The Thirst Within Ch. 03

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Car Flash

*Sorry there are such large gaps between the posting of my stories. If you want to remind me to get a move on just drop an email. And a thanks to Cannd for her marvelous editing and beta reading of this.*


Zak’s P.O.V


I stared after Oscar for a moment before quickly putting a shirt on. The urge to chase after him and drag him back here almost overpowering me.

A few minutes later I proceeded to roll call in the front hall. My eyes didn’t leave Oscar’s for the entire time. The way the corners of his mouth curled up in a grin. The light flush in his cheeks when he caught my gaze. The casual sweeping of his rust coloured hair across his forehead. Heat stirred in my blood, my libido going into overdrive.

I sighed trying to control the urges and desires roiling through me. After roll call I walked back to his room with him, and he grinned widely when I closed the door. I inhaled deeply sampling his scent, sweet and delectable. He extended his arms and I returned the hug. His height was no problem. I reached up on my tip-toes and kissed my way up his neck to his lips.

I tried to take it slow even though my instincts screamed for me to do otherwise. The downside of Vampiric libido, my instincts were urging me to sink my fangs into his flesh and drink deep. The darkness in me struggling with the light. My Vampiric instincts pushing against my control.

His arms moved to the small of my back and pressed me closer against his chest. His lips brushed against mine, warm and soft and he accepted me into his mouth. I used my centuries of practice in our kiss, I could tell he was enjoying himself. I certainly was.

He was inexperienced but made up for it with his enthusiasm. He seemed to be enjoying himself as much as I was, if the cock pressing against my stomach was any indication. I ran my hands down his chest towards his groin, my hand lightly skimmed over the straining fabric. He froze at my touch and groaned quietly.

I broke the kiss and moved lower and pressed my lips against his neck. My fangs itched to descend even after centuries of temperance, and I felt his pulse accelerate under my lips. I inhaled deeply and was lost in a wave of desire. My blood boiled with need, threatening to overtake all else. There was so much I wanted to do. It took all the courage I had not to sink my fangs into the warm, willing flesh.

I pulled back not without effort and stared into his eyes. They were clouded with desire which soon turned to annoyance, I could tell my eyes had darkened by their reflection in his.

“You are such a tease you know. But I can do the same.” He said tugging me closer against him.

His hand skimmed along my chest and down towards my cock. His hand rested lightly against the fabric sending warmth through the thin material. He squeezed lightly eliciting a moan from my mouth. I came to my senses and shoved him back onto the bed, I straddled his hips and leaned down to kiss him. His hand came down on the back of my head and I expected him to kiss me, he instead pressed his lips against my neck.

I froze shocked. I hadn’t opened a vein for anyone in over 1500 years, procreation aside. But now if there was anyone I would be willing to open a vein for I couldn’t think of anyone other than Oscar. His teeth pinched the skin, the pain arrived accompanied by a wave of desire. My gums itched and I felt my fangs descend eagerly, wanting to taste fresh blood. I shook myself out of my thirst driven haze and regained my faculties, not without great effort.

I sat up and pulled my index finger up to my mouth. I pricked the tip and saw a droplet of scarlet blood squeeze out.

“I have tasted you. It is only fair if you get to do the same.” I said my fangs peeking below my lips.

He froze slightly before his hands moved to my shoulder and yanked me down onto him eagerly.

I moved my finger to my lip and rubbed the droplet of blood against it. Initially, I sensed his hesitation, in the look, but then it was replaced with heat once again. His hand moved to the back of my head and pulled my lips against his.

The small amount of blood was enough, his tongue flicked over my lips, his left hand digging into my shoulder as he tasted my blood. A moan of surprise and pleasure escaped into my mouth from him. I grinned internally, the joys of age. My blood was strong enough that even the small amount he had taken caused pleasure.

His nails dug into my shoulder sending pleasure rather than pain through me. My kind associated pain with feeding and sex, in my aroused state the sensations my body would have related to pain came across as pleasure. He pulled back suddenly and stared into my eyes, his cock rubbing against my arse filling me with the urge to ride him into oblivion.

“No-one has fed from me in over 1500 years. Among my kind it is considered a great honour to open a vein for someone.” I muttered breathlessly.

