Seducing Mom by Erotic Massage

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Thanks for reading my story, and I hope you enjoy it! Comments and suggestions are very much welcome.


I would like to start with how this story came about and who I am.

My name is Keven, I’m 5′-10″ and in decent shape.

When I was born my mother died during childbirth of me. My father was starting out as a long-haul trucker. He got remarried to a very young lady named Abby, she was 18 at the time. 2 Yrs. later my father was killed in a truck accident. We only had each other no other family. I am 18 now.

Mom raised me by herself, we did get some money from the insurance but mom being so young we got screwed by the insurance company. She was smart enough to use the money to buy a small house with 5 acres of land in the woods. It had a stream that went thru a pond. It also had an inground pool.

Mom’s friend Kelly, helped her get a job at a restaurant.

She never went out with anyone; she just took care of me.

She had some friends (all female about her age) that would come over to use the pool and have cook outs. They would walk around in tiny bikinis. Me being a guy, I would walk around trying to hide my constant hard on. They would tease me all the time, but it was just in jest. I had so many fantasies about them. But mostly it was about mom and me. She wore her wedding ring the whole time I was growing up. I asked her a couple of times why she didn’t go out on dates, she would just say I was all the man she needed.

Let me tell you what mom looks like. She is so hot looking. She is about 5′-4″ tall, has thick red hair that goes down to her ass. She wears it in a pony tail most of the time. She has emerald green eyes that are bright when she is in a good mood, and turn almost hazel when she is mad or in a bad mood. Her breast size is just right not too small and not too big, perfect for a hand to hold and to suck on. Her waste is small and her ass is just right not too big. She has dimples on her face that make her look so cute. God made her perfect.

When I was 18, I saw her coming out of the shower, she was so hot, all I could think about is wanting to have sex with her (I know I’m a pervert). I would peek in on her as much as I could after that. Never getting caught, (close sometimes thou). I would jerk off every night with her panties thinking about sex with her.

I came up with a plan but it would take some time. When she would come home from work. Mom always complained about her sore feet, I looked up on internet how to give erotic massages. My plan was to get her so horny that she would beg me to have sex with her, with me giving her erotic massages. It started that night. When she came home, I had dinner waiting for her, but after supper, I asked her to sit on the couch and I would rub her feet. She almost fell asleep right there. Every night after that I started rubbing her feet, after about a month of that I started massaging her lower calf’s. I also suggesting she take a shower first so she could relax better.

Mom would just moan as I would massage her legs, I started going higher and higher paying attention to behind her knees going up to just before her ass. You could smell her sex. (Got that from internet).

Mom is not dumb and figured out what I was trying to do, trying Girne Escort to look up her towel. She caught me. I was going too fast. For the next couple of months, she would wear shorts. She never said anything but we both new that she had caught me trying to do.

I started almost all over again, but going slower this time. 6 months later it was her birthday. I wanted to take out to eat and dancing. But where can a 19 yr. old take his mom out dancing. So, I took her out to eat I also said I would give her a complete massage. She told me I shouldn’t waste my money on her and also seemed cautious about the full massage. I told her that she always does stuff for me, this was my chance to do something nice for her. She bought it.

We went out to dinner. God did she look sexy (real eye candy). She wore a teal summer dress that went just above her knees it was backless and flared out the father down it went, a matching bow in her hair, matching high heels, and she wore black tights.

She had to know what she was doing to me. I had a hard on and had to keep on trying to hide it and adjust myself. God I was so horny. I was so happy to have her on my arms as I walked her to and from the restaurant. Everyone was looking at her when we walked in. I had to tell her that I would give her a massage the next day, I was so horny. When we got home, I went straight to my room and jerked off thinking about her. I took a shower and went to bed.

The next morning, I made her breakfast in bed she was so surprised and started to cry. I hugged her and we talked while she ate.

At about noon she got in her one-piece swimsuit by the pool and I gave her a full massage. Making sure not to touch her any place inappropriate. I did her neck and shoulders, her back, feet and legs. She relaxed so much; she fell asleep.

The next morning, she told me that that was the best birthday ever. She started asking me to give her full massages every weekend. My plan was starting to come together.

She started being more relaxed, instead of wearing her bathing suit she would shower just put on her panties, bra and a towel, then call me into her bedroom when she was ready and I would come in and just give her a massage, then just the panties and a towel. I would get so horny and would have to go jerkoff after each time. I did not want to go to fast again and ruin it.

Then I started brushing the side of her boobs every once in a while, not every time but every other time or so just to get her use to it.

I also started going lower on her back under her panties a bit. The full massages were now every day.

I kept on going on the internet and learning more about erotic massages. I could tell I was getting to her. I could smell her juices flowing.

I started getting closer to her pussy but pull away just before. Working on her inner thighs up to her ass. She would moan and squirm. Anticipation really works.

When she stopped wearing panties and just wore the towel. I thought the time was about right to move faster.

I came in when she called, then started rubbing her feet then up to her calf, then I started rubbing just behind her knees and go up to her ass over and over again, I then started getting closer to her Kıbrıs Escort pussy but pull away just before. Working on her inner thighs up to her ass. She would moan and squirm. She spread her legs apart further. I brushed her pussy lips and she moaned. I did it again and again. I stuck my fingers on each side of her pussy pushing her pussy lips together, then she really started to squirm and moan. She was so wet you could see she was leaking. It was getting my fingers so wet, So I took my fingers and stuck it in my mouth and sucked her juices tasting her. She had an orgasm and passed and out. I was so scared so I called her best friend, Judy who was a nurse.

