The Girl From Italy

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‘Come on dude, it’s the weekend!’

‘Yeah it may be the weekend but some of us have work in the morning.’

‘You do too much work nowadays. You need to get out and enjoy yourself! And trust me this party is the perfect place to do it, Rodge throws insane parties dude!’


‘Come on, you know you wanna!’

‘Well… ok, but I’m not drinking through a funnel like you do! I still have to go to work tomorrow.’

‘Good man! See you there dude!’

Simon hung up the phone and sighed. He shouldn’t have let Rob convince him to go… but Rob was right, Simon had been working a lot lately. Simon opened his wardrobe and picked out a black shirt and blue jeans to wear then went into the bathroom and washed his face. He checked his reflection in the mirror, which showed olive green eyes and neatly combed black hair.

Simon had not long left college and, after getting many qualifications, had dived straight into a job as a teacher at another college nearby. At 20 he was the youngest teacher there.

Simon had never really had many serious relationships before. He wasn’t bad with women; he had just not met many nice ones. Nice in looks maybe but they all dropped him like a hot coal as soon as someone with more money came along. So Simon concentrated on work, and his social life was pretty dire. In fact, Simon thought as he put on some aftershave, he couldn’t even remember the last time he had gone to a party.

Still half not wanting to go, Simon grabbed his coat and walked out to his car, locking the front door behind him. As he drove to Roger’s house (Roger was another friend of Rob’s) he wondered if he would meet any girls there, and whether he would care if he did. Probably not, he answered himself. Besides, he couldn’t afford to meet any girls, he told himself. Simon drove the thought out of his mind for the rest of the journey.

Simon pulled up outside Roger’s house and could already hear the sound of loud rock music blasting from it before he had even got out of his car. He could feel a hangover coming on already.

Simon walked up to the front door and rang the bell, smoothing his hair. The door opened and Simon immediately got a waft of alcohol as Rob opened the door with a half drank beer bottle hanging from his hand.

‘Hey dude! Glad you could make it… here man have a beer…’ said Rob, grabbing a beer from the table.

‘No thanks,’ said Simon quickly. He looked quickly around for a place to go to get away from Rob; he was clearly smashed. He settled on the nearest doorway, which led to the living room. In it there were several people (some drunk) socializing. Most were talking, drinks in hand, others were just sitting looking bored, and some were attempting to dance but falling over soon after.

Simon noticed that there were girls in the room, but he tried to avoid them and blend in. He found a few workmates and started talking to them. For a while he was enjoying himself, but then a girl walked into the room and Simon simply could not ignore her.

She had long blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes, with succulent looking lips and a body to die for. She seemed to float across the floor in her long red dress, which didn’t show off her legs, but did show off some tantalizing cleavage. Simon could tell that it wasn’t just his eye she had caught. She seemed to know this as she showed a small smile as she sat down with another girl in the room. Simon heart fluttered as she gave him a definite small smile of his own.

After watching her hopelessly for several minutes, Simon saw her get up and walk towards the doorway. Just before she got there, she looked back at him and nudged her head towards the doorway, then walked through it. Simon decided to try his luck and follow her, as his friends were now too drunk to realize if he left anyway.

Simon walked out of the doorway after her and saw her going up the stairs, showing him a tiny but cock twinging portion of her legs. Simon followed her up at almost twice the speed and found her standing in the hallway at the top of the stairs, standing with her back to him opening a door.

‘Hi,’ said Simon, deciding to break the ice first.

‘Hi,’ she replied in a sexy voice with an Italian accent, turning around with that same cute smile on her face.

‘You did tell me to follow you right?’ said Simon.

‘Mm-hm,’ she nodded. Maybe Simon was imagining it, but he thought she had a hungry look in her eyes as she looked into his.

‘So err… what did you want me to follow you for?’ asked Simon innocently.

‘Honestly?’ she said, prompting Simon to nod. ‘I wanted you to follow me because I haven’t seen a guy as hot as you for a while, and I’m horny, so I wanted you to follow me to the bedroom,’ she said unblushingly, with her hungry eyes still fixed on Simon’s.

‘You want… Escort Bayan Bahçeşehir sex?’ said Simon in slight disbelief.

