The Trooper’s New Fuck-Buddy Pt. 03

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Author’s Foreword: This is the final episode of this story. The usual two warnings apply. The first is that the story will make no sense if the reader does not review/read Parts 1 and 2. The second is that hot sex is missing. Please enjoy. I welcome private comments, and will try to answer cogent emails.

The Trooper’s New Fuck-Buddy Part 3

State Patrolman Tom Sullivan’s thought, as he looked through the security portal in his front door, was “Is falling in love instantly at forty-something possible? My impression was that instant love is only possible if accompanied by a simultaneous spurt of male and female hormones. Of course, this is common in youth, but at my age? I think about this woman I met once, every day. And here she is!”

He flung open his Condo unit’s door unaware that he had the largest and brightest smile on his face of his entire life. His mood must have been catching because there stood his neighbor, Ira, and his secret love-at-first-sight, Naomi, beaming with pleasure. For Ira, she beamed as she pronounced herself the most successful matchmaker in all of Eastern Mass. Riley and Naomi were almost rude in that the obese woman talked incessantly while neither of them acknowledged her for studying each other’s eyes. He play-acted and mumbled something during Ira’s introductions while he rehearsed his first sentence and then discarded that and then decided just to be himself.

When there was a lull in Ira’s chatter, Tom said, “You did come just like you promised, Ms. Naomi Riley, and just like the one time we met you continue to radiate good mental and physical health. Since I might bore you talking about my happiness just to see you here, may I ask how is your son doing? – I believe you said his name is Mark.”

She smiled big and said,”He is fine, Tom, and just this morning applauded me for excusing myself from the life of his sperm donor ‘father.’ In other words, to put it bluntly, I am no longer that man’s Fuck-Buddy, and he is aware that he has seen me for the last time. Your and my meeting in the repair shop was the catalyst for shoring me up to take that financially risky step. Thanks for giving me the courage, more so because you had no idea that you were doing that to me.”

Tom’s ego swelled to the point that he wondered if the size of his head was physically increasing and said, “I have arrived at a similar station in life, Naomi. In fact, I am now alone. And, I have sworn off relieving my tensions masturbating myself with any woman’s body. For me, it’s either a committed relationship or none at all From now on.”

Ira, embarrassed at the risqué language, interrupted them and excused herself saying, “You guys obviously don’t need a third participant in this conversation so I will say goodbye to both of you.”

Tom smiled at the neighbor and said, “Thank you, Ira. My regards to your husband,” as he opened the door for her to leave.

Naomi said, “May we sit and chat for a while – and maybe even enjoy a glass of wine if you have one to offer?”

Tom said, “Please do. Make yourself comfortable while I get it – as if you were at home.”

She said, “In that case excuse me while I use your restroom.”

When she returned to the living room, Tom had poured two glasses and was trying to relax himself, but still had a large smile on his face. Naomi said, “Another thing that impresses me about you is that your house is clean and sparkling, and you had no idea that I would be coming today. Do you have a cleaning service stop by regularly?”

Tom smiled and said, “No. Monday is my clean up day. My ex-wife accused me of being messy after she was already fucking my neighbor, unbeknownst to me at the time. So, trying to earn her love I changed several things – for example, I learned to dance well, cleaned up after myself, scrubbed this place down bi-weekly, began pressing my civilian clothes after washing them, put the toilet seat down after each use, etc. In time, the pattern became a part of me even after she moved in with her Paramour.”

Naomi said, “The moral of that story is that ‘one can not buy love by changing oneself to be what the object of one’s affections wants one to become. Right?”

Tom chuckled and said, “Exactly. Is that the voice of experience speaking or are you savvy enough to figure that out?”

She grimaced and said, “Experience. One-Hundred people attended my wedding reception. Hell, even a Monsignor church official married us, and I naively thought it was ‘forever.’ But my new husband was a pathological liar and a Randy. I suspected that another woman shared his bed, too, after about three months of our marriage.”

Tom replied, “You said in our first meeting that you started an affair two years after marrying Sam, so tell me about that, if you would?”

