The Hotel

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The room was quiet, dark and smelled of clean carpet and newly changed sheets.

The hotel was one of those anonymous places made for businessmen to spend the night after a late meeting before catching an early flight from the nearby airport terminal first thing in the morning. It was modern, comfortable and completely soulless.

He cared little for the lack of ambiance. Tired from the long drive he had stopped in front of the first hotel he’d seen, unaware of the town, the time or even the distance from where he’d originally wanted to be that night. After checking in and making his way to the room whose number matched his keycard, he’d dropped his bag on the floor by the door and had stumbled to the bed, letting himself fall flat on the mattress, making the shape of a starfish on the sheets, and falling asleep in a matter of seconds.

He woke up to the incessant ringing of his room’s phone, an old-style tone device placed on the bedside table by his head. Groaning, his head throbbing, he rolled onto his back, then sat up and reached for the receiver.

“You’re a shitty friend.” Said a vaguely familiar voice from the other side.

“Am I?” He replied, dropping back down to the mattress with the receiver still in his hand. He couldn’t tell who was on the other side yet, but his brain kept telling him he knew the voice.

The voice at the other end gave a sigh and a giggle.

“It’s Ash.” She said “PhoenixAsh87?”

“Ash?” His eyes opened wide as his brain made the connection. “Hi… Sorry I was…”

“Sleeping.” She interrupted “I know. Jess told me you looked tired.”


“The girl at reception.” Ash replied. “She recognized your name.”

He shook his head, suddenly remembering he was talking on a hotel phone. A moment of silence followed as he tried to make sense of it all but she cut the awkward silence short.

“I did tell some friends about you.” She said, cheekily. “So, are you coming down or should I come up?”

“What?” he said, drifting deeper into confusion.

“The hotel you’re at is 5 minutes from my house.” She clarified. “Give me a half hour to get dressed and I’ll be there.”

He felt his head spin. He had been hoping to sleep until morning and then leave quietly, he wasn’t sure he wanted to hang out with an old internet flame he’d never met in real life. On the other hand, he wouldn’t have many more chances to meet Ash and he didn’t want to be a bad friend to her. Although they hadn’t really talked for quite some time, he still considered her to be one of his better friends.

“What about Bob?” He asked, suddenly remembering an old profile picture from her Facebook page.

“Oh! Now Robert’s a problem?” She sniggered sarcastically “You didn’t seem to mind me having a husband when we were…” she stopped herself as the sound of kids talking flooded into the background.

“Bob and I separated a year ago. Look I was going out anyway and I have a babysitter coming. You wanna hook up or not?”

A few moments passed as he rolled the question over in his head. Again, she cut into his thoughts.

“If you don’t feel like it, it’s ok.” She sighed.

“I’ll see you in thirty.” He responded, more out of guilt than anything else. Then immediately regretted it as a suddenly cheerful Ash chirped a quick goodbye before hanging up abruptly. He reached for his bag and grabbed a box of Paracetamol. Taking two tablets in his hand he went to the bathroom, swallowed them and opened the hot tap in the shower.

He had just put a clean T-shirt on when there was a knock at the door. He checked his jeans’ flies nervously, walked to the door and opened it.

She had always had a little bit of a goth look about her that left you wondering whether that was what she was actually going for or if her pale complexion and preference for dark clothing simply made her look like she was into depressing movies and The Cure. This time she was wearing more make-up than usual and a see-through dark top plus short skirt combo with knee-high boots and thigh-high stockings which reinforced the concept even more. A black lace bra, visible from under her top, brought the point home. With short, spiky hair and a pair of black, thick framed glasses, she looked like an alternative-rock teenager on a first date. She certainly stood out and looked a lot younger than the woman in her late thirties she was.

“I didn’t know you wore glasses.” He smiled as she stepped through the door.

She passed him her handbag which he placed on the nearby desk, then smiled back up at him as the door slid shut behind her.

“I usually wear contacts but I decided to make an exception. I thought you’d like the glasses better.”

