Wicked Company Ch. 01

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Big Tits

Jessica stopped in the doorway to her father’s office reception to watch Donna reapply her slutty red lipstick, while she was also flaunting her cleavage to the empty space across her desk. It had always bothered Jessica that her father would have a bimbo as his secretary. The most irritating thing of all was that Donna was intelligent and hard-working. From all accounts, Donna was crucial to her father’s work and he always dismissed Jessica’s suggestions, he could ‘find someone better’.

“Hey Donna”, Jessica said.

Donna startled upright, “Jessica! Nice to see you.” She turned to Jessica putting her lipstick and pocket-mirror on the desk offhand. “I didn’t think you were coming in today.”

“Umm, actually, I scheduled in 15 minutes with Dad.”

“Sorry, I thought he would call you since you haven’t visited the office in awhile.”

Jessica walked towards Donna’s desk. “Yeah, well, that could change soon. Dad is trying to get me a job here, but I’m not sure if I should.”

Donna’s eyes widened, holding her breath, and just as quick she breathed out to relax. “He’s trying to get you a job downstairs in the research pool?”

“Yeah, I think so, but I don’t know. It feels wrong accepting a job because from my Dad. I mean, if I can’t get a job here on my own merits, then I probably don’t belong, right?”

Donna stood, an amazon of woman towering over Jessica’s petite frame, and walked around her desk to pull Jessica’s head into a squeeze against her large breasts under the guise of giving a hug.

“Awww Jessica. Your Dad is always raving on about how intelligent and committed you are to your studies. If what he said is true, then you will surely succeed at Wicked Company.”

Donna’s words faintly registered as Jessica struggled for an appropriate reaction to her face being pressed against Donna’s bosom. Donna looked down at Jessica blushing and the paper bag she was holding.

“What do you have there?”, Donna released Jessica.

Jessica held up the bag, “Oh, this? I got Dad his favourite lunch.”

“A ham & cheese croissant from Marco’s Patisserie?”

“No, I mean, it’s a ham & cheese croissant, but I made it.”

Donna snorted a laugh. “Your dad will love it. Since you got him lunch, would you like to take home the lunch I ordered for him?”

“Ah, sure?”

“I’ll leave it on the coffee table for you on your way out.”

Donna made for the cupboards conceal a large fridge, to Jessica’s surprise, empty but for a large covered white platter and a bottle of milk.

“Thanks Donna.”

Donna’s phone came alive with a red light and her father’s deep voice, “Is Jessica here?”.

“She is, are you ready for her?” Donna responded to the speaker-phone while carrying the tray to the coffee table.

“I have 10 minutes,” The phone replied.

“OK Jessica, I’ll see you in 10 minutes.” Donna waved Jessica in to her father’s office.

“Thanks again Donna. But I don’t think I will be here that long.”

Jessica went to the door of her father’s inner chamber office, opened the door, to immediately walk into his open arms. Alex wrapped his arms around her while she held his waist.

“Hey Daddy.”

“Hello baby.” They let go and stepped back to look at each other. Alex spoke first, “Congratulations! I always knew you would finish top of the class. You look so intelligent in your gown.”

It was the kind of compliment she always expected from her dad, yet she was blushing and looking away all the same. “Did Mom tell you?”

Alex had a wry grin, “You posted it to your social media account.” He pointed toward the suite of computer screens. Sure enough, on the far left screen was her selfie she posted an hour ago. “Let’s sit.” Alex closed the door and returned to his desk.

Jessica sat the seat across his desk, and when he was also seated and comfortable, she dropped the paper bag in the middle of his desk. “Here, I got you some sandwiches.”

“Thank you, but you didn’t have to – Donna usually takes care of my lunch”

“And today I’m taking care of your lunch.”

Alex chuckled, “OK Jess, now when are you going to sign the offer?” The job offer she had been avoiding for the last few weeks.

“I dunno Dad. I studied Psychology, I’m not a business major or anything useful here. I don’t think I belong here.” Jessica turned away to the window. If she was to turn and look at him in the eyes, in one moment he could look through her, ask her to agree and she would obey – except she didn’t feel ready to commit to something so huge and life-changing.

“Don’t worry Jess. Everything you actually need to know will be taught by your supervisor, anything else you can discover through your own research.”

Jessica turned back to Alex, “So why do all the graduates study business, economics and accounting?”

