A Sub Is Born Ch. 01

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“Damn,” she thought, “I wish I still smoked.”

Courtney was parked less than a mile from his house. It was a detour to work up some courage. She was no coward, but this was different. Never before had she handed her trust over to a man to do whatever he desired. Not that she hadn’t had jerks who took what they wanted, but he was different. He seemed to know what she wanted before she knew. His words had more effect on her than the physical contact she had known with others. And he never asked if she were soaked, he just knew as if there were sensors connected from her panties to his computer.

She could leave. He only had her cell phone number and address. Even the name she gave wasn’t hers. Twice before she had broken dates with others. Robert was expecting her to follow to the hotel after dinner. She never took the exit and kept on driving. Jim hounded her for eighteen months after a brief meeting in a coffee shop. Nicolae was very different. He never quite gave enough of himself. Each time she felt closer, he would pull away and she would wait for weeks to hear from him. Each time she would ask when they would get to meet, he would just say that time is meaningless. She wondered if he was married. Or worse still, had others that went unmentioned. She wasn’t one to share.

Courtney checked herself in the visor mirror. Life had been kind to her in her thirty-eight years. Genetics played a large part, but she also took care of herself. Dating was relatively new to her. Partly because of her busy schedule, and a nasty divorce which drained her of any desire. The fight or flee syndrome still tugged at the pit of her stomach. She knew that a BDSM relationship was right for her, but the conditioning of the media portraying most Doms as psychotic sadists still haunted her somewhere deep in her brain.

Nicolae waited patiently. He calculated the odds of her showing in his mind. Knowing her history, he figured it was about 50/50. He pondered the wisdom of meeting in his lair rather than a public place which common sense would dictate. But he sensed in Courtney a need to submit which, if handled correctly, should be as natural as a handshake and hug between old friends.

Courtney started the Bronco and slowly made her way down Sycamore Street looking for house number 225. Everything seemed to be moving in slow motion as if she were stoned. She hesitated before pulling into the drive. She pulled around to the back as instructed. With a deep breath, she opened the door, and headed to the screened-in porch.

He opened one of the double doors into the house and waved to her to come on in. The first thing she noticed was a huge black lab lounging in front of the fire. He opened one eye to check her out, and then went back to his nap.

“Welcome Courtney! That is Hunter. He is a little worn out from our Frisbee playing in the park earlier. Sometimes he feels inside like he is still two years old and over does things. Have a seat and I’ll get you some tea to warm you up. Some non-caffeinated herbal tea. I don’t think you need any stimulants.”

Some wine might be better, she thought. Looking around, it did not look like a bachelor pad. Ex-wife escaped with just her clothes perhaps. She thought about going over and petting Hunter, but decided against waking him. He was as big as she.

He returned with two mugs, giving her one, and taking a seat on the other end of the couch.

“So Courtney, we have shared a lot over the past few months. Face to face is a little more intimate than the anonymity of the computer or phone. Am I what you expected?”

“Yes, pretty much. I didn’t expect to be this nervous. I’m usually quite confident. I guess perhaps I feel you know too many of my secrets.”

“I was a little surprised that you came. Not that I don’t think you are ready. But to live with these desires and fantasies which are outside the mold of what many would consider normal is a difficult demon to confront. But once you turn that corner, I don’t think there is any way back.”

“Well, Sir, I am here, but I’m shaking, and so fearful of disappointing you or wasting your time.”

“Drink your tea, and try to relax. This is not a pass/fail situation. We are friends, and whatever happens has to flow naturally. I do know that this is your authentic self. Whether it blooms today, or lies dormant, it is ready to show itself soon. The courage to come speaks more than your words.”

“I’m embarrassed by my coyness,” she said, taking a sip of the tea. “When I think of all the times thinking of you carried to heights of ecstasy, I just, feel a little unsettled and nervous now.”

“It’s understandable. Would you feel bold enough just to lay your head in my lap for a bit and relax? I promise to behave.”

