Orgasm Therapy Ch. 01

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Being an active woman of 62, getting laid up from hip replacement surgery was daunting. I’m still young, granted, but an accident years ago left my hip arthritic as I got older and it wasn’t long before I had to make the move and get the surgery done, knowing the recovery time would be one of laying about and not moving the way I’m accustomed to, in my job as a traveling corporate executive.

And not having sex was worse. I couldn’t spread my legs much, except during therapy, and my sex drive did not, unfortunately, diminish with limited capacity to do anything about it. My husband, also a traveling executive, was woeful in bed as it was, and he totally ignored me in my somewhat incapacitated state.

So when Juan showed up to do therapy three days a week, it brought a smile to my lips and, I must say, a tingle to my loins. I may be a senior citizen, but a damned attractive one at that, with silvery blond hair worn short and stylish, big blue eyes and an athletic body, with long, strong legs and an overall enviable body for a gal my age.

And Juan noticed. I’d clean up prior to his visits and slip into something somewhat sexy, such as a clinging top with no bra beneath, along with snug-fitting sweat pants, just enough to accentuate my natural curves, and took great pleasure in noticing Juan’s furtive looks at my cleavage or butt. This young buck, 25, a dark-skinned, very well-muscled Latino given to wearing tight white t-shirts and slacks, was polite and professional to a fault, very calm and relaxing, his long, strong hands manipulating my legs and hips in a most delightful way, and the second he first laid those remarkably talented fingers on me, I felt my pussy come alive the way it hadn’t for years.

The first few sessions went very well, with nothing untoward happening, no suggestions made, no inferences, no sexual innuendo, just idle conversation about our lives. I would just say goodbye to the young stud, watching his tight ass in his snug pants, and when he left, take care of myself with a vibrator I had in my nightstand. My husband was away, more often than not, and when he was home slept on the other side of the house, so not to bother me, he said, but I knew he welcomed being away from me and not running the risk of actually trying to sexually satisfy me.

Then the following week, the magic happened. Juan had just given me a tough workout, getting out of bed, walking on crutches, maneuvering up and down stairs, working me hard, the way you have to with this operation, and had helped me back in bed. He was about to leave, and I’d picked up a notebook to write some business things down and couldn’t find my pen.

“Can I help you find one, Mrs. Tremblay?” the smiling stud asked sweetly.

“Yes, Juan, thank you, that drawer there,” I said absent mindedly, reading through notes I’d taken before and half pointing to a desk drawer.

Juan thought I’d meant the nightstand and as he opened it, I realized what was there. My trust vibrator!

“NO!” I shouted.

He acıbadem escort stopped, his dark eyes fixed on something inside. He smiled and I blushed.

“Mrs. Tremblay, it’s quite all right, this isn’t the first one of these I’ve seen,” he laughed gently. “You’re to be commended for…for taking care of ..well, yourself. I know after surgery, relations are not possible, and a woman…well, she has needs, too, so please, don’t be at all shy or ashamed!”

I smiled, feeling the slight wrinkles in my mouth pucker as I did, watching him smile at me, such a calming, relaxing air about him.

“You understand?” I asked. “How very…very mature of you…”

“Mature is wonderful, Mrs. Tremblay,” he said somewhat seductively and looking away embarrassed. “I mean…”

“No, no, that’s quite all right…you…you like mature…uh…women, Juan?” I stammered nervously.

“Yes,” he said, more confidently than I felt. “Yes…yes, I do…”

There was a long, awkward silence as we looked at each other, my aging eyes locked into his, a palpable electrical arc between us, transcending the gap of a few feet and 38 years. He smiled and looked back into the drawer.

“You know, as your therapist, I can advise you that relief of any sort…any…sort…is a good thing, Mrs. Tremblay,” he said firmly, calmly, looking at me. “As your therapist, I can provide such relief…”

“Really?” I said, somewhat astonished and more enthusiastically than I’d intended.

“Really,” he said, a lusty tone to his voice now, picking up the small vibrator in his strong hands and holding it up. “I’d be happy to give you some relief. It’s my job, after all.”

He looked at it, a broad smile on his gorgeous face.

“I like to call it,” he said, “orgasm therapy. Would you be interested?”

“Yes, yes,” I said, lapsing into a dream like state as he approached the bed, holding the vibrator close to his face, inhaling, making me nearly cum from knowing he was smelling my scent. “Oh God, yes, Juan, yes …”

He sat on the bed next to me gently, never taking his eyes off mine, pulling down my sweat pants and then off, and going back for my panties, exposing my thick bush, which I hadn’t shaved in ages. He groaned seeing it and ran his strong fingers through it, my body tensing as he touched me.

“Now just relax, try not to tense too much, let me do all the work, Mrs. Tremblay,” he smiled, turning on the vibrator’s highest setting. “You worked hard today. I’ll do the work now…”

“Yes, Juan…yes…” I moaned, watching his hand move to my pussy, his eyes on mine as he leaned over my thighs, resting his elbow there, bending that hand with the vibrator in it to my clit and changing my life.

I came hard the second he touched the vibrating tip to my clit, trying not to tense too much, watching his smiling face erupt into a bigger smile knowing he’d just made me cum. It wasn’t a huge orgasm, but so satisfying, and he didn’t let up, working akbatı escort the vibrator into my pussy a bit harder now, pursuing another orgasm, rubbing it in circles, adding to the beauty of the moment.

