The Day After

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This is the continuation of Horny on Halloween. Ryan finally loses the dress and while it’s no longer Halloween, he’s still getting tricks and treats.


The Day After: Ryan’s Walk of Shame

I stirred awake to find myself on a couch. My head hurt and at first, I didn’t remember where I was or how I got there. I had woken up to what was officially November and I took in my surroundings as I acclimated to what was turning out to be my new reality. Memories of the previous night flashed through my head as quickly as I had fallen asleep to them the night before. Except this time, the memories were accompanied by anxiety, doubt, and question rather than by lust and passion.

I lifted myself up by my elbow as I remembered the night before. I looked behind me to find an empty spot where Travis had last been. “Where did he go? What time is it?” I thought as I scanned the room for my phone. I boosted myself off the couch with new-found panic and headed towards the microwave in the kitchen. I glanced at the blinking green light for an answer as it told me the time. 8:15am. “Was I the first one up?” I asked myself as I looked down at my dress and the manly souvenirs it had collected from the night before.

Panicking, I ran to the window as I looked into the parking lot in front of the apartment. Graham’s car was still here. Thank God. He must still be asleep. I looked for a sign of Travis but he was nowhere to be found. I scanned the parking lot again to see if I could find his car, when I realized I didn’t know what kind of car Travis drove.

I quietly made my way to the bathroom to assess the damage. I turned on the light after closing the door behind me, and I examined the hot mess that my reflection was giving back to me. I looked exactly like you’d think any guy would look. As long as that guy was dressed in drag after being tag teamed in a coke and alcohol infused orgy until God knows how early in the morning. I couldn’t wait to get out of this fucking dress. What was I going to do?

My makeup was smeared and I had dried cum all over me – on my dress, my legs, my face. I needed to clean myself up. But even if I took a shower, my change of clothes was in the back of Graham’s car. I couldn’t get an outfit from Chase without waking up Annie and who knows if I wanted to deal with the awkwardness of talking to Chase right now anyway? Or Ever, let alone right now.

Knowing I had little option, I made my way out of the bathroom and back towards the kitchen. I thought the kitchen sink would produce less noise than the hallway bathroom would. I washed my face as best I could without proper soap or a mirror and dried myself off with a dishtowel on the counter. It reeked of booze from the night before. I used it quickly to wipe the dried cum off of my dress but it was making it worse, not better so I left the other stains as is.

I tiptoed my way back to the living room, maneuvering around furniture through the dimly lit space. I searched between bottles, and cigarettes, and shot glasses to find anything that might belong to me. My phone had fallen off the coffee table onto the floor opposite the couch. I picked it up and quickly pressed the home button, concerned it might be dead. The home screen lit up showing the saved picture of Graham and I from Valentine’s Day along with a clock letting me know it was now 8:35am. “Fuck me,” I thought to myself as the picture of my boyfriend staring back at me further conflicted the situation and the guilt I was in.

I scanned my phone to locate the Uber app and quickly summoned the nearest driver. 3 minutes. God, I love Uber. I was so thankful that it would only take three minutes until I was out of this mess. “Wait, three minutes?!” I thought. I wasn’t ready.

I quickly fumbled around the room for any other belongings I could gather. I grabbed my purse and put on a heel that lay beside it. I searched but couldn’t find the one that Travis had brought in. I wobbled around the rest of the room, half barefoot half heeled looking for the missing shoe. Through the search, I found my wig that I had completely forgotten about. I threw it back on my head knowing I must’ve looked a mess but also knowing I didn’t have time to brush it. I started to ponder what else I was missing or what else I had forgotten – when I remembered I no longer had my panties on.

I bent myself forward, as I lifted my dress from the bottom up to examine the situation. Yep, no panties. I didn’t know where they were and what’s worse, the tape I was using was no longer attached either. Could you see my dick poke out in the dress as I walked now? I delved into that living room, looking behind couch cushions, on the coffee table, around the entertainment center and they were nowhere to be found. My eyes started to tear up at the shitshow that was my life when a beep came from my phone. I brought the phone to my face and read the message, “You’re Uber has arrived.”