‘Well… not just sex…’ she said, giving him a cheeky smile and turning to walk sexily into the bedroom. Simon wasted no time in following. Once he had almost run inside the room, she quickly closed and locked the door, then walked up to Simon, ending up almost face to face with him.

‘What’s your name, stud?’ she asked in a sexy purr.

‘Simon,’ said Simon. ‘What’s yours?’

‘Lucia,’ she said, still giving him a hungry look.

‘Sexy…’ said Simon quietly. She heard him and smiled.

‘So… you want sex,’ she said, her look growing hungrier.

‘It was your idea,’ Simon reminded her, but with a smile.

‘Yes and I want sex only – no strings attached afterwards,’ she said.

‘Deal,’ said Simon. Boy was he glad he came now.

‘That’s settled then,’ said Lucia, smiling a seductive smile which Simon returned. Then the hunger that had momentarily lessened in her eyes returned in full, and she practically dived on Simon, knocking him back onto the bed in a lip lock.

Simon quickly got over the surprise and returned the kiss, which was fiery and driven by sheer lust. She obviously had experience, thought Simon, as it was probably the quickest erection he had ever had from a kiss. He decided to make sure she got horny too by running his fingers through her hair whilst holding her neck with his other hand, supporting the intense kiss. Their lips were moving over each other at some pace, and it wasn’t long before she involved tongue as well, which Simon had no objection to. As their tongues started dancing over each other, Simon ran both of his hands down her back, feeling her perfect body and luscious curves. Then he got to her ass, which was also perfectly rounded and even got a very slight moan from Lucia when he squeezed it lightly.

Then Lucia lifted her ass up, disappointing Simon slightly as he could no longer feel that part of her body on his own, but then he realized she had done this for a good reason. Taking a glance out of the corner of his eye he saw her hand moving down towards his crotch. Just as his heart jumped in anticipation her hand wrapped itself around his throbbing cock and started to move very slowly up and down it, bringing a small grunt of pleasure from Simon. Even through his jeans and boxers, it felt incredible.

Their kissing was now at its fastest and most intense. Their tongues were now dueling, not dancing, and their lips were moving over each other so fast they were getting warmer from the friction. Simon had definitely never enjoyed kissing this much before, and from her small noises undoubtedly from pleasure, she was enjoying it too.

Letting nothing but lust control him now, Simon rolled over so that he was on top of Lucia’s exquisite body and started to kiss her neck just as fiercly. This got an immediate reaction from Lucia as her body started to writhe and buck slightly, and her small noises turned into short moans and groans. It was clear she was trying to stifle these moans, but Simon was determined to force them out of her at full volume. Simon moved his lips up and down, side to side, diagonally, trying to taste as much of her neck as he could. Her moans became louder and longer, all stifling forgotten, and her body writhed more forcefully.

‘Oh god you’re making me so wet!’ she exclaimed, putting both of her hands on the back of his head so that he couldn’t move away from her neck one inch. Simon was glad to know that it wasn’t just him that was horny as hell.

Suddenly Lucia rolled over so that she was back on top of Simon, then wriggled down his body in one move, pushing down slightly on the top of his erection. She then proceeded to kiss Simon’s neck just as fiercly, if not more fiercly than Simon had done on hers. Simon could immediately see why it had made her so horny, and he had a hard time stifling his own moans this time. It appeared she also wanted to get the full volume out of his moans however, as she started to grind her crotch area against Simon’s.

‘Oh my fucking GOD!’ said Simon very audibly. Lucia emitted a small noise of triumph. Lucia was almost humping him now, and Simon was sure he had a felt a small amount of pre-cum be released from his cock.

‘I want to suck your cock,’ she suddenly said between changing area on Simon’s neck.

‘I want to lick your pussy,’ Simon responded.

‘Get undressed,’ said Lucia, finally getting off Simon and starting to unzip her dress. Simon quickly kicked off his shoes and almost ripped off his socks tossing them aside and moving quickly on to his jeans, which he whipped off equally fast and then pulled his t-shirt up over his head, then tossing that away too. He stopped to İstanbul Escort take a breath, looking up at Lucia.

