Accidental Fantasy Ch. 03

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I wasn’t sure who would show up the next morning, so when Jennifer came in, I was thrilled, though I tried not to let my excitement show.

“Good morning, Mrs. Baker, morning Danni,” she said, acting perfectly normal. “I hope you don’t mind, but I stopped on the way here this morning and picked up some absolutely delicious Danish.”

“I’m afraid I don’t have time this morning, but thank you,” Mom said. “Danni, don’t forget your speech exercises this morning, and the van will be here a little after ten to take you to therapy. Dr. Winstead might drop in to see how your therapy is going.”

“No problem, Mom,” I said, “Jennifer can get me out to the van and work with me on my speech exercises. Will you be late tonight?”

“No dear, I turned down overtime for a while. It’s just too much right now.”

“Mrs. Baker, is there anything I can start for dinner?” Jennifer asked.

“No dear,” she said, “but you’re welcome to stay if you wish. I’ve already ordered a family rib dinner from DeGracio’s. It’s one of Danni’s favorites, and we always have extra.”

“Please stay, Jennifer,” I said. “Their ribs are to die for and their side dishes are made fresh right there at the restaurant.”

I could tell that Jennifer wasn’t sure whether she should stay or not, but she finally agreed just before Mom left for work.

“What do you suppose brought that on?” Jennifer asked.

“Probably nothing at all,” I replied. “She doesn’t act as though she suspects anything.”

“I hope not,” Jennifer said.

I wheeled over to her, intending to get her interested in some hot sex, but she turned me away.

“No you don’t,” she said. “You’re going to do your speech exercises first. Did you have your shower yet?”

“No,” I lied. “I need help for that.” “Nice try Danni, but I was watching your eyes. You lied to me, girl.”

I shrugged and smiled up at her. “You can’t blame a girl for trying.”

“Come on, let’s get this over with before the van gets here.”

We had just finished up the exercises and Jennifer was brushing my hair when Mom came walking in the door.

“I have to have some reports I left on my nightstand,” she said. “I can take you to therapy and the van will bring you home.”

“Awesome,” I said, grateful that Jennifer had been the stronger one.

“Can I help get her in the car?” Jennifer asked.

“Sure,” Mom said. “I’d appreciate that.”

When she was putting me in the car, she whispered to me, “That’s one point for us,” she said, grabbing my breast.

As we were driving to the therapy center, Mom asked me about Jennifer. “Do you like Jennifer better than Mrs. Thompson?”

“I wouldn’t say that, Mom. I think it’s just that Jenni is closer to my age. She challenges me more too. She doesn’t do anything for me that she thinks I can do for myself.”

“That’s important,” she said. “Did you do your speech exercises?”

“Are you kidding? She had me doing them just a few minutes after you left. She even threw in some extra stuff too and I liked that. We just finished a few minutes before you got there and she was getting me ready to leave when you came in”

“She seems to like to brush your hair for you,” Mom said.

“I love it when she does that. Remember when you used to do that? It’s such a great feeling.”

“I remember,” she said. “I guess it’s been a while though.”

“That’s okay,” I said. “You’re doing everything by yourself. I guess I can do my own hair if I have too.”

“I’m worried that you’ll become too attached to her, Danni. We won’t need her more than a week or two longer.”

“I had those same thoughts, Mom, but I have a feeling we’re going to still be tight after she leaves. She’s getting to be kind of like a big sister to me. What would you say about me going on vacation with her this summer?”

“That’s a bit premature to talk about, Danni. Is she trying to talk you into that?”

“She doesn’t even know I’m thinking about it. I saw a vacation brochure she was reading for Colorado and I started thinking about how much fun it would be. I’d still go on vacation with you, of course, but it’s obvious that I won’t be able to work through the summer this year so why not give you some time to yourself? I’ve never been out west.”

“I’d have to give a lot of thought to that, Danni. I don’t have a right to stop you any more now that you’re over eighteen, but I just wonder if that’s such a good idea.”

“Just take some time to think about it, Mom. Like I said, I haven’t mentioned it to her and I’m not even sure that’s where she’s going.”

“Just be careful not to make any promises or commitments until you’re a hundred percent sure it’s what you want for yourself.”

“Before I do anything, I’ll talk it over with you,” I promised.

When I got home, Jenni came out to meet the van. She wheeled me into the house and right into the bedroom.

“We don’t have a lot of time,” she said. “It took longer at therapy that usual.”

