Take Me, Tom Pt. 75-76

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Thanks to Kenji for his editing skills. God knows I need ’em! As always, thanks to Paolo for his proofreading and support. And to everyone who has taken the time to read, and comment. It is appreciated.

Chapter 75

End of Week Packing, Frolicking on the Plane, and London

We hadn’t heard from our parents, so Chrissie graciously said she would call them Friday, just to check in, and test the temperature. Chrissie’s house was on the market, and the ‘For Sale’ sign was on her lawn. Emily had received an offer on her house, but had countered a slightly higher price, so she was waiting for the reply. I tried to impress upon her to just take what was on the table, and move on. She saw that logic, but I think the hurt, and her ego got in the way. She was ready to let go, but on her terms.

Work was everything it had always been– hectic, stressful, and rewarding. Julie and I worked together. My only remit now was to get her up to speed with the intricacies of the role. Martin had called, and passed on the names of a few estate agents in London who would help with a rental, or even the house. I told him we were going over this weekend for a few viewings, which he was excited about. We’d stay in touch and get together for lunch at their home when our lives calmed down. As if, I thought. See you in ten years, I chuckled to myself.

I was busy packing, as Emily and I were leaving early tomorrow morning. Chrissie wanted to drive us to the airport, but that was unrealistic. Emily had spent all but one night with us this week, preferring to soothe Chrissie if she had any last-minute trepidation about the trip. It was unusual, but glorious to make love with her alone. Since our first sit-down, we had agreed on this alone time, if and when, anyone needed it. It hadn’t happened. We were so comfortable with one another, exploring, and being together. We seemed to need to have everyone involved, if even for the gentle touches, and light kisses. The nights that Chrissie and I were alone, were heightened in some way. As if we were back to the way it used to be, fulfilling, yes, but by now, we both felt that elusive ‘something’ was missing without Emily. There was never any sense of jealousy we were all aware should have been present. I could only put this down to Chrissie and Emily’s compersion. They truly did live for the sharing. It was still a complex dynamic for me to wrap my head around, but as long as they were fine, how could I not be?

Chrissie helped me pack the few items I would need, picking out a particularly nice shirt she liked, and asked me to wear it when Emily and I went for the evening. I was touched beyond words. She also helped Emily with her sparse ensemble, me wondering what the hell these two were up to! David and I made dinner for everyone, Chloe pouting (like her mother!) when she couldn’t help. We decided on a mild Piri-Piri chicken dish, one of the easiest to put together. I thought the two of them needed their palates enhanced, and it was my ‘job’ to instil that in them. Everyone heaped so much praise on David that he gladly accepted it all. He looked at me, and winked. He was happy with himself.

Emily and I made slow, but fervent love with Chrissie, no one in a hurry for this to end. We were only going for two days, but we all had this unease sitting over us. We made love together, my cock deep inside my sister, as Emily tenderly kissed and fondled Chrissie. Their gentle touches spurred me ’til I gushed my thick sperm inside her, her moist body moving with mine as one. I lay on the left side of the bed, Emily on the right, and Chrissie in the middle. We touched, licked and kissed until Chrissie had recovered from her release. Emily stealthily crawled between Chrissie, one leg between her spread legs. I watched as she pulled Chrissie to her, their pussies mashing against each other. “Ohhh, Em,” were the only words I heard, as Emily began to slowly scissor against Chrissie, their bodies gyrating against each other. Emily grabbed a small bottle of lube from the side table. She sexily dribbled it between their pussies, adding to Chrissie’s already-wet cunt and my sap oozing from her. I loved watching their connection, the languid touches, the little moans and teasing, and the quickly built up urgency. Emily set the pace this time, but at other times, Chrissie would, revelling in the more-dominant role and sliding, and guiding them both to crashing orgasms.

They always encouraged me to be more than a voyeur, one of them haltingly taking my hand, and placing it on them. Tonight, I needed no encouragement. I leaned over, took Chrissie’s breast in my mouth, and greedily sucked, Emily’s hand on my head. I laid one hand on Emily’s thigh as her pelvis sliced through Chrissie’s. The earthy smells emanating from them, filled the room. They looked so erotic, so beautiful, the contrasts between their bodies startling, Chrissie’s body so much smaller than Emily’s, but Magosa Escort both stunningly beautiful. I watched, enthralled, as their bodies tightened, their breath quickening, as they brought each other to a mutual climax. Their hips thrashed onto each other, as I had hands on each, not interfering but seeing them both through their release. Emily fell on Chrissie’s body, their arms entwined and soft kisses exchanged. Their quiet, ‘I love yous’ always pierced my heart.

