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Alice felt a bit nervous as she pulled the key from her bag and unlocked the door to her apartment. This was her first date with James and she usually did not bring a first date back to her apartment. Normally if the guys were nice, called her back within a reasonable amount of time and continued being nice on the second date she would either bring them home or go home with them. While she never told anyone, if a date was asked back to her apartment there would be sex, for her it was understood.

James was different than any other guy she met. Though a bit shy, he did talk with her and more importantly, listened. As their conversation weaved through the evening James seemed comfortable talking about anything Alice brought up, and when James brought something up, it was always something that grabbed her imagination.

Again, though he was very quiet and reticent, he seemed to have an inner confidence in himself. And, while confident, he could comfortably laugh at himself. After all the many different men she had been out with in the last several years, James seemed the most gracious, comfortable and friendly of them all. This was why she was now opening the door to her apartment and letting James come inside.

“Wow, Ankara escort this is really a nice apartment, Alice,” James said as he stepped into her living area, “And what a view,” he continued walking over to the window next to her dining table.

“Oh I don’t know we have the docks out to the left and a factory to the right,” Alice replied.

“But with all the water I bet there is an amazing sunset, I mean even this late you can see a hint of color to the west.”

“I think what makes the sunset so colorful is the pollution,” she said, laughing nervously.

“Still I bet it’s beautiful from here. Oh yes, that reminds me, can I take your picture?”

“My picture?”

“Yes, a Polaroid, I have a camera in my bag,” James said, grabbing his backpack and pulling out the black camera.

“Just a picture, me just standing here?” she asked, wondering what else he might want to get with his Polaroid.

“Yes, that’s good, right there,” he said holding up the camera.

The flash caught Alice by surprise and she grabbed on of the dining room chairs until she regained her composure. “Okay, you have my picture,” she said, moving over to him and snuggling against him. She leaned her head forward and kissed him Ankara escort bayan lightly on the lips.

James responded wrapping his arms around her and pressing his tongue into her mouth. They remained locked in the embrace, their tongues mingling with each other for the longest time. When they finally broke apart Alice sighed and then took a deep breath. “Wow,” she said, then brought her fingers up to her lips, realizing she actually said that out loud.

James smiled and said, “Yeah, wow.”

Alice paused a moment and then said, “Let me slip into something a little more comfortable.” She then turned and headed into her bedroom. Once inside she undressed completely and then slipped a long, but sheer gown over herself. The gown came with panties but she tossed them aside.

Stepping out of her room she saw him sitting over on the sofa looking down at her picture. As she moved toward him she noticed he had pulled his cock out of his pants and was gently stroking it. Figuring to settle in and take his erection into her mouth she moved over and kneeled down onto the floor between his legs.

Alice thought he would immediately sit back and let her take over with his cock, but instead, he glanced up at her, smiled Escort Ankara and then looked back down at the picture, stroking himself even faster. After a few moments, as his breathing quickened and his muscles began to strain some she realized he was going to finish himself off.

She had never seen a guy masturbate before, besides walking in on her brother a couple of times, so she leaned her arm on his thigh and simply watched him. Initially she was surprised at how roughly he handled himself, stroking so fast. He seemed to concentrate on the head, sliding his fist up and down just over the purple bulb. She wondered what he might be doing with his other hand if it weren’t holding the picture of her.

As he continued she saw him quicken his pace and he began to move his hips some, actually pushing his cock up to meet his hand. He was getting closer to orgasm and she could hear a slight moan. Not sure what else to do she began whispering encouragement, “Come on, James, come for me. Let me see your big cock shoot that cum.”

He looked at her and moaned, “Oh yes, yes.” Arching his back and moving his hips forward on the couch he came. The first spurt shot out onto the wooden floor, but the next several spurts of cum landed accurately on the picture of Alice.

Resting her arm on James’ thigh, she watched as he slowly milked out the last droplets of his cum onto her photograph. He then handed it to her, as a gift, of sorts, she supposed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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