“Fuck!,” I whispered probably too loud. Maltepe Escort

I continued to look for my panties and my shoe when I thought I heard a noise coming from the hallway. “Shit, shit, shit,” I thought as I walked towards the front door, opened the knob and let myself out -carefully closing the door behind me. I stood there, on the top of the stairs in somewhat of a trance. The crisp November air and the brightness of the day was a sharp contrast to the dark musty sex dungeon I just got myself out of. I took off my heel to help better balance myself as the Uber driver pulled up closer. I made my way down the stairs dangling my heel in front of my crotch in an effort to conceal anything else that might be dangling.

I opened the back door and slid myself into the black leather seats of the vehicle. The driver turned to look at me and said, “Ryan?” My eyes widened as I searched the driver’s face for recognition. I was immediately concerned with how I might know this person when it dawned on me that my name was connected to the Uber app and he was just verifying that he had the right passenger.

“Yes, I’m Ryan,” I said relieved. “I live on Manchester and 27th”

He kept his gaze on me as he surveyed the lady boy in front of him. “Looks like someone had a rough night,” he said before turning back to the steering wheel in front of him.

“You don’t know the half of it,” I said as I looked back at the apartment building slowly disappearing from our view.

Thankfully, we rode the rest of the way in silence as we drove back to my apartment. The city was scattered with remnants of the night before. Candy wrappers, flyers, and beer bottles lined the curbs. Occasionally, we’d pass some other half-costumed soul walking down the street, no doubt experiencing their personalized rendition of a walk-of-shame.

The cab pulled up to my apartment building and I couldn’t be happier to see it. I thanked the driver and exited out to the busy sidewalk. I made my way to the front door of my building when it dawned on me that I didn’t know where my keys were. I didn’t have any pockets, but searched my purse over and over and over again as if the purse had once belonged to Hermoine Granger and I could somehow just Harry Potter my way out of this mess. But it wasn’t some magic purse and my keys were nowhere to be found.

How the fuck was I going to get in? I wasn’t going to call Graham looking like this. I wasn’t going to call my Sister looking like this. I could call my landlord but how long would that take and again, how was I going to explain myself.

I was running out of options when I remembered that my neighbors had a key to look after my place when I was on vacation. I buzzed their apartment before considering how I would explain myself to them. I started panicking as I pictured the looks on Mr. or Mrs. McCollum’s face as they truly realized their neighbor for what I might truly be. I contemplated turning around but where would I go like this.

“Hello,” a groggy voice came through the speaker.

“Hi. Sorry,” I said not recognizing the voice, “I don’t mean to bother you but this is Ryan and I live in the building.” I took my finger off the button to see if the stranger would offer me any clue to who he was.

“Like, Ryan next door?” asked the voice with a half disinterested tone clueing me into the fact that it was Joey. I had woken him up no doubt. Joey was the McCollum’s only kid. Last I had heard, he was traveling with music festivals or hopping trains or some shit.

“Yeah, is this Joey?” I asked for verification.

“Yeah.” He answered with a considerable amount of pause before he asked “so do you need something?”

“Um… yeah, actually… uh, I… I kind of locked myself out and I was hoping your parents still have a key to my place,” I stammered.

There was a long pause before Joey said, “Yeah, I don’t know – they’re not home.”

I waited for him to say something else and when he didn’t I asked, “Well, do you think you could buzz me in and I could maybe try to find it.”

There was no response but the door buzzed shortly after and the door popped to unlock itself.

“Thank God!” I thought as I snaked my way into privacy. I ran to the elevators and popped in the first one that opened before anyone could see me. I pressed the button for level 4 as the doors closed behind me revealing a mirrored reflection of myself quickly reminding me that I still needed an explanation.

I used to babysit Joey. Not all the time but when his parents were in a pinch and I happened to be around. He was always a pretty polite kid with his normal white middle class upbringing. He was pretty low maintenance as a young kid – into video games and junk food. I kind of lost track of him in the last few years, as he no longer needed a babysitter and he probably didn’t have too much in common with the 20-something gay human resource manager next door. I figured he must be 18 or Kartal Escort 19 as he dropped out of high school last year.