She helped me to stand and we ripped our clothes off as fast as possible. There wasn’t time for foreplay this Ataşehir Escort time and I didn’t need any. I’d been thinking about her all the way home. To save time, we quickly moved into a sixty-nine, attacking each other’s pussies like mad women. It must have sounded like a full fledged cat fight to anyone that could have heard, what with all the moans and mewling, the cries when one bit the other, and coarse language. That house had never heard the word fuck before and we were using it a lot to describe our emotions. The orgasms were quick, hard, and loud and memorable. We drove into each other with tongues, fingers and teeth. It was the first time I’d ever done a 69 with a woman, and I loved it, but strangely enough, I felt that I was left wanting for some reason. Fast sex is all right, I guess, but no where near as satisfying as slow, passionate build up to a mind blowing orgasm.

We showered, dressed, stripped the bed and made it, straightened the room, sprayed with room fresh and were reading in the family room when Mom came home. Little did she know that my pussy was still quivering even as we talked.

That night, I’d been in bed about an hour, writing in my journal, when I heard a light tap on my door. I knew it had to be Mom, so of course, I told her to come in.

She was wearing some lightweight summer pajama shorts, a tee shirt without a bra, and the fuzzy slippers I’d given her for Christmas. To my surprise, she came over, and slid into bed next to me.

“Mom, I’m naked under here.”

“I’ve seen it all before,” she said.

“Yeah, but not since I got breasts,” I reminded her.

“Yes I have,” she said. “Don’t you remember showering together at the lodge last year?”

“Oh yeah. That freaked me out too. So what’s going on?”

“I can’t sleep, Danni,” she said.

“Why not?”

“I’ve got something on my mind and I can’t get past it. Do you remember how we used to lay in bed and talk all night?”

“Sure but I was a kid then.”

“Can we pretend you’re still a kid Danni? Can we just turn off the light and talk?”

“Sure,” I said, pretty sure that I knew where this was going and wishing Jennifer was with me for support.

After turning off the light, I turned on my side and snuggled into her with my head on her arm. The heat of her body on mine sent some very improper thoughts racing through my mind, which I quickly forced away.

“So what’s up Mom? Why the cozy time all of a sudden?” I asked.

She started kissing my hair while she played with my fingertips. “It’s terribly hard to be the mother of young woman now, Danni, and I just hope I’m doing a good job.”

“Of course you are Mom,” I assured her. “I’m not pregnant, I don’t have an illegitimate child, I’m not a drunk or a dopie, and I’m not promiscuous. That didn’t just happen. I had a great roll model and a mother I’m seriously proud of.”

“Thanks honey, but I got to wondering why you don’t date much.”

“Mom, I was in a long relationship with Kobie until we just decided that we wanted different things in life. We’re still good friends. I dated some others, but I’m not a party girl and it’s been quite a while since I’ve met anyone that even interested me.”

“Does Jennifer have a boyfriend or anything?” she asked.

“Oh, oh, here we go,” I thought to myself.

“I don’t know,” I said. “I don’t think so. At least she never mentioned one.”

“It’s possible she doesn’t have any interest in men,” she said.

“I don’t know,” I lied, “but don’t forget, she’s studying and going to college nights to get her RN.”

She lay quietly for a while, stroking my face and arm. It was the closest physical contact we’d had for years and I felt so much love, I fought back an urge to cry.

“Do you think Jennifer is a lesbian?” There, I just decided to put it out there.

“I’m not sure,” she said. “I guess I was wondering that myself.”

“What if she is?” I asked. “Does that change anything?”

“It might,” she said.

“In what way?”

“Danni, I hope I’m not going to screw this up, but I have a very strong feeling that she has seduced my daughter.”

SHAZAM. There it is, right out in the open. I’m busted and I don’t have anyone to turn to.

“Why would you say that?” I asked.

“Danni, I’ve known you since you slipped from my body. There is very little I don’t see. When she was caring for you in the hospital, I saw a change in a very short time in the way she looked at you, the way she spoke to you, and the way she stroked your face and hair. It was very obvious that she was falling in love with you almost from the start. It wasn’t that she was inappropriate; it was the tenderness she showed. I kept waiting for her to kiss you and it almost frightened me. You’re so beautiful it didn’t surprise me that she would love you, only not in a sexual way.”

“You never said anything about it, Mom. Why not?”

