Simple Meeting

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With nervous anticipation, I pace my living room, awaiting his arrival. Yes, we’d met before, in another lifetime, but this was different. Though we’d met before, it was only through recollections of places we’d both been, things we’d both seen that we found memory in one another. Our pasts had intertwined and somehow, through the grace of the gods, we had found each other again. What the fates had in store for us, I wondered, my mind racing, my heart pounding so loud I swore it could be heard from a mile away.

I hear his car pull into my driveway and suddenly I can’t breathe, I become dizzy with nervous anticipation. Would he be all he seemed to be? Would our minds mesh as they had done in our emails and chats? Could this really be happening to me? I paced back and forth, waiting for him to approach the door, what seemed like hours passed, though I knew they were only seconds, simple moments in time, I could wait no longer. I strode to the door and opened it just as he started to walk towards the house from his car. My heart skipped a beat, the butterflies in my stomach causing me to swallow over and over for fear I was going to vomit from the nerves.

He smiled as he moved towards me, his eyes twinkling. I was barely able to look into his eyes, but surveyed his features as I had done so many times before in pictures. His hair was perfect, sweeping gently over the right side of his face, slightly slicked back. His deep dark eyes smiling at me, his white teeth gleam as he smiled. He spoke, but the words weren’t audible though the pounding of my own heart. I barely mustered a grin as he walked towards me and took both my hands in his, gently placing a kiss on my cheek. I couldn’t see myself but I knew I was blushing.

He could feel my nervousness and gently pushed me back against the bricks of the entryway, his lips quickly finding mine. All my breath left me as he’d pushed me against the bricks. I was excited, nervous, scared and more turned on than I had been in more years than I cared to count. Gently he placed his hand over my heart to feel it pounding, while he took his other hand and slid his fingers across my cheek, the warmth of his hand intoxicating. His kiss started gently, his tongue slowly probing between my lips and searching for mine. Our tongues encircling one another, his warm breath on my skin. His kiss became more passionate, deeper, the pressure of his lips on mine exciting me. I let out a moan, barely audible, more a whisper. My obvious overwhelming desires become apparent to him. He pulled his lips from mine, my gaze downward. Gently he slid his fingers from the side of my face to my chin, bringing my chin up so our eyes would meet.

His gaze mesmerized me, my heart was pounding in my head but his gaze eased my tension. He seemed to be searching my soul, looking for an answer to an unasked question. His eyes holding my gaze as he spoke, gently, words I couldn’t hear but my body could. My instincts took over and our minds seemed to melt into one another. The longer his gaze kartal escort held mine, the more I felt the tension release from my body. I wanted him; I wanted him so badly I couldn’t speak. I wanted to scream and shout, to tell him to take me, but I could not find the words.

“Please!” Was all I could whisper.

“Please what?” He responded. “Tell me what you want.”

I could not answer, could not meet his gaze, I felt his stare but my mind was racing so quickly I couldn’t think, couldn’t put my words together. I felt out of control, unable to put simple words together. I felt so foolish; no one had had this affect on me. I allowed my hair to cover my face again, to cover the nerves welling up inside of me. I wanted him, that was obvious and I knew he wanted me, why it had to be so tough to tell him I did not know.

The silence was so thick I could have cut it with a knife. Finally my eyes met his gaze and he was staring into my soul, seeing a part of me I never shared, it felt as though he was reading my every thought. He saw me, really saw me and I knew it.

“I want you, I want you inside me, and I want to feel you in me.” I blurted out. I couldn’t believe my own ears! His gaze upon me changed quickly, his grin became mischievous as he grabbed my wrists and pulled them above my head. My arms pinned above me, his body pressed to mine, his lips upon mine again, this time harsh and rough, his body grinding against mine. He slipped both my wrists into one hand as he quickly reached down with the other hand and quickly pulled my skirt up and his hand was underneath the fabric of my panties and rubbing my clit. I could feel my clit harden under his touch, his index finger and thumb wrapped around my clit, massaging it back and forth as his kisses increased in depth and passion.

His grip loosened on my wrists and I quickly began to unbutton his pants as I pulled his shirt up to feel the bare, soft skin of his chest. As I began unbuttoning his shirt, he pulled my tank top over my head and quickly unclasped my bra, his lips finding my erect nipples, sucking them in, rolling them between his teeth, from one to the other. My fingers fumbled with his buttons, the feel of his mouth around my nipples exciting and distracting me from my mission.

I took him by the hand, both our shirts having hit the floor, and lead him towards my bedroom, half way across the living room, he stopped and pulled me back towards him, his lips quickly finding mine, his tongue pushing apart my lips and probing into my mouth. Finally, he loosened his hold on me and I moved towards the bedroom once again, him following behind me.

My heart was still racing, my mind wandering to how his tongue would feel on my clit, his fingers deep inside my pussy. My mind was racing with these thoughts as we walked into my room. We moved towards the bed and he shoved me down onto the bed and quickly found my clit with his tongue, gently at first, his tongue slid slowly kaynarca escort from the hood of my clit and down towards my wet, waiting pussy. I groaned with pleasure as his tongue continued to assault my clit, finally, he slid one finger then two and then a third into my pussy, opening me to him as he continued licking, nibbling and rubbing my clit. My hips bucking up to meet the pressure of his fingers inside me, it was almost more than I could bear. I wanted to suck his cock, wanted to feel it in my mouth, wrap my lips around it. I pushed his head away from my crotch. He looked up at me with a quizzical look on his face.