As I walked up the elevator, I wondered what I would say to explain my outfit. Or how I would clarify the cum on it and on my wig. Or how I’d explain the fact that I was missing one shoe and had no keys or underwear. I was pacing outside of my neighbor’s door trying to come up with something that might make sense when the door popped open. Joey held the door open as he stared at me with a confused look on his face. His eyes met my dress, and my bare feet, and then returned back to my hair and face.

As Joey looked me over, I took the chance to let my mental image of him change. My memories oof the boy I used to babysit morphed to the young man that stood in front of me. He hadn’t gained much in height, still falling an inch or two short of me but he had certainly filled out in other areas. He was standing there shirtless and smooth, his left arm stretched out to keep the door open showcasing a lean but defined physique and his hairy armpits. His buzzed hair was dyed blonde and no longer matched the brown hair on his legs and lower torso. His thin hipster shorts were cutoff to meet his mid-thigh and revealed he was not wearing underwear and did not take to shaving his brown pubes that poked out.

Careful not to stare too long, I returned my gaze to his green eyes as they stared seriously back at me. His jawline chiseled above his thick neck and protruding Adam’s apple added to the intensity of our reunion as he looked at me without words or a smile.

“Hey Joey,” I said as I tried to break the awkwardness.

He took a step back giving me a small window into his home as he asked, “What the fuck are you supposed to be?”

I took advantage of the small opening as I slid past my neighbor’s taut body entering into the family room at the entrance of their house. I hesitated as my mind came up with something feasible. “Um, I’m… uh, you know… you’re every day crack whore.”

I pondered this last-minute explanation and decided that it would maybe do the trick. I knew that I looked like one and I was certainly starting to feel like one. I turned to him and it seemed he too was pondering if this was a good enough explanation.

He eyed me again and opened his mouth, “and where’s your other shoe and keys… and dignity?”

Caught off guard by Joey’s bluntness I stammered with my words as I tried to explain my way out of this. This was not the polite, innocent, young boy that I had looked after as a young teenager. I looked at him to see if a laugh would accompany his questions but he just stared back unamused with my silence.

“What!? Haven’t you ever gotten drunk and lost shit before? I was at the bar and must’ve lost everything last night. I crashed at a friend’s and just had them drop me off.”

He followed me into the kitchen as I explained myself and grabbed a glass of water out of the familiar kitchen. I started to gulp the water down simultaneously realizing how parched I was. I looked at him through the glass as he considered my story.

“I see. So you lost your shoe and keys at the bar. Last night that is. And then first thing in the morning you had your friends drop you off here. Then you had them leave without making sure you could get in. Is that right?” he asked rhetorically. “and Before you had them drop you off, you thought to yourself – nah, I don’t want to clean this shit off of my face, or borrow any clothes, or at least borrow some fucking flip flops. And then you thought to yourself – I’m not worried about how I’m going to get into my apartment – I’ll just wing it.”

He looked at me knowingly. I didn’t respond because I had no answers for the reasonable points he and any reasonable person would have brought up. “Well, I have to say babysitter – that’s a very convincing costume!” he said as he walked towards me cornering me against the countertop. I leaned back as his body inched closer to me. He wiped his thumb along a stained part of my dress as remnants of Chase… or Travis flaked off of my dress to the ground. “Where do you get such lifelike splooge?” he asked inquisitively. “and so much of it!”

“Look Joey, I’ve had a long night,” I said before he interrupted me.

“I’d say,” he said with a laugh. “Were you even able to get any sleep with all the cocaine and sex you had last night?” he asked. “You should at least clean out your nose before you make a visit to your neighbors!” he continued. I was mortified. I wiped my nose with my fingers absentmindedly verifying Joey’s suspicions.

“Joey, can you just help me find my key?” I pleaded as I broke away from the corner to the key hooks on the wall by the pantry.

“Oh I know where your key is,” he stated.

I turned around to face him, “Where is it?”

“Hey, you wake me up at 9-something in the morning, the day after Halloween no less. You don’t give notice, you don’t ask Kurtköy Escort how I’m doing, you don’t even bring anything – you just come with all these demands. I don’t think that’s right, do you?! I wonder what my parents would say? Furthermore, when I so politely ask you about how your night was – you just lie straight to my face. I mean I always knew you were gay but I didn’t know you were such a kinky faggot! Don’t you think I deserve the real story for helping you out?”