Courtney was grateful to comply. It relieved her of having to answer questions or worse, babble as she tended to do when nervous. She could smell him. Not an overbearing smell, but a mix of manly smells she had missed. She felt his hands running soft through tuzla escort her hair. God, how she loved that. His fingertips tracing her face. Gentle, as if she were a fine porcelain doll. Her nipples tensed inside her bra. She was damp between her legs, and her pussy itched for contact. Her lips parted slightly to his fingertip. She sucked an inch into her mouth, wanting his taste. He spread the wetness to her lips. Her hips began a subtle roll as she clinched her nether muscles. She was turned on, and beyond caring. She took his hand and guided it to her breast.

“No, Courtney, we are on My timetable, not yours. If you turn right and go to the end of the hall, you’ll find my bedroom. On the bed is a flannel shirt. Strip down to your panties, and put the shirt on. Then return to me.”

The warm soft flannel shirt smells of him. It lulls her into a sense of security in its loose fit, hanging down to her mid thigh. He’s taking things slow and gentle. She is well past wanting more. Even past needing more. But she had learned that he cannot be rushed. His will be done. Which make the throbbing ache between her legs even worse.

Upon her re-entry into the room, he rapidly approaches from behind. Reaching around her, strong hands grasp the front of her shirt and jerk hard in opposite directions. She feels his heat and senses the power and control flowing through him. As her pupils dilate in response to this sudden change in his behavior, her senses heighten. Things move almost in slow motion. She is aware of the sound of thread ripping and buttons dancing across the floor. Her desire to be taken roughly is at war with the fear of what he may actually do and her hopes for what he will do.

Cool air rushes over heated skin as the fabric of the shirt scrapes backwards across her shoulders. She works hard to control the knot of fear growing deep inside her. When the shirt is midway down her upper arms, she feels the fabric tighten and constrict as he ties it into a restraint that held her helpless with her arms behind her back. The way her arms are restrained is faintly uncomfortable, yet this is a minor consideration in the scheme of things. She pants as she looks wildly from side to side, trying desperately to get a glimpse of his face in the hope of getting a feel for what he is going to do to her.

The hope of reading the intent in his eyes is quelled as the darkness of a blindfold descends over her sight. In spite of her fear, or perhaps because of it, the wet spot on her panties grows larger as her body responds to the one who has taken control.

He kisses her forehead.

“Surrender, Courtney. Surrender the fear. Surrender control. It is only the reality of the situation that is unfamiliar. This is who you are. Who you were born to be.”

Her nipples were fully engorged with her excitement. He began rubbing the backside of his fingers slowly up and down both nipples, watching them bend and spring back from finger to finger. When he pinched them both it was as if a trail of gunpowder was lit from nipples to clit.

She heard him walk away. She dare not move or speak. She cried out softly in shock as the two ice cubes circled her nipples until two trails of cool water ran down her body to be absorbed into her already soaked panties. One by one, clamps, fresh from the freezer were applied to her nipples, cutting off the blood supply. She shuddered.

“It is rare to find a submissive who doesn’t love nipple play. I take it you are enjoying this?”

“More than you know, Sir.”

“I have one more little thing for you. After that, I will need you to pleasure me.”

“Oh Sir, there are no limits to how, or how much, you allow me to pleasure you. “It IS my pleasure to please.”

“Yes, dear, but your capacity for pleasure far exceeds any man’s. So I want no guilt feelings when your orgasm count exceeds twenty. At times we will practice denial, but a woman is like a race car. If I don’t push you to your limit, I’m cheating myself. Now for a little experiment. There is a small stool in front of you. Place one foot on it.”

Courtney felt the leather restraint buckle around her ankle.

“Now the other one. Good. Now spread your legs wide. A little wider.”

She felt a little pressure against both heels.

“This is just a bar. To keep your legs spread. I’m sure you’d keep them spread if I asked. But this, I think, just adds to the feeling of helplessness. A Psychological implement of sorts. I’ll remove the shirt to give you more balance. Stay right there. I’ll be right back,” he said with a slight snicker.

Courtney could feel the wetness spreading. She was beyond embarrassment. She listened to his footsteps until they faded into the house. Her swollen clit throbbed. With just a few touches of her finger, she knew she could go over the edge. But he could be watching. What if he caught her? Would he keep her on the edge all night without cumming? She edged a finger under the waistband of her panties to test göztepe escort the waters.


He startled her.

“I can’t leave you for a moment without you masturbating? That isn’t very ladylike.”

