One, Two and Four Cafe Pt. 02

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I did not go to the café for three days. My daughter asked what was going on. I was always there. I lied and told her I had things to do, but I would be there tomorrow.

The next morning, I dressed and went her workplace. It was earlier than normal for me. The steamy, creamy double espresso tasted excellent. The sips soon emptied my stainless-steel demitasse cup. Another ordered. Sylvia entered and she spoke.

“Hi Mark. We missed you the last couple of days.”

Sylvia had her own double espresso and sat at my table. We both cast nervous glances at the other. I was unsure what to say or do. The same for Sylvia. Lyn spoke to me.

“Hey Dad. Could you please get boxes down for us in the back room?”

“Sure Honey. Whatever you need.” I replied.

Lyn led me to the backroom and pointed to five boxes on a high shelf. Then she returned to the counter and customers. There I stood. Perched upon a step stool and wrestling with boxes. A voice heard. It was Sylvia.

“You want some help with those?”

I spoke.

“Jeez Sylvia. You scared the crap out of me! Yes, I want help with these boxes!”

Sylvia giggled slightly and I handed her the first box. The last box placed on the floor. Sylvia spoke.

“Mark. Stay up there a minute. I want to see something.

She walks over the step stool. Her face even with my crotch. She spoke.

“Yup. Just as I suspected.”

Sylvia reached up. Unzipped my fly and pulled my cock out. Thirty seconds after, she had me hard and panting as she sucked me. Lyn shouted in the backroom.

Hey Dad! Everything all right back there?”

Sylvia redoubled her efforts as I tried to respond.

“Yeah Honey. About done back here.”

A few seconds later. I pumped cum into Sylvia’s mouth. Sylvia added.

“I really need you to fuck me again like you did the other day. I am leaving now, and I want you to follow me in ten minutes. It will give me time to get ready.”

Then she slapped me on the ass and was gone. I took a moment to stuff myself back into my pants. I returned to the front room. Sylvia was gone. I mumbled something about having errands to take care of and I headed out the door. The girls were too busy to have noticed. I drove much to fast. The things I felt. Lust, giddiness, and degree of happiness. Sylvia wanted me. I wanted her. My wifey had not been interested at least two years. She preferred watch drippy movies and be on her phone. What did I do with myself? I was a guy. I still wanted sex. I masturbated. I arrived and went to the door. No knocking or doorbell. I heard Sylvia.

“I’m in the bedroom!”

My clothes removed as I walked. The door was open and there she was. Sylvia was naked and, on all fours, perched on the bed. I stopped long enough to take off my shoes, socks, trousers, and underwear. I moved closer. Sylvia had a butt plug with a purple gem in her ass. She spoke.

“I am dripping. Fuck me and play with the plug.”

The was no discussion. I lined my cock up with her opening, slid it up and down to coat my member with her juices, and plowed inside. My left hand placed on Sylvia’s hip. The right thumb and finger, on the plug. This I moved in rhythm to my thrusts. Moaning issued from Sylvia. I had never been with a woman and a butt plug. It was well lubricated and moved easily in and out of her. It was fascinating to me how her sphincter held on to it. This, and Sylvia’s lovely round ass.

The wifey let me take her once like this. No plug though. I meant from behind. She did not like it. Said it was too deep and hurt her insides. I moved my thumb close to her asshole and she came unglued. Screamed at me for five full minutes about how disgusting that was. I went limp during her tirade. I left the room. We did not speak for five days. It was the best five days Girne Escort in a long time.

Sylvia thrusted backwards with my forward thrusts. The slap of wet flesh and pussy juice. She wanted me to play with her ass. Sylvia had sucked me off earlier. This meant I was not going to cum for a while. We moved at steady pace; Sylvia slowly built to climax. When she did cum. It was marvelous to see. Her body tense and quiver, then release with even more pussy juice. Sylvia spoke.

“Okay, enough messing around. I want you to fuck me and pound me hard.”

Time to pull out the stops. I firmly grabbed her hips and thrusted with all my strength. Sylvia tried to stay on all fours. It did not happen. Eventually, she went flat on the bed with her ass in the air, me over her and like a piston in her pussy. The bed shook. Sylvia grunted with each thrust. It was the most athletic sex I had ever experienced. When it became time for me to cum, I pushed into her so violently, it moved her up on the bed. Sylvia had to put her arms forward so she would not hit the headboard. My orgasm was hard and long. I held myself up and inside Sylvia for a long as possible. Then I fell off to the side. I would have liked to tell Sylvia how fantastic that was, but I could not speak just yet. I needed to breathe.

