You. Owe. Me. Ch. 02

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: My sincerest thanks to everyone who offered feedback on part 1 of this story. I’ve tried to incorporate your suggestions as best as possible. This may still be slower than some of you would prefer, but I kinda like where it’s going. I hope the rest of you do, too. Let me know either way.

For those of you interested in just the sex, skip down about 1/3 of the way.

For those of you that are U2 fans, get your playlists ready.


Back in his room, barely half an hour after masturbating with his stepsister, Chris was still a little disoriented.

He’d just jerked off in front of Laura. She’d fingered herself. She’d touched his cock. She’d licked his cock. Was any of this normal? Granted, they weren’t related, but it still felt…taboo. He was sure he should feel guilty. But he didn’t. Was that a good thing or a bad thing?

Downstairs, Laura was working on beef stroganoff wearing her jeans, her tank top, and a permanent smile. She kept thinking about the experience she just shared with her stepbrother. Laying between his legs, watching him stroke himself, she working her clit. Just thinking about it made her cheeks flush and she felt hot. And she had to laugh, too. She was giddy. And she still couldn’t believe she’d tasted his precum. She’d just been overcome with desire.

She found something liberating in not thinking rationally, not questioning or doubting. She hadn’t thought. She’d just done. And she felt really, really good about it, too. Like she’d found a new purchase on her life, a new sense of control and confidence.

She felt sexy. And she liked it.

Except for the sideways grins Laura and Chris kept shooting back and forth, dinner was uneventfully normal. Lucy, Chris’s mother, had had a bad day at work and wasn’t saying much. She was a trial lawyer; a lot of people thought that sounded more exciting than it really was: she was in environmental law. Right now, she was tied up in litigation with a local warehouse. Chris was actually surprised she was home tonight. Lately she’d had so much work she’d been sleeping at the office.

Jack, Laura’s father, was the curator of the art museum. At the moment, he was gabbing about a new Van Gogh exhibit coming to town next week. Normally, whenever a new exhibit was coming, Laura was all over her dad to take her. Van Gogh wasn’t one of her favorites, however, so she was on autopilot, smiling and nodding when appropriate.

Mainly, she was thinking about Chris sitting across from her. He normally didn’t smell this good. He must’ve been wearing cologne, and it was driving her crazy. She wasn’t entirely sure why but she had a pretty good idea the earlier events of the afternoon had something to do with it.

She smiled to herself, remembering how good it felt having a secret.

Across the table, Chris was also zoning out. He was so focused on his stepsister. Every move, bite of food, sigh, sound, shift, cough. He couldn’t stop thinking about earlier. He kept remembering the feel of her hand, the smell of her perfume, the softness of her tongue, the wetness of her hand. While he still wasn’t sure if he should feel guilty, he sure as hell felt like seconds.

Since Laura had cooked, it was up to Chris to clean. Jack and Lucy retreated to the family room to watch Jeopardy. Laura had gone up to her room to do some homework. Secretly, Chris had hoped she might stay and help him with the dishes, but since he hadn’t helped her with dinner, he couldn’t really blame her.

He was just finishing with the crock-pot when he smelled a familiar fragrance. Then he felt two hands slide onto his shoulders. “How’s it going?” Laura said, her face moving in beside his.

“A few more left. Hey, great dinner.”

She smiled happily. “You liked?”

“Yeah. Beef was fantastic.”

“Hmm. I’m still waiting on mine.”

He stopped mid-scrub, unable to contain his smile and the roll of his eyes. “Wow. Okay. Didn’t know you were that corny.” He pulled the clean crock-pot from the sink. “But I gotta be honest. I don’t think mine’s as good as yours.”

Her voice came down to a whisper, sensual against his ear. “I know better than you.” He felt her lick his neck.

“Hey, heathens.” It was Lucy from the family room. “Law & Order’s coming on. You gonna watch?”

Chris and Laura knew their parents couldn’t see them, so Laura answered, quick and smooth. “No, thanks. Chris is gonna help me with my bio homework.” She looked at him purposefully. “Aren’t you?”

Chris just smiled. In the family room, Lucy shrugged. “Suit yourself.”

They could hear Jack’s newspaper shuffle as he looked up from it. “Laura’s taking biology?”

Chris and Laura stifled their laughter as they headed upstairs. “Where do you wanna do it?” Chris asked, then quickly added, “Your homework. Where do you wanna do your homework?” He said it loud enough for their parents to hear.