They both had climbed down from their consummation as Emily turned to me, leaned over and kissed me, and said, “Someone enjoyed that…again,” she giggled, looking at my now-hard cock.

“Chrissie? Should we…uhh?” both of them, looking at me.

Emily slid off Chrissie and moved over my body, me suddenly the meat between these two. She softly kissed my lips, her tongue sliding through my lips easily. Emily slid her full breasts over my body as she kissed my chest, sucked a nipple and wrapped her hand around my girth. Chrissie was right with her, mimicking every move and kiss Emily made. They were comfortably between my legs, tentatively kissing, and licking my glans. Emily leaned into my groin, pushing my cock and balls away, and inhaled my scent, her tongue licking along the crevice of my thigh and cock. She unashamedly breathed in, her hand slowly stroking me. Chrissie did the same on my other side, these two beautiful devouring me with their noses. Emily lifted her head away, and turned to Chrissie.

“I fucking love his smell, too, Chrissie. God!” she rasped, and buried her nose back into my groin, her mouth soon engulfing my spent balls. She looked up at me, my balls in her mouth, and she smiled, her tongue lavishing her love on them. Chrissie’s tongue was slowly lashing my glans, as Emily plopped my balls out of her wet, warm mouth, and licked my growing pole. I had a hand on each of their heads, gently playing with hair, as I was taken by these two.

“Are you going to cum for us, darling, hmm?” Emily rasped.

“God, I only wish, sweetie,” I moaned. They giggled, licked me again, leaned their heads down, deeply inhaled, and crawled up my body to me, their lips kissing my face, laughing at each other.

“What are you two like, hmm?” I asked, my Cheshire Cat smile beaming.

“In love with you?” Chrissie, giggled.

We held each other, my hands in their hair, theirs on my chest and stomach.

Sleep came too soon.

Our Weekend in London

The alarm abruptly went off at four…a.m.! I crawled from between them, knowing they would be up in a few minutes. I leaned down, kissed their sleeping heads, and headed to the shower. We had to leave at five, so there was no playtime this morning! I turned the shower on, and clambered in, Emily appearing moments later.

“Humph! You were going to shower with me?” she laughed. Chrissie followed

moments later. We all smiled, and hugged each other, but each focused on cleanliness, not sex this morning. I did pee, thinking it would save thirty seconds later. Emily grasped my entire cock, and pointed it at Chrissie, as my pale urine covered her stomach and legs. She stood there, and giggled to herself.

“You done now?” I asked Emily, faux smirking.

“For now, Tom,” she said, too sultrily for four a.m.!

They both smacked my butt as I left, dried off, brushed, and shaved. I dressed in my casual chino and long-sleeved plaid shirt, grabbing my sweater, just in case. I checked my jacket for passports and tickets, satisfied we had left nothing behind. I fixed a few slices of sourdough just to tide us over ’til breakfast on the plane. Emily walked to the front room, looking every inch the desirable, and beautiful woman she was. I noticed she had worn her trainers again. She winked when I smiled at them.

I made tea and coffee for us all, knowing we had time for one relaxing cup. I could sense the sadness in Chrissie’s eyes, and put my hand on her arm, reassuring her that all was well. Eventually, it was time to leave and let Chrissie go back to sleep, if she was lucky. I went in and kissed the sleeping kids on their heads, whispering I would see them soon.

We hugged and kissed her individually, then had a connecting group hug. Our hands were all over her, trying to soothe her heart. We threw our carry-on luggage in the back seat, and grabbed my leather messenger bag. Chrissie tried to smile as we pulled out of the drive, all of us aware of the loss right away. We made it to O’Hare in no time, parking up and making our way to the departure area. I grabbed our tickets, went through security and passport control, and walked to the departure gate. I had booked Economy Premium tickets for us. The main reason was that we would not be taking the red-eye. We could sleep comfortably, if we needed to. Mainly, I wanted Emily next to me, not a massive console between us. Selfish, yes, but it would still be a comfortable flight. Kıbrıs Escort They called our row numbers, so we grabbed our bags and headed in. I found our seats and stowed away our bags, and we sat, Emily by the window. I felt I had to apologise for flying Economy Premium instead of First Class. She smacked my arm, telling me to behave. As if. She lifted the central armrest, looped her arm through mine and said, “I prefer this way, anyway,” she smiled, and kissed me. I wasn’t going to tell her that was the second reason I chose these seats, doubting she’d believe me! Of course, being as bad as Chrissie, she took photos of us and sent them to her. Given the circumstances, I didn’t baulk at her gesture.