“That’s actually not true, it’s just that they are the only students who put in the effort to work here.” Alex leaned in, his eyes locked into hers, “We only want the best people working here, but first all candidates need to they Bakırköy Escort want nothing else but to work at one of the top investment firms in the area. You’ve done that Jessica, and now it’s time for you to earn some serious money.”

Alex leaned back into his chair, “Please accept the offer Jessica, this will be a great life experience.”

“You know, I would accept the offer if I could work with you all day,” Jessica smiled.

“Absolutely not!” Alex seemed shocked by his own reaction as Jessica winced. He reached out across his desk and placed his hand on top of hers. “Sorry, but the work here demands a lot from you, and I don’t think you a ready yet.”

“Oh, OK. So where will they put me.”

“For the first two years you will be with the analysts.”

“OK. And you sure I can do this?”

“I’m one hundred percent sure. I know you, Jessica. You are an amazing young woman and you can do anything you set your mind to.”

“Alright, I’ll do it.” Jessica beaming. Alex sighed relaxing back into his chair. “I’ll go home and sign to the contract and leave it on your desk this evening.”

“It’s OK, Donna prepared a copy of your contract for you to sign.” He opened a drawer of his desk and pulled out a stack of A4 papers with several arrow stickers sticking out, then offered her his golden pen from his chest pocket.

As she was about to take the pen Jessica said, “So you are sure I can do this?”

“You can do anything if you believe in yourself. I raised my daughter to be a strong independent woman. Am I wrong?”

“No.” Jessica looked down at her feet.

“Then stop doubting yourself. You can go far working at Wicked Company if you have a positive “can-do” attitude.”

“OK, let’s do this.” Jessica accepted his pen and signed the pages where the arrows indicated without hesitation, without reading it. “Phew, that wasn’t so hard.”

“Thank you, you won’t regret working at Wicked Company. This will be great for your career.”

“Thanks Dad.” And with that Alex said he had to get back to work so they said their goodbyes. Jessica went home with the most delicious sushi she had ever had, a pretty good trade for her clumsy home-made sandwiches.

Through all the years she had been visiting her father’s penthouse office, Jessica had never imagined the barely restrained chaos on the bottom floor of the building. In every conceivable way she could think of, her workspace at Wicked Company was the opposite of her father’s office: busy, noisy, crowded, it smelled of sweat and nobody cared about her. She would have turned back to walk outside, but the lift she just walked out of was crowded with people destined for the upper floors.

Not even in the during the most hectic exam season compared Wicked Company’s endless sprint to their never-ending deadlines. After two weeks at her new office Jessica went looking for an ally. Someone who wasn’t overloaded with work like her father, or as uncaring as her supervisor, someone like – Donna.

As Jessica was in the lift to leave for lunch, she stopped, then pressed the up button. Maybe to get some advice from Donna, then maybe she could throw a few choice words against her Dad. Before she knew it the lift had arrived at her father’s office. She stepped out and to the office reception.

“Hey Jessica. How are you today?” Donna was painfully nice and chirpy.

Jessica sighed. “I’m exhausted. I don’t know how people cope.” All the anger she for her father she couldn’t unleash unleash against Donna.

Donna answered, “And many don’t. Some quit and some turn to drugs and alcohol. But you are a natural hard worker, I’m sure you will learn how to cope.”

Leaning against Donna’s desk Jessica said, “I don’t know, I could do with a drink of whiskey right now.”

“Jessica! It’s lunch time.”

“I’m only kidding…,” Jessica sighed again, even her lame jokes were failing. “But not really. I need help Donna. I’m being swamped and there is no end in sight.”

“Come on, believe in yourself.” Donna stood and walked around her desk to Jessica, “It’s mentally tiring but you can learn how to overcome the stress. I believe in you.” And she wrapped her arms around Jessica, pulling her head against her breasts. At least for that day, Jessica didn’t care her head was squeezed against Donna’s chest, being so mentally exhausted halfway through the day it was nice to know someone cared. Donna let go and went back to her desk.

“Thanks, I needed that. I don’t suppose you could tell my boss to stop being such a slavemaster? Could help me get reassigned to another boss?”

Donna grinned. “I know what you mean. We get a lot of those types working on the bottom floor. And if you are reassigned you’ll probably find your new boss will be just as bad, if not worse.”

“Then what am I supposed to do?”

Donna tapped her chin. “Hmmm, I’ve got an idea if you promise not to tell anyone.

“Yes! Please. I’ll do anything you want.”

Donna waved for Jessica Başakşehir Escort to come by her desk. “I can let you look at the internal jobs database to see if there are any opening in a new department.”

