A Walk with Wanda Ch. 01

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It was a late spring day… the kind of day that the chamber of commerce likes to advertise. Perfect… a clear blue sky, 85 degrees, and a soft southerly breeze. It was a wonderful day to be out of doors.

Julie’s cell phone rang at 8:00 am. It was Wanda. She knew that Julie had taken the day off and called to see if she’d like to go for a walk. This was a perfect opportunity to do so. The kids were still in school, the weather was warm and Julie could easily get her errands done and still have some time for a walk.

“I want to go someplace I used to go when I was a kid, Julie.” Wanda said. “It’s a natural area about 30 minutes out of town. It’s so beautiful there. There are some wonderful trails and ponds and…We could do some bird watching. ”

“Sounds good!” Julie interrupted. “Do you want me to pack us a lunch? We could have a little picnic.”

“You read my mind, Hon.” Wanda murmured.

“OK…sounds like fun. I’ll pack a basket. Come get me around ten o’clock and we’ll make a day of it.”

“Ten it is. See you then. Kiss!” and she hung up.

Julie hurriedly accomplished her chores for the day… start a load of laundry… load the dishwasher… make up the beds and spiff up the bathrooms. An hour and a half later, She had done most of the things that she needed to and pulled together a quick lunch. Sandwiches and fruit and a cold bottle of chardonnay- “oh, yeah… don’t forget the corkscrew”.

She went upstairs for shower and to get ready for her day out. She undressed and took a quick look in the bathroom mirror. Julie’s forty-something body still looked ok, she thought. Daily workouts and walking had kept her trim. Her breasts sagged just a little, but overall she thought she still looked pretty good, “for an old woman”, she joked to herself.

Julie showered quickly and washed her dark blond hair. From the shower, she dried off and blew her hair dry before putting on what she considered to be her minimal makeup: Eye liner, a little shadow and pale rose lipstick.

Julie had selected a white lace bra and panties and after showering and she slid them on. In her closet, she selected a white tank top. Her walking shorts were in the wash, so she opted for a denim mini. She slid on a zip up hoodie, just in case it was cool in the woods. She put on ankle socks and slid into her hiking shoes. All dressed and ready to go.

The doorbell rang a few minutes ahead of time and Wanda was standing on Julie’s front porch.

Wanda was also in her forties, taller and a bit more voluptuous than Julie. Dark brown hair framed her face. Wanda’s deep brown eyes could make Julie melt.

“Ready?” she asked impatiently.

“Sure am!” Julie grabbed the basket with their lunch and pulled the door closed as she turned and walked down my steps to the car.

Julie opened Wanda’s rear door and put the basket on the seat. She saw a small day pack behind the driver’s seat.

“Did I need to bring a pack for our walk, Wanda?”

“Oh, no. It’s just some things I wanted to bring along. Jump in… “

Julie opened the passenger door and slid into the seat, strapped in. Wanda put the car into reverse, smiled and patted Julie on the knee. The car rolled backwards, and out of the driveway.

Wanda pressed the accelerator and the car sped down the street and out of town. She headed out into an area of state forest, an area largely devoid of people on a weekday, not in hunting season.

Wanda and Julie chatted as they drove… about all kinds of things… work, their families, and so on. They had driven about 15 minutes outside of town and Wanda asked what Julie had in the picnic basket.

“I made some sandwiches and brought some fruit and a bottle of wine.

“Wine! You brought wine??” she exclaimed. “Oh, this is getting even better!”


“Open up that wine, Julie!”

“In the car? Are you kidding??”

“No. Grab it…let’s have some!”

Julie looked at Wanda quizzically. Seeing her hesitance to open up a bottle and drink while driving, Wanda began to explain.

“OK… this is a bit of a trip down memory lane for me. When I was in high school, we used to come out here for fun. We’d get a couple of cases of beer and a bunch of us from school would come out to “the pit” and party.”

“The pit?” Julie asked.

“Yeah. The pit is a huge old quarry back in the state forest. It’s about a 2 mile hike back to it from the highway. It’s very secluded. There’s a trail that goes back to it. It’s a beautiful place back there, Julie, it really is. “

Julie could sense the excitement in Wanda’s voice.

“So you want to have a drink on the way… do you think that’s OK?” Julie asked.

“Sure! Why not! We’re well out in the country and there’s nobody out here. “

Julie unbuckled her seat belt and turned up onto her knees in the seat and reached over the seat back to retrieve the basket. She popped the lid up and felt for the bottle inside. She felt the cold glass and retrieved the bottle, handing it up to Wanda. Wanda took the bottle as Julie searched Acıbadem Escort the floor of the basket for the corkscrew.