“My husband and I were Catholics, Tom, and practiced rhythm method birth control. So for ten days per month when I was fertile, we slept separately – he insisted on that arrangement. So while we were sleeping separately, he hung Osmanbey travesti out at a sports bar with friends after work. I went a few times with him but frankly, hated – and still hate – any restaurant where big screens show continuous footage of sports events. I stayed home mostly and sulked. My single bridesmaid, who went to college on a volleyball scholarship and now worked with me, walked up one day and laid a photograph on my desk at work. I was shocked because it was of my husband and an unknown woman wrapped up in each other’s arms at a sports bar. My bridesmaid’s date secretly snapped the snapshot for her, because she thought I needed to know.”

Tom asked, “What happened then?”

She laughed and said, “Hell, I was twenty years old, madly in love, and naïve to the point of ludicrousness. I cried and went bonkers, and took the rest of the day off and went to my mother’s house and cried on her sympathetic shoulder all afternoon. Her advice was, ‘Some men play around, Naomi. You and Sam are one now and can do nothing about it except hope and pray that he changes. It happens – I know your father was a Randy, for example, – and all you can do is adjust to it.”

Tom said, “Whew! Really?”

Naomi replied, “Yes. Really! I told Mom, ‘I will not live like that’ and soon left for my home. Arriving at my usual time, my husband, Sam, wasn’t there, so I waited. The longer I sat in our empty apartment, the more my depression increased with alternate bursts of anger. So, I decided to insert myself into the real world just like my husband did. There had been a single executive of our company who regularly hit on me since I started to work there. But, I ignored him while greatly attracted to the handsome man. In fact, I had difficulty getting the mid-20s guy out of my mind sometimes. He must have felt something as he treated me to lunch a couple of times. On those days, I trashed my peanut butter sandwiches and went with him – and guiltily didn’t tell my husband. So, I did the unthinkable for a true believer Catholic – l sat across a table from him and focused on his dark super-intelligent eyes.”

Tom asked, “So what exactly convinced you when you returned to an empty apartment?”

She said, “I thought, ‘That I should stay home and patiently wait for a Randy husband’ is nonsense. So, I called that executive in my anger at Sam. Calling him took backbone, but the logistics were easy since everyone’s inclement weather closing number was on the personnel roster, which I maintained for the company at the time. He answered, ‘Jeff Feinberg.’ I said, ‘Jeff it’s Naomi Riley, and I am alone. Tonight would be a perfect time for you to treat me to dinner – you said on two occasions you desperately wanted to do that,’ So, thirty minutes later he blew his car horn while parked in our apartment’s visitor zone and I ran outside to get into his car. But, on my way I passed my husband, Sam, getting out of our car which he had parked in our assigned spot. I detoured a few steps toward him and thrust the snapshot into his hands and said, ‘I am going to another kind of sports bar, and I will see you when I get back, Loverboy. You are on your own for dinner.’ He said, ‘Whaaat is going on?’

“As Jeff and I pulled into the street, I saw Sam examining the photo in the headlight. By that time Jeff had become history as far as being in love with him.”

Tom smiled and said, “Now that is what I would say is the ultimate ‘wake-up call’ in that you got your husband’s attention! So what happened next?”

Naomi said, “After a scrumptious cook-your-own steak dinner in a $$$ restaurant he took me to his Corporate apartment. I learned he was the nephew of old money-bags himself – owner of 51 percent of the company – and was on a management orientation program. The CEO was grooming him for upper management, he finally admitted. But, Jeff was a gentleman and finally said, ‘I had better get you home.’ Tom, at that point I didn’t even care what my husband’s reaction would be, but I grabbed him and wrestled him to his bed. My thinking was that ‘This man wants my body, and I can go far it, so why not?'”

Tom asked, “Whew! Was your husband waiting for you when you got home?”

She chuckled and said, “Yes and how! Sam pleaded, ‘That woman meant nothing to me.’ I replied, ‘Sam, going to hell for lying is just like going to hell for adultery.’ Then he laughed at me, Tom. Sam said, ‘That stuff is bunkum for the 19th Century, not the 20th. Post-dying will be exactly like post-living – they lied to us, Naomi.’ I then told him, ‘You are a monster!’ He followed me upstairs wanting to know if I had screwed the guy who drove the BMW Z4. I coyly replied, ‘I did no more than what you did and were doing with that woman you are wrapped around shown in that photo.”

Tom asked, “What happened to your relationship?”