They were now both standing opposite each other wearing nothing but underwear. They took in each other’s appearance, Simon admiring the perfect tone of her skin, the wonderful curves of her body and the perfect legs that held up the most beautiful woman he had ever set eyes on. Lucia too was looking him up and down, her eyes filled with hunger again. There was only one last step to take. Their eyes met and communicated what they didn’t need to say with words. Lucia’s hands went behind her back as she undid her bra strap, and Simon’s hands went to his boxers, and started to push them down his legs. Simon finished first and straightened up to see a perfect set of tits, and a little bit of what looked like an equally perfect pussy as she got free of her panties.

‘Wow!’ said Lucia, straightening up with her eyes fixed firmly on Simon’s cock. Simon looked down at it and let out a gasp of surprise; he had never seen it even close to being that big before, it was at least 7 inches.

‘I look forward to playing with that!’ said Lucia, making Simon’s cock give a very noticeable twitch.

‘I want to play with you first,’ said Simon, giving Lucia a smile.

‘Let’s do a 69er then,’ she said, her look at its hungriest so far. Simon grabbed her sexily and flung himself backwards onto the bed, bringing a noise of surprise from Lucia, but she was quick to move her naked body over Simon’s so that soon he was faced with her glistening pink pussy.

Simon took a moment to look at it; it was almost perfectly symmetrical and deliciously moist. Simon decided to see what it tasted like and drove his tongue inside it, wiggling it inside her. She immediately let out a moan and started rubbing his thigh in acknowledgement, which Simon was surprised to find felt very sexy. This was definitely the best pussy Simon had ever tasted; arguably the best thing he had ever tasted. As he licked away furiously at it, it released a sweet tasting nectar which Simon was only too happy to lap up.

Then Simon felt something wet and warm touch the tip of his cock and he let out a small moan. She was swirling her tongue around his cock, making him groan with pleasure and lick her with even more vigor. Simon then felt her mouth close ahead his cock head and start to push itself downwards. The pressure it caused on his cock was too exquisite for words and the only way he could respond was by licking her out even more fiercly.

‘Mmmmmmm…’ she said, sucking his cock faster as she did so. Simon realized her moaning was sending wonderful vibrations down his shaft, so he licked her out more fiercly still, thrashing his tongue around her pussy and grinding his lips against her pussy lips. This made her moan more, and she sucked his cock faster still, swirling her tongue around his cock head as she had done before. Simon noticed he was getting a lot more nectar from her than he was getting before, and he knew she must be close to orgasm as he was. He felt some pre cum release itself, a definite sign he was approaching the point of no return. He decided to make sure she came at the same time and sought out her clit with his tongue.

This got an immediate reaction as Lucia started to moan louder than ever, and her breathing got heavier. Simon felt his orgasm start and he let out a long groan just as Lucia’s body bucked and writhed and released incredible amounts of hot, gushing liquid right onto Simon’s face. Simon felt his own cum splash against the roof of Lucia’s mouth, spurt after spurt, and he heard her swallowing between moans which had reached an unbelievable volume. Simon too was moaning as he never had before, holding Lucia’s ass cheeks so her pussy was clamped to his soaked lips. Eventually, both of them stopped and made their last swallows of each other’s juices, still breathing heavily and letting out quiet moans every few seconds.

After a few minutes, Simon felt Lucia’s mouth move off his now softened cock, and she rolled off him so she was lying next to him.

‘That was the best orgasm of my life!’ she panted.

‘Same here,’ said Simon, who was panting slightly less.

‘Come here stud,’ she said, crawling up his body until their lips met again. Simon kissed back. As they were both slightly tired, their kiss was now slow and passionate rather than quick and fiery, but Simon could feel another erection coming on already. After just five minutes, he had one again, just as big as before.

‘I want you to fuck me,’ said Lucia, who had clearly noticed the erection pushing up against her mound.

‘Good, because I want to fuck you too,’ said Simon.

‘Nothing fancy, I like it hard and fast,’ said Lucia, straddling him and starting to line up her Escort İstanbul pussy with his cock.

‘Then that’s what you’ll get,’ said Simon, looking down to help her get onto his cock. Simon felt the very tip of it touch the very tip of her pussy and he looked up into her eyes.