Julie felt the cool, wet touch of Wanda’s hand on the back of her bare thigh. Her fingers were dampened from the condensation of the wine bottle. Julie felt two of Wanda’s fingers curl up under the elastic band of the leg opening of her panties.

“Stay like that!” Wanda said as Julie began to turn back around in the seat. Julie felt Wanda’s fingertips push her panties aside. Wanda inserted her fingertips between Julie’s pussy lips. When she felt Julie’s juices coating her fingers, accompanied by a sultry moan, Wanda removed her fingers and told Julie to slowly sit back.

“Wanda…what have you got in mind?” Julie continued to face the back of the car and slowly lowered herself until she felt Wanda’s fingers spread her pussy lips apart. Julie felt the cold head of the wine bottle coming in contact with her pussy. Before Julie could even protest, Wanda ordered, “Don’t stop! Keep going!”

Julie whimpered momentarily, but did as she was told. As Wanda drove, her hand felt Julie’s pussy lowering onto the bottle…slowly…and then she felt Julie’s body move…slowly rotating. Julie sighed as she slowly moved against the bottle and gasped, “Oh fuck, Wanda…the nasty things you make me do! You make me feel so bad…and sooo goood!!!”

“You love it, Julie…I know you do…but that’s enough…your screwing isn’t going to get this cork out!” Wanda chuckled and gave Julie’s sweet bottom a smack.

“Hey!!!” Julie cried out she rose up enough so Wanda could slide the bottle out.

Wanda lapped the juices from the neck of the bottle before wedging it between her thighs and said, “How about that corkscrew and some glasses?”

“Just hold on…it would have been open already if you wouldn’t have distracted me!”

Julie flipped back around in her seat. “Here, let me trade these for the bottle.” She said handing Wanda the glasses. Julie took the bottle, screwed the opener into the cork, and gave a mighty tug. The cork came out with a squeaky pop! She tossed the opener on the dash and filled the glasses one at a time.

“Here, my love!” Julie said as she handed Wanda a glass. They clinked their glasses together and took a sip. Wanda took more than a sip…draining the glass and handing it back for a refill.

Julie looked momentarily stunned, and when she hesitated, Wanda said, “Drink up! You don’t want to lug that open bottle all the way to the pit, do you?”

Julie raised an eyebrow at my comment and replied, “I guess not!” and gulped down the rest of her glass. This time she filled the glasses to the top. “Bottoms up!” she said with a smirk.

“That’s the way I like it best!” Wanda replied with a wink. The pair touched their glasses together and a few drops spilled onto Wanda’s thighs. “Hold still…I’ll get that!” Julie quickly volunteered. Julie opened her mouth and the wine disappeared down her throat in less than five seconds. Then she lowered her face to Wanda’s thigh and lapped up the wetness. “I think some dripped in here!” She mumbled, trying to pry Wanda’s thighs apart so she could suck on her inner thigh.

“You lovely little pussy hungry slut!” Wanda thought to herself. She took her right foot off the gas and replaced it with the left and slid lower into the seat…giving Julie enough room to run your tongue up her thigh and caress her pussy lips. Wanda gulped down her wine and tried to concentrate on the road. Even though there wasn’t any traffic, the road did have a few turns that she needed to navigate. She eased her foot off the gas and just let the car coast. Julie’s tongue felt so wonderful! Wanda put her hand on the back of Julie’s head and urged her to increase her tonguing. Julie then slid her fingers inside Wanda’s wet cunt. Wanda was so wet that she could hear Julie’s fingers squishing, even with the radio on!

Wanda’s hips gyrated against Julie’s fingers and she squealed as the tip of Julie’s tongue teased her clit! Wanda had to jerk the car back into her our lane a couple times! When Julie began finger fucking her pussy, Wanda raised her spread thighs and exploded…squirting juices onto Julie’s face and soaking the car seat!! Wanda’s body spasmed repeatedly as she orgasmed and her moans filled the car!

Wanda stopped the car right in the middle of the road. Julie lifted her wet face to Wanda’s and gave her the most delicious sloppy kiss she’d ever had!! Meanwhile, Wanda peeked into the rear view mirror to make sure they weren’t going to be surprised unexpectedly.

Once they separated, Wanda straightened her soaked skirt and the girls got back on their way, and not too soon, because it was only a couple minutes before two oncoming cars passed.

The road to the pit was just a few miles ahead. Wanda turned the car onto the dirt road and drove a couple hundred yards before it ended. “Here we are! Now we just have to hike a couple miles. Are you still up for it?”

“Sure! What about the rest of this wine?” Julie Acıbadem Escort Bayan asked.