“No! No I don’t think it’s any of your business Joey. Now give me the key!”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa… that’s not very neighborly is it? Look Ryan – it seems to me that I have something you want so you need to give me something that I want,” he bargained. He kept outlining his case for the truth and continued to bring his parents into the conversation. “I feel like I probably have to tell them about this, don’t you?” he threatened.

I pleaded with Joey but was starting to realize he didn’t have anything better to do than to fuck with me all day so I told him bits and pieces of the night. Mostly I just told him that we got drunk and did some cocaine and I had a man on man threesome and left before anyone woke up. He knew there was more to the story but didn’t press it saying that he was happy that I was finally being honest with who I was.

“So, can I have my key now?” I asked.

“Well, I just want you to do one more thing for me,” he said with his smile mischievously making its way to his ears. “I want to hear you beg me for this key,” as he dangled them in front of me.

I let my head fall down in a sign of surrender, both to Joey and the shit day that this was turning out to be. I started to beg for the key when Joey said, “No, I want you to beg on your knees.”

I bent down carefully to my knees and looked up at Joey with pleading eyes. I was in a position that I normally loved, on my knees in front of a man – looking past his groin up into a man’s eyes. But this time, it wasn’t as inviting. I just wanted to be home. I wanted my key so I could go home. As I kneeled in front of him, the aroma of male teen testosterone wafted to my nose from his shorts. It smelled of sweat, detergent, cum, and piss. It was noticeable enough that it brought my attention to the young package in front of me. I could see the outline of his girth before looking away embarrassed. I looked back up at his face and he smiled from behind his phone as he moved in closer to me.

Click. Click. Click. These were the sounds of Joey’s phone as he took pictures of me, dried cum in my hair, in a dress, kneeling before his crotch. “You wish you could have this dick, fag!” he said as he pushed me to the ground by my forehead. Click. Click. Click. He continued to take pictures of me as I fumbled on the ground in front of him. “Jesus, you should put your dick away if you’re going to wear a dress bitch,” he said making me realize that he was capturing photos of my junk exposed through the bottom of my outfit as I wriggled on the floor.

“Here,” he said as he threw the key at me, the keychain hitting me in the balls. “There’s your key, neighbor.”

I grimaced in pain as he said, “If you don’t want my parents to see these pics then you will crawl out of my house all the way down the hallway to yours.”

Without saying a word, I picked up the key and did as I was told using my hands and knees to carry me to his front door. Click, click, click. He continued to take photos as I made my way down the hall, my ass no doubt making a cameo for the photos.

I finally made my way to my entrance as I pushed the key into the door. “I was finally home,” I thought to myself.

That’s when I heard the sound of Joey’s bare feet against the carpet running down the hallway behind me. I grimaced as they got closer and closer before he finally pushed me back down to the ground onto my side with one forceful thrust.

“Please don’t hurt me,” I said as I fell to the ground and protecting myself with my arms.

“Shut up, homo!” he said as he looked down at me. “I just remembered that we might need this key back… you know, in case of emergencies.” With that, he pulled the key out of the door, looked at me and smiled menacingly before strutting back to his doorway. “Hope to see you again real soon, neighbor!” he said before letting his door slam behind him.

I lifted myself up to a seating position, turned the knob, and opened the door to let myself in. I crawled in, this time without the direction to do so. I made my way down the hallway of my apartment before letting myself collapse into the hardwood floor beneath me. I laid there on my back staring at the ceiling in front of me. I was exhausted. My body and mind were no doubt in shock from what it had endured in the last 24 hours. I quickly succumbed to the exhaustion as I shut my eyes and fell asleep on the floor.

Hours later, I woke up to my phone vibrating beside me.

I grabbed for the phone and brought it to my face as I opened my eyes to see who was calling. It was Graham. What time was it? I considered my options and decided that I needed to answer the phone.

“Hi,” I said.

“Hey babe,” Graham answered back. “I’ve been trying to call you – where have you been?”

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