She came right over. By then mom, was awake but in a daze. You could smell her sex from the orgasm. I know Judy had to have smelled it.

I left them alone to talk. God I was so worried about her. Judy came out both mom After I blew my load, Judy gave me a very deep tongue kiss, passing my own cum back into my mouth. Then told me to swallow, I did (how eval). I was told to open my mouth to show that I had swallowed it. If they could eat my, cum; I Guess I could too, no big deal it came from me anyway. I felt really weird and embarrassed being naked and being watched thru the glory holes. It was a rush being watched. I was so horny; God I was in heaven. When we got home, we just went right to bed to sleep.

The next morning, I was thinking about the porn videos I had watched. I just started thinking about having anal sex with mom and Judy. Mom, Judy and I started playing around in bed when I stuck my finger in moms little brown hole and she went crazy. As Judy watched she told me to stick my tongue in mom’s ass. I gave her a kind of discussed look, she laughed and said mom was clean, Judy stuck her tongue in mom’s asshole. I sat back as Judy went wild on mom’s ass with her mouth. 5 minutes later she pulled my head to mom’s ass. I didn’t have a trusting look on my face, but I slowly moved forward closing my eyes and sticking my tongue out. All of a sudden Judy grabbed my head and pushed me right into mom’s ass forcing my tongue in, I was completely surprised, she tasted like strawberry. I started going in deeper and deeper fucking her ass with my tongue mom was pushing her ass against my face as hard as she could. She had another orgasm, and yelled out for me to fuck her ass. All this Time Judy was doing her magic on my cock, Judy is a fantastic cocksucker. I then started fucking mom and adding lube to her ass, working it in with my fingers. I poured lube on my cock as I put my cock in her ass, pushing past the first ring slowly and then hitting the second ring, slowly working my way in, then when I was in. I stopped to let her adjust to me being there. After a few seconds she started pushing against me, I pulled almost all the way out pouring more lube on my cock I started moving in and out of her slowly then picking up speed, mom started yelling faster. It didn’t take me long, I exploded in her ass and I think she had an orgasm too. She was so tight. I stayed in her as long as I could, Then I just slipped out. Judy just about shoved mom out of the way saying now me. She started sucking on my cock to get me hard again. Then Judy started putting Magosa Escort lube up her ass as I started putting more lube on my cock. She backed up with my cock lined up on her ass, I slipped in easily. I wanted to let her adjust to me but Judy kept on yelling for me to fuck her harder. I lasted a good half hour before I blew my load in her. I was so tired and I fell asleep still in her ass.

I woke up about 1 in the afternoon alone in bed. My cock hurt from fucking mom and Judy in the ass.

Mom, Judy where nowhere to be found. I took a long hot shower. I didn’t close the bathroom door. When I went to step out of the shower, I saw a couple of mom and Judy’s friends standing there watching me, I grabbed the towel to cover myself and they started laughing then waked away. I grabbed some shorts and walked into the kitchen. Mom, Judy and their friends were sitting there talking but stopped when they saw me., I turned red out of embarrassment. I started getting a hard on again so I sat down to hide it. Judy asked me If I was hungry and I said I was starving. She made me some eggs, bacon and toast. They all watched me awhile and then walked out. I had a feeling that they had been talking about me before I had walked in.

That night was the last night for the queen size bed, the plan was for it to be put into my old room but it never made it. It broke while we were having a threesome. I never knew that they were so horny. We were fucking every were in the house and I would fuck them in the ass a couple nights a week too.

I didn’t notice at first, but I was being fed my own cum a lot.

7 Day’s later, Judy told me that her and mom had been having an affair for at least 7 years, God, I loved to watch them. They would tell me that I was a pervert for loving to watch them as they laughed. They told me they would like to watch me have sex with another guy and I told them that at the time I have no interest in doing that.

Mom brought up the conversation of me calling her Abby instead of mom, I said I would try.

I hardly get to wear any clothes. Abby and Judy Liked it that way, I don’t have any tan lines and they made me shave off all my pubic hair, it made me feel horny. They wore a lot of see thru underwear or nothing at all.

I was still giving them massages almost daily, with always happy endings.

I went out to the store and saw a couple of my old friends from school and then I heard them talking about me, not knowing I was there; they were saying that my house smelled like sex big time. I guess that you get use to smells so much that you don’t smell them anymore.

When I got home, I went online and ordered 2 ozone machines and 2 surprises for Abby & Judy next day delivery, I opened all the windows to help air out the house. When Abby and Judy got home, they were wondering if I had lost my mind with all the widows open, I then explained what I had overheard. We decided that we had to be a lot more carful so no one would know what we were doing. The next day the ozone machines and the surprises for Abby & Judy came. The surprises where vibrating panties.

I couldn’t wait to take them to the mall. I had them dress in short skirts. I told them that I would put settings on medium, but as we were walking thru the mall, I started making the vibrations to full, you should have seen the look on their faces. They would hold their crotches it was so funny. By the time we got home they were so horny, their panties were soaking wet. We had sex the rest of the day, we had a ball and plan on more trips to different public places.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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