“Let’s finish it before we go. We won’t need the bottle.” Wanda answered. Julie filled the glasses one last time.

Raising their glasses together, Julie toasted, “To a lovely afternoon walk with Mother Nature…and to what lies ahead.”

“Yes…and maybe to a refreshing swim!”

Wanda wrapped her arm around Julie’s and gazed deeply into her eyes as they drank the remainder of the wine. They lowered their glasses and kissed once more. “Let’s get going!”

Wanda and Julie got their things out of the back seat and locked the car. As they started down the path, it was obvious that the wine had some effect on them. They were both feeling tipsy…staggering slightly as they walked arm in arm. They were talking and laughing loudly without any concern of being overheard.

“Wanda, are there any potties out here?” Julie asked. “I really need to pee bad!”

“Of course…behind a bush. I have to go too! That looks like a good one over there!” Wanda said as she veered off the path, dragging Julie behind her.

Wanda dropped her things when she got to the bush. She reached into her bag and pulled out a roll of TP. “Always come prepared!” she said as they walked around to the other side of the bush.

“Wand…” Julie began as Wanda raised her skirt and squatted.

“Don’t be so modest, Julie! We’ve done everything else together. Why not this?” she asked.

Wanda spread her labia and in a second, a forceful stream of urine began to spray the leaves between her feet. It must have had a powerful effect on Julie because she instantly raised her skirt, slid her panties down her thighs, and squatted. Wanda watched as Julie’s pee streamed out and formed a small puddle before being absorbed into the ground.

Suddenly, Wanda shrieked and pointed off to the side. Startled, Julie stood up and her head snapped around to see what she was pointing at. Julie jerked her skirt down while trying to pull her panties up at the same time. Julie didn’t see anything or anyone. Then she heard Wanda laugh!

“Damn you, Wand!” She scolded when she realized that it was only a prank. “Dang it! I peed in my panties!”

Wanda was laughing hysterically now…at Julie’s reaction combined with how flustered he became.

Wanda tore off a length of paper and tossed the roll to Julie. She unrolled what she needed and blotted herself dry. Then she tried to dry her panties, but it was no use. She slid them off. “I guess I won’t be wearing these.” Julie said shaking her head.

“Here…let me have those.” Wanda said.

Julie held out her wetted panties on an extended finger to Wanda. She reached up and hung them on a branch near the trail to dry.

“We’ll get these on the way back. Let’s get going” Wanda said.

“But what if someone finds them!” Julie exclaimed with concern.

“Then I’ll buy you new ones.” Wanda answered as she slid her hand under the back of Julie’s skirt and squeezed her bare ass cheek.

“You need to relax, Julie.” Wanda soothed. “I can pretty well guarantee you that we are the only people for miles around. The kids are all in school, there’s no hunters because its summer and we parked in the only lot for the only trail that goes back here. So we’re the only ones here, Babe.”

Julie looked into Wanda’s eyes. Wanda’s gaze showed the confidence that Julie so loved her for. Julie felt the apprehension of the situation melt away.

“You’re right, Wanda…I’m sorry.” she smiled…”shall we push on?”

Julie and Wanda walked hand in hand on a flat, wide trail through the pine and hardwood trees. The dense leaf canopy of the mature trees allowed only dappled sunlight through and the forest floor was largely open. Through the trees, several small chickadees flew from branch to branch along the trail, flying ahead as we approached them.

The trail began to narrow as it started up a small hill. The girls separated, Wanda urging Julie to go ahead. Julie trudged up the trail, Wanda following close behind. As the slope steepened, Wanda’s eyes turned upward, catching fleeting glimpses of Julie’s bare behind from under her mini.

“Julie, Stop.” Wanda said.

Julie froze in her tracks. “What is it??” Julie whispered, still fearing the unknown in her surroundings.

“You’re getting too far ahead… and besides…” she paused as she walked up to Julie, “the view’s better from closer up.”

Wanda patted Julie softly on the behind. Julie giggled softly.

Wanda continued. “In fact…I think the view would be a lot better if you didn’t have this.” she said, tugging at the hem of Julie’s denim mini.

Julie’s head spun around and her eye’s met Wanda’s. “You mean…??”

“Yep… off with it.” Wanda said, giving the skirt another tug, as to emphasize her statement.

“But what if…” Julie protested.

“Remember what I said?? There’s no one else here… you’ll be fine”

Julie cast her eyes down for a second, looking Escort Acıbadem at her skirt. “Are you sure?”

“Yes, Julie… just fine.”


“I want this, Julie.” Wanda said softly, but firmly.

