The Black Stockings

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Calli Ann reached behind her to hook her bra. She was standing in her large bathroom getting ready for the evening. She slid her black lace panties up her legs and grinned as the panties hugged her hips. She smiled to herself and placed the delicate scent of vanilla on her pulse points. Calli Ann fixed her black stockings and then walked into her bedroom. The stockings hugged her smooth long legs and the edging had black lace. She tucked her black hair behind her ear and stood in front of her shoe rack.

Calli Ann had an addiction to shoes. It had started in high school and had gotten worse. She had probably about fifty pairs of Manolo Blahniks along with Jimmy Cho Shoes. She loved the ones with high heels since she loved being taller than or just as tall as her dates. She was five feet eight inches tall and was curvy in all the right places. She walked down to the area of the closet that she considered her sexy area. She had a boyfriend in college that loved those slutty clothing websites and she had almost every “fuck me” shoe you could imagine. Calli Ann giggled and grabbed the black strappy four-inch high heel shoe. She leaned down to put them on and grinned as she did up the straps. The shoe perfectly framed her cute toes and she had her esthetician paint her toenails just the perfect shade of pink. She rarely had any color other than pink, but she did have a phase when she always had a bright red color. That was because her boyfriend at the time loved red.

Calli Ann slipped her dress over her head. It was more of a slip since it was very low cut and barely covered adana escort her ass. The dress was exactly the right length since it covered the edging of her stockings, but the moment she sat down the dress would slide up to reveal her tanned thighs. She checked herself out in the mirror and after slipping her cell phone into her purse, she was ready to go.

She arrived at the club and was ushered in. She smiled at Jon who let her in immediately, much to the dismay of those waiting in line. Jon was big, black, and muscular. They had fucked a few times until she found out he was married. She had gotten quite upset knowing he wasn’t single and he, being such a nice guy, let her in every time she came to the club.

The club was crowded which was expected since it was a Friday night. She went straight to the bar and ordered three tequila shots. She drank the shot straight, not licking salt from her hand or sucking on a lemon. After her third shot, she looked into his eyes and grinned.

Keith was leaning against the back wall watching the sexy woman with the high heels. He had noticed her long legs and stockings the moment she entered the bar. He watched as her black hair flowed behind her and had her eyes set on ordering some drinks. Keith could feel his cock swell against his black jeans and he gulped back his third beer of the night. He needed to touch her, to feel her stockings, to suck and lick those pretty toes of hers.

Calli Ann saw him staring at her and she loved it. His eyes were glued to her stockings and eskişehir escort high heels. She walked slowly towards him. He was much older then she was, but that had never stopped her before. He had on tight black jeans and a black button up shirt. With most guys, she would think that he was trying too hard, but he just looked damn sexy. Keith watched as this sexy vixen walked over to him. The club seemed to shrink, reducing the other people to just ants. The music was quiet in the background even though it was blaring in his ears just a few moments ago. All he cared about was her.

She made the first move. She leaned over and kissed him hard on the lips. His lips were warm and soft. She ran her hands from his shoulders down to his cock. She pressed both hands against his cock and felt his hardness.

Keith opened his mouth and slid his tongue inside hers. She tasted like strawberries and tequila. His hands immediately grabbed her butt and then slid his hands down lower to massage her inner thighs. He was never this forward, but tonight it didn’t matter.

“Fuck me.” Keith’s eyes glazed over. This young sexy vixen was seducing him and he was now begging to be fucked. He couldn’t think straight.

“My place or yours.”

Calli Ann grinned and leaned to brush her pink lips against his earlobe. With her high heels on, she was the same height as Keith as she licked his earlobe softly.


Keith couldn’t move fast enough as he practically dragged her to the exit. He lived only a few blocks away and he was thankful. His cock was pressing uncomfortably against the zipper of his jeans and his only thought was sinking his member into her wet pussy. He fumbled with the key to his door and finally opened his apartment door.

Calli Ann pushed him backwards towards the couch and before he knew it, Keith was sitting on the couch with Calli grinding against him. He ran his hands up and down her legs and moaned.

“Fuck these stockings are hot.”

“I’m glad you approve. I bet they’d feel great against your cock.”

Keith’s eyes went wide. He reached down and pulled off her high heels. He massaged her toes gently and then leaned her back on the couch. He unzipped his jeans and sighed when his cock was finally able to be free. He stroked his member hard and fast. His eyes were locked on hers and she was running her hands up and down her legs. Calli moved her feet against his cock and began to rub up and down.

“Oh fuck that’s hot.” Calli Ann grinned and leaned over. She held her feet against his cock and continued to stroke him. Her stockings had wet spots from his precum and she could feel him throbbing against her feet. All Keith could do was lay back and moan. The material of the stocking against his cock felt so good. He watched as she held her feet tight against his cock. He could see her cute pink toes and was desperate to suck on them. Calli’s dress had slid up and he could see her panty-covered pussy.

All of a sudden, Keith began to cum. He closed his eyes and cried out. Calli rubbed harder and made sure that all his cum landed on her toes. Five big squirts of hot white cum landed all over her feet and she loved it.

“Feel better baby?”

“Oh yeah.” Keith could only moan as he saw his girlfriend’s cute feet, clad in those black stockings he bought her, covered in his hot cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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