A Rhythm That Only She Can Hear

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Ass Up

God she’s Beautiful.

I remember when I first met Chrystal. I was at a club that I like to visit from time to time, just standing at the bar drinking a Gin and lime and shrugging off the advances of baby dykes left and right. The heavy on the synth dance version of a popular pop song was blaring over the speakers and the dance floor was filled, looking almost like one giant wall of wriggling and undulating flesh. The music stopped, ready to shift into another almost identical techno tune, and the crowd of flesh parted as people exchanged partners or just left the floor altogether. She was left standing alone, her body still moving slowly to the long departed rhythm of the last song.

Quickly swallowing down the last of my drink, not even feeling the burn of my throat, I placed the empty glass down on the bar before walking to her. I was practically drawn to the sway of her hips in those too tight low cut jeans. Hypnotized by the way her waist length absinthe colored hair flew around her as she danced all alone. I approached her from behind as the new song began, placing my hand on the exposed flesh below her tank top and above her right hip as I moved in close and started to sway to the same rhythm that she was. I could see the corner of her pouty lips dart up as I leaned in and whispered in her ear.

“I’m Amber. May I dance with you?”

In answer she pressed herself backwards, her ass grinding into me as we both began to sway and move to the rhythm that only she could hear. Keeping my right hand on her hip I slid my left up and held onto the front of her flat stomach, pulling her tight against me. Her lithe body fit into mine like it was a custom made glove. Her head shifted to one side and I leaned in, kissing her right below the ear lobe. I could almost feel the beat of her heart through her perfect alabaster skin, mine almost dark by comparison. She smelled like cherry blossoms. I’ll never forget her smell.

She was dancing against me with her eyes closed, her half smile a heady mix of innocence and all knowing lust. I held her against me long after the song had changed again and again because the songs really didn’t matter to her. We were dancing to the long lost rhythm that only she could hear.

“I’m Chrystal,” she finally whispered to me. I had to struggle to hear her voice over the music. Her accent was thick Göztepe Escort like honey, the drawl a surprise coming from this absinthe haired femme goddess before me.

“I’m glad to meet you Chrystal,” I whispered into her ear. “Can I buy you a drink?”

Taking my hand from her hip she led me through the writhing masses on the dance floor and we took a seat at a small table near the bar. Chrystal tucked her legs beneath her as she was sitting down and her eyes stayed focused on the table, not a word was said until the waitress returned with our drinks. I couldn’t help but stare as she took a sip of her soda, earlier I hadn’t noticed the stamp on her hand that signified that she was below the age for alcohol.

“How old are you?” I tried to ask politely as I took a drink of my gin.

“Nineteen.” I could still barely hear her over the music. “How old are you?” she returned my question, which was fair enough as far as I was concerned.

“I’ll be twenty three in a few days,” I answered while giving her a soft smile, our gazes locking.

“So are you used to it?” she asked me with almost no delay between my last answer.

“Used to what?” I answered.

“Being the older woman,” she replied. I was struck practically speechless, this gorgeous creature before me had actually made me blush. She could barely contain her smile at this, having to bite her lip instead of breaking out in a fit of giggles at my expense.

“No I’m… I’m not used to it. You never really get used to picking up beautiful green haired women in bars.”

Her smile became soft again and her eyes half closed as she watched me from across the table, she straightened her posture and slowly took another sip of her soda. “So, you think you’re going to pick me up?”

I choked a little on my drink before recovering and trying to smoothly place it on the table, her little mischievous half smile slowly spreading across her face. “You like that don’t you?” I asked her as I took my napkin and wiped a little spill from the table.

“Like what?” she replied, twirling a strand of green hair in between her thumb and forefinger.

“Making me uncomfortable.”

She rose from her chair and slinked around the table, pushing my chair back before sitting on my lap. I could feel her cell phone in her back pocket push Göztepe Escort Bayan against my thigh as she settled. Wrapping my arms around her waist she took the napkin from my hand and finished wiping down the table before looking me in the eyes and replying, “I’ve got to make you work for it, or you’ll think I’m just giving it away.”