Laura giggled. “Your room okay?”

“Seems only fair.”

“Alright. I’ll grab my books and be over.” And she disappeared into her room, closing the door. Chris Taksim Escort went over to his room, put on a U2 playlist of mp3’s, and hopped on the internet while he waited.

Between a trial lawyer and a museum curator, their family was well-provided for. The house had wireless internet, both Chris and Laura had LCD’s in their rooms, and the family room was decked out with a large plasma screen and surround sound. Jack was nuts about plasma technology, but when it came to Chris and Laura’s rooms, he let them pick their TV’s. Laura the photographer was partial to LCD’s. Chris just got what she got. And Lucy couldn’t care less. She was barely home enough to enjoy any of it.

As he checked his email, his mind again wandered to earlier that day, then quickly wandered to what was to come when Laura came over to do her “homework”. Chris was excited, but he also felt a strange nervousness welling up in him. He wanted to see Laura and be with her again, but what if they got caught? Would their parents care? Would they be angry? Was there anything for them to care or be angry about? Everyone got along – Lucy liked Laura and Jack liked Chris. Were they potentially ruining everything by giving in to these very sudden urges?

Before he could ponder any of the answers to those questions, he heard a knock on the bathroom door. His and Laura’s rooms were connected by their own bathroom. “It’s open,” he said, his voice squeaking slightly.

Laura came in. She’d changed into her pajamas which were basically nothing more than an oversized navy blue t-shirt that said “wIsH AwAY” across the chest. She’d found it in a store selling discount clothes for overweight women. She’d thought it was funny. The idea behind the shirt was that on a larger woman it would be tighter, and the words would be across the breasts. On Laura, however, it just looked like an overall statement. Or an invitation.

When Chris saw her, he felt his heart beat a little faster. “Wow,” he said, as she pulled her hair back in a ponytail.

“You like?” she said, finally presenting herself, ponytail and all for comments. The shirt came down around her thighs and her legs were so silky smooth and uniformly tan. Most of her friends thought she went tanning, but it was just how she looked. Naturally amazing. He couldn’t tell if she was wearing underwear or not.

“I definitely like. But what if one of them comes up?” He was talking about their parents. “Won’t it be kinda weird? You dressed like that?”

“Not if I leave through the bathroom, it won’t.”

Chris smiled. She was a thinker. He may have had the better grades, but she definitely had the common sense.

He was sitting on the bed, his laptop in his lap. She sat down next to him. “I still can’t believe what happened earlier,” she said.

He closed the computer and set it aside. “Me neither.”

“Do you regret it?”

“No.” The answer came so quickly it surprised him.

“Good, because I don’t either,” she said. “I was thinking to myself, did we really do anything wrong? And as far as I can tell, I don’t think we did. I mean, it’s not like we’re related.”

“Thank god. If I had a sister like you prancing around like that at night, I’d be in big trouble.”

She beamed sweetly, flattered. “Really?”

“Hell, yes. Do you have any idea how hard it was not to jump you at dinner?”

“Mmm, not half as hard as it was to not jump you. And I think even if you were my brother I’d still have wanted to watch you jerk off.”

He felt his cock twitch. “Really?”

She took his hand. “Chris, I’ve never been that turned on in my life. I don’t know what’s happening to me. You know me! I’m normally not like this. But I just feel so…I don’t know…”

“Free,” he said.

“Yes. Exactly. That’s it. I feel free with you, like it’s okay to feel or do anything because –” She stopped, and her other hand came to his knee. “I trust you.”

He smiled warmly. “Thank you.” He could smell her perfume again, and the way the light caught her dark hair made it shimmer beautifully. Her skin looked so soft and her eyes glistened in his dimly lit room. He squeezed her hand. She squeezed back.

Through his stereo, “Stay (Far Away, So Close)” played quietly.

Then her smile, turned playful. “So I need some help with my biology homework.”

“I’ll do anything I can. What’s the assignment?”

She hesitated, trying to gauge what his reaction might be to what she was about to say. She leaned forward as if to kiss him but instead ran her tongue across his lips. At the same time, he felt one of her hands slide down between his legs and cup the front of his pants. His cock twitched, and she smiled. “My assignment is,” she started, then lowered her voice to barely a whisper.

