Sorority Hazing – Golden

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I’d been dating Ashley for nearly a year when we both found out we’d both gotten into our first-pick universities and were attending together. It wasn’t until I was moving into my apartment near campus that she told me she planned to join the infamous ChiOmicronChi sorority and rush week was coming up. This sorority was well known for its sexually focused hazing and membership requirements so had me confused. I wanted to make sure this is what she really wanted. She was very certain though she wouldn’t tell me why and was adamant that it wouldn’t break us up.

During the actual rush week I got an urgent text to meet back at her apartment and to hurry. Somehow the sorority narrowed it down to Ashley and one other girl and they’d each been assigned a task that whoever achieved it first would conditionally be in. Ashley kept glancing down and blushing through most of the conversation. “My task was to drink a guy’s piss”. My eyebrows flew upwards and stayed up there. “And to stay in the sisterhood I have to drink it at least 3 times a week, and from the source once a month for the rest of the semester”. I’m not sure my eyebrows could go further.

After spending a minute making sure that this is really what she wanted and her begging for me to do it and please hurry I unzipped my pants and took out my cock. The idea of her doing something so degrading was starting to get me hard and it took a bit of focus to relax. Ashley had grabbed a cup and some juice zonguldak seks hikayeleri from the fridge and set them on the counter then handed me my phone. “Please record peeing into the cup, add juice, then hand it to me. I don’t think I can handle it on its own”. So I shucked down my boxes, started the video pointing down, positioned my dick in the cup and let loose a stream. The cup filled up half way too fast and it was a struggle to stop, but I managed before adding juice the rest of the way and handing the cup to Ashley focusing the camera so the cup and her face were both visible. “Chi Omicron Chi” she said with a smile before downing the entire cut full of liquid. I stopped the recording and handed her the phone. I barely heard the “I’ll make it up to you!” as she ran out of the room, off her to deliver proof.

Ashley was accepted into the sorority, barely beating out the other girl. Of course, it was a conditional membership and she had to keep coming to me for her yellow ticket. It turns out that half urine was way too much for Ashley so we decided to start off lower and even turn it into a bit of a game. She came over every day and each time I’d make a drink (tea, coffee, etc) and add some piss to it. At first it was an amount small enough that she couldn’t taste it and I’d increase it over time and occasionally not add any at all to see if she could tell. It turned out that certain drinks like iced tea and cranberry juice worked extremely well and I was able to get it back up to almost half full before she could tell. Sometimes it was so hard to record doing this as I’d build up a hardon thinking of my girl chugging it down.

It was as the end of the first month of the semester neared that she reminded me that she needed to directly take it from the source. We decided that the bathroom was probably the best place to do it, so that if anything spilled it’d be in the right place at least. This time was especially the hardest to avoid getting hardest as she knelt in front me with her mouth open emulating a urinal. We failed a couple attempts where we had to restart when I was simply too hard to pee. I started the video recording and she began it once more “Chi Omicron Chi” with a cheery smile before opening her mouth as wide as it could go, closing her eyes and putting her hands on the side of her face to act as a funnel.

I pushed internally and let the stream flow, hitting her cheek at first causing a little flinch before making it to her mouth and eliciting a little gag before Ashley mastered herself. She let it build up in her mouth to be visible to the camera before swallowing. My flow kept coming, being much more than I’d given before, and having an idea, I stepped forward while making sure my flow was steady and put my still pissing dick directly into her mouth. Her eyes flew open as she felt how near he was. After a moment of surprise, she decided to roll with it and moved forward a bit until I was peeing directly down her throat. After a good thirty seconds of peeing, the tank ran dry and Ashley felt it and started humming a grin visible on the edges of her lips. It was time to stop the video and give her a different liquid from the source.

Having completed the hardest part of the sorority initiation, Ashley was a shoe-in for sure. She just needed to keep coming over during the semester to record and it kept getting easier and easier. It was a week later than Ashley came up with a devious twist that she could get some payback at the sisters. She had me fill up a separate thermos offscreen after mixing her drinks so she could take it back and add it to the drinks at the sorority little by little. With how careful she was and knowing which drinks masked it best, it wasn’t long before the entire XOX sisterhood was drinking down my piss.

As that first semester came to a close and the new sisters officially became part of the sorority, Ashley finally got to settle in and not have to record videos every week. I still filled a thermos for her every morning and after catching her adding some to her own drink found that she’d grown attached to it. It took a while for me to believe her, at least until one night she stayed the night and I woke up to the best feeling of her warm mouth wrapped around my morning wood. Nothing quite like waking up to a blow job, but the true surprise came when she stayed in place long after I’d come and gave me a saucy wink. I grinned as I let go, if she wanted it from the source than I’d give it to her.

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