As she talked, she leaned in towards him, waiting for a welcoming kiss. He obliged, stooping forward to peck her on the cheek, and was surprised to find her lips instead. She let herself almost fall against him, forcing him to hold her as she pressed her tongue into his mouth, the sweet taste of her lips suddenly running Escort Beylikdüzü over his palate.

He kissed her back, holding her as safely as he could while allowing her enough room to wriggle and rub herself against him. He ran his hands over her, feeling her shape and curves as he did. She’d gained a little weight since he’d last seen her and that only worked in her favor, she felt womanly in his arms, compared to how girlish she had sometimes looked in the pictures she had sent him via email in the past. Her waist was still impossibly thin, with a hint of a tummy keeping her soft and supple to the touch, in contrast, her thighs were thick, her hips broad and her bottom was large and well rounded, it almost called out to be grabbed and, as he did, Ash let out a sigh of pleasant surprise in feeling his fingers dig into it.

He felt her steer him towards the bed, then push him onto it. She giggled as she climbed over him, her skirt lifting over her thighs to allow a peak at the tip of a triangle of lace beneath. A smirk flashed on her face and she lifted her top over her head and threw it backwards, off the bed, before falling towards him to plant her lips against his once more.

He felt the back of the bra for its catch, one hand joining the other in an effort to release it, then the lace glided down and she let the shoulder straps slip over her arms, lifting her chest to allow the garment to slide away completely. She sat up, grabbing his wrists and guiding his hands to her small but perky breasts. Once again, she let out a pleasurable yelp as he pinched her hard, pink nipples between his fingers, then shivered as he let go. Again, she let herself fall towards him so that he could suckle at her chest and nibble at her nipples, each tender bite accompanied by a tiny squeak of painful delight.

He remembered their conversations from a few years before when, late at night, as they talked and watched each other through the lens of a webcam, she had told him of how she longed for her breasts to be fondled and her nipples to be bitten and sucked, of how men always forgot about her smaller, more humble breasts while she wanted them to hold them and squeeze them, of how much it made her quiver with lust when she felt a man’s hands, or his mouth over them.

“Oh, holy shit…” she panted after another sigh and a shiver of enjoyment.

She pulled back, trembling with excitement, to sit over his still clothed body, leaning on the now bulging mound under his jeans. She paused, letting him have a good look at her, the way she knew he wanted to see her: half naked, panting, quivering with excitement.

Whether it was genuine attraction that had carried them away so quickly, or simply the excitement of meeting each other in the flesh after so many years, neither of them knew, or cared to know. What she did know, because he had confessed it to her in a lust-filled chat session, was that nothing aroused him more than a half-naked girl, too hot, too excited, too horny to get up and properly take off her clothes before she indulged in the pleasure she was promised.

With that notion firmly in her mind, and many more ideas to keep it company, she grabbed at the mound on his crotch with authority, massaging what lay beneath with confidence and intent. She then raised herself over him, kissed his lips one more time, then crawled upwards, cat-like in her motion, until her thighs flanked his head, the silk of her thigh-highs and leather of her boots grazing against his ears, and lowered herself upon him, rubbing his face with the lace fabric of her thong as she held held her skirt up and peered down at his aroused face.

He felt her moisture from under the black cotton, let her rub against his lips, poked at her with his tongue, teasingly, until he could feel her tremble with anticipation, he then aided himself with his fingers in moving her thong aside and plunged his tongue into her, licking the inside of her labia, then prodding deeper into her as she grabbed his hair and pulled him towards her. She gave a long, liberating sigh of relief as she felt him taste her, as if she had been waiting for the moment for all those years, then began to move over him, allowing him to taste her fully, to search for her clit and suck hard on it, causing her to moan out loud, or to fuck her with his soft tongue, making shivers of pleasure run up her spine like little electric shocks.

He soon found her sweet spot, as she rubbed her shaved pussy over his mouth. She let her skirt fall and grabbed his head with both hands, pulling him into her. He complied, insisting with his tongue until her breath began to struggle and her moans became louder, longer, mutating from time to time, into long whimpers of excitement. He let her grind over him, never relenting nor slowing down, allowing her to touch herself, or to press down against his chin as he sucked at her sweetness with greedy enthusiasm.