“Thank you, Thank you,…”

“It’s alright Jessica, come here.”

Jessica went to stand behind Donna, peering over her Donna’s shoulder as she scrolled through the list of job positions. Jessica soon spotted, ‘Alex Hunter’s personal secretary’.

“Hey, isn’t that your job.”

Donna answered, “It is. I’ve learnt a lot working for your father, and now I think it is about time I try to do what he does.”

“Oh, so when are you leaving?”

“I’ll leave as soon as HR find someone who can replace me, but I’m in no rush to leave. I have been working here for, hmmm… 11 years, and I’m happy to keep working for your father.”

“Wow, but you look so young. You must have started working for Dad when you were – “


“That’s two years younger than me. Did you finish your college degree?”

“I couldn’t even afford to go to college. I did enrol a few years ago but I dropped out pretty quickly when I realised this job is like my master’s degree.” Donna laughed at her own joke.

“Does that mean could have your job?”

Donna laugh stopped. “Sorry. But you can’t work for your father because… Because family members aren’t allowed to work together. It’s company policy.”

“Oh.” Jessica was deflated.

“I’ll try to find you something. Hang in there. It gets easier eventually, I promise.”

“Alright Donna, thanks for your help.” Although she noticed on the far right column of the screen, “Chalke” was the HR manager responsible for the job position.

“Bye Jessica, Don’t worry to much, you’ll get used to it eventually.”

Jessica shook her head as she walked to the lift, she knew she had no future for her working in the research department. As soon as the doors to the lift closed she was searching for “Chalke” in company directory, and applying for the job with her mother’s maiden name.

And few days later Jessica was invited to an interview with Miss Chalke.

Jessica found the sign for interview room without much trouble, but finding the door was a whole new challenge. It was the kind of room you didn’t realise existed until you thought about the all the unused space in the office floor plan. She walked back to the sign – and in what can only be described as an instinct – she pushed against the wall panel and the wall sprung out on a hinge a few inches. The door-wall was easy to pull open although she opened it with slow caution all the same. The room was awash in a strange yellowish light coming from the single ceiling mounted lamp-like chandelier. Looking around the room, the walls were amber-like colour, either because of the ceiling lights or someone decided to paint the walls a vomit-yellow. It wasn’t as much a room as it was an interrogation chamber. Jessica stepped inside to close the door only for a woman to appear from beside the doorway.

“Oh,” Jessica spoke instinctively. So the interview was real.

It was rather creepy of the woman to lurk beside the door like that, but not really a surprise given that she chose the interview to conducted in the weird room. The woman was likely the person who chose the vomit-yellow wall color. Jessica examined the woman as she walked towards her. She was wearing high heels, a short skirt, a short sleeve white blouse, probably a push-up bra… unless they were implants. And she shopped at the same slutty secretary store that Donna went to.

Jessica said, “Uh, Hello. I’m here for the job as Alex Hunter’s executive assistant. Are you Miss Chalke?”

The woman spoke, “Hello Jessica, I’ve been expecting you. Please stand under the light.”

There was a wave of relief she had found the right room. The whole interview was weird but she was desperate for the job, Jessica obeyed. When she was standing on what she thought was the right spot, not knowing what else to do Jessica did a slight bow to the woman, a bow to the one person who could get her out of the office hell that was on the bottom floor.

Jessica straightened up, “Sorry, I didn’t catch you name.”

“You can call me Miss Chalke.”

Miss Chalked strolled towards Jessica and stopped when she was standing exactly between Jessica and the door.

“Uh, hi, Miss Chalke,” Jessica said nervously.

“You call him Alex, Do you know Mr Hunter?”

Jessica smirked, “Yeah, you could say that.”

“So, do you understand what is expected of you?”

“Expected of me? Yes, Donna explained everything to me. I sit in the front office to make sure nobody interrupts him or contacts him unless given instructions.

Miss Chalke asked, “And you know you need take care of all of his needs?”

“Yes. If he gets hungry, tired, emotional, stressed, or distracted.” Miss Chalked was nodding as Jessica spoke, the interrogation seemed to be going well. “And Bebek Escort other than that I’m free to research whatever investment opportunities I want.”

“Donna has taught you well.”

“Yes, Donna is a lovely person isn’t she?”

“And since Donna explained the everything – are you sure you want this job?”

“Very much so, I’d do anything for this job. I can’t bear another minute working for the tyrants downstairs. I’m ready to move on.”