Julie reached down to the waistband of her skirt and unbuttoned it. She slid the zipper down, loosening the garment to where she would be able to slide it over her hips. She parted the waistband and the small garment slid down her legs, gathering at a bunch around her feet.

Julie looked at Wanda; a broad smile crept across her face. “Give it to me.”

Julie lifted one leg and stepped out of the skirt. “I feel silly.” she said, somewhat sheepishly.

“Mmmm… but you look so sexy.” Wanda soothed.

Julie stepped free of the skirt and stooped to pick the garment off the trail. Standing once again, she handed the skirt to Wanda.

Wanda smiled mischievously, Julie’s skirt in her hand. “Maybe we should put this up in the tree, too… like your undies. What do you think?”

“But… what if…?”

“OK… OK… I’ll carry your skirt with me. If you feel too uncomfortable, I’ll give it back to you… OK?”

“OK…” Julie breathed.

“Now turn around… let’s get going… it’s too not far to go now.”

Julie turned and began to walk ahead of Wanda, her bare fanny jiggling slightly with every step up the hill.

Julie walked onward up the trail, feeling embarrassed at having her lower half so completely exposed. As she walked on, she realized that Wanda was right…there was no one else around and that Wanda wanted it. That was the way it was to be.

The outdoor air circulated over Julie’s thighs and buttocks. It felt very nice. It felt good to feel so… free in the out of doors.

Julie glanced over her shoulder, back at her walking companion whose eyes were glued to her form. It was early to tell that Wanda was excited by this whole turn of events. Her nipples poked forth plainly through her bra and tank top.

Julie giggled to herself. “This is fun!” she thought. “Let’s see what happens if I do this.” Julie put her fingers under the hem of her hoodie and top. She pulled upward, exposing her back up as far as the bottom of her ribs.

“Oh, god, yes!” she heard from behind her.

Julie walked on another hundred yards up the hill to its crest. At the crest, an open view presented itself. The view stopped her in her tracks. A deep blue pool of water was below her, surrounded by tall, pink rock cliff walls. On top of the walls, trees and shrubs grew to the edges. At the far end of the water was a gradual slope and what looked to be almost a beach area.

Julie stopped, admiring the view presented before her. Wanda placed her hands around Julies hips and slid over her belly, embracing her from behind. “This is a very special place to me, Julie…” Wanda whispered, “I lost my virginity here.”

“It is as beautiful as you said, Wanda!” Huh? Julie was surprised at Wanda’s revelation.

“Yep! It was a while ago, but I remember it well. I want to take you there. Follow the trail to the right.”

Wanda followed Julie as they walked the trail around rim of the quarry. Wanda pulled her tank top off as she walked. Julie glanced backward to see Wanda shaking her dark hair free of the garment. Her ample breasts strained against her bra and her nipples pressed against the lacy cups.

“You better look where you’re going or you’re gonna fall in!” Wanda warned, laughing. Julie did a quick pirouette and then giggled. Off to their right was a clearing. It was obvious that people had camped there, a few logs and a ring of rocks marked where a fire had been made.

“Is this is the place, Wanda?” Julie said. “It’s so romantic! If I could lose my virginity again, I’d want it to happen in a place like this!”

“Not here, Julie.” Wanda answered. “It’s over there, I think.” She pointed vaguely ahead and to the left.

“Will you tell me about it, Wand?”

“Well, this is what happened, Julie. Here…help me with this’.” Turning her back to Julie and lifting her hair… re-enacting the scene. Julie’s fingers nimbly released the hooks of Wanda’s bra. Then she turned around to face Julie.

Wanda’s hands covered her breasts…holding the bra cups in place. Slowly, she slid the straps until they dropped from her shoulders and hung limply around my arms. Wanda’s hands began to lower…allowing the cups to slip away from her breasts. Shyly, Wanda looked into Julie’s eyes and could see your desire building inside her. Wanda felt her erect nipples…and diverted her eyes to her own breasts as they are revealed. The dark circles of her areolas began to appear and her nipples are pressed against her thumbs. Wanda released her hold and lowered her hands below her breasts to her waist…letting the bra to drop down to her wrists.

The bra dropped to the ground as Wanda took Julie into her arms. She gave Julie a short, but passionate kiss before sliding the hoodie off Julie’s shoulders. Wanda nuzzled Julie’s neck as the hoodie dropped to the ground. Wanda continued and removed Julie’s top. Wanda looked down at Julie’s breasts as they swelled inside her bra. Wanda reached around behind and unfastened the hooks, then slid the straps down her arms. Julie’s beautiful breasts blushed as they became exposed…the nipples crinkled and swelled…showing her excitement.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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