“To drink as much cum as possible.”

Chris felt his heart skip a beat, as she pulled back a bit to look in his eyes.

“You get right to the point, don’t you?” he asked.

She smiled. “Think you can help me?”

“I think so. For a price.”

She tilted her head at him. She hadn’t been Ümraniye Escort expecting that and her act completely dropped as she nearly laughed. “You’re going to charge me? Shouldn’t you be accepting this with open -“

She was cut off because he was kissing her, but there was nothing innocent or light about the kiss he was giving her. He just couldn’t wait anymore. He needed to touch her. She relented to his desire, both their mouths opening, their tongues dueling. He tasted cinnamon on her breath again, and smelled jasmine in her hair. He leaned her back on the bed, one hand steadying her, pressing her to him, the other stroking her tummy through her shirt. As their lips remained locked, his stroking hand drifted behind her to her cute little butt, which he pressed into his hips.

She moaned when she felt the length of his semi hard-on through the khakis. His hand on her ass had locked her against him, not that she wanted to go anywhere. She concentrated on meeting his tongue with hers, enjoying the softness and passion of their kiss. She’d never been this close to him before, in his arms like this. Just his kiss and his embrace felt like they were turning her on more than his cock had earlier.

Then she felt his hand drift up under her shirt from behind, and he discovered the little surprise she’d planned for him. They broke apart, breathing heavily, strings of saliva hanging between their mouths. “No underwear?”

She shrugged playfully. “What’s the point? We both knew it’d be coming off.”

“Makes collecting my fee a lot easier.”

Before she could ask him what that meant, he was kissing her again, and she was only too happy to return the gesture. Her hands ran through his hair, over his neck, her fingers playing over the ridges of his ears. His hand was on her bare ass, grinding her hips against his. She reached for the waistline of his pants and began to unbutton them, but before she could open the fly and free what she wanted, he broke away from her again, this time trailing his kisses down her cheek and over her jaw line, then down her neck.

Admittedly, when he found she wasn’t wearing underwear, Chris wanted to fuck her immediately. No questions asked. How could he not? But he stayed calm, at least, as calm as he could in that situation. He kissed down her neck and over her collarbone, giving the apex a little flick of his tongue. She moaned softly and writhed against him. His hand found its way up inside her shirt and drifted to one of her breasts. It ascended to the peak and took the nipple between two fingers. When he rolled it between them, pinching lightly, he saw her bite her lip out of the corner of his eye. He smiled to himself.

Repositioning himself, he scooted down between her legs, and she understood his “fee”. He wanted to taste her before she got her first good taste of him. She ruffled a hand through his hair, the other playing with her other breast. She spread her legs to allow him access.

He was shocked to find that her pussy was shaved. He thought maybe he shouldn’t have been – a lot of girls did it nowadays – but still, this was his prudish stepsister. Then he reminded himself that if he learned nothing else from today, it’s that Laura was full of surprises.

With one hand working a breast, Chris used the other to spread her beautiful lips. When he saw her clit he realized how she’d gotten off so easily before. It was bigger than most he’d seen. He’d actually found it, so that was one indicator. Half the time, Chris had never really known what he was doing when going down on one of his girlfriends. But now he could see the definite outline of the tiny little bulb.

He looked up at her. “Has anyone ever done this for you before?”

She shook her head. To his surprise, she actually looked nervous. His hand on her breast moved to her nearby hand and they clasped each other tightly. “Don’t be nervous. I don’t know what to expect either.” She seemed to relax a little at that.

He knew it was a lie – he’d eaten out other girls – but he wanted her to know he was there for her. Despite the distinctly sexual acts of the day, he felt a formidable closeness with Laura that hadn’t been there 24 hours ago.

Holding her hand, he flicked his tongue out. When it touched her clit, her thighs clapped around his head so hard his ears started ringing. He made slow, small circles. After several seconds, her head had lulled back onto his pillows. Then he started flicking her clit straight on, then swirling it, then running his tongue the entire length of her slit. Her eyes closed, her fingers in his hair, holding his head to her, her legs spreading on their own as she purred all at once, “Chris holy fuck sweet god dear jesus that feels SOOOO good!”

He’d never heard Laura talk like that before. His arousal jumped two more levels.

As he continued to tickle her with his tongue, he looked up and was able to see straight up her shirt, along her smooth tummy to the soft mounds of her breasts. God, she was beautiful.

