoned back, sworn by fear to silence of ever speaking of the dread ‘moon of honey.’ His muscles taut, Hades curled his lip- he had no idea what to expect, but he was determined to face it bravely.

He raised his head, listening to footsteps approach from in front. He had been blindfolded, led into the caverns by a band of his villagers, and left there with nothing in his possession but a blindfold, a silver-trimmed black leather belt, and the long, flowing rune-marked loincloth hanging off his meaty haunches down to his knee. The custom was ancient, and respected. Hades straightened up, arms at his side, ready.

“Are you afraid?”

That voice cut through his confidence like a shard of glass; higher-pitched, but somehow not childish, and smooth in a Gaziantep Elden Ücret Alan Escort way that warmed him. An ancient, carefully-bred endocrine system begins to turn its gears in Hades’ pineal and pituitary glands. A tugging sensation, like great thorny roots were growing along his bones, making an odd, pleasant itchiness, and thunder rolled in his gut.

Was this the power of an Ephaemeryl?

He gulped. “I felt fear when I was blindfolded, but fear will not protect me now. That which is, is. I have only myself now.”

“Good. They trained you well. Now, what are you? And try to impress me, this time.”

Hades braced his shoulders- he had been expecting the question. “I am Hades Neptyun, 19th son of the January generation of Dolmen, the village on the west side of the mountain. I have a strong back, I’m quick on my feet, and I do not fear pain. I cook, I am an archer, I grow food, I know carpentry, and I am proficient in renewable energy, neuroscience, and three extant languages. I am sworn and loyal to the elders and the whole village, and for their sake I offer myself to your mercy.”

“Very good. Now, tell me. Will you kneel?”

Hades paused. His skin was warm, and he didn’t know why he was breathing so deeply. His body wavered, then he shook his head. “Before I came here, my Breadparent and Smithparent both made me swear that I would never bow to a stranger. I do not know your name, or your face.”

Unsure if he had chosen well, he braced himself as the footsteps walked right up in front of him. Hades heard silence for a moment, and his spine jolted when someone suddenly grabbed his blindfold and pulled it off.

Hades choked, his eyes wide. He had heard stories of the Ephaemeryl, heard descriptions, seen the statues and reliefs around the city depicting them, but having one alive, right there, in front of him- it was wearing a cloak embroidered with sigils, but its face was haunting and pleasing. They were shorter than the men of his village, and with weaker jaws, but something about this creature, with bronze skin and long brown locks of hair curling and tumbling down her shoulders made Hades care very much about how she felt about him. She spoke;

“I am Persephone DeCeres, Duchess of this hamlet and appointed as your usher. You shall be my responsibility, and so long while you are here you are bound in obedience to me. I shall only accept you under my roof if you are clear of the oaths that bind you.”

“I know them,” he frowned, strawberry-blonde hair sticking up from him in spikes, “I’ve studied them for years. I shall not forget them.”

Persephone smiled. “Good” she said, fidgeting with her clasp. It clicked open, and she tossed the cloak aside. She stood there, lit by the bright fluorescent synth-algae on the cave walls, braids and knots pained up her thighs and ribs, all naked except for a frilly strip of leather hanging from her neck, dangling in her cleavage and covering her belly and genitals, and a length of bead-covered string that wound criss-crossing her whole body. She was astoundingly beautiful, tan and muscular, with curvy hips and smooth, juicy breasts. Hades’ mind was scrambling to process seeing the first adult female he had ever seen: so slim, he thought, like it will tip over, and those swollen legs and haunches- but that chest! I’ve never seen such muscles! With those pecs it could crush and oak barrel! His head was spinning as he looked into Persephone’s eyes.

She said one word; “Kneel.”

Hades didn’t even consider it. He fell to his knees, staring at Persephone, her perfume wafting into his senses. He could feel his IQ dropping. She bent over and took his wrists, picking them up. There was a handprint painted on Persephone’s left hip, as well as one on her right breast. She pressed Hades’ hands into both of them. Tears streaming down his face, he stared at the smooth, hairless body. His hands squeezed gently- So soft! He felt like he would melt.

“Now, it is time for you to swear your contract. Are you ready?” He nodded dumbly. She reached up and grabbed the necklace, pulling it off and away, revealing the column of black calligraphy tracing down from her sternum to her sex. “Read it out loud.”

Hades stared at it; it wasn’t complicated. “No more wait, get the g- Ga- huh-” The regional language’s word ‘Gate’ was designed to look like a vagina, and its use in this writing illustrated the point so well, it brought a lifetime of sexual symbolism and innuendo conflagrating in his mind. “Gate.”

Keeping his hands on her, she grabbed him by the hair on the back of his head and pulled him forward, pressing the bridge of his nose against her clitoris and holding him there.

“Now, will you kneel?”

“Yes.” There was no hesitation, no pride, no resistance.

“Are you afraid?”

“No,” he grinned manically, tugging the flesh he had been privileged to touch.

“What are you?”

Hades’ whole body spasmed with paroxysms of pleasure, kicking his legs out but never losing the contact on his face and hands. His voice rumbled with something hungry and primal when he answered;


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