She said, “Well, we slept separately, but he would crawl into my bed and vice versa from time to time in a fit of passion and sorrow and renewed expression of love Ayrancı travesti while on Saturdays when we went to confession. But, love for each other was gone. I began secretly taking the pill and having pleasurable sex with Jeff and loved it – it was the first time that sex was about my pleasure. So, a year later I became accidentally pregnant and was getting ready to tell my husband, but I didn’t have the chance.”

Tom asked, “What happened?”

She said, “I had put off telling my spouse, Sam, until I counted the days and figured out that the child could not be his. So when it was truth time for me, I said something like, ‘We need to ta….lk’ when Sam interrupted and asked me for a divorce because, he tearfully said, ‘I have fallen in love with a free-spirited woman.'” So we went through the 50-50 divorce process using the same attorney. After the hearing, I told the world I was two months pregnant. Sam heard that news indirectly from friends, and his guilt became unbearable to him. His life-threatening sense of a sinner condemned to hell stemmed from his morbid awareness that he had committed adultery initially, which motivated me to do the same. All the ‘don’t’ and ‘should’ commands learned in a lifetime of Catechism Class caught up with him and shut down his clear thinking ability. The confessional and counseling were now his evening’s ‘entertainment’ – and he ‘avoided the occasion of sin’ by not frequenting a sports bar. He could pay close enough attention to get through a work day if peers carried his load, but then once alone, he reminded himself all over again that he had broken his vows. He convinced himself in time that he caused me to go off the rails and take a lover. His new ‘truelove’ was so put out with his despondency until she kicked him out of her life.”

Tom said, “I need to take a break because this is a very tragic story.”

After they had refreshed themselves she continued, “After the worst of the emotional storm ended, Sam once again became livid with anger at me for no stated reason. So for spite, I point blank told him one day about the sperm-donor to verify what he had heard, ‘You are not the Father of my child, Sam. Get over it!’ He screamed, ‘What! You for sure became pregnant with another man while married to me?’ He buried his head in his hands and continued, ‘Oh God! It was me who caused you to go off the rails.’ So, to make amends he changed the terms of the divorce petition so that he would be paying child support even though we had just calculated that it was not his child.”

Tom said, “Now that is unusual, Naomi!”

She continued, “Yes, I know. I didn’t want or need him to do this since Jeff had set me up in an apartment and paid the rent. He just came by intermittently to enjoy my body. Then the child support payments from my estranged husband started coming in after Mark was born. I deposited those monies into a 509 College Fund. As for the child’s sperm-donor father, Jeff had the attitude, “No child of mine will go hungry, and so the payments came in for rent payments over the past 15 years until this coming month.”

Tom asked, “What was your son’s reaction to the facts of life as he grew up and understood these facts of life?”

She said, “My son, Mark, whom you saw diving that first afternoon, never learned to like his sperm-donor father mainly because the two never got to know each other. Rather, Sam’s visitations that the court granted became events toward which the youngster looked forward to on alternate weekends. It was obvious that Mark and legal father Sam were growing attached to each other. It was equally a fact to me that the natural father became increasingly distant from both of us – at least emotionally, although he either came by or spent the night with us from time to time.

She continued, “So, with this ongoing arrangement, I became a work-a-holic. Three years ago I was promoted to head of accounting – and my ex-husband became my stand-by babysitter. Sam was always glad to do that. In fact, just before Mark entered pre-K, my lover Jeff and I took a luxury cruise around the islands in the Aegean Sea while my ex-husband kept Mark for the two weeks.”

Tom said, “That is great that you trusted him that much and, more importantly, the two had bonded so tightly.”

She replied, “Looking back, I was lucky. But to continue, In time Jeff got married to someone his uncle had picked for him. Logistically for me, nothing changed – e.g., he still paid the rent and took us out to eat expensive food occasionally. But, more and more, I became just his fuck-buddy because the scuttlebutt was that he had married a real ‘witch hazel.’ So he started coming by intermittently at his leisure, just to fuck – and then he would go home to his wife. We started avoiding upscale restaurants when we went out as I am sure he feared we might encounter someone who mattered. Jeff became a mover and shaker in his uncle’s organization as the years wore on. And that was the situation you found Mark and Cebeci travesti me in when we glanced at each other poolside.”