“I want to suck your cock.” I said in a very matter of fact tone.

He stood back as I moved to let him climb onto the bed. My anticipation was getting the best of me as I watched him rearrange the pillows to his liking. Finally, once he was comfortable, I was able to survey his body. I watched his chest rising and falling rapidly in his anticipation for me. Slowly I slid my hand around his shaft as my tongue gently ran around the rim of his cock, his body shivering as I slowly took his cock into my mouth, taking in its entirely and then slowly pulling back and running my tongue around the head of his cock, swirling around it, running my tongue up and down his shaft, while I stroked him gently. His fingers wrapped around my hair, but never pulled at me, just held my hair while I sucked, licked and stroked his quivering cock.

Finally, he could take no more and he reached down, grabbed my hands and with one swift movement, pushed me onto my back, his hands quickly spreading my thighs apart and his fingers back inside my pussy. My hips rose to meet his fingers and I let out a groan of pleasure. He leaned over me, the tip of his cock just barely inside my pussy. I wanted him in me so bad, he was teasing me, taunting. He smiled down on me as he slowly slid his cock into my waiting pussy. His groan of pleasure telling me I felt as good to him as he felt to me.

“Damn you feel good, you’re so tight.” He whispered to me as he slowly began thrusting his cock in me. My hips rose to meet his, over and over. His lips found my mouth, then my neck, sucking, nibbling and biting, his hands cupping my ass cheeks as he slid in and out of me. With one move, he rolled himself over onto his back, with me on top of him, never taking his cock out of my tight wet pussy. He reached up with both his hands, to my breasts, squeezing, pinching and tormenting my erect nipples. As he continued playing with my nipples, he moved one hand down to slid between our hips and started rubbing my clit as I rode him, rocking back and forth on his cock, pushing it into my inner most recessed, his cock bottomed out over and over again as he continued rubbing my clit. As if he could feel my impending orgasm, he grabbed my hips and tossed me off of him. I gasped with the harshness of his movements.

He stood over me, on his knees, his cock dangerously kozyatağı escort close to my mouth. I reached out and grabbed his cock, slowly beginning to stroke him, he groaned with pleasure as he shifted his body, climbing over my shoulders on his knees so I could suck his cock more. He quickly sucked my hard, throbbing clit into his mouth and pushed his fingers back inside my pussy. After a while, he shifted his position slightly and ran his finger along the rim of my ass, I groaned in pleasure, my hips rising as if to tell him to penetrate my ass. His instincts told him I wanted him to finger fuck my ass while he continued to suck and lick my clit. Timidly he slid his index finger into my ass. He began finger fucking my ass as my hips rose and fell with every thrust. Gingerly, he slid a second finger into my ass and I nearly squealed with pleasure. He finger fucked my ass while he sucked and nibbled on my clit, bringing his other hand around and beginning to finger fuck my pussy while he was finger fucking my ass. As he continued his play I continued sucking his cock in my mouth, stroking his shaft with my hand. Gently taking his entire cock deep into my mouth, letting the tip touch the back of my throat. He moaned in pleasure, reassuring me that I was pleasuring him. My muscles tightened and I knew I was going to orgasm. My moans of pleasure almost becoming screams as he brought me right to the edge of orgasm then slid his fingers out of my holes.

“Dammit!” I exclaimed.

He grinned at me as he positioned my body to my hands and knees. Slowly, he slid his cock back inside my pussy, working into a fevered assault, harder and harder he rammed his cock into my tight wet pussy. As I became close to orgasm again, he slowly slid his cock out of my pussy and gently placed it on the rim of my ass. Instinctually, my hips pushed back against him, as if telling him I wanted him inside my ass. I didn’t even have to say a word as he slowly, carefully began sliding his cock into my tight ass. I wasn’t sure I could take anymore; it felt so good, his cock entering my tight ass. My hips began pushing back towards his, begging him to take me, hard and fast, give me the orgasm he had been denying me. He teased and taunted me, barely sliding his cock in and then pulling back to the edge of my ass. Our hips began to move together, as he would thrust into my ass, my hips would back into him causing his cock to go deep into my ass.

He reached around and started rubbing my clit while he was fucking me. It felt so good I could no longer hold off, my body began to shake and I could no longer breathe. I began to cum, I could feel myself cuming so hard my hot liquids streaming down my inner thigh. As I began to cum, he too, let loose and started pounding me with all his might, I felt his cock stiffen and knew he was about to cum.

“Yeah, baby, oh hell yes, cum in my ass, damn you feel so fucking good.” I egged him on with all my might; finally with those words I felt his hot semen flow from his cock into my ass. I began to cum a second time as I felt his cum in my ass. I slammed my hips against his as I came again, unable to breathe.

After we’d both cum, he gently pulled his cock out of me and rolled to lie next to me, pulling my body over so I was lying on my back. He lay next to me, and we started to talk casually about life, friends, family and the future.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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