Abby and Casey

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There are women who love to suck cock, and then there was Abby McHale.

Catholic schoolgirl stereotypes about their repressed and latent sexuality are not just idly created. They were embodied in cute, shy little freckled redheaded Abby McHale.

Abby was the manager of a novelty store in a regional mall I managed. There’s not even the slightest need to pretend that we were anything more than fuck buddies. Abby was twenty-six with huge tits, not a bad premise for a woman. She had a thing for both older men and men who she perceived to be in a position of some authority. She was also a complete sexual submissive when she came across such a man.

She would do anything I said, and liked it that way.

Not surprisingly, so did I.

Abby was also in a long-term, long-distance relationship with her college sweetheart who now lived in North Carolina. Her excuse for sucking my cock numerous times weekly, at least in her own mind, was that it was only practice to better please her fiancee’-to-be, as she wishfully called him.

Whatever. She would recite this mantra even as I exploded load after load onto her Raggedy-Ann-cute face and her pillow soft, heavily freckled titties.

I was thirty-eight and had been divorced for about two years. Let’s just say I was making up for lost time recently. When you manage a mall, about ninety percent of the store managers are women, and though I should have been more discreet, in hindsight, at the time I was bedding a fair amount of store employees at a pretty rapid pace.

And, as the song goes, “word gets around in a small, small town, they say he was a dangerous man.”

Well, perhaps dangerous isn’t the adjective. Endowed might be more appropriate. I pack a solid eight inches. It seemed my legend had kind of grown among some of the women I’d entertained. Word-of-mouth advertising is always the most effective method of attracting customers. Abby loved, and even insisted upon, hearing about my other conquests.

For some reason, Abby particularly got off on hearing about the somewhat older Macy’s department store manager I had bedded a few times in the last month, a divorced Korean woman in her late forties named Alicia, who had a penchant for anal sex. The more graphically I described my episodes with Alicia, the more enthusiastically Abby, an anal virgin, orally performed on me.

Oh, yes, Abby McHale was a self-proclaimed size queen, too. So, I pretty much fit her every category for cock sucking practice. Yep, I willingly volunteered my services. I’m a gentleman that way.

As Allen Iverson once famously said, “Hey, we only talkin’ ’bout PRACTICE…”

Anyway, on this particular Thursday evening, I got the call about ten o’clock, or just about store closing time. “I’m coming over,” Abby said, which was now becoming about a two-or-three times a week occasion. She’d come over late, suck me, I’d fuck her, she’d suck me again, and leave. All neat and tidy, about a sixty-to-ninety minute workout, usually. Still time for a good night’s sleep. She never wanted to stay, either, which was heavenly. Abby seemed to think that staying the night equated to ‘cheating’.

I loved this woman’s way of thinking. I liked it more when she next said, “And tonight, I’m bringing a toy.”

Twenty minutes later, the doorbell to my townhouse rang. I walked to answer the door wearing only boxer shorts. That was the good thing about Abby’s visits, there was no need to dress up for them. It was the ultimate “cum as you are” event.

My eyes widened when I saw my new “toy”. Abby smiled when she saw my reaction.

“This is Casey, my newest employee, Mr. Mall Manager.” I felt my mouth gape open at the same rate that my cock was growing out. “Well, aren’t you going to let us in?”

Casey was a petite brunette who I imagined was about as tall laying down as she was standing up. She was built like a gymnast, maybe not even five feet tall and not even one hundred pounds. However, her tits were, on that particular frame, huge. She wore a tight, white Phillies baseball t-shirt and a pair of black short-shorts that hugged her taut bubble butt like second skin.

When I finally got around to looking at her face, it was as awesome as the rest of her. suadiye escort Long, straight, jet black hair with a hint of Asian features around her eyes. Coal-black pupils, and full red lips. I estimated her to maybe still be a teenager, but I found out soon enough that she had just turned twenty.

“We don’t have a lot of time, Casey has to be home by midnight. She still lives with her mom, who’s real strict.” Abby took my one hand in hers and placed my other hand in Casey’s tiny palm and we walked to our familiar ‘workout’ place, my couch.

Abby sat me down on the couch and peeled off her own t-shirt and unhooked her bra in about the time it took to blink. She knelt in front of me and motioned for Casey to take a seat next to me on the couch.

“Casey and I were making girl talk and I asked her which guy in the mall she found the most fuckable, and she said, ‘That mall manager looks like he’d know his way around a bed.’ What a coincidence, huh?”

Abby had her hand in my boxer shorts’ slit now, fishing for the eel. “So I let her in on our little secret.”

She pulled my engorged rod out of the slit and wrapped both of her hands around the shaft. Abby looked at Casey, whose eyes were transfixed on my now exposed hard-on. “And this is our not-so-little secret, Casey. Don’t say I didn’t tell you.”

Until then, I still hadn’t said a word. Neither had Casey. When Abby began to gently lick and suck on the tip of my purple cock head, though, Casey’s hand went to cover her mouth unconsciously. “Wow,” she half-whispered, and then she looked at my face and giggled. Her eyes returned to my lap and she repeated her exclamation. “Wow. Huge.”