We settled in, Emily smiling and so excited. Flying trans-Atlantic was getting to be routine for her!

“Do you like my shoes, Tom?” she teased, starting already.

“I love ’em, Emily. Maybe I’ll suck your toes later, hmm?” I teased right back.

“Tom!” she whispered. “Don’t!” she chuckled, gently smacking my thigh.

“Humph,” I replied, squeezing her thigh.

We lazily chatted about all and nothing, relaxing in each other’s company. This felt like just another date, albeit a three-day date! I pulled out my iPad, and we looked at the three houses again, the first definitely still our favourite.

Suddenly, I heard a voice. “Tom? Uh, Mr Lawrence,” the voice said as I looked up. “How are you? It’s been ages, and, uh, thanks for flying British Airways,” she said, the corporate line coming out.

It was Joanne, Ben’s sister. She leaned over and hugged me chastely, her hand resting on my arm. I was taken aback for a moment ’til I remembered she was a stewardess for BA.

“Joanne! It’s great to see you!” I exclaimed. “How’re you doing? This…this is Emily Foster, a dear, close friend of ours. Emily? This is Joanne, Ben’s sister,” I said.

They shook hands frostily? Yeah, that’s the word.

“Pleasure to meet you, Joanne. Chrissie and I spent some time with Ben and Elaine a few weeks ago, and they’re great company. You two, uh, know each other?” she asked pointedly.

“We do, yes. We met through Ben, and then bump into each other, off and on, when Tom is flying on business. I hope you both have a wonderful flight. If you need anything, please, just ask for me, all right? It’s wonderful to see you again, Tom. Pleasure meeting you, Ms Foster,” she said curtly, as she leaned down, and kissed my cheek, but extending her hand to Emily.

Fuck, I thought. Here goes.

Joanne walked away, as I felt Emily’s eyes boring into my head.

“A stewardess, Tom? Really? What a cliché! Humph!” she smirked, and looked out the window.

“Hey. Emily. It’s Ben’s sister, okay? Honestly? We had an extremely brief, uh, fling, if you will. We’re friendly, if we ever run into each other, that’s all, darling,” hoping that would be the end of that!

“Any others Chrissie and I will be introduced to over the next few years?” she asked, bluntly.

“Emily! Please! Don’t judge me on my past, all right? I was single then and…” I said, thinking I should not finish the sentence. “Who am I flying with right now, Emily? Hmm? Who’s my wife? Who am I in love with? Hmm?” I asked, hoping I had covered all the bases.

“Me?” she said, and burst into laughter. “You are SO easy, Tom. Sorry…” she laughed even louder! “You are simply adorable when you blush and stammer! God, I should take a photo of you right now for Chrissie. Do you REALLY think your past…flings mean anything to me? Humph!” she giggled. “You’re with us now. Forever, darling man.”

I pulled her into my lips, and kissed her deeply, nipping her bottom lip, as I pulled away. “You’re such a bitch,” I smiled.

“You had better not ever forget that, Tom,” she smirked.

We had finished our breakfast by now, and Emily laid her head on my shoulder, soon sleeping soundly. I kept my hand on her comforting thigh, softly stroking the soft material of her dress.

Emily POV

We had our breakfast, and I was getting tired from the too-early morning. I felt Tom’s strong hands on my thigh, reassuring me after our run-in with Ben’s sister. I chuckled to myself. As if I cared about his past tarts, eh? As my eyes slowly closed, my mind went back to how this all started. I felt warm with just these thoughts, still so fresh,

even though they go back years.

My thoughts returned to the first time we finally succumbed, one weekend when Jack had the kids. Unusual, yes, as he wasn’t the most capable, or insistent father. Chrissie called me one Saturday morning, and asked if I would come over. Jack had the kids, and she was at a low ebb. Of course, I went to her. I told David I would be back later, but doubted he heard me or even acknowledged it. My heart was breaking as I sped over. I walked in the front door, and she ran to me, her arms around my head, pulling my lips to hers. I was taken Lefkoşa Escort aback, certainly, but I returned her kisses. Our hands were tangled in each other’s hair, our breasts tight against one another.