“I really don’t know,” she said. “For a while, I guess I was in denial, but I don’t know. I could have gotten a different nurse and I didn’t. I think Ataşehir Escort Bayan I just appreciated the way she cared for you, and I guess it never occurred to me that you might fall in love with her as well.”

“Are you saying you think that I’m in love with her?” I asked.

“Honey, I’ve watched you when she comes into the house. I watched the way your eyes seemed to glow with love and the way your face took on a different complexion. It’s a look that only a woman who has loved and been loved would recognize.”

“I don’t know what to say, Mom.”

“You don’t have to say anything, honey. It would be nice to know what your feelings for her are but it really doesn’t matter. I guess I just wanted to let you know that I know and I guess I understand in a way. I’m not sure how I feel about it yet though.”

“I think I fell in love with her almost the second I saw her,” I said, “but I didn’t want to, and even when I kind of knew, I didn’t want to admit it. There’s never been a woman before, just men and it confused me and sort of frightened me. Sometimes when she was bathing me she’d caress me so tenderly. It wasn’t necessarily an obvious sexual caress, but it seemed sexual to me and I couldn’t figure it out. I decided it was just lust or sexual frustration or something but when she wasn’t there, my heart ached so much it hurt.”

“I wish you’d spoken to me,” she said.

“I couldn’t speak yet and I don’t know how I’d approach you about something like that anyway.”

“I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you,” she said.

“Oh but you were, Mom. You’ve always been there for me…always.”

“Have you been intimate with her?” she asked.

“Yeah Mom, I have,” I admitted. “I’m sorry if I’ve hurt you or disappointed you in any way, but I can’t deny my feelings for her.”

For a few seconds, there was nothing said. When she did speak, it broke my heart.

“Does this mean I will never have a grand child?” she asked, and I felt her tears on my shoulder and back.

I quickly turned over to take her in my arms. “Please don’t cry, Mom. You know as well as I do that things change, people change, and life changes us. I’m still a young woman and there are a lot of unanswered questions.”

Her tears never slowed, even when I kissed them away. “Oh god, please don’t cry. I love you so much.”

“First your sister and now you,” she said. .

I’d completely forgotten that my older sister and only sibling could never bear children and her husband absolutely refused to consider adoption. I had hurt my mother beyond words. I might as well have put a knife in her heart. It has been her dream to have grandchildren and now her dream had died, at least for now.

For the longest time, we just held on for dear life, sharing a loving bond that was priceless.

“Mom, I promise that no matter what happens, you will have grandchildren,” I said.

She didn’t reply for a few seconds, but when she did, my heart bloomed with a joy I’d never known before.

“If you and Jennifer are going to try to make this work, you’ll need all the support you can get, Danni. I won’t lie to you and say I’m overjoyed but all I ever wanted was your happiness and if this is direction it takes, than I will be happy for you and love you both.”

“I don’t know what to say,” I said. “I only know that I love her more than any man I’ve ever known, and I believe she loves me the same way. I don’t have any idea what’s going to happen but just knowing that you’re there and we can talk openly with you means so much to me.

“I think I’m taking tomorrow off to be with my daughter when she tells her lover that she is a part of us. I want her to know that she damned well better take care of you or I’ll rip those pretty tits right off her body.”

“MOM,” I yelled. “Where the hell did that come from?”

“From the woman that bore you, raised you and loves you so very much. No one, man or woman hurts my girls without hurting me and I’m not the kind to stand there and take it.”

We talked until the wee hours of the morning and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

In the morning, I anxiously awaited Jennifer’s arrival. At breakfast, we’d discussed how Jennifer was going to learn of Mom’s acceptance and I decided that I wanted Mom to be the one to tell her, even though I knew that she was going to make Jennifer sweat first.

When Jennifer arrived, I was sitting in the living room waiting for her. She put her book on the table and came to kiss me but I shook my head.

“Mom wants to see us in the kitchen,” I said, concealing the excitement I felt.

“Oh shit,” she said. “I was afraid of this. How did she find out?”

“I told her,” I said. “I told you I could never lie to my mother.”

“Oh my god, I’m so busted. Now what do I do with that education? No one will hire me with this in my file.”

“We might as well go talk to her. Putting it off isn’t going to change anything.”

She rolled me into the kitchen, where Mom sat, reading a book.”

“You wanted to see me, Mrs. Escort Ataşehir Baker?” Jennifer asked.

“Indeed I do, Jennifer.” Mom said. “Do you deny that you seduced my daughter?”