I love a woman of little words. Succinct is sexy.

Abby began to navigate her path inch by inch down my veiny root, in her own unique way. Annie used her hands the way a pretzel-maker rolls dough, kneading and twisting. Her hot mouth served as the baking inferno to expand and inflame my cock. My only complaint with Abby is that she sometimes talked a little too much when in the act, serving as both play-by-play and color commentator.

I didn’t think I would have that issue with Casey, however, who seemingly didn’t even notice that I was beginning to lift her t-shirt up her chest. Her tummy was washboard-flat and she had a gold ring shining from her belly button. I began to nibble on Casey’s young neck, covered with goose bumps, and brushed her silky hair aside to whisper in her ear.

“Why don’t you join in, Casey? After all, we have to get you home soon. Don’t you wanna suck this cock of mine?” She moaned for the first time as I caressed her incredibly firm breasts, letting my hands rub across the sides in small ovals.

Abby watched the action without breaking stride on the task at hand. “Yes, take her shirt off, daddy. Aren’t her tits incredible? I’ve been dying to see them myself.” Aah, ulterior motive, I thought. Abby had told me about a few of her bi-sexual tendencies, but she was usually so busy sucking me off on any given night that we didn’t have a chance to really explore this topic. Apparently, Casey was a toy designed for both of us.

I was more than willing to share, and Casey obligingly lifted her arms over her head to help me shed her of her shirt. There was no bra. She didn’t need any. They were 32C perfection.

I lay Casey down on her side and maneuvered her head so that it was essentially in my lap. I also began to tug now at the shorts that had a zipper on the side. She kicked out of them, assisting the process expediently. She wore the tiniest,skimpiest, silk ebony thong that was wedged into the folds of her pussy like a string of dental floss.

Without any direction, Casey reached for my eight-inch sword and ambitiously yanked it away from Abby’s talented mouth, which resulted in a loud ‘pop’. Almost as if they were an experienced tandem, Abby didn’t whimper or complain. She simply began to trace her long, pink tongue around my heavy testicles and enjoyed her view as Casey lowered her head tentatively and began to take just the tip of my cock into her tight mouth.

I began to finger-fuck Casey’s impossibly tight cunt with just my index finger, slowly teasing, just the finger tip at first, then yakacık escort into the second knuckle, and began to curl it up along the top walls of her barely-used vagina. This caused her to moan onto my cock and take me farther into her mouth.

I didn’t forget about the gift-bearer, though. How could I when she had her tongue around my balls like a puppy with a new chew toy? “Take your shorts, off, Abby, darlin’. You have way too many clothes on for this party.”

Now, as talented as Abby was in the cock sucking department and as big as her tits were, I’m not gonna fabricate the truth. Abby’s ass was kinda…well it was sort of…big, OK? It was big. Plump, let’s call it, to be charitable. As a buddy of mine once said, “Where there are big tits, a big ass is someday sure to follow.” Abby’s ass had caught up to her at an early age, and she was self-conscious about it.

I saw a bumper sticker not long before that reminded me of Abby. It said, ‘Does my fat ass make my fat ass look big?’ I knew Abby would probably be embarrassed, especially when comparing her own hind quarters to those of Casey’s, who could have body-doubled for an Olympic gymnast. And I was planning to be Casey’s personal pummel horse tonight. Once they both got done sucking me, that is.

I released my exploration of Casey’s supple cunt as I watched Abby obediently remove her own shorts and pink thong. With my hands now positioned accordingly, and with two young mouths greedily assaulting my turgid meat in what was fast become a competition, I could grab the back of both of their heads and control the action.

Each fist curled their respective manes into a tight ball while I alternated face-fucking the two young cock-obsessed vixens. While Abby was a certified Grade-A fellatrix, Casey was quickly establishing herself to be a worthy oral opponent to Abby’s unofficial reign as best cocksucker in the mall.

“Whoever sucks the hardest and moans the loudest is going to be fucked first, ladies”, I challenged, throwing down the gauntlet. This evoked a cacophony of sounds that resembled a family of coyotes on the plains. The two girls’ impassioned groans and wails echoed off the walls, no doubt alerting the neighbors on either side of my townhome that I was entertaining multiple visitors this evening.

“While the other watches at first, playing with themselves…,” I continued, straining valiantly to hold back my release against the relentless dual oral assault. “…and then licks the pussy of the one that I’m fucking.”

This caused Casey to wrestle my shaft from Abby in a greedy death grip and she plunged down on my pole so that a full six inches disappeared down her young throat in a heartbeat. Momentarily startled by the aggressive display, Abby leaned back a few inches and began to diddle her clit, seemingly content to play the unaccustomed role of spectator.

I remembered right about then that Abby had that ulterior motive. She took her other hand and eased it into Casey’s flowing hair, which was twirling wildly now as she bucked up and down on my cock, her entire body rocking in rhythm to her head bouncing on my lap.