He grinned up at me, his face flushed red with excitement.

“Your mersin escort eyes are black. What does that mean?” he asked quietly.

I smiled weakly revealing my fangs

“It means I am hungry or aroused. Right now though, I’m both.” I replied hesitantly.

“Did you actually just say aroused. Oh god, we need to talk about your vocabulary.” He said laughing quietly at me.

He gulped visibly then slowly kissed his way up the side of my neck. I threw my head back and hummed quietly in appreciation. His tongue traced the vein on the side of my neck, and I shuddered as his teeth nipped the flesh, teasing me without end.

After a few more minutes of kissing and teasing I pulled away and swung myself off the bed not without a groan of disappointment from Oscar.. I turned around and smiled at Oscar. I retracted my fangs and ran a hand through my hair. Oscar sat up on the bed and moved off to hug me.

“Do you have to leave?” he asked miserably.

“Yes. That old friend I was talking about will be waiting for me. He did not want to disturb me earlier but I know he is waiting.” I said grinning weakly at him.

He looked down glumly a grimace on his face.

“Hey. I’ll see you tomorrow then we have the night to ourselves if all goes to plan” I said to him cupping a hand under his chin.

“I have a free morning till lunch” He said hopeful.

“I will see you then” I replied smiling at him.

He looked into my eyes and a wide grin spread across his face. I went up onto my tip toes and placed kisses along his jaw before pecking him on the lips. His arms moved to the small of my back and refused to let me go. He knew I could easily break his hold but I enjoyed the idea of submitting to him. He moved his lips against mine and kissed me passionately showing his want in that one kiss.

His tongue coiled around mine. Electricity tingled at my gums and urged my fangs to descend again. I resisted the urge and broke the kiss. I felt some satisfaction however when his lips tried to follow mine. I grinned and rubbed my finger across his lips.

“Later” I said suggestively

I rested my head against his chest with my breathing irregular.

My control was at it’s end, This I couldn’t understand. I had almost two thousand years under my belt. Yet every time I smelled his scent or kissed him I almost lost control and fed off of him.

I prayed that day would never come. The day I lose control. I assessed my thirst and decided to feed once I left Oscar. In an attempt to regain some level of control.

I pecked his lips and said regretfully

“I have to go”

He sighed loudly then released me from his arms. I ran the back of my hand down his cheek. He leaned against my hand and sighed. His cheeks flushed a dull shade of red. His rust coloured hair swept casually over his forehead. I reached up and brushed a stray lock of hair into place.

He hugged me once and then released me. I opened the door and turned back to grin at Oscar before I left. I checked that the corridor was empty before sprinting off faster than anyone could follow me. I entered the forest near the other houses and waited.

As I expected a few minutes later someone came walking down the path. I reached into his head and identified him, Freddie Tamra. He had dark tanned skin and brown hair with muscles bulging from him. His hair was cut short and I could smell the scent of his blood from this distance.

It didn’t hold a flame to Oscar’s. After being with Oscar and tasting even a droplet of his blood, other blood smelled bland. I inhaled and allowed the predator in me to take over. This part of me didn’t care about the scent, only the relief his hot blood would bring as it slid down my throat. My rational mind pondered if by tomorrow it would not just be Oscar’s blood sliding down mine.

My fangs descended and in my thirst his blood smelled slightly less objectionable. I reached into his head and made him walk towards me. He had no idea what he was doing, his expression blank. He came within 2 feet of me looking completely relaxed.

To think, I had come here believing I could lie low and be entertained by random boys like this and the easy chances to feed that they offered. I guess, even after all these years and with all my experience, I had always thought it would be boring to be with one person even if you loved them. But with Oscar, I couldn’t picture myself tiring of him. I pulled Freddie towards me and leaned closer to his neck. The vein prominent against his muscled skin.

I bit down into the warm flesh and began to draw out his life essence. When I feed I have a choice of chemicals to use on my fangs. One causes pleasure. The other pain. And lastly a type of anaesthetic. This time I used none and simply drew his essence into me. Once I felt my thirst was sufficiently sated I pulled away from his neck.