The room reeked of sex. Not a terrible thing I thought. The inside of Sylvia’s thighs coated with her juices and my cum. The butt plug still bounced to her pulse. She spoke.

“We need to clean up and get back to the café. The girls will wonder where we have been. We need to shower. We smell like sex.”

The shower was like before. Hot water ran down our bodies. Towards the end, a Sylvia blow job for me. The past week had more sex in it that I experienced in a year. We dressed. I noticed Sylvia left the butt plug in. She made certain I noticed as the black mesh panties covered her ass. My cock twitched inside my pants.

We timed our return to the café. Sylvia arrived first. Katie thought her mom looked flushed. I arrived fifteen minutes later. Lyn commented I looked tired. I smiled weakly. I was tired. Lyn brings an espresso for Sylvia and me. I need this badly. Sylvia spoke.

“The butt plug is moving around in my ass. It is making me wet again.”

All I did was gulp. She continued.

“I may need you to fuck me again Mark.”

I could tell that I was sweating and pale. What was I to do? Sylvia squirmed in her seat. Our daughters looked at us curiously. Sylvia and I needed to be careful. The girls would figure out something was going on. I was afraid of disappointing my daughter. But what Sylvia and I had done was amazing. I wanted more. Who could have believed it could be like this? Sylvia seemed to writhe on the chair. I knew from her sounds and movement, she would cum, fully clothed and in public. Moments later, she did. Our daughters looked at us with puzzlement on their faces. Sylvia’s daughter, Katie came to the table. She asked.

“Mom, are you okay? You look flushed or something.” Sylvia gave a response.

“Yes dear. I am fine. It was a hot flash or something.”

I do not know if Katie believed her or not. It was better than anything I could have thought of. But the daughters thought we should go home and rest. It was difficult to disagree. The situation had become awkward. This provided an escape. Sylvia and I walked out and to our cars. But she cast me a glance and smile. We would connect again.

I drove home. Lots to think about. The wifey planted in front of the TV. The usual movie and her phone in hand. She nattered on about the plot and the twists. I let her talk and did not care. Then, she started to read recipes aloud to me. OMG, do I hate that. She has always seemed to want to fill the air with Magosa Escort verbiage. I just wanted silence now and again. I mean if you are comfortable with someone. Does there have to be talking? I just wanted her to shut up.

Later in the evening, I sat with a book in my hand. The TV cranked out another stupid movie. I held the book, but I remembered my time with Sylvia. It was a film loop in my head. I replayed each thrust, each position, and each sensation. The book I held hid my erection from the wifey. I felt as though life had spun out of control. Part of me wanted it to be that way. Reality returned. My phone buzzed. It was Lyn. She wanted to know if I could come over to the apartment she shared with Katie. A Sunday afternoon. Immediately, I wondered if Sylvia would be there. I hoped so, but not. Does that make sense?

Sylvia and I managed to behave the rest of the week. I learned that Sylvia would be at the girl’s apartment Sunday. It was going to be interesting. Sylvia’s husband glued to the TV and football. Wifey would have her movies and phone. They would not miss us at all.

Sunday arrived. I was to be there early. I was not sure what the young girls wanted. It did not matter. Parents help their children. It is what we do. I knocked on the door. Katie let me in. she was scantily clad with noticeably short shorts and tank top. Obvious that there was no bra under it. I made the mental note Katie had nipples like her mother’s. I followed Katie’s barely covered ass to the kitchen. The ass was also like her mother’s. Just smaller. I chastised myself for thinking of Katie that way. Lyn had coffee ready for me. We three stood in the kitchen and sipped coffee. Just as great as the girls make at the café.

Lyn is better endowed than Katie. Lyn dressed the same as Katie, tank top. I knew I should not think of my daughter in that way. Her fleshy globes wobbled as she spoke or moved. Barely there shorts and butt cheeks. As I watched, I felt dirty thinking this way. Two young ladies, one my daughter. I tired not to imagine them naked. But I did. A knock at the door. Sylvia had arrived. Oh shit, three women in the apartment. Two half-clothed and Sylvia added to the mix. I was in trouble.

Sylvia flounced into the kitchen. Immediately, I knew. She wore no bra. Raspberry sized nipples poked thru thin fabric. A medium length skirt hung from ample hips. The girls turned away to do something. Sylvia glanced at me and then to her chest. She had realized I noticed her nipples and braless state of dress. All this overwhelmed my thinking. My cock responded. I had no control. The room filled with tits and ass. It made me hard and horny.