‘Are you ready?’ he asked. He felt Lucia pull up very slightly, then she drove herself down on his cock, which penetrated her fully. ‘Ahhh!’ shouted Lucia, falling down on top of Simon and gripping his shoulders for support. Simon’s cock felt great inside her pussy, which was just the right tightness for him. Slowly, she started to move up and down on Simon’s body, bringing his cock in and out of her wet hole. She was also very close to Simon’s upper body, close enough to pleasure herself further by rubbing her nipples against his chest. This was also very erotic for Simon to have such a perfect body sliding against his.

‘Mmmmm yeahhh…’ groaned Lucia, as she started to fuck Simon slightly faster. Simon supported this by moving his cock up into Lucia as well as her pushing down onto it. This felt wonderful for both parties and caused more moaning from both parties as well. Simon was making grunting noises with each thrust and Lucia was moaning almost constantly, fucking Simon faster and moaning louder with each passing minute. Even though this was the best sex Simon had ever had, he was no where close to orgasm. Perhaps this was because he had not long ago had one, but it was good news for Lucia in any case, who seemed to be closing in on another orgasm.

After a few more minutes, there was no denying she was ready to cum again. She was now fucking him so hard that the mattress springs were almost drowning out her moans, which were reaching pre-orgasm volumes again.

After barely ten seconds of pre-orgasm moaning, increasing in volume constantly, Lucia came. Her arms wrapped around Simon’s back and she started screaming as her pussy contracted forcefully around Simon’s cock, she shaked and gripped his entire body, squeezing him erotically as he moaned with her from the sheer feeling of it all. Just as Lucia’s moans were dying down and her body was only shaking slightly, Simon flipped her over and pounded into her as hard as he could.

‘GOD FUCK YES YES YES YESSS!!!!’ screamed Lucia instantly as she wrapped her legs around him, intertwining her body with his again as she was forced into a second orgasm, louder and longer than the first. Her hips kept forcing themselves upwards every time her pussy contracted, heightening the wonderful pressures being exerted on Simon’s cock, which was now also drenched by Lucia’s sweet juices.

Eventually, Lucia’s orgasm stopped and they were left to lie on each other for a quick rest bite. When Lucia’s breathing had slowed somewhat, Simon slowly slid his cock in and out of her wet pussy again, both of them enjoying how slick it felt inside there after Lucia’s orgasms.

‘Mmmmm…’ moaned Lucia quietly. Simon was also enjoying the slow, sensual fucking he was now giving her. He could not block out the fact that he had not cum yet however, and every time he did think of that fact he felt his cock give a small twinge and he unconsciously quickened his pace slightly. This meant that after a while he was screwing her fairly fast and hard and both of them were breathing heavier. Simon could feel he was getting close to orgasm, and he wanted to time it so that Lucia came with him, so he kept his pace at the same steady rate. Every time Lucia let out a moan louder than normal, Simon would fuck her slightly faster and harder, getting ever closer to the big orgasm they both knew was coming (or rather, cumming.)

Simon felt a small amount of pre cum leave his cock and he knew he would not be able to hold on much longer. Lucia was feeling the same however, as she was whimpering with sustained pleasure at each thrust and her grip on him, from her arms and legs, were tightening again. Simon decided to follow suit and wrapped his arms around Lucia so that their hot, sweaty bodies were sliding against each other as they fucked harder and harder.

Then Lucia’s body writhed upwards violently and she gripped Simon as hard as she could and her pussy squeezed his cock, finally sending him over the edge. His cock burst wave after wave of hot cum inside her as she still cumming herself, shaking and jolting upwards as her pussy contracted and squeezed every last drop of pleasure from them both. It felt as though their bodies were as one as their orgasmic explosion came to a close.

Both Simon and Lucia were both breathing as if they had run ten marathons as they lay in each other’s arms. After twenty minutes, they looked at each other and smiled, sharing one last kiss and then getting cleaned up and dressed.

Just as Simon was getting back into his car, thinking that he would probably never have better sex than that, when his hand found a piece of paper with his car keys in his pocket. He unfolded it. It had on it a phone number and underneath the message:

‘Lucia – call if you need anything ;)’

Simon smiled to himself, placed the paper back in his pocket, and drove off.

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