“Chrissie? Are you…sure?” I asked, not wanting to take advantage of my best friend when she was in this emotional turmoil.

“We’ve waited long enough, Em,” she sighed, took my hand, and walked down her hallway to her bedroom.

I made love to my friend, unsure of what to do, but both of us knew we needed the human touch we were willing to give. That was the first day that I saw the other side of Chrissie, a side of her which was NOT evident at work. It was her neediness that caught me by surprise, her willingness to almost surrender to me. Knowing her personality (as I thought I did), I had thought that she would be the instigator and take the lead. It was the opposite. She seemed to need me to initiate any encounters, not that she was shy by any means, but she just needed to give in. And give in, she did.

Of course, as in any well-rounded relationship, the tides turned, and she would take the lead, her assertive work nature crept out. I was so willing to give in to her. So began our love affair, if you will. Our touches at work, and at home became more persistent. I think we both lived for that surreptitious bond. It was Chrissie who broached our talk about boundaries, at work and outside. Her work was not up to her usual high standard. She put it down to a problem with our changed relationship, and probably the stress of Jack’s infidelity. Chrissie was so straightforward, not the meek woman I knew outside of work. Our flirtations were going too far, distracting her and interfering with what she needed from work. She could not deal with any more of our intimacy at work. She had to control this part of her life, but gladly gave me the other. She was unequivocal on this.

I was in no position to argue her points. After all, I was married! We grew slowly to

where we are now, from that day on. Was I falling in love with her? Indeed, and, to a great extent, yes. Would I divorce David? Of course not. We didn’t see ourselves as lesbian, or whatever tag you wanted to label us with. Of course, I appreciate the beauty in both sexes. My God, the world is filled with beautiful women, and gorgeous men. My mind never wandered to all the ‘what ifs’, even after Chrissie and I had bedded one another. She was different. It wasn’t about the sex, but more about our connection. As much as I loved exploring her body, I always felt I was creeping into her head even more so.

I stirred a bit from the delicious memories, and felt that strong hand still on my thigh. I slowly woke, and smiled because I was exactly where I was meant to be. Tom had thrown a light blanket over us, probably to ward off the chill in the air. I kept my eyes closed, stealthily pulled my dress by the hem, took Tom’s hand, and slowly led it under my dress. I spread my legs just a bit, and left it to Tom to do whatever he wanted. The seats were extra wide and extra long, so I could extend my legs, not cramped up like they would have been in the ‘regular’ seats. I leaned my seat back a bit, giving our Tom better access. God, what a slut I am!

Tom’s firm fingers fiddled with the edge of my hold-up stockings, deliciously sliding his finger between the silky fabric, and my thigh. His stroking tickled me in more than one place! This was going to be agonising! He stroked my thigh, his fingers making small circles on my flesh, and stockings. I kept my hands still, eyes shut, and breathing the same rhythm. Teasingly, his fingers would creep up, touching the gusset of my prettiest panties, then slip down, and feel my stockings. The touch of his firm finger along my covered labia sent shivers through my body. I sneakily pushed my hips onto his finger, and then pulled my hips back. His hand lingered under my dress, casually moving over my body, in no hurry for whatever he had in mind. I could feel his eyes on me, my chest rising and falling with every tender sweep. [Do it, I thought. Just fucking do it! I screamed in my head.] My petite panties were too tight for Tom to stealthily slide under the tight, lace piping.

His finger came back, firmly prodding my covered opening. When he rubbed my little nub (Tom knew exactly where it was), all pretence was gone. I kept my eyes closed, but grasped his hand under the blanket, and pressed it onto my growing wetness. He defiantly patted my pussy, his rugged fingers pressing into my valley. I moved his hand to the top of my laced panties, and pushed his hand beneath them. Tom took over, his left hand crawling down to my now slick vulva. I brought my hands away, and relaxed as I meekly held his arm, as it slid up and down, his finger easily sliding through my oozing labia. He slid two fingers deep inside me, his thumb pressing, and rubbing my clit. God, I wanted his cock in my hands! I imagined stroking him, the way he was playing with me. Just that image sent shivers through my body, unmistakable to Tom, I’m sure. My hips pushed onto his strong fingers, the pressure building. His thumb was deliriously rubbing a little circle around my hard clit. I wanted to scream, but decorum took over.

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