The daughters had decided to get ready for the day. This meant showering and dressing. My mind imagined naked young girls pulling up panties and donning bras. Then covering them with scanty options. Both daughters went to the bathroom. I heard the shower. Someone was getting naked. But who? My daughter? Katie? Sylvia came up behind me and spoke.

“Your dick is hard. Isn’t it? All these tits and pussies. How bad do you want to cum?”

I whip around and faced Sylvia. My mouth found hers and sucked her tongue into my mouth. The bathroom door was ajar. The steamy reflection in the mirror showed me bare breasts and nipples. I knew from the shape and size, they were Lyn’s. My own daughter. Sylvia had accompanied me down the hall. She saw what I did. Katie must have been in the shower. I wanted to see her naked and compare her to her mother. And yes, before you ask. Fuck them both.

Sylvia’s hands groped and pumped my cock thru my trousers. My hands squeezed and fondled her braless breasts and nipples. A took Sylvia by the shoulders and pushed her to one of the bedrooms. I did not know which. Lefkoşa Escort I pulled up Sylvia’s skirt to find her without panties as well. My hand found a pussy, freshly shaved and was wet. No words spoken. I positioned Sylvia on all fours at the edge of the bed, undid my pants, and plowed right into her. It was a hard and fast one. Sylvia’s wet folds engulfed me and sucked me inside her. I pushed with all my strength. Cum shot of me and inside Sylvia. We were still for moment, then hurriedly dressed. She spoke.

“Mark the room smells like sex. The girls will smell it if they come in here.”

I nodded in agreement. There was nothing to be done. We both scurried to the kitchen. I tried to act innocent, but I was sure I made a bad job of it. The espresso in my hand was cold. I drank it anyway. The cock in my pants was gooey and stuck to my underwear. Sylvia let go a gasp. A stream of cum dribbled down her leg. She grabbed a towel and was about to mop it when Katie bounced into the room.

She wore a pink towel that was not big enough to cover her young body. Katie stood at the counter to pour another coffee. The back of her towel opened and exposed her firm round ass. I stared at it in admiration. Katie turned suddenly. One arm held the towel over her young and pert breasts. The other held a coffee cup. The effort keeping her tits covered and the towel pulled up and in place meant that I caught a glimpse of her shaved pussy. She had no idea.

Sylvia stood with her towel. Waited for the opportune moment to stem the flow of cum running down her legs. Katie spoke.

“Mom, are you okay? You look all red in the face. And what is that smell?”

I became incredibly nervous. There was nothing I could think to say. Sylvia likewise had nothing. We did the next best thing. We shrugged our shoulders.

Katie took her coffee and returned down the hall to the bathroom. She did not shut the door. The towel removed and I saw her glorious round backside. Lyn in the shower. The steamy shower door did little to hide her. She looked much like her mom when younger. Sylvia joined me. We stood there. Staring at our naked daughters. I am quite sure I am going to hell.

Katie stood naked at the bathroom mirror. She applied her makeup. Did she know what she was doing? An answer occurred. Katie looked into the mirror. She saw her mom and I staring at her. Rather than shut the door, Katie smiled, wiggled her butt, and continued to apply. Sylvia moved. Her hands reached up to squeeze her own fleshy mounds. I grew hard once again. Yes, we are both going to hell.

This was unfamiliar territory. I had no idea how to act. The animal part of my brain insisted I fuck Katie from behind. But that was crazy. My cock throbbed in my pants. I turned to Sylvia and took her to the bedroom we had just occupied. The door shut and locked. I spoke.

“Sylvia get off your clothes and get on the bed.”

I removed mine. Sylvia moved up and on the bed. I crawled between her legs. There still on her legs and leaked from her pussy. My arms went under her knees, and I pushed her legs up to her chest. The shaved wet pussy parted for me. I towered over Sylvia and made long powerful strokes. She moaned and groaned in pleasure with each entrance. The thoughts that raced in my head. I was fucking Katie’s mom in a bedroom, while our daughters were naked in the bathroom. This was nuts. But it felt wonderful. Sylvia spoke.

“I want Katie to ride your face while I ride your dick. Would you like that, Mark?”

My answer was to cum inside Sylvia. She spoke again.

“You keep that hard dick in me! I want to cum too! Now fuck me, Mark!”

And fuck we did. I continued to have Sylvia. She got her wish. I had cum in her twice now. Sylvia leaked on her legs, my cock, and the bed sheets. How would we explain this? The room recked of sex. We both had sperm and her juices on us. The bed was a mess, and we were naked. An unpleasant situation made worse. Someone tried to get through the door. Katie’s voice heard.

“Hey!!! Why is this door locked? Who is in there? Open my door!!!”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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