Chris felt like the luckiest guy in the world.

After a couple minutes of circling, swirling, and flicking, Chris decided to change things up again. So he clamped his lips entirely around her clit and, gently sucking, slid his middle finger straight into her pussy.

Laura nearly screamed, grabbing one of his pillows and covering her face as her hips rose to his lips. Once his finger was in, he started flexing it while at the same rotating his lips around her clit. Even through the pillow he could hear her squealing, and her grip on his free hand became so tight he thought she might break one of his fingers. As he alternated between sucking on her clit and blowing on it, he began to slip a second finger in. She moaned desperately, white knuckling the pillow. He could hear her saying something but couldn’t make out what it was.

As the second finger sank deeper, her hips gently began moving with him, thrusting against his lips and hand. The more the second finger disappeared, the more she thrust. He could see her chest heaving as she breathed. She was panting into the pillow. He knew she was close. He decided to crank it up another notch as he brought a third finger to her slit.

When it touched, she exploded, her entire body going rigid and tense, her back arching up away from the bed, her hand bending his fingers back in ways they weren’t supposed to bend, making him wince painfully. He could hear her through the pillow, her voice trembling as if she were in pain: “Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!”

He continued kissing her clit and slowly withdrew the second finger, leaving the first to gently bring her down from climax. By the time her back came down to the bed, a three minute long orgasm had passed and she was exhausted. She threw the pillow away and, eyes closed in bliss, took his face in her hands and pulled him up to her, planting a warm, gentle kiss on his lips. She could taste herself on him, but she didn’t care.

“So how was it?” he asked. He knew the answer, but he wanted the confidence boost.

She just smiled dreamily and spoke between deep breaths. “I. Owe. You.” Her eyes blinked open and they were half glazed over with lust as they bore into his. “I owe you big time.” She pulled him down beside her on the bed and set him on his back. She kissed him again, their tongues dancing once more. Feeling the softness of her tongue in his mouth made him remember the lick earlier in the day. He couldn’t wait for the main course to come.

As she kissed him, her hand slid down his front and unzipped his fly. She tried to lower his pants while still kissing him but it was a bit awkward so finally she broke away and tore his pants and boxers off in record time. She told him to scoot back, and he sat up against the headboard, giving her more room.

She was positioned between his legs again. Chris’s oral technique had turned her on so much she couldn’t wait to devour him, but there was something she had to do first. Again, she didn’t think about it, didn’t question. She went with her instincts.

She inched forward, straddling his waist and looking right into his eyes, then reached down and took hold of his cock. It jumped in her hand and before Chris could realize what was going on, she lowered herself on top of him. His first thought was that she was putting him inside her, but she flattened his dick against his abdomen and pressed her soaking wet lips against his shaft. His mouth instantly fell open, feeling her wetness against his cock. “Oh Laura,” was all he could get out. Then slowly, she started sliding forward and back, lathering the underside of his hard cock with her juices.

Chris had died and gone to heaven, his mouth hanging open, his breath caught in his throat. Laura was smiling dreamily against her shoulders, both hands supporting herself on his chest. She loved the look on his face and gazed down at him with such tenderness that when he opened his eyes and met hers, he wasn’t sure which was better: the feeling of her wet pussy sliding along his cock, or the dreamy look she was giving him. He took hold of her hips and helped her movements.

“Laura…” he said quietly. “You are…amazing.”

In response, she ground down harder, feeling her clit press against his shaft and shudders of joy coursing outward from between her legs. Chris was starting to thrust up against her.

“You wanna cum?” she asked huskily. She knew the answer already, but she liked the idea of talking dirty to him.


“You wanna be inside me?”

“God, yes.”

She lowered herself to him, kissing him again, their mouths devouring each other. As she continued sliding against him, they both started moaning, and as their moans started getting louder, they used each others mouths to muffle the sounds. She could feel herself approaching orgasm again, and she bit down on his lip, sucking hard as she felt her body tensing up for release. She desperately wanted him. There was no way she could have been close enough to him at that moment. She wrapped her arms around his back, holding herself to him as tightly as she could. He became her anchor, the sensations between her legs overpowering her senses. If she could have fused their bodies into one, she would have. She needed him. She ground against his cock, hard, and held herself there as her body trembled in his arms as he breathed against her ear. “I want to cum inside you.”

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