“Yeah, that’s it, you fucking slut”, Abby growled, pulling on Casey’s silky tresses. “Suck that big, fat cock, little girl,” she encouraged.

Abby reached under Casey’s gyrating hips and plunged two fingers into her dripping young cunt. Casey’s tight torso bucked as if she was having a seizure, her button nose now brushing against my pubes, so deeply had she consumed me in her tight little mouth.

Abby pulled Casey’s thick hair back almost violently. Casey’s mouth released from my shaft with another audible ‘pop’, this one even louder than the first. A strand of saliva hung from her bottom lip back to my cocktip. Casey flicked her long tongue in a desperate attempt to slurp it in, like the spaghetti-eating scene in the animated movie “A Hundred and One Dalmatians.”

Yeah, go on, tell me that scene wasn’t meant to be phallic.

Abby cradled my pulsing shaft in her free hand and stroked it eagerly. “Yeah, cum on her pretty face, daddy. Crown her champion for tonight. All over her face with your seed. I want to watch you fuck this horny little slut. Cum on her…”

Casey şerifali escort gasped and opened her mouth as if a doctor had instructed her to say “aaaahhhhh.” Her lips trembled as she waited for her protein supplement. And then Abby dropped the hammer, so to speak.

“…’cause I want to watch you fuck Casey just like you fuck her mom. In the ass.”

The facial resemblance between Casey and Alicia dawned on me at about the exact same second that my first shot of cum splashed onto Casey’s forehead, ricocheting up into her hair. Her head snapped back, and to the right, like Kennedy’s in the Zapruder film. A series of rat-a-tat-tat cum bullets found their target and coated Casey’s lips, eyelids, cheeks, chin, and dripped down onto her heaving twenty-year-old tits.

The sound of the sticky ammunition raining down onto Casey’s face was augmented by the squish of Abby’s fingers plunging into Casey’s snatch, as Casey cried out in a wailing orgasm. Then, just as suddenly, everything stopped, all at once, motion and soundtrack. An awkward freeze frame of recognition, at least for me.

I looked down at Casey as she shuddered and lowered her head to the couch, coating the upholstery with my cum hanging from her cheek.

I pointed down at the youngster slumping next to me, the realization hitting me like the proverbial ton of bricks. Alicia had once shown me a wallet-sized facial photo of her daughter. But it was dark, in my car, and she was getting ready to blow me, so I was legitimately distracted.

“You mean…?” I asked, already knowing the answer.

Abby grinned and nodded, delighted with her surprise. Casey lifted her head from the couch and brought it to my lap, which was still leaking small drips of white ejaculate. She began to lick my tip, cleaning me, and causing my still erect shaft to remain so.

“Mom and I are pretty close, we share just about all our secrets,” Casey said softly, licking up and down my length, which had barely subsided. She then turned so that she climbed up between my legs, straddling me now, reverse cowgirl-style. I watched Abby crawl on the carpet, placing herself under Casey’s pussy, which now hovered over my dick.

“I knew she was seeing the ‘mall manager’, and I noticed that every time she talked about you, she had this dreamy look on her face,” Casey regaled, lowering herself onto me, her impossibly tight cunt like a boa constrictor, wrapping her vaginal muscles around my cock.

Instinctively, my body taking over and reacting while my mind whirled, I reached up and grabbed Casey by her tiny waist, pushing her down onto my cock while Abby’s tongue danced around the gorgeous twenty-year-old’s needy clit.

Casey leaned back onto me and moaned, her cunt being both filled by eight inches of dick and massaged by Abby’s talented oral ministrations. Casey spoke again, her voice barely audible, her eyes closed in blissful acknowledgement of the double pleasure her pussy was receiving. Fucked and licked, fucked and licked.

“…and then when Abby told me about what you and she did, and then what you told Abby about your other conquests, well, the math suddenly added up. A perfect coincidence, wouldn’t you say?”

“Yes, I would have to agree. Small world indeed.” I concurred, leaning down to pull Abby’s face more deeply into Casey’s hot box. I pumped into Casey’s slit harder, humping her up and down on my cock, literally tossing her into the air with each thrust.

I took Casey’s legs under my one arm and brought them to her chest, allowing Abby unfettered access to Casey’s little brown puckered star.

“Abby…,” I said with the tone of a professor doling out assignments. “…why don’t you feast on Casey’s asshole for a little bit. She needs to get prepared for what her mom so enjoys. And you wanna watch, don’t you?”

Abby needed no further encouragement and navigated her way around my cock buried deep in Casey’s pussy and began to run a trail of kisses from the bottom of Casey’s cunt to the crown of her anus.

Casey turned her head to kiss me, lost in the sensation of being royally fucked by her mother’s lover while her boss ate her asshole.

“Please fuck my ass”, she whimpered politely, a demure young ass slut-in-waiting now.

So I did. I took her anal cherry. While Abby watched.

The two girls left at ten before midnight. I was asleep before the clock struck twelve. I got a great night’s sleep.

After all, I had a date with Casey’s mother the next night.

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