I licked the trail of blood that seeped from the wound unthinkingly. I pricked my finger kocaeli escort and allowed a single droplet of blood to squeeze out. I rubbed it against my bite wounds and watched them heal almost instantaneously, another benefit of age. I wiped this time from his mind and sent him back to his house but planting the notion of taking vitamin B-12 and an iron supplement.

In my mind I imagined biting Oscar and feeding truly from him. With Oscar it would be different than with this random feed. With Oscar after I fed from him I would let him feed from me. To replenish his blood. I cut off the train of thought however and focused on the task at hand.

“Now to deal with Dieter” I thought.

I ran through the woods and followed the scent trail left by Dieter. He had intended for me to meet him. That much I could tell. But as to the reason I did not know. Dieter was around 3500 years older than me. The oldest vampire known to exist. And my maker.

I slowed as the scent trail began to strengthen. I arrived around 30 miles from the school in a clearing with my maker standing 15 yards away in the centre. I walked slowly to his side and lowered myself onto a knee as was the custom among my kind. The aura of power Dieter exuded encompassed me. He turned and placed his hand upon my head.

I glanced up at him and grinned.

“Father” I said contentedly.

I looked at my maker for the first time in 20 years. He hadn’t changed. He had a thin beard covering his chin and upper lip. His hair was brown with grey streaks running through it, and his eyes were hazel. He smiled down at me with kindness on his face, and placed his hands on my shoulders and tugged my up to my feet.

“Zachariah you forget it is I who should kneel before you.”

he lowered himself onto his right knee before bowing his head saying.

“Your majesty”

I lowered myself to his eye level. And tugged him up. He stood taller than me at around 6ft.

“My progeny. It has been too long. 20 years is it now?” he said

I nodded and smiled at him.

“You leave me curious though. What has happened that requires my attention?” I asked .

“I am sorry Zachariah to be the one to tell you but it is your progeny, Santiago. He has gone missing.”

I stiffened instantly.

“When was he last seen?” I asked desperate for his answer.

“In North America, In Virginia. We believe he is being held by the Hunters. Santiago’s progeny Marcus and Marcus’ progeny are looking for him as we speak.”

“And what of Darren is he safe?” my voice showed my concern. My thoughts flew to my only other progeny. My protective instinct going into overdrive. Darren had been my first progeny and our bond had developed far more than with Santiago.

“Darren is safe as far as I can tell” Dieter informed me. I sighed in relief but checked any way.

I focused for a minute attempting to locate Santiago and Darren. Normally my mind would locate their exact location. I located Darren easily, He was skulking around in north London somewhere. Probably in some run down bar looking for some poor human to spend the night with.

Darren wasn’t his true name. But he hated his original Anglo-Saxon name of Wulfstan. As soon as I realised he was safe I moved my attention from him and focused on my blood bond to Santiago. I hit a barrier. The barrier blocked the link our blood caused and prevented me from locating him..

“I cannot find Santiago” I said swearing under my breath.

Dieter nodded then said

“Neither could I. I roughly located Darren and deemed him safe. It may not have been possible for me to locate Santiago exactly I tried anyhow. I found myself hitting a barrier. I hoped that perhaps you would have better luck.”

I was Santiago’s maker and Dieter was my own. The blood we shared was the same and allowed makers to find their progenies. And even their progenies progeny. I inhaled sharply trying to calm myself. The bond between a maker and his progeny was a sacred thing. To lose ones progeny was to lose a child.

It is a makers duty to protect his progeny. Even after released by their maker, the progeny is still under the protection of their maker. I though back to the last time I had seen Santiago. It had been three years since he had visited my court. He was respected by those in the area he governed and feared as my progeny. Darren had visited more recently.

“I did not expect you to leave your court. None of us did. For 3 months you have left Dominic in charge. But he will never replace you my king.”

I shuddered internally. I hated being called by my title.

“You know how I hate being called King. I shouldn’t be me on that throne. You are over 3000 years older than me. You could be the king of any territory you wish. No-one would oppose you. By right it should be you on the throne.”

Dieter shook his head then said grimly.

“I don’t want to be king. You know I was never interested samsun escort in politics. But I have a question for you. Who was the human I saw you with? I would have spoken to you then but you seemed pre-occupied.”