He felt her body warm and moisten with sweat, her thoughts escaping Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan her one by one, until she became so aroused that her actions seemed to be dictated by instinct alone, responsive to his every lick, or touch or prod of the tongue, then, he sank his face deep into her and lapped at her like a thirsty beast, listening to her moans intensify, her voice growing higher in pitch. She shivered, then quaked, then trembled on him.

“No!” She cried at the very last second suddenly pulling herself up and away from him “Nonononono! Too soon… too soon… too soon!!!”

Panting, she descended his body until her now dripping thighs were back against his crotch and kissed him, licking him clean of her own juices amid pants of almost climactic excitement.

“You can’t make me cum that quick…” She giggled, catching her breath “I want us to earn it.”

After kissing him one more time she descended further down the bed, coming to rest on her knees in between his legs. She struggled with his button flies, then tugged at his jeans, inviting him to lift his legs and help her remove them. He complied and let her pull them off, along with his boxer shorts, in one go, revealing the full extent of his hardness to her. She ran her hands up his legs, from the tip of his naked feet to the inside of his thighs, then caressed his erect penis, rubbed her palms against his testicles, held him in her warm fingers as she lowered her face towards him.

She too remembered the conversations they’d had, the confessions they had made, the long nights of secretive, online passion they had shared. His skin felt new to her, his neutral, watery smell, his movements and breath were all novelties but his desires, his fantasies and lustful wishes were not. She knew where to touch and how, what to say and when, what to show and what to conceal, she knew him, deep down, and she wanted him to enjoy her as much as she enjoyed him.

The moment her tongue touched his perineum he shivered and gave out a gasp. As she moved it up and down, tasting up to his testicles and then descending teasingly almost to the rim of his anus, he writhed and wriggled with little control of his body, moaning and panting as she grabbed his rod in her hand and began tugging as she licked. It was different, she thought, from other men she’d had. Few had let her control them so easily and those who had often expected her to lead from start to finish. He, instead, could be dominant, she knew, when she needed him to be, but was also willing to show his vulnerability if it would make their time together more pleasurable. Perhaps, she thought, what she found so attractive about him was not his good looks or his charming personality but, most of all, it was the fact that he didn’t feel the need to either prove his manhood nor make her sole one responsible for the evening’s entertainment.

She felt him shiver again and reach down, groping for her head. She knew he wanted to grab her now, to push her hard against his perineum, to force his balls inside her mouth, she would have liked to let him but thought better of it. He would have his release soon enough, now though he was hers and she intended to have him melting in her hands before she let him go. She pondered, for a moment, whether she should risk another millimeter and glide her tongue over his anus but for all the chances it might craze him with ecstasy there was the possibility he might not enjoy it as much as he liked her rubbing the spot separating it from his testicles. She gave another, stronger lick and felt his whole body convulse and his cock throb in her hand. It was time to give him a little bit of respite before she exceeded his limits.

Sliding swiftly up his perineum, Ash let her tongue run up his balls, to the base of his shaft, then released him from her hands and raised her body and head to accompany her tongue as it moistened all the way up his shaft. She stopped at the tip, her lips kissing his glans and waited for him to take another breath. She then placed a thumb against his moist perineum and pressed, right as she plunged his cock into her mouth. His reaction surprised her in the best way possible. She had expected him to moan and pant and tremble as she had done when he’d sunken his tongue into her, instead, he let out a long, throaty whine of appreciation as his legs bent and tensed, then reached for her again and, this time, managed to grasp her head by her short hair. She came back up his shaft, then sank, then came back up rapidly, moaning softly to let him know she consented to what he was about to do, then let him take control and push her down hard, all the way to the base of his cock.

She let him force her, rolling her eyes as she felt him move his pelvis frantically, pushing and retracting himself from her mouth fast and hard, allowing him to penetrate the depths of her mouth and throat, relinquishing control of his body, along with the amount of air he would allow her to breathe. She felt her Beylikdüzü Escort head go hazy and her body grow hot, her thighs moisten anew with the excitement of it all as his pounding of her mouth became more sinuous, more regular and he fucked her face with desire and a hunger she had rarely seen. She pressed her thumb had against him and felt him shudder and shake, before pulling out of her mouth with a shiver, panting beneath her with a pleasured grin on his face.