“That’s good to hear Jessica.” Miss Chalke strutted towards Jessica while her gaze roamed over all over Jessica’s body. “Your breasts are rather small, although you do have that cute look about you.”

“Ummm, thanks?” Not knowing what else to do, Jessica remained standing at attention like what she imagined she would at a military academy.

Miss Chalke diverted to walking circles around Jessica. Jessica tried to watch Miss Chalke as she walked around her, but she couldn’t as she remained committed to standing upright. Miss Chalke reached out to touch Jessica’s waist. The touch spooked Jessica, but she knew this was a test and redoubled her efforts to stand at attention.

Miss Chalke’s hand traced along the bottom of her bra, “A sports bra. Do you run around the office Jessica?”

Jessica answered sheepishly, “No…”

Miss Chalke grabbed a handful of Jessica’s bum, “Flat as a pancake”.

Jessica scoffed, “Excuse me?”

“Wear high heels, it will help tone your legs and lift your bum.”

“Umm, Ok.”

“As an Executive Assistant, you’ll be given free gym membership with time for a personal trainer. We also have an arrangement with a local clothing store where you will be given 5 matching outfits with lingerie and a pearl necklace.”


“All executive assistants at Wicked Company have dress standards you will be expected to meet.”

“And I will, Miss Chalke.”

Miss Chalke’s hand stroked her long hair. “Your hair is amazing, it’s so silky.”

Jessica didn’t say a word, her patience with Miss Chalke was running out. Then Miss Chalke groped Jessica’s breasts.

“Get your hands off me.” In reflex, Jessica pushed away Miss Chalke’s hand.

“I thought you said you would do anything for Mr Hunter.”

“For Alex, not you.”

Miss Chalke grinned. “Alright Jessica, if you do everything Mr Hunter requires of you, then you can have the job.”

“I will.” Jessica launched herself in to a hug Miss Chalk, “Thank you, Thank you…”

Miss Chalke laughs. “OK, Jessica. Do you know where Mr Hunter works?”


“Be there on Monday at 8:00 am. Look sharp. I’ll email you details of your gym membership and the address for the clothing store”

“You won’t regret this,” and Jessica left Miss Chalke.

When Jessica arrived the small clothing shop she instantly knew where and why Donna bought her clothes at this ‘Slutty Secretary’ store. As she looked around, none of the clothes had price tags and all of the clothing was far too sexy for what she thought an executive assistant would wear. But this is what Miss Chalke instructed her to do and she so desperate to prove herself in her new job.

Jessica spent her first morning on the job familiarising herself with the office set-up, then examining Donna’s records to find some idea of what she was supposed to be doing.

At 11:45 am the speaker-phone buzzed, “Donna, I need you.”

Jessica wobbled to her father’s office, her heels were ridiculously high. The lacy push-up bra had given her more cleavage than she was comfortable with and her blouse and skirt were far too tight.

When Jessica opened the door Alex looked up in surprise, “Jessica! WOW, you look absolutely incredible. What are you doing here? Where is Donna?”

“Thanks Dad, and she doesn’t work for you anymore, remember?”

“Sorry, I forgot. Can you call in my new assistant?”

In a chirpy sing-song voice, she replied, “I’m your new assistant Daddy.”

“Oh Jessica…”, his face sunk, clearly there was a problem.

A flush of panic overcame Jessica, her cheeks reddening and her chest tightening. “What’s wrong? Did I do something bad?”

He wanted to say something but he stopped and looked down for the right words. Jessica waiting, unable to talk, unable to run away.

He looked up and into her eyes, “Jessica, I have a very stressful job. I’m responsible for a lot of money which I use to bet against the market, even as the whole world is going in the other direction. So Wicked Company gave me a personal assistant to manage my stress levels.”

“I don’t understand. What am I supposed to do?”

“You know how your mother was my first assistant.


“Depending on how stressed I was, every morning your mother would give me a blowjob.”

“What! Are you serious?” Jessica stepped back out of the office doorway, perched on her toes to run away.

Alex dimly nodded, “And when your mother wanted to study art in France she chose Donna as her replacement.” He paused. “And now you are…”

“Oh no…” Jessica’s face sunk, “You’re all disgusting.”

“That’s not fair. The work I do for Wicked Company places me under extreme stress and this is the only thing I have short of illicit and dangerous drugs.”

“This is insane. How could you? You are married to Mom. Why do -“

“She chose Donna to replace herself so she could travel the world and – “

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