I stiffened slightly but relaxed when I saw the grin growing on Dieter’s face

“I know, I know.” I replied my smile ever growing

“After almost two thousand years I finally find someone. And they turn out to be a human.”

Dieter shook visibly with laughter then said

“Well you know how I met Vanessa. She was once a human as well, we all were.”

He placed a hand on my shoulder and said

“Know this my child. I will accept your mate as I would my own progeny.”

“I feel something for him that I haven’t felt before. I want to take him to the court. I want to show he is mine. If they see that their own king with a human, it might change their attitudes towards them.”

Dieter nodded in agreement then said

“I am planning on going to find Santiago. It would be unwise for you to leave your kingdom in such an unstable state. Be with Oscar. But be careful. If my nose is right he is something more than human. Much more. When and if you feed from him, be sure to replenish him afterwards if you plan on feeding more often.”

Dieter thought for a moment before continuing

“Also if you reveal him to the court, be wary of those who would use him against you.

I know for a fact Constantin would love to take your place.”

“I thank you for looking for Santiago in my stead. If you could contact me if something changes.”

I replied

He nodded at the suggestion. And I bowed my head to Dieter in goodbye before turning and sprinting back towards the school. At my age I covered the 30 miles easily, skimming through the fields and back towards the school. My hunger for blood was sufficiently sated. The human before was enough to sate my thirst for now. I was going to need it if I was going to be around Oscar more often.

This school wasn’t supposed to be a romantic endeavour. I had intended for it to be distraction from ruling in court. This place had seemed interesting, an urge to go here over others was evident. It was secluded in the country yet with ample human populace to feed from. And as far as my records could tell less than 10 vampires resided within 40 miles of it.

Court had become depressing after centuries of stupid fucking vampires always kissing my ass.

After a while it became hard to tell true intentions from those with hidden agendas.

Some Supernatural’s came to me too seeking my favour. Our loose alliance with the witches came in handy from time to time.

But our cousins the Incubi and Succubi were always causing trouble. It had become too much. I couldn’t take it any more. I have been on the throne for around five centuries. In that time I had overseen countless executions among the Supernatural’s, both among my own kind and any who cause trouble in my kingdom.

Werewolves butchering humans, Incubi and Succubi feeding off sexual energy to the point off death. Now all thought of court had left my head, replaced with remaining here. I ran through the possibilities. I had two options:

1.turn Oscar and take him with me.

2.take Oscar with me and let him live out his human life with me.

The first option seemed preferable but I wouldn’t push him. I would wait for him to want to be with me. Or not. I would give him the ability to walk away even if it would crack my un-beating heart if he did so. I felt fear for the first time in 68 years, not since when my court and I faced a group of half crazed Fae.

What if Oscar doesn’t want to be with me?

What if he couldn’t cope living with a creature that lived on blood to survive?

I swallowed my fear down berating myself and sat suspended outside of Oscar’s window on the 2nd floor. His mind was open in sleep all barriers lowered. I looked in through the open window.

Oscar slept only in his boxers with the sheets draped carelessly across his body. My libido flared at the sight of the exposed pale skin. My lips hungered to drift over the expanse of his flesh, I shook myself internally pushing back my sex drive and focusing on Oscar’s mind.

When he was awake even when I concentrated I could only see the surface of his mind and access some memories. But now I could see into the depths of his mind. I avoided his memories and simply allowed his dreams to enter my mind. His dreams were a random jumble of thoughts and images forming a loose structure. I carefully moved in through the open window and sat next to him on the bed.

I sat there a few minutes listening in to his dreams. I knew it was rude but I needed to know.

There. I tugged at a strand of his dream bringing it up above the others. It was me. Oscar was holding me against his chest. He topless on a bed with me on top of him. I entered into the dream and took over my role. I hadn’t done this in centuries.

The art of dream control is a delicate one. A single wrong tug and the dream falls apart. Destabilising and shattering into a thousand pieces. I took over the facsimile of my body and ran my hands up Oscars chest. He shivered even in the dream.

Our minds melded together. My mind providing it’s own experiences to the dream scape.

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