“I guess I can’t,” Jennifer said. “Are you filing a complaint with the nursing department?”

“Why would you do a thing like that, Jennifer. Didn’t you realize that she was not a lesbian? Didn’t you realize the possible ramifications of your actions?”

“Yes ma’am,” she said, “but I never intended for it to get out of control like this. I fell head-over–heals in love with Danni almost immediately and I really can’t explain it.”

“So you don’t deny your part in this development then?” Mom asked.

“No ma’am, and I can honestly tell you that I’m not ashamed of how I feel about her.”

“What do you think, Danni, have I made her squirm long enough?”

“I think so, but she’ll have to come over here and kiss me or I won’t let you stop.”

“What’s going on?” Jennifer asked. “I don’t understand.”

“Mom knows everything, Jenni and she’s given us her blessing.”

“Oh my god,” she said, as tears flowed down her cheeks. “Oh my god, you’re kidding, right?”

“No, Jenni, I’m not kidding. We had a long talk last night and again this morning. She just wants me to be happy and I told her that my happiness was being with you.”

“Understand that there are going to be some problems with this relationship,” Mom said. You’ll have to be very discrete unless you’re willing to be openly gay and I wouldn’t advise that at this point.”

“As long as we can be together, I don’t care,” Jennifer said. “We can be discrete. That’s not a problem. No one knows about us but you. I wasn’t a lesbian before so there’s no warning flag hanging over my head. We’ve both dated guys recently so we might not have a problem. Oh my god, Danni, I’m so happy.”

She came over to kiss me, and then she went to embrace Mom.

“I’m going to be watching you both,” Mom said, “so no game playing. If you’re going to be messing around here, be sure you close your door tight and keep the phone close by just in case. I’d also suggest you lock the front door from now on.”

We talked for quite a while about the problems we might face and the challenges as a couple, not just as a gay couple. Jennifer told Mom that she wanted to keep it the way it was for a while at least to give us a chance to grow the relationship. Mom suggested we keep it low key until my rehab was complete and I was able to go back to work. Jennifer said it would be hard to do sleepovers anyway because of her workload and school.

“Now,” Mom said, “I have to be at the office at noon so you can lock up tight and celebrate but please clean up after yourselves and you might burn a candle to keep the air fresh in your room.”

The instant the front door closed, I stood with my arms out. We held to each other, bawling like babies, but they were tears of pure joy. Eventually, I had to drop back into the chair.

“Oh my god, Danni, I was so scared,” she said. “I’m still shaking, but I don’t know if it’s relief or happiness. God, it happened so fast. One minute I’m peeing my pants in fear and the next minute I’m floating in the clouds.”

“I know,” I said. “Can you believe it? We talked almost all night long. She scared me when she came in and climbed into bed with me. I was stark naked. She was so cool about it though. We talked, we cried, we hugged each other like we haven’t done for years. I think we got so much closer last night.”

“Did she warn you about me or anything?” she asked.

“No, but she warned me that this might all be about the sex and if it is, it isn’t going to last long.”

“She’s right, Danni,” she said. “It’s something that frightens me a little, because I just don’t know.”

“Jenni, there’s no way to predict that. Just remember that a lesbian relationship is like any other relationship. It takes hard work, communication understanding and honesty to make it work. I guess we have to ask ourselves if we’re ready for that, and to tell you the truth, I don’t know.”

“”So where do we go from here?” she asked.

“Right this minute, I want you naked next to me,” I said. “I want to make love in a way we’ll both remember for ever.”

“I’d like that too,” she said, as she came to wheel me into the bedroom.

We were naked and on the bed in just few seconds. For what seemed like forever, we stared into each other’s eyes, softly caressing every inch of flesh we could reach as our libidos went out of sight.

“I want to make love to every inch of you,” she said. “I want to bring you to the most explosive orgasm you’ve ever know, and then I want to do it again and again.”

“Make love to me,” I said, “but do it slow. Drive me insane with need before you make me come. We have all day and I want to make it a day of celebration and joy.”

She began with my toes, moving slowly up my calves to lick behind my knees. I’d never known the knees were one of my erotic zones and she made me purr with happiness before she slowly moved up my thighs, kissing, sucking, nipping, licking all the way up until I wanted her to take me but she moved around my hips and over my mons, then up to my navel before moving back to my mons again. Then she rolled me to my stomach and started at my heels again. By the time she reached my cheeks, I was whimpering like a hungry kitten.

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