She smiled back at him, wordless, then kissed his glans and playfully flicked his erect penis, giggling as she turned away from it to stand, at the bottom of the bed. She spun to face the wall, then bent towards it with a sensual, wave-like movement. Looking back at him she slid a hand down her body and tugged at the thin strip of lace covering her pussy. She moved it aside, her full, excited labia and her anus pointing at him invitingly, calling at him with a hypnotic motion as she swayed her round butt slowly from side to side.

He was standing behind her before he’d even registered her invitation. His erect member pointed at her, touching the skin of her inner thigh or the silk of her stockings from time to time, as she kept swaying in blatant invitation. He took a second to enjoy the view, the fullness of her thighs, the roundness of her ass, the warm, wet, inviting prospect of her cunt. A beautiful woman, her body bent over in invitation, her legs widened, her butt raised in a high-healed pose of pure provocation, her insanely small waist swooping into her wide, natural hips. He heard her breathing, panting with anticipation. He knew now more than ever what she desired. He stepped forwards and plunged into her, pushing her slow and hard, up against the wall.

She gasped as he entered her, then shivered with pleasure as he slid all of himself inside and pushed her forward. She remembered the time when she had confessed, her legs open to the camera so that he could watch her pleasure herself and, in turn, give the same pleasure to his own body, that she longed for the sensation of a powerful man, squeezing her small, shapely body against the cold wall or the floor. Now there he was, suddenly grabbing her breasts and lifting her as he fucked her, the more to push her forwards against the room’s boundaries and towards the edge of her own sanity. She let him grab her, touch her, fondle her breasts with animalistic greed, then descend along her body to wrap his hands around her waist and slam hard into her.

Ash moaned aloud then for the first time that night, for the first time in so long she could not even remember. It was not something she did, not something she allowed herself to do, normally, but there, compressed between his strong, hot body and the hard, cold wall, his cock mercilessly pounding her from behind, she abandoned all of her usual quietness and restraint and howled, her voice trembling with his every plunge, until she had no more breath to spare. She heard herself mumbling nonsensically as he took her, confused and delighted by the sexual release that had finally come to pass between them after so many years of teasing and toying with each-other, of wanting one another, of long nights spent in front of a screen imagining, lusting, dreaming.

She felt her legs lighten and realized he was lifting her, moving her from the wall back towards the bed. She resisted, only slightly, pulling him down and reaching for the floor. There she lay with her cheek to the ground and her legs wide as he leant over her, gently at first, then hard as he entered her again. Almost as if she were a mere spectator to the scene she heard herself beg to be fucked harder, then she felt him push down on her, pressing down on her butt, pinning her to the floor with his hands and his body and his cock. Excited further by the pressure, by the restricted airflow to her lungs and by his pounding, now deeper, stronger and with all of his weight behind it, her body finally let go of its last thread of control. She felt the pleasure rise from her thighs to her stomach, to her breasts and finally to her head and she let out a whimpering cry of pure enjoyment as she climaxed beneath him, letting him control her as she did so that he could torture her, play with her, extend that moment of sweet, pleasing insanity until she could no longer abide to the shivers and the twinges of her thighs and her abdomen, then she threw him off, suddenly in control again, and sought to return the pleasure to him tenfold.

He had barely rested his back on the floor when he felt her grab his manhood again. Her grip on it was hard, possessive and her movement as she began to jerk him was rough and unforgiving. He knew then that she wanted to control him the way he had just controlled her and, though he relished the idea of her doing so, he knew equally that he would need to resist her, at least a little bit, if he wanted her to give it her all. His thoughts though, his knowledge of her intentions and his confidence were blown away in an instant when he felt her thumb up against him, just below his balls again, suddenly rubbing hard at his most sensitive area. He had expected her to fain roughness to then slip, in response to his resistance, into a graceful, feminine stroke but she had gone straight to his jugular, so to speak, and hit him where he was most defenseless.

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