“No, Sir, I had, a, I had an itch was all.”

“An itch indeed. I can imagine. Maybe I can help with that itch.”

He slipped off her blindfold. In his hand he had a long riding crop. He pressed the tip under her chin and lifted her head up. “That’s it, hold your head high. Fix your gaze onto the wall. Pick out a spot and concentrate. I like women like you Courtney, who cum quickly and easily. And often. Your nipples need release by now. But not till you cum. Not till while you cum, then the shock will be even sweeter.”

She heard a snip, and felt the panty fall away from one thigh. Then another and the rush of cool air on her shaved wet pussy. The leather tip touched her lips, then down her neck, between breasts, and settled against the pout of her pussy. He began tapping, slowly, a tap every three seconds. Then a little faster and a little harder. She had never heard the sound of leather against her most private parts. She wanted to direct it. Hard and higher directly on her clit. He needed no direction. The slaps came closer together and louder. Like some evil machine.

“Oh Sir, may I cum?”

“No, not until you grab both clamps tightly. When I say cum, you may cum. When I say ‘Jerk,’ jerk them off quickly in one motion.”

“Please Sir, I need to cum now.”

“Cum, Courtney.”

Waves of pleasure ran through her body.


She screamed when the clamps released, not from pain so much, but an overload of sensation. He pulled her to him and held her as she shook. He felt the coolness of her body and the ragged breath against his chest. Her thighs were streaked with her pleasure. She felt two fingers thick inside her tightness, fucking her. She was about to cum again, when he stopped.

“Do you know how hard it is not to fuck you right now?”

“I serve at your pleasure, Sir. Take it when and where you like.”

“I want it between your lips, Courtney. I am full, and our time together has made me more so. Are you hungry for my cock?”

“Ravishingly so, Sir. I want so much to drain you, digest you, have your very being coursing through my grateful veins.”

“What a poetic answer. How could I refuse such a request? But first, only your fingertips may touch it.”

Nicolae removed his pants and stretched out on the couch. Courtney took her place on the floor on her knees. As soon as she saw it, she wanted it inside her. Had she had her way, or a choice, she would have guided the thickness into her tight pussy, feeling the burn as the thick cock soaked in her wetness. But she could only touch.

She noticed a large drop of precum at the tip, and spread in around in circles. She touched her finger to her tongue. It was sweet like sugar. His cock was hard and flat against his belly. She lifted it with one finger and smiled and it bounced back in place. Some women were put off by cocks, and while she wasn’t one to enjoy pictures of them, she had always loved having one to please. She laid her head on his chest and lightly stroked him from his balls to the glans. She would have been content to stroke him like this, but she felt his hand gliding her head lower.

“May I, Sir?”

“Yes Courtney.”

He heard her moan from delight as his cock filled her mouth. Nicolae was never quite sure what made a good cocksucker, he only knew when he felt it, and she was very skilled. She held him at the base with one hand, and sucked up and down the shaft pausing to circle the head with her tongue. She could feel him swelling even bigger in her mouth. She wanted him to cum and to devour his nectar.

“Stop for a minute, pet.”

She pulled off his cock.

“Why Sir, am I doing it like you want?”

“You are wonderful, I just don’t want to cum until we kiss.” He kissed her deeply, hungrily for what seemed like forever, then guided her back down to his cock. She sucked harder, not wanting another break to interrupt her from her mission. Her fingers gently caressed his balls which were pulled in tight by his scrotum. His hips now moved with her rhythm, and she could hear his moans increasing.

At last she heard the pronouncement all men like to make even though it is patently obvious.

“Oh Courtney, I’m going to cum.”

His moans were near shouts, but she was lost in the creamy delight being pumped into her mouth and down her throat. He was full, and she couldn’t have been happier. She kept him deep in her mouth until his hands pried her off.

“Now let’s baby step to the bedroom for some more fun.”

“Baby step, Sir?”

“Stand up.”

Nicolae attached a small eight inch spreader bar between her ankles.

“Now how am I supposed to walk in this thing?”

“Like I said baby steps.”

“I hope you have good insurance. May I ask why I am üsküdar escort doing this?”

“Yes, but I imagine it would be one of State Farm’s more interesting claims of the year. And do you really need reasons? One might be that I want give you more time to think of the spanking you are going to get that you talked about incessantly for the past few weeks.”