I ran a hand through her hair as she took a sip from her drink and draped her arm around me. She turned to me and leaned in towards my neck before a bone chillingly cold series of water drops began to drip onto my ear lobe, the water beaded down my neck over my collar bone and down between my cleavage. As the ice cold water slowly made its way down my body it had an oddly warming effect between my legs, even though it was getting more than a little moist down there as well. She tilted my head and kissed me softly, her tongue snaking its way between my lips to tie itself in knots with mine when all of a sudden there was a loud buzzing and an almost orgasm causing vibration on my thigh right above my groin.

Chrystal burst out giggling as I whispered into her ear, “Your ass is vibrating.”

“I’m so sorry,” she whispered before reaching underneath herself and taking her phone out of her pocket, rubbing the top of her hand against my soaking crotch at the same time. She flipped it open and quickly hit the button that sent it to voicemail before turning it off and dropping it on the table. “It was my roommate. She probably just wanted to tell me that she hooked up and wouldn’t be coming home tonight. ”

“Humph,” I humphed in feigned outrage. “She would leave you all alone like that. What if you got lonely?” I asked as I slid a hand into her front pocket and pulled her in tighter to myself, smelling her hair as I buried my face in her neck, suckling on her earlobe as she snuck a sip of my drink. “Stop that, Bad girl,” I whispered.

She placed my glass back on the table, biting her lip feigning innocence. “If you want to spank me for it, my dorm room is empty for the night,” she replied after thinking about it for all of one second.

“What if I wanted to spank you right here and now for it?”

Chrystal’s face turned a slight pink as she slid off of my lap and, turning away from me, spread her legs, making her feet even with her shoulders and bent over at Escort Göztepe the waist placing both hands flat on the table. Her ass was waving in the air as she turned around and looked at me.

“Are you going to count them off?” I asked as I rose and placed my crotch right against that waving ass. Reaching in front of her I unbuttoned her jeans.

“Yes ma’am,” she replied, looking a little scared but also more than a little turned on.

The perfect skin of her lower back was covered in goose flesh as I rolled her jeans down, revealing her black French cut panties and perfect little ass to the entire club. The ladies at the tables surrounding ours had stopped their conversations and were watching us. Stepping to the side of her I took the top of her panties in my left hand, pulling up, causing them to ride up into her ass, separating and further revealing her cheeks to the room. She moaned as the fabric pulled against her mound.

With my right hand I softly rubbed the skin of her left buttocks, rubbing just enough to warm her cheek before moving to the next, letting her get familiar with the feeling of my hand. I raised my hand before sharply coming down with a slap to her ass watching the lobe bounce as she gasped and quickly replied,

“One, thank you ma’am.” I was dripping wet as she replied perfectly. Softly rubbing the pinkish spot where my hand had come down before bringing my hand down again, leaving a matching mark on the second cheek.

“Two, thank you ma’am.”

Rubbing her pink spot with my right hand I began to run my left through her hair before letting it slide out at the nape of her neck and slowly run my finger down the line of her spine, tracing it until they reached the crack of her ass before bringing my hand back down twice, quickly, across each cheek.

“Three, thank you ma’am.”

“Four, thank you ma’am.”

I rubbed her cheeks for several more minutes while she snuck lustful glances behind her, before I rolled her pants back up and buttoned them, letting her stand and zip them up herself. She turned around and kissed me hard enough to bruise before picking up her phone and listening to the missed voice message.

She hesitated before she straddled my lap facing me. “I was right, I’m all alone tonight.”

“Really?” I purred into her ear.

“Yeah.” She reached down between us and unbuttoned my jeans. “Do you want to come home with me and make sure I don’t get lonely?” Unzipping my jeans, she slipped her hand into my panties and cupped my mound, surely feeling my wetness.

“I’d like that,” I replied as she slipped a finger into me. “I’d like that a lot.”

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