“My GOD, Juan…never…never did it this well myself!” I gushed, feeling my fluids coat the vibrator and his talented hand with it.

“That’s because it’s familiar when you do it, not so when another does,” he smiled, flashing those fabulously sexy teeth. “Now, if I may…”

He worked the vibrator into my pussy, tilting it up so the body of it brushed my clit, making me moan all the more, especially as he leaned up to kiss me, gently at first, our lips tingling against each other’s, then more deeply, extending his remarkably long tongue into my mouth, which I sucked like a small, wet cock. He moaned, further intensifying my seemingly never-ending stream of miniature orgasms, and worked his way down my cheeks and chin, nuzzling into the wrinkled flesh of my neck, of which I’d always been ashamed.

“Never, Juan…never has anyone…my GOD…suckled my neck!” I moaned, cupping his dark-haired head in my hand as his long tongue worked the sweaty folds of flesh, suckling it into his anxious mouth.

“Mature women,” he growled into my neck, tonguing and sucking as he spoke, “are my favorite…”

For long moments, he lavished my neck with attention, then kissed his way to my chest, pulling up my t-shirt, cooing as he looked at my breasts, slightly sagging to the left and right, smiling and licking the flesh before suckling a nipple into his mouth, that vibrator electric and alive in my hairy, sopping pussy. I couldn’t stop coming and was just building to another, with Juan’s magic mouth flipping from nipple to nipple, when the buzzing sound waned.

“Shit!” I groaned as the vibrator went dead.

Juan laughed, pulled it out of my crotch and held it up before him, the glistening device inches from his smiling face. I came again just watching that long tongue flash out and lap it clean, savoring my juices.

“Good God, Juan, is there nothing you won’t do?” I giggled, pulling off my t-shirt as he stood up.

“No, pretty lady, there isn’t,” he smiled. “And that includes changing batteries! Where may I find them?”

“If they’re anywhere, they’d be right next to the vibrator,” I sighed, leaning back against the headboard, watching his amazing ass flex in his tight white pants as he bent to look.

“Uh-oh,” he said, holding up an empty package.

“You’ve got to be kidding,” I groaned, looking at it.

“No matter, pretty lady,” he smiled, sitting back down beside me and gently spreading my legs. “There are many, many other ways…”

He massaged my calves in those strong hands, working up to my thighs, fingers digging into my aching flesh, watching me watching him. I tensed as he neared my crotch, fingers cupped around my outer thighs, thumbs curling over the insides, teasing the hairy lips, brushing them aksaray escort gently.

“Relax, Mrs. Tremblay, relax,” he said in his soothing way as those thumbs now came together on the outside of my lips, pushing them against each other, grinding the clit between them. “Let me do my work…”

“Yessssssssssss, yesssssssssssss,” I moaned, relaxing completely now, sliding down a bit on the bed and parting my legs a bit, giving him more access.

Expertly, Juan spread my lips with his left hand and ever so slowly, inserted the middle finger of the other inside me, gently guiding it deeper and deeper, smiling as I arched my back as best I could, pushing against him, eager for more. He had amazingly long fingers, that longest one buried now inside me, moving in slow, deliberate circles, tantalizing my g-spot, one I didn’t even know I had and threatening to put me through the ceiling from the sudden, shivering pleasure it brought me.

“How’s the hip, pretty lady?” he asked with concern as I writhed gently under his digital ministration.

“The…what…?” I groaned, feeling nothing but Juan’s finger at the sexual core of my being, making him laugh.

He continued to finger me most expertly and when I was loosened enough, slid another finger in, then another and another, four in all, an exquisite, impossibly tight fit, and he worked them in and out, deeper with each gentle stroke, the squishing noise it made nearly as sexy as the reason for it. Instinctively, I grabbed his wrist with both hands, guiding him in the circles his fingers made, feeling the muscles in his forearm flex and roll beneath his dark skin.

“My God, Juan, sweet Jesus, that is so good!” I cried out as I felt yet another orgasm mounting.

And that came just about the instant he curled the thumb of that hand up and pressed it against my oily clit as he finger fucked me, cruising it in little circles over the nub, bending close to watch his work, smiling up at me, sniffing the air for my scent, then leaning up to attach his mouth to one of my thick nipples, suckling it, nursing at my breast, cupping the flesh with his free hand to force it into his sucking mouth. I cried out and humped his hand harder and harder and came more urgently than the previous untold times.

He worked me until I went limp as a rag doll, my hands falling away from his wrist and he gently pulled his fingers from my soaking-wet pussy, lifting them to my heaving tits and wiping them clean on the white flesh and engorged nipples, then slowly, deliciously licking them clean savoring my flavor and aroma.

“You are…incredible!” I giggled like a schoolgirl as he stood up, revealing a thick snaking outline down the leg of his tight pants.

“Now what about that…”

“Not to worry about me, dear lady, my patient comes first!” he laughed, walking to the end of my bed and kneeling on the floor where my feet, in droopy white socks, lay before him. “You’ve gotten a bit tense from our little workout, I think you need a bit more relaxation. And a foot massage is in order don’t you think?”

His hands dug into my tired, aching feet, massaging the soles with his magic thumbs, sending shivers of sexual electricity coursing up my calves and thighs. Just when I didn’t think it could possibly get any better, it was about to…

(to be continued)

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