Tom said, “Wow! What a fascinating story. But you did something right because your son is driven to excel and apparently wants to succeed in life. My hat is off to you, Naomi. But, so now tell me what happened since we met five weeks ago in the repair shop if you would?”

Jeff crawled off of me one night later, and I grimaced because I desperately wanted something more than being Jeff’s fuck-buddy. After you and I had met, Tom, I told my lover during his second visit, ‘It’s over between us. I am no longer your fuck-buddy and have asked the apartment manager not to accept any rent money from you on my behalf. I have met a man whose love and care I crave, even if he doesn’t know it yet, and barely even knows who I am. But, I scarcely hope that will change, and that is the reason I am cutting off our relationship.’ I saw on Jeff’s face that he was relieved and, incredibly, was overjoyed with happiness for me, as his career demands precluded having me on a string. From the moment you and I, Tom, met in the auto repair shop, I often have recalled your face and imagined you as being my destiny lover. Ira told me all about your gallantry in saving two lives and then taking the fallen woman into your world in the dead of winter as a Samaritan – Albeit she was just a live-in fuck-buddy. She said that your mind was razor sharp, and you were probably the best bridge player in the club. She also showed some photos of you teaching your grandson how to swim and how he never wanted to leave Grandpa’s home when visiting. The most impressive thing though is that you never aspired to play office politics and get ahead as a state employee, and you just focused on being the best Trooper you could be. I said to myself after hearing this, “Now THAT is my kind of man, and here I am. Now tell me about you?”

Tom chuckled as he refilled their wine glasses and looked at her carefully, still unable to believe his great fortune. He held her hand up to his lips and kissed it and said, “Before I tell you about me, would you like dinner out?”

She said, “Yes, in fact, I skipped lunch today running errands. Where do you enjoy going out for dinner?”

Tom said, “Panera is close by….”

She smiled as she grabbed her coat and said, “Let’s go in separate cars because I must go directly home afterward to take Mark his dinner.”

Once seated in the restaurant and enjoying their meal, Tom said, “Let’s see. Where should I begin to talk about me. First, I am a one-woman at a time type man period. Talking to no one in a patrol car for hours is a difficult life, and so being focused on a single female makes living with oneself under those conditions easier. What I didn’t grasp at first, when the rotating shifts were the norm, my wife was also staring at four walls. So, she was befriended by a Randy. He seduced her, and she moved in with him. We divorced, and our small son and I became attached since she was now living a few doors down. The youngster spent as much time in my apartment as he did with In his mother’s lover’s place. I started having dates and hooked up with a sequence of fuck-buddies, and that has been going on for 12 years.”

Naomi asked, “Still going on?”

Tom smiled and said, “No. After I saw you at the pool the first time, I went home and started planning on how to get the Latino Lady out of my townhouse and out of my life. I convinced myself that since I was now mid-40s it was time to look for a meaningful relationship – your face came to mind many, many times since the poolside event.”

Naomi asked, “How did you get the Latino lady out of your life, Tom?”

He replied, “My fuck-buddy, Celina, silently ached for her ex-brother in law. He had been in Central America since her husband caught her in his bed with his brother. The lover subsequently high-tailed it back to Central America, and the two had cyber sex for months while Celina and I had the real thing. Hey, I even secretly watched her having cyber-sex with the absent lover once – but it was sexy to me. So recently the lover returned to Boston, and my fuck-buddy eagerly moved out a few days ago – in fact, I helped her load her car. I began in earnest looking for a long term relationship because obviously her heart had not been in our relationship, and when I realized that I felt somewhat cheated. But, Sergio’s coming back to the U.S. was a glorious moment because she hightailed it out of my life in a New York Minute – and it didn’t bother me in the least that she broke her lease Ha Ha.”

Naomi asked, “No emotional attachments lingering?”

He replied, “Heaven forbid, no. I was even reluctant to shake her hand on our last farewell – in fact, Ira will tell you I help her load her car…”

She asked, “What about your future?”

He stopped eating and touched the back of her hand and looked directly at her. He said, “I made myself a promise, ‘No more fuck-buddies period’ – and it’s O.K. For me to play with myself if I need sexual release. My search had been on for a meaningful relationship – and every time the thought arose in my mind, your face came to the forefront. Now here you are, and I feel like it is Christmas. Thank you, Naomi.”

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