She did look cute, he thought, watching her taking little five inch steps to the master bedroom.

Once in the bedroom, he placed a leather play collar around her neck with a single three inch diameter gold ring. And soft leather restraints around her wrists that wrapped around twice before buckling.

“I am going to cuff your hands as I do all new spankees. Nothing is more frustrating than to have a submissive trying to protect her ass with her hands. Not to mention not very safe to either one of us.”

He clipped her wrists together, then ran the connector through the ring on her collar, and placed her hands together as if she were praying.

“Pray that I don’t spank you too hard,” he said with an evil grin.

He pulled her over his lap. Courtney tensed when she felt his hand. Not a spank, just a caress. Then a squeeze of both cheeks. She jumped when she felt the tips of his fingers between her wet slit. And she shuddered when she felt his fingernail slide down her spine and ass. He began to swat her cheeks playfully. She arched her bottom closer to him. Still, the spanks barely stung. Some she barely felt at all. Not the fiery hot hand she had fantasized about.

“So what are you feeling, Courtney?”

“Frustration Sir. I want to know the pain you seem to delight in withholding.”

“Careful for what you ask, my dear. Or a pound of hairbrush could be coming your way. But the hand is so much more intimate.”

She squealed from shock as his left hand left a red hand print on her left cheek. Then alternating from cheek to cheek, less than a second apart, the stings melting into a constant burn. Then abruptly he stopped. And shoved two fingers deep in her pussy. They curled inward toward her belly with his fingertips roughly massaging her G Spot.

“You enjoyed that, didn’t you? This pussy is embarrassingly wet.”

She opened her mouth to respond, but he spanked again, this time carefully targeting in a pattern from the sweet spot where her buttocks met her thighs, to higher on her hips and back to the top of her thighs. She squirmed against him in sheer delight.

“Harder Sir” With that, he stopped completely and jammed three fingers into her wetness. He fucked her hard with his fingers until she begged to cum.

“Cum for me, Courtney.”

He felt strong contractions from her pussy and pulled out, this time spanking her with all his fury. She screamed and gushed all over his lap, cumming harder than she had ever cum in her life. Not feeling her ass until she was done. Then she felt the feverous glow she had dreamed about.

He freed her hands. He placed her head on a pillow in the center of the king size bed, near the head of the bed, and had her lie there and relax.

“Don’t open your eyes. I’m going to put on some soft music and leave you here for a bit. No more than twenty minutes. Use this time for meditation. Breathe deeply through your nose, and as you exhale through your nose, say in your mind only, ‘for your pleasure, Sir.’ Nod if you understand.”

Courtney repeated the mantra in her head. At times, she drifted away wanting him inside her. It had been a long time since she had a man. And never one like Him. She wanted to be used in every conceivable way. Feel the soreness from cock for days. His teasing was agonizing. But she knew the worst thing would be to ask for what she wanted.

She felt his hand on her foot. Then he placed a pair of sunglasses on her.

“Open your eyes.”

She opened her eyes, but could see only a little around the lenses. They had been inked out. Each appendage was stretched out to the corner of the brass bed and secured to a rail. She was helpless and spread. She felt the bed sink on one side. His hot tongue circled a nipple. He bit down softly, then increasing harder until she cried out. She heard a buzzing. When the vibrator touched her clit she struggled with the ropes. He traced her lips with it, and then inserted it all pulling out to her clit. Then silence and a lifting of the bed as he left for a moment.

Two heavy floggers crashed down on her breasts without warning with heavy thuds startling her. Then again on her upper thighs and lower belly.

“Ah, the sound of floggers. They have a distinctive sound against skin one never forgets. Do not fear them. They are your friends. They will take you places. Mini vacations without leaving the house. In your mind that is. A treat for later. For when you are in a more appropriate position. Time for a little art fun now.”

Nicolae lit a blue and red candle. He began dripping at the base of her neck with the blue, and her shaven mound with the red. In each palm he had an ice cube.

“It is a little hard to distinguish between hot and cold isn’t it dear?”

“Yes Sir,” she answered meekly.

“Don’t worry, I won’t burn you. It is all about melting temperature and length of decent.”

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